ATWT Update Tuesday 2/24/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Glynis
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Lily tells Holden that she had an associate come over to tell her what has been happening at the station. She is having a routine meeting. She is holding Natalie, and Holden offers to take the baby, but Lily is fine and keeps the child with her. Lily goes over to Claudette to discuss a show on the station. Barbara Ryan is to be interviewed on the show that day.

Barbara and Jennifer are being interviewed about their climb to the top.

Carly wants to work for BRO, and Jack doesn’t want that. Carly will be working for Paul, but Jack only sees that Barbara will be Carly’s boss. Jack knows that Barbara will do everything to bring Carly down. Carly wants to compete. Jack is worried for her. Carly tells Jack that he leaves the house everyday, and she has no idea if he is going to return at night. He called her reckless, but that happens to be the thing that he likes about her. She knows that she will never get what she wants by playing it safe.

Clarke is angry that Aaron is getting in his face about drugging Lucy. Clarke warns Aaron that he may get sued for making the allegations that he has been. The girl that Clarke has been dating at the diner that night has returned, and she hears the things that Aaron is accusing Clarke of.

Craig tells Paul that he has to stay away from his family. Paul tells him that he has no family anymore. Lucy comes into the room hearing the things that her father is saying to Paul. She tells her father that if anyone is leaving her grandmother’s house, it will be him.

Lily is shocked to hear that Barbara is being interviewed at the station that night. She would have liked to have had that decision run by her. The interviewer is obviously trying to promote herself. Holden comes into the room seeing that Lily is getting angry. The associate sees that it is time to leave, and she exits. Lily won’t hear of Barbara promoting her business at Lily’s station.

Holden can see that Lily isn’t ready for the day-to-day work for the station. He can see that Lily is still tender from what has happened to her sister. Lily apologizes for losing her temper just now about Barbara. She asks if Holden has taken care of the taxes yet, and if they should have roast for dinner. She tries to make herself seem normal. Holden pats her leg and leaves her in the room. Lily has her baby with her, and feels that since she is alone, there isn’t anything wrong with watching the interview. She reaches for the remote.

Clarke tells his date that Aaron is only getting in his face because Lucy preferred him to Aaron. Aaron grabs Clarke’s collar and almost start a fight. Lucinda enters the diner and stops the boys from fighting. Clarke decides that it is time to take his date home. He leaves with the girl. Lucinda doesn’t like Clarke, but she doesn’t approve of the boys fighting. Lucinda has to wonder why Aaron is acting this way. Aaron tells that Clarke drugged Lucy and that Clarke tried to rape her.

Lucy soon finds out that her father knows that she was almost raped. Craig wants to know why he wasn’t told of this. Lucy says that Craig only makes things worse for her.

Paul can see that he should leave now. Lucy kisses his cheek, and Paul leaves. Craig tells Lucy that she shouldn’t be trusting Paul Ryan. Lucy disagrees with that decision, as Rosanna does.

Paul calls Molly telling her that she should meet him at his place. He wants to see her right away. Paul ends his call with Molly, as another call is coming through. It is Barbara. She would like her son to be there while she has her interview.

Jack knows that Carly is already famous by name only. She doesn’t need to be involved with BRO. Carly failed before because she was involved with Craig, but this time she is involved with Paul. Carly will wait for a contract from Paul before she does anything for BRO. Carly doesn’t want to start from scratch, as that will take away from her family. It is a risk. It is all a risk. All the decisions that they make in life are risks.

Carly is trying to get her own way, but she needs her husband on her side. They may have to agree to disagree. She is going to do this anyway. Jack says that he is fine then. He heads to the door. He is going to do something that he should have done earlier. Carly would like to know what he is talking about. He only tells her to have faith and trust. “Faith and Trust…Carly.”

Lucy tells her father that she hasn’t spoken to Rosanna, but that Paul has spoken to her. Craig tells her that she shouldn’t talk to Paul Ryan, as that is inappropriate. She finds it funny that her father is telling her how to act.

Craig defends himself by saying that everything that he has done was to make his family happy. He even went to see the mother of the baby to see if he could make some arrangement and get the baby back. While Lucy was alone in the country, Paul at least was there for her. She went to Jack about the attack, but she didn’t press further with the case. Craig sees that Paul didn’t do her all that good. Lucy could have called her father but she didn’t think that he could help. Lucinda enters hearing Craig and Lucy arguing. Craig says that he was only trying to help his daughter, but she doesn’t want his help. Craig leaves. Lucinda goes to Lucy and hugs her.

Molly admits that she told Craig the truth about the adoption. Paul doesn’t care about that. He would like to talk about something else. He knows that Molly and Craig are partners, and share an interest. Craig is very angry with Paul these days, and Paul knows that the man is going to have a grudge. He would like to know that he can count on Molly. Craig is a loose cannon, and he will probably shoot at Paul. Paul would like to know when Craig is going to attack so that he can duck. Molly might like to have a friend in her corner, she thinks. Paul and Molly clink glasses. Jack enters the apartment seeing the two together. Molly quickly leaves.  Jack tells Paul that he knows that Carly is being used in the plan to get back at Barbara. Jack doesn’t want to shut Carly down, so what would be the next logical answer?

Carly is designing but she gets bored and turns on the TV.

Carly sees Barbara being interviewed about her company. Jennifer comes into the picture. Barbara is starting a new line that will be called, ‘Jennifer’. Carly envisions herself being interviewed by the reporter. She would have Lucy and Jennifer working for her. She would explain how teenage girls want to look. Jennifer would talk about how everyone loves Carly. She would be a top designer and a loving wife all at the same time. The baby starts crying, and Carly is jerked out of her dream. ‘Coming sweetheart’.

Lily is holding her baby, and watching the interview on her TV. She is infuriated. Barbara is saying that she has suffered a great deal, but now things have changed. Lily can’t believe her ears. She grabs her coat and heads to the door with the baby on her hip.

Barbara tells the reporter that she will have her clothes ready for Spring. Lily and Natalie arrive at the station, and she bursts into the interview while the cameras are still rolling. Lily tells how Barbara hated Rose and brainwashed her son to kill Rose. Jennifer tries to stop Lily from this. Lily will not be stopped. Barbara runs to the camera and puts her hand over the camera lens, but that doesn’t work.

Holden is in the house now, and the television is on. He hears his wife’s voice shrieking accusations, and then the horror sets in. He sees her image on the screen and hears her attacking Barbara.

Jack asks for more information on BRO. Paul says that Carly will be working with him. Barbara has no idea that Carly will be coming on board. Jack threatens to talk to Barbara about this, and bring her up to speed. He heads to the door. Paul stops him saying that if he talks to Barbara, or anyone for that matter about what is really happening to the company, the offer that was made to Carly will be off the table. That catches Jack’s attention. Is that really what Jack wants for his wife?

Craig finds Aaron at the diner. He has been looking for the boy so that they can talk. Aaron tells Craig that they were all at the BRO party, and Lucy collapsed. Aaron wanted to take her to the hospital, but Clarke wouldn’t allow it. He said that Molly made Aaron go back to work. Molly had no idea what was going on. Paul saw how Lucy was acting and kept an eye on things.

Aaron hates that he has been thrown in jail in his life for doing nothing, and Clarke walks around free. Lucy will not talk to Aaron, and Craig is sorry for that. Lucy would be better off with Aaron it seems. Aaron has to think that Craig can’t be feeling well, as he is being too nice. Craig tells Aaron that Lucy is at her grandmother’s hiding. Craig knows that Lucy would listen to Aaron more than her own father right now, and that is what counts.

Lucinda brings Lucy something to eat. She brings up Aaron, and asks Lucy why she didn’t tell what happened the night before.

Lucinda would have liked to have known this. Clarke is a coward. Lucinda told Lucy that the boy wasn’t worth her time, and she should have listened. Lucy said that she spoke to Jack, but nothing could be done. The phone starts ringing, and Lucinda knows that she has to answer. Lucy leaves to have a nap. Lucinda answers the phone to Kim. Kim wonders if Lucinda has the television on. Lucinda doesn’t, but she turns it on right away. She sees Lily shouting at Barbara.

Lily is ranting and raving at Barbara and Jennifer. Holden enters the station and calls his wife sharply. “Lily! That is enough. We are going home right away.” He takes the baby and they leave.

Jack knows that Carly’s talent isn’t going to matter if Barbara is involved in this. Barbara doesn't bend. She owns BRO, and hates Carly. Paul asks Jack to be patient and wait. Paul promises to protect Carly. Jack says that he will be the one that protects Carly. He will be watching Paul.

Lucy comes back into the room as her grandmother is finishing her call. Lucinda tells the girl that she should go and visit her mother. Lucy hasn’t told her mother anything about the attack, and she doesn’t want to run away. Lucinda finds her to be very strong. Lucinda warns that Lucy shouldn’t try to protect her mother or grandmother, as those women are very strong. Lucinda wants Lucy to make the Clarke kid pay for what he has done. Lucy only wants this to go away.

Craig would like Aaron to help him win Lucy over. Craig has already lost too much. Aaron asks Craig how he has been doing. Craig smiles, as Aaron is the first person to ask him that. Aaron sees that in his own way Craig tries to do the right thing. The men find that they have things in common. Aaron remembers Lucy saying that as well. They have to make a plan. Whatever will bring Aaron closer to Lucy will be a good plan. Craig has an idea.

Holden tells Lily at home that he has tried everything in his power to help his wife, but she will not help him. He would like her to go and see Dr. Michaels. She won’t do that. Holden tells Lily that the kids have to go to school the next day, and the kids are going to be ridiculed. Lily hasn’t thought of that. She didn’t mean to upset them. Lucas has been helping the family get throughj this bad time. Lily says that she is sorry and she starts heading to Holden, but he stops her, telling her that she should be sorry.

Jack comes home and finds his wife vacuuming. She hopes that he hasn’t spoken to Barbara, and he hasn’t. She is happy about that. She wants this chance. She is different now. She has had faith in Jack, and she wants him to have faith in her. He tells her that if this is what she wants, he will back her all the way.

Barbara apologizes for what happened with the interview. The reporter says that she couldn’t have intervened, as Lily is her superior. The reporter knows that the show will be picked up for sure. Barbara is not happy that the show may be run again.

Paul arrives at the station, and learns that the interview turned into a disaster, but the reporter assures them that the interview wasn’t a disaster. Barbara would like to go and have a big glass of wine. Paul loves that idea. Barbara takes a moment to hug her son, telling him that she has no idea what she would do if she didn’t have him.

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