ATWT Update Monday 2/23/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/23/04

By Glynis
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Henry comes down and finds Katie standing in the living room with Mike who has his shirt off. Henry explains that the water heater broke, and he leaves. Katie apologizes for Henry playing the trick. Mike puts on his shirt, and gets ready to go. Katie tells him that he doesn’t have to go now. She really does need someone to fix the water heater. Mike will see what he can do, and then he will leave.

Kim leaves Chris and Alison alone after having words with Alison. Alison tells Chris that her friendship shouldn’t be a problem. She will always be a friend with Aaron. Chris says that the he is fine about the relationship.

Jack is trying to get his wife to think about changing her mind about working for BRO. He has no idea how Paul convinced Barbara to let Carly work for them. Carly tells how Barbara doesn’t know that she is going to work for them. Jack gets the phone and orders Carly to call the deal off.

Paul buys Lucy a teddy bear, and she loves it. She knows that she isn’t great company, but she is glad that he has come over to check on her. He had time, and thought that he would come and see her. She knows that he has already done so much. He tells her that when you save someone’s life, you have an interest in taking care of them. She knows that part of this is because of the request that Rosanna made of him. Lucy has trusted a lot of people, and it never worked out. Rosanna trusted Paul, and that seems to have been a good thing.

Molly asks Craig what would happen if she really did tell Paul about Cabot’s adoption. Craig can see that Paul really was the one that did all this to his family. Rosanna has been trusting Paul all along, and she needs to know that Paul is not really her friend. Paul made a call to the police about him, turning him in. Then he went to Craig’s family and turned them against him. Now he has no family. Craig really needs to hear the truth from Molly now. “Was Paul the one that did this to my family?” Molly admits to telling Paul the truth about the adoption. She did many things for Craig, but Craig was not helping her, and so she hurt him by telling Paul the truth. She is crying now. Molly sees that what she did was childish and stupid. Craig is fine. He doesn’t blame Molly for trying to destroy his family.

Lucy has been staying with her grandmother. She has no idea how long she will be staying there. Lucy is very angry with her father for letting all this happen to them all. Lucy is thinking of going to live with her mother. Lucy feels like she has lost everything that was important to her. Cabot is gone, and so is Rosanna. Paul asks her about Aaron. He doesn’t think that Lucy is a quitter. She is so very smart.

Jack reminds Carly that she has been in the crossfire between Paul and Barbara before, and they don’t need that. Carly feels that she will not have to deal with Barbara this time. If she starts her own company, she will have to start from scratch. She feels like a cappuccino. Jack will let her go, but when she returns, he wants her to tell him whatever it is that she has to tell him.

Mike is finished fixing the water heater now, and he is ready to go. She tells him that she would like him to stay for a while. He isn’t really ready to hang out with her. She tells him that she ran into Bob at the hospital, and she learned that Mike is ready to leave town, and has refused a job on the hospital. Katie would like to know if he is still ready to leave town. Mike would like to know if the question is from her, or Bob. Katie knows that she said a lot of things that she didn’t mean before. She was angry that Mike took a lot of decision-making from her. She should be happy that he is leaving her alone, but she isn’t. They used to be able to say anything to each other. Mike finds that it is just time to move on. He reminds her that she was the one that would chase her husband around the world if she could. Mike is just the guy that loves her, and that is why he has to move on.

Chris wouldn’t ever stop Alison from having a relationship, but Aaron said that Chris tried to kill her. Aaron arrives on the doorstep at Chris and Alison’s house. He has the papers that Alison needs for her annulment. He gives them to her, but he is really there to see Chris.

Jack wants to know why Paul would think that Barbara would go along with this idea of having Carly work for BRO. Jack can see that Barbara mustnít know exactly what is going on. Hal knew that Paul couldnít forgive Barbara the way that he did, and Hal was right. This is a ticking time bomb. This thing is going to blow up, and Carly is the one that is going to get hurt. Jack wants to family to be safe from all this.

Carly thought that he supported her getting her career, but he seems to want her to be in the house folding laundry. He denies that he wants that. She feels that he is stopping her every time that she gets a chance at making a success for herself.

Lucy can’t go back to her home, or her school. She would have to face Clarke everyday. They had the same friends. Paul reminds Lucy that she didn’t do anything wrong. Lucy was preoccupied with other things, and Clarke sensed that. He spiked Lucy’s drink and he attacked her. She is not to blame. Lucy is sorry that she is upset over this. She wishes that Rosanna were there now. Paul tells her that everything is going to be okay now. Paul hugs the girl close to him, and they embrace. Craig quietly walks into the room, finding his daughter in the arms of the man that he hates most. “What is this?”

Aaron apologizes to Chris for saying that he was trying to hurt Alison and the baby. Aaron thought that the child was his, and he was feeling a little mad. Aaron wanted Chris to be the bad guy. Aaron knows that he was wrong, and he is sorry for everything that has happened. Chris is fine with that. The men shake hands. Alison offers to walk Aaron out. Once outside, Alison expresses that she can’t believe that Aaron just did that. Aaron only wanted to clean up any loose ends that might be hanging around. Alison wishes that there were something that she could do for him. The papers are signed, and they are not married anymore. They are going to be friends forever. They hug.

Craig orders that Paul get his hands off Lucy. Lucy says that Paul was just concerned. Paul says that Rosanna was missing Lucy, and Paul thought that he would come by and make sure that she is okay. Paul can see that it is time to go, but Craig asks that Paul stay. Lucy is asked to leave the room. She would like to know more about what the men are going to talk about. Paul assures her that they will be fine. Lucy leaves.

Craig finds it sweet that Paul is thinking about Lucy. Craig really finds the man to be a sweet guy. He asks Paul about his sweet revenge. Paul says that revenge is bad for the soul. Craig wonders out loud what Lucy and Rosanna are going to say once they find out that Paul is the reason for Cabot leaving.

Carly feels that if her getting the new job gets rid of Barbara, that is a good thing. Carly can leave then, after she has made a name for herself. She wants to have the chance that she needs to be a success. Paul can give Carly that. She came close to success once, and it didn’t happen. Barbara will be out, but there has been many times that Barbara has gotten one up on Carly. Carly wants to be a winner now. Not 5 years from now. She doesn’t care if Jack doesn’t approve; she only wants him to stay out of her way. The baby cries from Carly’s shouting. She throws down the laundry and heads out of the room.

Mike feels that things will be better for he and Katie if he left town. She doesn’t want that. He has been living a roller coaster ride with her. A GLASS BREAKS. Katie turns to find Snickers nearby after having broken the glass.

Katie grabs her rabbit, while Mike starts picking up the glass. Katie tells her rabbit that Uncle Mike is leaving them, so if there is something that Snickers has to say, then he better say it now. While picking up the glass, Mike cuts himself. It isnít a big deal, but Katie insists on taking care of the cut. She would like to take care of Mike just one more time, before they never see each other again.

Craig confronts Paul with what he knows about Paul’s actions. Paul says that Craig brought this on himself. Paul doesn’t need to listen to this. Craig has to wonder why Paul would go out of his way to hurt Rosanna this way. Paul denies all this. Craig knows that Paul was out to prove to Rosanna what a monster her husband is, and now Paul is sniffing around his daughter. Paul tells Craig that he was there to be there for Lucy. If Craig were a good father like he tries to be, he would know the truth. Paul tells Craig that he would know that his little girl was almost raped.

Clarke is at the diner with a girl, when Aaron comes in for coffee. Aaron warns Clarke that he knows about him. The girl sitting with Clarke is getting uncomfortable with the attention that Aaron is paying to her date. Aaron warns the girl that she has to be careful what she drinks, as she may never know what hit her.

Alison and Chris are happy now. They have their lives moving forward. Kim reenters the room, seeing the kids happy. Alison leaves the kitchen all smiles. Chris tells his mother that they have to have a talk about Alison.

Katie takes care of Mike’s cut hand. She would hope that he never forgets what they had. Mike assures her that he will never forget what they had together, and how he misses her from his life. Mike only wants Katie to know how he feels about them, but that display doesn't mean that he will be staying in town. Henry returns, but says that he will be leaving so that the couple can get back to talking. Mike says that it is time that he got going. He gets his coat and walks out the door. Henry canít believe what he is seeing. Katie is angry that Henry has brought Mike there. She remembers again what it is like to be with Mike.

She canít have her husband, and she canít have her best friend. She doesnít care. Katie is crying now. Henry is sorry for luring Mike there. He only wanted to do the right thing. There is no right thing. UnlessÖ Henry reveals that he got ice cream while he was out. Katie offers to get them 2 spoons. It is going to be a long, long night.

Chris tells his mother that he will abide by Kimís rules, but Alison is not a kid, and doesnít need Kim to lord over her. Kim doesnít think that she has been lecturing. Chris loves this woman, and will be with her no matter what.

Kim has been telling her son over and over that when he is happy, she is happy. Chris asks her to bring her ideas to him first, instead of to Alison. Kim agrees to that.

Jack would like to continue to talk about BRO. Carly says that what is happening with Paul and Barbara happens all the time in business. Jack is worried about Carly. She starts designing, and then she forgets what is reality. Sometimes though, Carly gets reckless when she is passionately designing. Carly can’t believe her ears. She thought that Jack trusted her, as she trusted him. She thought that he had faith in her.

Aaron tells Clarke’s date cryptically that she could be in trouble. The girl doesn’t get it. Aaron tells the girl that Clarke will drop something in her drink, if she doesn’t cooperate. The girl walks off. Clarke is alone with Aaron now. He tells Aaron that between the both of them, Lucy was begging for it. Aaron is about to punch the guy in the face, but Clarke warns him not to, as if he is taken to jail, there will be no one to watch the princess.

Craig gets the full story of what happened to Lucy the night of the drugging. Lucy has been warming up to Paul, as he was the one that pulled the kid off Lucy that night. Craig only sees that Paul has stolen his wife, and now he is after the daughter. Paul gets angry. He tells Craig that no one is stealing anything from him.

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