ATWT Update Wednesday 2/25/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Aaron and Curtis tell Alison about Clarke and how he hurt Lucy. Clarke used to date a girl named Madison once, but they suddenly broke up. Aaron and Curtis hope that Alison will be able to help them bust Clarke once and for all.

Barbara decides that she wants to show Paul some designs, so she gets Jennifer to help her get some things together for Paul to see.

Carly is working on her designs when someone comes to the door. It is Craig. He would like to talk to her. He sees that she has been working. Craig tells her that Molly was the one that told Paul about the adoption being illegal. That is how Paul was able to get the baby away from Craig. Now Paul is getting Lucy under his wing. Carly thinks that Paul might just be a good friend to Lucy, and not doing much more. Craig would like Carly to spy for him and get information on Paul for him. The doorbell rings. Paul comes in when the door is opened ranting and raving about work. Craig would like to know what Paul is talking about. Craig asks if Carly and Paul are working together. Is this what Carly’s work is all about? Paul sees that he has come at the wrong time.

Alison agrees to help with catching Clarke. She will need some fake ID. Curtis could get it, but Aaron doesn’t want her to get busted for that. She is to act like she is out of it. Hopefully, Clarke will try to spike her drink. Alison would like to do this for Lucy, who has tried to be her friend in the past. Alison is to wear something sexy to get Clarke’s attention.

Alison heads home and gets dolled up to a tee. She has a ridiculously short skirt on and all the makeup in the world. Kim enters the kitchen and finds Alison all dressed up. She avoids saying where she is going. Kim thinks that the girl will get cold outside the way that she is dressed. Alison asks Kim to tell Chris that she is gone out, but she doesn’t say where she is going.

Aaron tells Jack that he has set up a sting to get Clarke. Jack demands to know what is going on, but Aaron doesn’t tell him everything. Aaron would like the cop to cooperate with him. Aaron will do this with or without Jack. Jack offers to talk to Clarke, but Aaron knows that will not stop this guy’s behavior. Aaron goes running out. Jack heads to the phone to make a call. Jack sends a cop out to get Aaron and stop him from leaving, but the officer returns saying that Aaron has taken off in his car, and couldn’t be stopped.

Jack comes to Lucinda’s to talk to Lucy. Jack asks about Aaron and where he might be. Lucy hasn’t had any contact with Aaron. She learns that Aaron has a plan for getting Clarke busted. She really has no idea what Aaron is going to do. Lucy hopes that Aaron will not get himself into trouble with this plan of his. The police are already out looking for Aaron. Jack leaves to search for the boy elsewhere. Lucy is upset that Aaron is pushing this issue. This thing happened to Lucy, not Aaron.

Curtis is at the bar with a small camera device. He points the camera at Clarke and his date. The girl with Clarke is upset that she is in this seedy bar that he has taken her to. She is kind of tired. He is trying to force her to have her drink. She is reluctant to drink it and tells him to drink it. She would like to go home. He gives her money, and sends her on her way. Alison arrives at the seedy bar, and sees Clarke by himself. She orders a drink, and sits by Clarke. He offers to buy her drink. He starts warming up to her, and she fakes warming up to him. He looks at her, thinking that he has seen her before. She tells him that he has seen her before, in his dreams.

Paul says that he is visiting Carly to give her an opinion of her sketches. Carly fakes that is the reason, and she gives Paul some sketches. Paul leaves with them. Craig has seen the scene, and can tell that Paul is using her. Craig knows that he and Carly have always had an understanding. She is told that her dreams will become a nightmare if she throws in with Paul.

Paul looks at Carly’s sketches once he is alone, and he loves every one of them.

Carly finds Craig to be the very horrible person that he is trying to make Paul out to be. Craig seems to have forgotten that he was the one that made Rosanna leave, and not Paul. Craig tells Carly that if she wants to go and work for Paul, she can, but she also needs to worry bout herself, and her sister. He says that when you make a deal with the devil, the devil always wins. Craig never thought that Carly would betray her sister for a job. Carly is angry when the man says that. She throws Craig out of her house. She will not be Craig’s spy. She isn’t betraying her sister. Who the hell does Craig think that he is?

Chris comes home, and finds his mother in the kitchen. He learns that Alison has gone out. She didn’t say where. She isn’t at work. Kim says that Alison had on a ton of makeup. Chris finds that sounds weird. Kim asked where the girl was going, but she didn’t want to say. Chris says that he will call her on the cell phone.

Alison is flirting big time with Clarke. She fakes falling into his arms, and he continues to hold her. He feeds her snacks from the bar. She tells him that he is a good guy. Alison’s phone starts ringing. She looks at the cell phone, and sees that Chris is calling. She tells Clarke that her boyfriend is calling but she doesn’t answer the call. Clarke offers her another drink, and she is happy to accept.

Holden arrives at the station as Jack requested, and he learns that Aaron has put some plan into effect that might get him in trouble. The phone rings. Jack answers the call, and learns where Aaron is. Holden and Jack head out of the station. Lucinda and Lucy are at the door of the station, and hear that Aaron has been located. Lucinda and Lucy want to go with the men to see what Aaron is up to, but Jack convinces them that they might make things worse by showing up where Aaron is.

Aaron is wearing a toque, and he holds his head down as he enters the seedy bar, where Curtis has Clarke under surveillance. Curtis reports that nothing much has happened yet. Chris calls Aaron asking him if he knows where Alison is. Aaron talks to Chris telling him that Alison is with him. Chris demands to know what is happening. Aaron says that he is at Yo’s with Alison. He has to go now. Clarke seems to be making his move. Clarke is with Alison. She has her back to him. He takes that opportunity to get the small vial out of his pocket, and position it to drug her drink. Aaron sees what is happening over at the counter. This is just what he wanted. Aaron has no time for Chris’s questions right now. He tells Chris that he is with Alison, and that she is fine with him, so Chris shouldn’t worry. Aaron hangs up.

Paul arrives home, entering the dark room. He turns on the lights and realizes suddenly that he is not alone. “Surprise!” It is his mother. She wants to talk to him. Paul is not amused at his mother’s trick.

Craig goes to Lucinda’s to talk to his daughter, but no one answers. Craig calls his daughter on her cell phone. He learns that the girl is out with her grandmother. Lucy doesn’t say where she is, and she hangs up.

Paul has the sketches in his hands that he received from Carly. Barbara has a look at the sketches, and asks whose they are. Paul says that the sketches came from a student in Milan. Barbara saw that Paul didn’t want to show her the sketches. Paul says that he didn’t think that she would like the idea of new blood. Normally, Barbara wouldn’t like the idea of some other designer coming to work with them, but she is fine with that idea now. She has a dress that she would like to show her son. She holds up a gown that really isn’t all that great. Paul tells his mother that the gown is as beautiful as she is.

Alison returns to the bar where Clarke is stirring her root beer. He offers it to her, telling her that he will drive her home if she wants. She pretends to slip, and she knocks the drink over on the floor. Alison goes running out of the room, to the restroom. Clarke is angry that he has blown another chance to get with someone that night. He looks around the bar, and sees Curtis and Aaron hiding from him in the corner. Clarke calls over an employee at the bar. The man that comes over to Clarke is told that Aaron and Curtis are underage. Aaron and Curtis are approached and told to get out of the bar. Aaron says that they haven’t even had a drink. That doesn’t matter. As Aaron and Curtis are being hassled, Clarke goes to Alison telling her that she is coming with him now. He wants to drive her home, and he gives her no option to get away from him. He drags her from the bar.

Carly arrives at Paul’s house, right after Barbara has left. Carly confronts Paul with the idea that he was the one that finked on Craig. She is unsure that she wants to work with him anymore. Paul tells her that he wouldn’t cause Rosanna to lose her baby the way that it happened. He says that he cares for Rosanna. He turns on Carly, telling her that if she is so unsure that she wants to work with him over this issue, then she should turn around leave the opportunity to jumpstart her career. Carly decides that she really does believe Paul when he tells her that he didn’t hurt Rosanna. They get to work. Paul looks at more of her sketches, and loves all of them. She is very talented. Paul knows that she is very talented, and thinks that her talent shouldn’t be wasted. Carly tells that Jack is on board with her working for BRO. Paul is glad to hear that. He tells Carly that he wants her to trust him. He says again that he wouldn’t ever hurt Rosanna. She is a star, and he can see that. BRO is going to help Carly shine.

Lucy thinks back to the past.  She remembers Clarke trying to rape her in the car. He wasn’t going to let her go until he got what he wanted. Lucy also remembers telling Aaron that he shouldn’t be fighting her battles for her. Lucinda and Lucy are together, and Lucinda stops Lucy’s daydreaming while they wait for news about Aaron. Craig enters the police station, and asks his daughter what she is doing there. He learns that Aaron is off getting Clarke busted.

Curtis and Aaron are leaving now. They see that Alison is not there. They panic. Holden and Jack arrive with a police officer at Yo’s. They learn that Alison is gone with the guy. At least she didn’t take the drink. She spilled it on the floor instead. Jack and the uniformed officer jump into action, and leave Yo’s to try to find Alison. Chris bumps into Jack outside Yo’s. He wants to know what is going on with Alison. Jack says that he has no time to talk now. Alison is in trouble. Chris would like to know what kind of trouble Alison is in. Jack just leaves, as every second means that Alison is farther, and farther away from them. Chris goes to Aaron and learns what has been going on. Jack returns, saying that Clarke slipped the bartender $20 to distract Curtis and Aaron, so that he could get out with Alison. Chris warns Aaron that if anything happens to Alison, it will be his fault.

Alison is in the car with Clarke feeling pretty strange. She knows that she didn’t have anything to drink, so what could be going on. Clarke tells her that he knows who she is. She asks him why she is feeling this way. He tells her that she didn’t have a drink, but she did eat the olives at the bar. He fed them to her. She is shocked to hear that. She realized that she has been tricked. She reaches for the door handle, but Clarke grabs a hold of her arm to keep her there. She realizes that she is in it big time. He tells her not to worry, as she will be fine by the next morning.

Paul and Carly fill their glasses to seal their deal. “Here is to partnership…and to you…a long career. May you always mark this moment as the one that changed your life forever.”

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