ATWT Update Thursday 2/26/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/26/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Barbara is hard at work designing. Jennifer comes to see her mother wondering what she is doing at work. Barbara called her to ask her to come to the office. Jennifer finds that her mother is doing a great job at work. Barbara has a million ideas.

Barbara can’t stop the designing, as she is hot, and enjoying her inspirations. Jennifer finds that Barbara is working too hard. Barbara knows that she has wasted a lot of time already. Will will see that she is doing a good job, and that will help him.

Paul and Carly are having a toast. They will work together, now that he has promised not to be the one that broke up Rosanna’s family. Carly feels better about Barbara losing her company. To hell with karma, here is to the fall of Barbara. Paul likes what he is hearing. Carly would like to change the name of the company. Paul has thought of that. He had a sign made up, and he shows it to Carly. It reads, “Carly”. She loves it.

Lucy is with her father at the station waiting for news about Aaron. Lucinda stands by as Lucy tells him that he is too controlling. Craig is acting like Aaron is a hero now, when Craig never really did like the boy. Craig tries to make her see that she is all that matters. She walks away from him. Lucinda tells Craig to let Lucy go. He is crowding her. Craig denies that he is doing that. He loves his daughter, and wants to protect her. That is all that they all want. Lucy is upset about Clarke, but there is more going on with her. She has been betrayed twice by boys that she liked, and she has lost her brother twice. Craig is acting selfish, acting like he is the injured party.

At Yo’s, Curtis, Aaron, Chris, Holden all discuss what has happened to Alison. Aaron knows that Alison didn’t have the drink, so she isn’t under the influence. Chris doesn’t care if she is under the influence or not, Alison is in danger. If anything happens to her, Chris will hold Aaron responsible.

Alison is in the car with Clarke. He keeps driving and driving. She isn’t feeling well. He spiked the olives that she was eating, and she is beginning to feel the effects of the drug. She orders Clarke to stop the car, as she isn’t feeling very well. He puts his hand on her thigh as he drives, and starts working his way upward. She pushes his hand away. He warns her to take it easy for the last time.

Jennifer wants to help her mother, but Barbara has charge of everything. Barbara asks her to get some cappuccinos, and something fattening to eat. Barbara acts likes she is going to make an entire line over night. Jennifer would like to take her mother home and make her some tea. The woman has to sleep sometime. Barbara finds that Jennifer is raining on her parade. Jennifer only knows that her mother gets manic at times. Barbara is doing this, she says, for her family. Things are falling into place, and Barbara will make things stay that way. Jennifer agrees to go get them something to eat, but Barbara will have to promise to stop working while they talk. Barbara sees that Jennifer is really worried about her. She decides to stop working, and go out with her daughter to eat. Barbara knows that she gets crazy when she is in design mode. She will take her company, and make it something that it has never been before. The ladies leave the room, and Barbara stops for a minute to look up at the company name proudly displayed on the door.

Carly can’t believe that Paul would actually consider changing the name of the company to ‘Carly’. She loves that. The tags on all the designs will have her name on it. Paul finds her name young and provocative. If she weren’t a married woman, she would kiss him. Paul is going to make the company everything that it never was. Carly knew that the company was really something at one time, but since Barbara has had her hand in it, everything has come to a stop. They clink glasses.

Chris is leaving Yo’s, but Jack thinks that he should just sit still. Chris would like to go and find Alison himself. Jack says that Chris can go home if he wants, but he is not to interfere with the investigation. Jack sees the camera with the tape recorder. Curtis and Aaron tell how they recorded everything that Clarke has done to Alison that night. Jack will keep the machine as evidence. Holden finds that Aaron has been irresponsible yet again, and he can’t blame Chris for being angry.

Alison tells Clarke that she had friends at the club. Clarke knows that, but he doesn’t care. He tells her to take things easy. They will be where he wants them to go soon. Alison spies her cell phone in her open purse. She pretends that she is sleepy, so that she can slink down in her seat and get her hand in the bag to grab the phone. She closes her eyes for a minute, to pretend that she is falling asleep. She gets her hand on the cell phone, and clutches it tightly in her hand. She had accomplished that, and she then looks over to Clarke to make sure that he hasn’t caught on to what she is up to. He hasn’t got a clue.

Craig doesn’t want to wait at the station for something to happen with Clarke and Aaron. He would like to go after his daughter. Lucinda stops him. He has been pushing and pushing, and now he has broken up his home. Lucinda begs him to give Lucy a little time. She is a smart girl, and she will put things in the right place herself.

Carly thinks that starting things off with a bang is the way to go, and she plays with the idea of creating a bridal collection. There is a knock at the door. Carly worries that Barbara might be at the door, and so she hides in the back room. Paul answers his door to Lucy. She is very upset. She tells that she had no where else to go, and so she has come to him.

Alison continues to fake that she is sleeping. She is trying to manipulate the phone, so that she can use it. Chris is still at Yo’s waiting. His phone rings. He answers, sure that it is Alison. Chris hears Alison’s voice, but she isn’t talking to him. “Clarke where are you taking me? What is the name of this road again? Is it off route 7?” Chris figures out what Alison is doing, and he continues to listen. He gets a clue as to where they are. Clarke decides to tell her where they are going. He has a room for them at the Wagon Wheel Hotel. That will give him all the privacy that they need. Suddenly, the light goes out. She isn’t sure that Chris can hear her. She continues to talk about the Wagon Wheel Hotel, hoping that she can be heard, but knowing that there is a chance that she can’t be heard. Chris calls out to Alison but the connection is gone. He knows now where Clarke is taking her, and he plans to get there first.

Lucy comes into Paul’s apartment; happy to be somewhere her father is not. Paul is so great to her. He tells her that she is welcome anytime. Lucy’s phone rings. She doesn’t move to answer the phone. She knows that it is her father. Paul has a confession. He knows how Craig feels.

He would want to get his hands on Clarke too. Paul knows that she feels like everyone is taking her life from her. She finds that he understands her perfectly. Paul has been in the same place a couple of times herself. Lucy feels that everyone else things that they have the answers. He makes all the major decisions in her life. Everyone has their opinions, but hers don’t matter. Paul would like to know what she wants. Lucy wants herself back, but she has no idea who she is anymore. Carly comes out of the back room, and listens to the talk that Paul has with Lucy. Paul says that Lucy is very tough and smart. He can see that she is afraid, and trying to hide it. She is good at school, and everything else, but she is afraid of herself. She has to live her life the way that she wants to live it. That is scary, and the hardest thing in the world to do, but she can’t be afraid. She should make some noise and show the world who she is. Carly makes her presence known. She brings out a sandwich from the kitchen, and something to drink. Lucy isn’t all that hungry, but she thanks Carly for what she has done. Carly has to go now. Paul goes to Carly with the new company sign. He wants her not to forget the sign, and the new company. She tells him that he is great, and that he is going to make a great dad some day.

Craig makes another call to his daughter’s cell phone. He leaves another message for her to call. Lucinda knows that Lucy isn’t going to call him back. Craig worries that Lucy is with Paul. Lucinda doesn't like Paul either, but he did save Lucy from Clarke. Craig says that Paul is trying to poison his daughter’s mind against him. Craig says that Paul was the one that caused Cabot to have to go. Lucinda jokes that everyone else is always responsible for everything wrong in Craig’s life. She finds him so sad. Craig says that Paul is delusional like his parents, and he isn’t going to let the man near his daughter. Lucinda has to go, but she warns Craig not to do anything too asinine. Craig phones Lucy’s voicemail again, and leaves another message. Carly enters the station to leave a message for Jack. She is writing when Craig comes up behind her. She isn’t happy to see him. He has read her note, and sees that she has fantastic news for him. What can that be? Is she pregnant? She tells him no. Her cheeks are flushed. She must have been drinking. He would like to know who she was celebrating with, and what she was toasting to.

She will not answer his questions. He can see that she has something to hide. He remembers seeing Paul at her house earlier that night. She will not discuss this with him. Craig guesses that she has made a deal with Paul, and then they had a toast. Carly tells him that he is wrong. Carly decides that she is going home now, so that she will not be further harassed about her private life.

Chris tries to leave the club, but Jack stops him, asking where Alison is being taken. Chris would like 2 minutes with the brat, and then the cops can have him. Chris reluctantly tells that Alison is being taken to the Old Mill. Jack tells Chris to wait for news outside the club. Jack tells an officer to get a squad over to the Old Mill quickly, and whatever they do, they have to keep Chris away from there.

Carly goes to BRO, and just stares at the door.

Carly imagines how it is going to be. She will be making so much money…they will make a movie about her…Lucy would be the fashion model that makes everything happen for Carly…Jack would be there will the children, thanking her for being such a great wife and mother…Carly would still be able to bake cookies for the school bake sale…Craig would be trying to invest in her business, but she wouldn’t want any of his money, until he throws it at her…she would tell Paul that this is almost all that she ever dreamed her life would be. She would call for her cleaning lady and Barbara would appear. Barbara in fact does appear. She finds Carly with a stupid grin on her face. She asks the woman, “Looking for me?”

Aaron shows up at the station, and Craig runs to him asking if the pervert has been caught.

Alison is taken to the room that Clarke has for them. She says that she is going to get sick. He tells her that she won’t. He sits her on the bed, and starts kissing her neck. He lies her on her back, and starts taking off her top. She starts fighting him off, but he quickly gets control of her, and starts again with the kissing. She is now only wearing her bra and mini skirt. Clarke moves on her, like a blanket, and there is nowhere that she can go. SUDDENLY… A chair comes flying through the window. Glass goes flying everywhere. Clarke looks up in time to see a man climbing through the broken windowpane. It is Chris, who has come to save his girlfriend.

Barbara sees the sign that Carly is holding. It is the sign of the name of the new business. Barbara laughs at Carly, seeing that she must have plans for resurrecting her career. Barbara enters her office, and Carly follows.

Barbara knows that there is no place in the market for Carly. She tells Carly to go home, and raise her little children, leaving the designing to people that know how to do it. Carly tells the woman that she will be eating dust soon. This woman doesn’t threaten Barbara. Carly lets it known that she is already a threat to Barbara.

Paul eats Lucy’s sandwich since Lucy doesn’t want it. Lucy says that she really feels safe at Paul’s house. She can come to his house anytime she wants. She asks if she can stay there overnight. He goes to get her a blanket and a pillow.

Aaron tells Craig that he taped everything that happened with Clarke. Clarke outsmarted them and got Alison out of the bar, and took off with her. Craig tells Aaron over and over that he blew it.

Holden is nearby and he hears Craig telling Aaron that he has blown it. Holden asks Craig why this is sounding like his idea, and not Aaron’s.

Chris is having the time of his life with Clarke. He beats the guy, holding him by the collar as he does so. Alison is on the bed screaming as Chris fights with Clarke. Chris gets the young boy, and bangs his body up against the wall. That is enough for Clarke. He collapses to the floor.  Chris turns to Alison, but when he touches her, she feels that he is Clarke coming at her again, and she fights him for a minute. Chris convinces her that he is not Clarke, and he gets her to settle down. He gets her to promise never to do anything like this ever again. She asks him about Clarke. “Where is he?”

Chris tells her that she hasn’t any need to worry about Clarke anymore. He has been dealt with. As Chris tries to get Alison to stand up with him, so that they can go and call the police to tell them where they are…Alison screams. She sees Clarke before Chris sees him. Clarke has come up behind Chris with a huge potted plant, and he knocks Chris very hard on the head, causing him to fall unconscious. Alison has fallen back on the bed, staring up in terror at Clarke. He turns to her with an ugly smirk, ‘Now, where were we?”

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