ATWT Update Tuesday 3/2/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Lily is home alone when the doorbell rings. She answers to a young girl. Lily wasn’t expecting anyone. Holden shows up telling the young girl to come in. He has to go out for a while and wants the girl to watch the kids. The girl enters the house and heads off to the kids. Lily can see that Holden doesn’t trust her with the kids anymore.

Sarah tells how she put the letters in the scrapbook, and deliberately got Jessica in trouble. Jessica tells how she could lose everything because of this. Sarah says that people like Jessica will get out of the trouble that she is in easily. Jessica thought that they were through with Sarah thinking that Jessica was a bad person.

Carly is home when Jack arrives home. She can’t concentrate on work thinking that Craig may have told Barbara what Paul has been up to. Jack shows a letter to Carly. It is a surprise. Jack has been promoted to a job at the New York Police Department. Carly tells him to forget this.

Barbara says that she knows that Craig isn’t lying to her when he says that Paul is trying to steal the business from her. She has been putting 2 and 2 together, and she gets 4. Paul tells that Craig is only angry because Lucy has been coming to him for help. Barbara doesn’t buy it. She will not let Paul get away with this. Not this time.

Jessica will listen to Sarah and her explanation of why she did this horrible thing, but not if Sarah is going to be mean to her. Jessica tells again that the letters were dangerous for Bonnie to have, and that is why Jessica did what she did. Sarah says that she knows that Jessica lied to her about the letters. She overheard Jessica telling Ben what she did. Jessica was hoping for a good time to tell Sarah the truth. Jessica couldn’t risk her daughter getting in trouble. She lied to make Sarah feel better. Jessica was never comfortable lying to the girl. Sarah sees now that Jessica never cared for her. She sees that Jessica only took her in so that she could score points with Bonnie. Curtis is Ben’s son, but Sarah is nothing to no one. She tells Jessica that she is nothing to her.

Holden admits that he is not comfortable leaving the kids with Lily. Holden found that having Natalie at the station, and yelling at Barbara on the air, was out of control. Holden sees that he canít help his wife, but he would like Dr. Michaels to intervene.

Lily says that she will call Dr. Michaels the next day. Lily hasnít done anything. She isnít moving quickly enough for Holden. Holden doesnít want to fight but this canít be ignored anymore. She has been reckless and Holden has to deal with that. He has to go out now, but he will be back soon. He heads out the door. Lily picks up the phone, and calls Kim. Kim takes Lily’s call while she is at the hospital. She is busy now. Lily asks Kim to come over to talk for a while. Kim will be right on her way.

Carly says that Jack can’t move to New York. Jack doesn’t want to move, but he would like to be ready in case Carly wants to move. Carly says that she wouldn’t want to move to New York. Jack finds all the good reasons for the move. Jack says that Carly is to come out a winner, and living in New York is the move that she should make. Carly says that her work is finally going to be recognized, and that is why she has to stay in town.

Paul denies that he is going into business with Carly. Barbara doesn’t believe that. Paul says that Carly got money from Rosanna, and she just wanted to talk to Paul about starting a business. Barbara brings up things that have happened to make her suspicious of her son. Paul says that he has been working overtime to make the business work. Barbara asks for the contract that Paul made her sign. She knows that when she reads that document, she will have the courage to throw Paul out of her business, and out of her life.

Ben comes into the room where Jessica and Sarah are arguing, and he learns that Sarah was the one that set Jessica up. She did it because she overheard Jessica talking and knows that Bonnie never saw the letters. Sarah says that she knows what she did, but Jessica is the one that has to understand. Jessica pretended to be telling the truth. Jessica lied to her twice. Bonnie seems to be the only one that cared for Sarah. Sarah wanted to be close to Bonnie, but Jessica lied about that. Jessica knows that Bonnie isn’t going to be proud of Sarah for hurting her mother.

Kim comes rushing into Lily’s house. Lily wanted to apologize for what she did at the station. Barbara on the air was just too much for her. Lily knows that what she did was inappropriate. Kim is fine with things. Kim says at the very least, the outburst was good for the ratings. Lily bursts into tears. Everything is slipping away from her. Kim says that Lily is sad now, but she will get over it. She is scaring herself and others around her.

Holden meets with Dr. Michaels at the diner. Holden says that Lily’s condition has gotten worse. First Lily was taking on Rose’s personality, and now there are other things. Lily is in trouble, and Holden has no idea how to help her out.

Lily says that Holden doesn’t trust her with the kids anymore. Kim says that Holden is only trying to take off stress. Bob has done that for her many times. Lily knows that Holden is right about the things that he says to her about the way that she is acting. She would like to feel better about her life. She wants all this to go away. Kim says that a grief counselor would be very good. Lily says that she is afraid to go and talk to someone. Lily is afraid of stopping the pain, and that will mean that she will be farther from her sister than ever.

Dr. Michaels says that seeing a doctor has to be Lily’s decision. Dr. Michaels hopes that Holden sees that none of this is his fault. Holden has been trying to get family and friends to help, but Lily resists that. Holden tries not to expect too much. All that he can do is be patient, and keep faith. Besides getting the law involved, that is all that he can do.

Kim tells that Lily’s problems will heal themselves in time. But during the wait, Lily has to find a way to deal with what has happened. When Lily went into the station to get at Barbara, she wasn’t just angry, she was out of control.

Holden has no idea how much more of this he can take. Dr. Michaels knows of some of the incidents that Holden has had to deal with. There is something else that he would like to talk to her about. Holden tells Dr. Michaels that the night of New Years Eve, Lily ran into a pond out by the farm. If Dusty hadn’t been there to save her, Lily wouldn’t be here now. Dr. Michaels sees that they might have to look at other options. She means that Holden might have to have Lily committed.

Paul presents Barbara with the contract that she signed, so that she can read it. Barbara reads the documents closely. Barbara would like to talk to the lawyer to see what this is all about. Paul offers her his cell phone to check on what he has been saying, and to back up th3e contract.

Paul maintains that there is nothing in the contract that gives him any control in the company. Barbara can see that she has made a terrible mistake accusing her son the way that she has been. She tells Paul that she is sorry. Paul tells her that he quits.

Dr. Michaels gives Holden a brochure of a private hospital for Lily to go to. Holden knows that Lily wouldn’t go to a place like that. He feels that Lily will come around. He just has to be patient. Holden knows that he can take care of his wife, but not with a hospital. Holden doesn’t take the brochure, but he is cautioned that the option may have to be used, sooner or later.

Lily tells Kim about the way that Holden looks at her. He pities her. She feels like the biggest disappointment in his life. Kim knows that is not so. Lily knows that Holden loves her, but this may be too much for him. The sitter comes in saying that the kids are sleeping, and she asks to watch television. Kim has a great idea. Lily has a sitter, so the two women should go out together. Lily agrees to that, and goes to check on the children.

Sarah says that Jessica got what she deserves for what she did. Jessica knows that Sarah had a difficult life, and she was only trying to help.

Jessica tried to help the girl, and still wants the girl to stay with them. Ben gets angry when Sarah is still ungrateful. Sarah says that living on the street was hard, but at least she knew what she was getting out there. She found her father and Bonnie, and she loved them both. Now she has lost them both. She will not forgot her father and Bonnie no matter what.

Paul heads to the door. Barbara stops him. She says that they should still work together. This has been for Will, so that he can have a family to rely on. Barbara finally sees that she can’t make Paul stay, and offers to let him go. Paul wants to know what she wants from him exactly. She would like him to stay within the company, but if he really wants to leave, then she will not get in his way. She will not stop him.

Jack apologizes for springing the New York news. Carly is fine with that. Jack was being selfless. He cares about Carly, and her getting her career underfoot. She has been thinking about what it would be like to have her own company. She likes the idea of not having a boss, but there are many bad parts. She isn’t a businessperson. To take all that on would take years. She really needs an established fashion house to work with. Jack sees that, but it doesn’t have to be BRO. Carly has been offered an incredible deal. Jack is fine then. If Carly feels that this is best, then he will not stand in her way. He tells Carly to do her work then, and then make her way back home without getting involved in all the family garbage.

Paul tells Barbara that if he walks out the door, he will not be back. Barbara knows that her business will survive, but even if it doesn’t, she can’t live without him. She apologizes to him for doubting him. Paul knows that he should have spoken to his mother about what he was doing. He fired a trusted employee on his own, but he will ask the woman to return to the company. They come to an agreement. Barbara smiles. It seems that Paul is staying. He will stay as long as she wants him. Barbara says that with the family working all together, things will be great. Then one day Will will be with them. She hugs her son. It is getting late, and Paul has to go now.

Holden is at the diner looking at the brochure. It is a nice place, but Holden knows that he is a long way from having to take his wife there. Dr. Michaels hopes that he will take some kind of action whether he sends his wife to the hospital or not.

Lily and Kim walk into the diner, and Lily sees whom Holden is talking to. “What are you doing here?” Holden rises to greet her with some kind of explanation for why he is talking to Dr. Michaels. Lily doesn’t wait for an answer. She knows why her husband is talking to the good doctor. He has obviously been going behind her back.

Ben tries to make his wife see that Sarah is a lot more trouble than they thought. Jessica knows that Sarah was doing fine, until she lied to the poor girl. Ben hates being the bad guy in all this, but maybe it is time for Sarah to go back to the shelter.

Jennifer comes to see her mother at the office. Barbara tells her again how glad that she is that they are working together. Barbara tells how a little while ago, she was going to throw her son out of the company. Barbara says that Craig came to the office to tell her that Paul was trying to take the business over with Carly.

Jennifer knows that her mother shouldnít be listening to Craig. Barbara knows that now. Paul is staying anyway. Barbara was considering just letting Paul go, but if that were going to ruin the family, then she would have preferred having had Paul leave the company.

Jack and Carly have just made love in the living room. She says that they really should have done this in their room. Jack offers to giver her a replay in the bedroom. They get up to leave the room. The phone rings.

Paul is on the phone. He tells Carly that he was almost thrown out of the company by his mother. Paul managed to turn things around and make her believe him. Paul tells Carly to get going on her designs, so that they can be ready when the time comes.

Carly gets off the phone and jumps into Jack’s arms. BRO is finally going to be hers.

Holden tries to explain why he is with Dr. Michaels. Lily cuts him off. She sees the brochure on the table and reads it. Was he trying to get her committed? Dr. Michaels tells that she was the one that brought the brochure to the meeting there. Holden would like to go home with his wife now. Lily isn’t going anywhere with her husband. She is going to head over to her mother’s. Kim is unable to take her. That is okay. Lily will simply take a cab on her own. Kim offers to go with Lily to make sure that she gets where she is going okay.

Holden shouts out to Kim to give him a call so that he knows that everything is okay with his wife.

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