ATWT Update Monday 3/1/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/1/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Bob asks Katie to help him with a patient who hurt his back. She is glad to do the job. The man is in a lot of pain. Katie vows to stick to the man like glue. Katie walks over to the room to help the man that is in trouble. She goes into the room and introduces herself.

By the time that Katie has closed the door, she sees that Mike is the man that she is to help. He tells her that he doesn’t really need any help.

Jessica and Lisa are at the prison to visit Bonnie. Jessica’s things are being checked while she waits to see her daughter.

Officials call to Jessica. She goes over to them and they present her with the letters that they have found in her things.

Jennifer comes over to see Paul to get sketches. Jennifer is talking fast, and getting caught up in all the hoopla of running the business. She feels like the weakest link. Paul assures her that she is the one that is going to make sure that things are going to work out. Paul gives Jennifer the sketches and heads to the door. Lucy comes running out of the back room, asking where Paul keeps the… Lucy doesn’t finish her sentence when she sees that Jennifer is there. Jennifer stops in her tracks, and turns to see Lucy in Paul’s shirt and nothing else.

Craig tells Barbara that Paul has been trying to take over her company, and that she had better be careful. Barbara doesnít believe that for a minute. She says that she doesnít want to hear anything that the man has to say.

Craig starts leaving, but Barbara stops him, saying that she will give him 10 minutes to say whatever it is that he has to say to her so desperately.

Jessica is presented with letters for Bonnie from Sarah. Lisa knows that Jessica wouldn’t do anything like this. Jessica says that this can stop right here, as the letters obviously haven’t been delivered, so there is no harm done. Jessica and Lisa are told to wait while a decision is being made on what has to be done. Jessica knows that she can’t leave the visitor’s room, but Lisa can. Jessica asks her to leave and try to do some damage control. They may not be able to see Bonnie this time. Jessica knows that she may be in big trouble. She is an officer of the court. There is a chance that she could be locked up. Lisa runs off, trying to find a way to get a message to Bonnie of what has happened.

Casey is angry that Sarah didn’t think her plan through. She will be kicked out of the house again. She will be homeless and broke. She will not have a friend in the world. Sarah wants Casey to promise not to tell anyone what she has done. He will do that for her. The phone rings, and Ben answers to Jessica. Sarah overhears as Ben learns that his wife is going to be detained. Ben is asked to come and get Lisa. Ben has to go. Sarah asks what is going on, but Ben has no time to talk to her right now.

Paul tells Lucy where to find the toothpaste, and the girl runs off. Jennifer asks what Lucy is doing there, and in whose bed she is sleeping. Jennifer demands to know why Lucy is staying there. Paul only says that Lucy has been having trouble with her suffocating family. Jennifer wants to know why she is with Paul. It seems that Paul is the only one that doesn’t judge the girl. Paul isn’t doing anything wrong, but Jennifer has to ask if Paul is doing this to get back at Craig. Jennifer is afraid that Paul is using Lucy. Paul says that he is only doing a good deed.

Craig says that Paul dropped over to Carly’s while he was there, and Paul wanted to talk about designs. Carly is more than a housewife it seems. Barbara remembers that Carly said that she would be creating again. Barbara knows that the girl will fail. Carly has Rosanna’s money, and doesn’t need Paul to help her. Craig asks why Paul would want to do this for his mother. Why would he suddenly want to make the company the greatest company ever? Barbara remembers finding sketches that she didn’t recognize, and Paul said that the sketches were only some sent to him from some student. Craig knows that Carly has wanted to outshine Barbara for a long time. Barbara knows that Craig was the one that tried to get Carly famous once. Now it seems that Paul is the one that is doing that. Barbara really believes that Paul loves her, and wouldn’t hurt her. Barbara remembers Carly showing her the sign that she is going to use for her new business. Barbara knows that Paul can’t override anything that she does with BRO, as she is the one that is in total control of the business. Craig knows that Paul obviously has found a loophole. Barbara remembers Paul trying to get her to sign some paper. He was angry that she wouldn’t let him make a decision without her knowing every stitch of the details. Barbara gave in and signed the papers that she was presented with. Barbara slowly faces the horrible. That can’t be true though. “He loves me…” Craig tells Barbara that she should wake up and face the truth that Paul wants revenge on her.

Mike doesn’t want Katie to stay with him in the room, but she was asked to stay with Mike until the nurse comes. He hurt himself, but will not talk about it. She tries to make him more comfortable, but he wants to be left alone. He has fallen out of a tree, and is in great pain. He was driving down a road and a little girl was crying. He should have kept driving, but the girl was crying about her kitty. She wanted her cat out of the tree. Mike and the cat both fell out of the tree, and the cat was saved. A pain comes to Mike, and Katie makes him think about something else to get through the pain. That works. He thought about Katie, and that made him feel better. She is holding his hand, and he asks her to stop that. She lets go. She wasn’t trying to make anything out of looking after him. For all that she knows, he could leave the hospital, and leave town. In fact, that is his plan. She still loves him, but she loves Simon too. He tells Katie to leave, and she turns and dutifully walks out of the room. Katie is stopped by a nurse who asks her to put Mike into a hospital gown, and apply ointment to him. Katie returns to the room where Mike is. She tells him that she has his pain medication, but she will have to be the one to take his clothes off.

Jennifer warns Paul to be careful about this thing with Lucy. Craig will strike back at Paul for this. Jennifer wants Paul to deliver Lucy to her grandmotherís in the morning, and never look back. Jennifer can see that her brother is really a good guy.

She thanks her brother for making them all a family again. She kisses him and leaves. Lucy comes out of the back room, calling for Paul. She just wants to say goodnight. She hopes that her being there isn’t upsetting anyone. Paul tells her that staying there is always an option for her. Lucy wishes that her father were more like Paul.

Barbara tells Craig that she and Paul have resolved their differences, and the bad things are all in the past. Craig remembers Paul saying over and over that he wouldn’t let his mother get away with the things that she has done. Craig hates Barbara, but he knows that with this news, Barbara will save herself. Paul has been interfering in his life for a long time, and that is why he is there. Craig tells Barbara that she should work on her son this very night, so that she just might save herself.

Craig leaves Barbara and makes a call. Lucy, it seems isn’t where she is supposed to be.

Barbara is alone now, and she panics. She hears Paul saying that he loves her over and over. Then she remembers him telling her long ago that he hated her…hated HER…HATED HER! Barbara screams out. She goes to the phone and dials.

Paul answers his phone. Barbara would like him to come over to the office to talk to her. It is a little late, but this can’t wait.

Casey is with his dad talking about friends doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. Tom can see that something is terribly wrong. Casey would like to know what to do about friends that are bent on destruction.

Tom gets word that Margo has to go to the prison, as something is up with Jessica.

Ben and Margo arrive at the prison and Margo heads out to see what is up with Jessica’s problem. Jessica tells Ben that she is upset over this happening. She didn’t put those letters in her bag. There has to be some other explanation. Jessica remembers Sarah coming to see her at the diner before she went to the prison. Jessica worries that she will not be able to see Bonnie anymore.

Margo comes back to Jessica to tell her that things are not good because of the letters being found.

Paul arrives at BRO to talk to his mother. She tells him that she loves him very much. He knows that families should love each other. He sees that she has been coming up with more and more sketches. She says that she might need an assistant, as she is getting more and more run down. She has an idea. She remembers the sketches that Paul had of another designer. She would like to know the name of the designer that made those sketches. Paul says that he doesn’t know the designer’s name. Barbara finds that funny, as Paul always remembers the names of all their associates. She tells Paul that she has been very happy over the last few weeks because of the work that they do together. It is like a gift from God. Still, they have to move on, don’t they? Barbara kisses her son’s cheek. Now Paul knows something is up. That peck on the cheek meant something. What was that? Barbara answers him, “That my darling, was goodbye.”

Mike will not let Katie take his clothes off. He tries to stop her, but she has to do as she is told. He lets her undo his clothes so that she will not get in trouble. They can’t avoid looking into each other’s eyes. Mike begs her to go and leave him alone.

The nurse comes in asking if Katie is done with Mike. She isn’t, but she has to go anyway as she has another patient. Katie leaves the room, hearing Mike explain to the nurse that Katie couldn’t take off his clothes, as it hurt too much.

Craig comes to Paulís house where Lucy answers the door. Paul is not there. He is with his mother. Craig is happy to hear that. Craig demands that she get her things and leave with him. Lucy will not go anywhere with her father. Craig says that Paul is not the girlís friend. She will not be lectured by her father. Not after what he did to the family. Cabot was stolen, but Craig closed his eyes to all that. Now Cabot is gone, as is Rosanna. At least Paul listens to Lucy. Craig denies that Paul cares about her. Craig is the girlís father, and that is all that matters. They have problems, but they should be able to work it out. Lucy doesnít believe in miracles. Craig asks her what she has to do to make her believe in miracles. She tells him that he has to be someone else to make her believe in him.

Paul thinks that his mother is sick. She says that she was sick before, but now she is better. She is thinking clearer now. She finds it strange how someone can be ill and not realize it. The cancer can eat at a person, and then one day they wake up and see the cancer, knowing that it has to be cut out. Barbara tells Paul that as of this moment, she is cutting him out of her life forever.

Katie sneaks into Mike’s room while he is sleeping. She goes over to the bed, and looks down on his face. She kisses his lips without waking him. Even if he leaves, it will never be over. Wherever he goes and wherever she is, she will never forget him. Not ever. She kisses him again on the lips. H doesn’t move. She goes running out of the room.

Tom comes back to his son after his call about Jessica. Margo comes into the diner, and Casey asks about Jessica. Margo asks the boy to go and get her something to drink at the counter. He can tell when he is being pushed away for a moment, and he leaves. Margo tells Tom that the judge can’t decide if Jessica should be suspended, or disbarred.

Ben and Jessica arrive home. Jessica is worried that she may not get to see Bonnie again. Ben asks her not to worry about this until the next day. Jessica would like Sarah to be kept out of this, but the truth is that this incident might make the news. Ben feels that Sarah should be told the truth. Sarah comes into the room, asking about what happened at the prison. Ben leaves so that Jessica can talk to Sarah. Jessica says that she isn’t going to be able to see Bonnie again. Sarah flippantly says, “wow”. Jessica wasn’t expecting that reaction. Sarah admits to being the one that put the letters in the scrapbook.

Craig says that he will leave Lucy alone at Paul’s, but only because he believes in her. She asks him not to come there again.

She would like him to stop hunting her down. Craig leaves. Craig knows in his heart that Paul is finished anyway.

Barbara says that she has put this all together. She can see that he is taking her company from her. She tells him that he should have moved a little bit faster. She knows that he was trying to destroy her, and she will not let him get away with it.

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