ATWT Update Friday 2/27/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/27/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Jessica is looking at family photos and smiling. Sarah comes into the room and learns that Jessica has been putting together an album for Bonnie. She is going to see Bonnie that evening. Jessica is sorry that Sarah can’t come with her, but that will be okay when Bonnie sees the pictures. Jessica promised to take letters to Bonnie, but Lisa is coming with Jessica to see Bonnie this time, and that would make delivering a letter difficult. Sarah says that she understands. Jessica leaves the room to get some gloves that she needs. The doorbell rings, and Sarah answers to Casey and Lisa. Lisa comes in the house, and runs off looking for Jessica.

Casey can tell that Sarah is up to her tricks. Sarah admits that tonight is the night when Sarah is going to get back at Jessica.

Barbara taunts Carly with the business that she has, and the business that Carly doesn’t have. Carly shows Barbara the sign that is going to be used to promote Carly’s new business. Paul gave it to her earlier that day. Barbara says that Carly is a plagiarist and a flop. She knows that no one would be foolish enough to hire her. Carly is glad that she has said that.

Holden tells Craig that Alison may be in a lot of trouble because of the plan that he has come up with, and that he will be responsible if anything happens to the girl.

Chris is with Alison. Chris has knocked Clarke out cold. Chris plans to get Alison out of there and then call the cops. Alison screams. Behind Chris, Clarke has wakened from his unconsciousness, and he hits Chris over the head with a potted plant. Now Chris is out cold. Alison is screaming uncontrollably. She tries to get away from Clarke, but he holds her, telling her that he isn’t finished with her yet. Alison is still under the influence of the drug, and can hardly stand up. Clarke pushes her to the door roughly. “Let’s go”. Chris wakes, and he sees what is going on. Luckily, he is behind Clarke, and therefore unseen. He goes over to Clarke, holding him from behind. Alison slumps to the floor, unable to hold herself up for long. Chris overpowers the boy as he struggles to get free.

Carly tells Barbara to brace herself for the truth that may be very painful. Carly reaches into her purse and shows Barbara the blank check. It is from Rosanna, who once wanted to make Barbara a success. Barbara couldnít care less. Carly tells Barbara that when her line takes off, Barbara will be toast. Barbara laughs at that. Barbara knows that Carly will need a financial genius like Paul. Barbara knows that Carly will waste the money trying to make good decisions.

Carly knows that she will be a threat to Barbara. Barbara only remembers that Carly ripped her off once. Carly made the designs out of ideas that she was given. She didnít knock off anything of Barbaraís. Barbara feels that Carly hasnít got what it takes, and that the woman isnít a threat to anyone. Carly remembers what Barbara did to her at the spa from hell. BRO is going to be blown out of the water, and Carly will be the one to do it. Barbara knows that no amount of money will help Carly rival BRO. Barbara will be amused watching Carly try to get one over her. Barbara says that she has to get back to work. She canít wait to tell Paul who the new competition is. Carly leaves the office. She knows that Paul is going to bring Barbara down, and Barbara will have no idea what hit her.

Bob is working with Susan and talking about work. Kim arrives to talk to Bob. Susan decides to leave, but Kim would like to have Susan stay so that the 3 of them can talk together. Susan feels that there is nothing to talk about.

Kim says that she is sorry for the things that have gone on lately with bringing up the history that they have had. Susan knows that. However, the kids are together, and there is nothing that they can do about that. They all agree on that fact. Kim feels that for the sake of the kids, they should call a truce and start over again. Kim would like to forget what happened the other day. They were angry, and said things that they didnít mean. Kim would like to make a fresh start. Susanís pager goes off, and she sees that she is needed. She will talk with Kim later. Bob likes that Kim tried to be a peacemaker. Kim knows that the kids will need all the support that they need. They haven’t spoken to Chris that night, or Alison for that matter. The couple has probably just turned off their phones to have some time together.

Chris is on top of Clarke beating the crap out of him. The police arrive shouting to Chris that they will take things from here. Alison is found on the floor unconscious. The officers try to revive her. “Alison! Alison!”

Sarah tells how Jessica will be searched, and a letter will be found. Jessica will be busted then. Casey thought that Sarah was happy living with Jessica once. He isn’t sure that this is a good idea. He is on everyone’s side, but if Sarah sends the letters out, the idea of a happy family will be gone. Sarah says that there is no happy family. When Jessica gets caught, she will be hurt like Sarah is. Sarah is sure that Bonnie will understand. Casey finds that what Sarah is doing it extreme. Lisa and Jessica are ready to go to see Bonnie at the prison. They will grab a bite to eat first. Casey and Sarah will be at the house waiting for Lisa and Jessica to return. Lisa finds that Sarah is a very lucky girl. She should be counting her blessings. Sarah says that she does count her blessings, and knows exactly what Jessica has done for her.

Jack tells Clarke that he is going to be charged for his antics. Clarke shouts that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He finds the drug on the boy. Clarke denies that he has done anything to Alison. That is a lie apparently, as Alison is having trouble breathing.

Chris is with Alison who is still unconscious. She hasn’t opened her eyes since the police arrived. She will need an ambulance. Jack runs off to get one.  Chris talks to Alison to revive her. They are on the floor, and he cradles her head. She suddenly wakes screaming, “Get your hands off me!” Chris shows her that it is he. She calms down. She tells him that he can put his hands on her anytime.

Aaron tries to explain to Holden that this was a good plan that he had to get Clarke busted. Holden only sees that Craig risked some other girl’s life to get revenge for his own daughter being hurt. Aaron stands up for Craig. Holden is disgusted and walks off. Craig finds it funny that Aaron has just taken up for him. Aaron knows that Craig has suffered a lot. He still maintains that this was all his idea. Carly arrives at the station and finds Craig there standing alone. He tells her that Jack is out on a case, and he can see the disappointment in her face, over that news. Craig can see that she is anxious. She needs someone to talk to, but it wonít be Craig. She had a run in with Barbara earlier, but she really doesnít want to talk about that with him. He reminds her that they have a bond. She will not let him play that card with her. He asks if she has seen Lucy. She has. Carly says that Paul is taking good care of Lucy, so Craig shouldnít worry.

Craig should have guessed. He is not going to let this guy get to Lucy. Carly knows that Lucy can make decisions on her own. Craig knows that Paul is a user, and this time, Carly is it. Craig says that he has a pretty good idea what Paul is up to this time, and he is going to stop the man cold.

Sarah can’t concentrate on homework, but Casey knows that Sarah really hates what she did to Jessica. Sarah tries to make herself believe that Jessica really deserves whatever she gets because of the hidden letter. Sarah says that there is nothing to do about the letter being hidden in Jessica’s things.

Sarah heads over to the diner where Jessica and Lisa are having a snack, and she orders Jessica to give her the scrapbook that she knows that Jessica has in her belongings. Jessica looks up into Sarah’s face, unsure of what is going on.

Carly can’t believe that Craig would rat out Paul to Barbara because he hates the guy so much. Jack arrives at the station and tells that Alison is okay now. Clarke is with the police, and he is cuffed. Craig finds this to be an excellent time to sneak out of the station, while Carly watches the scene of Clarke getting busted take place.

Aaron goes over to Clarke to tell him that now he is going to go down for all the girls that he has hurt in the past. Clarke says that he wouldn’t touch that skank Lucy with a ten-foot pole. Aaron starts for the guy to punch him, but he is stopped. Holden comes over to his son, telling him to calm down. Aaron wants to go and see Alison at the hospital. Holden stops the boy. He says that he isn’t going to see Alison.

Chris is with Alison in the hospital, and Bob takes care of both Alison and Chris to make sure that they are okay. He has gotten the full story of what happened that night. Bob leaves the room, and bumps into Kim. He tells her what happened that night. Alison was trying to help get a kid who uses date rape drugs. Kim understands now why Alison was dressed the way that she was earlier. Both Alison and Chris might have been badly hurt. Susan is nearby, around a corner, and she hears Kim talking about her daughter negatively. Kim says how Alison causes problems all the time. Sometimes Kim feels that Alison is a wonderful, cuddly girl, and then she causes something like this to happen. Kim goes on and on about Alison, saying that someone is going to get hurt soon if Alison doesn’t get herself together and smarten up. Susan turns the corner, after hearing Kim go on and on about her daughter and what a bad person she is. She walks right up to Kim’s face, “You hypocrite”.

Casey asks Lisa to come and talk to him privately for a minute. He and Lisa walk off. Sarah says that Casey had to talk to his grandmother for a minute, and so they high tailed it to the diner so he could talk to her. Sarah says that she would like the scrapbook to include a picture that she had forgotten to put in. Sarah asks Jessica to order her something to drink. Jessica is fine with that. Jessica heads the counter to make the order for Sarah. Sarah tries to remove the hidden letter from the album, but doesn’t get the chance.

Jessica returns to Sarah telling her that she has become a part of the family, and she hopes that Bonnie will see that when she looks at the pictures. Sarah asks Jessica if that is the reason that she has agreed to take letters to Bonnie. Jessica says that is so. Sarah has a change of mind, saying that she wants the album to remain the way that it was before she got there.

Susan is angry with Kim and she gives the woman a peace of her mind. Susan goes into the room where Alison is to make sure that she is okay. She sees that Chris is there, and that there is nothing to really worry bout. Susan leaves the room, as Kim does. Susan would like to talk to her for a minute.

Holden tells Aaron that he needs to stay away from Alison for a while. Chris will not want him anywhere near the girl for a while. Holden also tells his son that what he did was pretty great and awesome. Aaron can’t believe his ears. Holden pats the boy on the back, and they hug.

Carly is happy that her husband is at the station now. She flirts with him. He is so smart and handsome too. He asks her about her day. Carly isn’t happy with that subject. She says that she saw Paul and Barbara…and then Craig. That is when Carly turns to look for Craig. “Oh no!”

Barbara goes to the door of her office and opens it. Craig is standing before Barbara. She is ready to slam the door in his face, but he knows that she will want to talk to him, and hear what he has to say. He tells her that this is a matter of self-preservation. Barbara is intrigued.

Casey is finished faking his problem, and he and Lisa return to Jessica and Sarah. Lisa and Jessica head out to go to the prison. Sarah says that she changed her mind about taking the hidden letter from Jessica. Jessica lied to her again, and Sarah can’t do anything about the situation now anyway, so there is no need to talk about this.

Chris explains to his father that he had to do what he did, because he loves Alison. Alison wakes telling Chris that she loves him more than anything on earth. She things that he is mad at her, but he isn’t. She is the bravest person that he knows. He loves her so much.

Susan will make this brief. Susan heard Kim trashing her daughter again, and she can see that all is not forgiving. Susan thinks that Kim is taking her hatred for her out on Alison. Kim finds her to be insane. Susan can’t believe that Kim asked to forgive and forget when she really was planning to hold on to her resentment. Susan tells Kim that they are at war.

Jack brings Carly some water, and she tells him that she is marked for death now. Craig is going to cause her problems. He only causes problems. Jack knows that Craig will go to Barbara with the news that Paul is faking with her. Craig figured this all out himself. Craig has to realize that he will be hurting Carly more than anyone else. Jack knows that Craig doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Jack warned Carly, and she wouldn’t listen. Jack sees that the trouble is going to keep on coming, and that there is nothing that they can do about it.

Barbara isn’t interested in talking to Craig, but he knows that she will be interested in what she has to say. She asks him for the scissors on her desk. She turns her back to him to keep pinning a dress. For a moment, Craig moves to her back, holding the scissors the wrong way. He holds the scissors in a way that would suggest that he might stab her at any moment, but she doesn’t see that. She turns to Craig, and sees a scary look in his eye, but he quickly turns the scissors with the blades facing inwards and the handles pointed at her. She takes them from him. Craig asks her if she would be interested in knowing that her son has been conspiring with Carly to take over her business, and bring her down. Barbara looks up into the man’s eyes.

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