ATWT Update Friday 2/20/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/20/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Katie is watching a sad love movie, and Henry turns it off. He thinks that she is crying too much. He tells her that it is time for a new hairstyle. She is still hung up on Mike, and Henry can see that. She is sure that she will get over it. Henry hands her the phone, telling her to call Mike now.

Bob offers Mike a chance to do some construction, but Mike rejects the offer. He is leaving Oakdale for good.

Chris tells Alison that she flunked her credit check. She owes one credit card company $300 dollars from 3 years ago. They are still going to get the condo though. Chris will have to think of something. Alison wants to hear the moment that he gets anymore news. Alison is on her way to do some errands, and she goes running out of the house. Kim comes in and finds her son looking worried. Chris tells Kim that Alison’s credit isn’t the best, and he may have to pay more interest on the condo. He knows that things are going to work out. Kim knows that Chris is excited about the condo, but while he is busy being happy, he has to remember to throw in a little common sense.

Carly hears her answering machine and its messages. It is Paul calling over and over to talk to her about their deal. The doorbell rings. Carly runs to the door, thinking that Paul is really being persistent now. Craig is at the door. He is glad to be back at home after being in jail. He seems to have misjudged the woman who is Cabot’s mother. She is really attached to her son now, and will not give him up. Craig is sure that Paul was the one that turned him in, now that he has spoken to Annabelle. Carly knows that Paul hasn’t done that, as he cares for Rosanna.

Paul is on the phone talking to someone that he cares about dearly. As he is talking, his mother comes over. Barbara overhears Paul saying that he missed the person on the phone very much. Barbara tells Paul that she is glad that Rosanna has left. She finds that Rosanna is needy and being Craig’s wife, can’t be a good connection for Paul. Paul tells Barbara to stop talking like that, and to never talk like that again.

Aaron is angry that Clarke has gotten away with drugging Lucy. Curtis is calm as he talks to his friend about the incident.

Alison comes running in to Aaron’s work to talk to him for a minute. She asks Aaron to guess where she is living. Aaron guesses that she is living with Chris. She will be moving though, as they will be buying a condo. Aaron finds that interesting. Alison hasn’t been wasting any time. She has been working on her future, and she would like Aaron to help her get the annulment. She hands Aaron some papers, asking that he sign them and get them notarized. Alison knows that Aaron doesn’t approve of the arrangement that Alison has made with Chris. Aaron says that he is fine with Alison sorting out her life. He is more concerned bout Lucy and the fact that she almost got raped the other night.

Chris reminds his mother that he and Alison are making their own decisions. Kim knows that, but it seems that Chris hasn’t thinking straight. She brings up many things that have to be taken care of when the condo is bought. Chris has no idea if he is going to marry Alison yet, as they haven’t discussed it yet. Kim knows that women look at marriage as a good thing, and they expect it usually. Chris has no idea where he will be with Alison in 10 years, but for now, he is ready to move in with her. Kim tells Chris that buying property is a very strong decision. Kim figures that Chris should buy the condo himself, then Kim and Bob will be more than happy to help him with the financing. Then later, when things are solidified with Alison, Chris can put her name on the property too. Chris didn’t want to do things this way, but his mother is making sense.

Paul is not happy that Barbara has brought up Rosanna in the manner that she has. That is not open for discussion. Barbara agrees to do things his way. Barbara is there for a reason, and Paul wants to know what that reason is. Barbara learned from Paris that their accountant has been fired. Paul made a decision, but Barbara would have liked to have been consulted on this. Paul reminds her that she said that he was allowed to work on the business. She is only to work on her sketchpad while he works on everything else. She has many ideas for designs that she knows he will be pleased about. Barbara leaves.

Paul has ideas of his own, that his mother will not like.

Craig says that Annabelle was told that a man in Oakdale was the one that turned him in. Carly knows that this can’t be Paul. Craig feels that Paul uses everyone else to blame for his life. Carly says that Paul didn’t know about Cabot’s adoption anyway. Craig remembers Molly being another person that knows the truth about his adoption. She said that she would keep his secret about the adoption, if he helped her avoid being prosecuted because of her part in Rose’s case. Craig is sure now that Paul was the one that did this. He doesn’t tell Carly of his suspicions.

Katie feels that she can’t call Mike, as he must feel jerked around enough. It is time for Katie to go to the hospital to pick up her check. She is sure that the thing with Mike is over now. Henry makes a call now that he is alone. He calls Mike. He pretends that the water heater at Katie’s cottage is ready to explode. He says that the place is full of smoke. Mike says that he will be there right away. Henry has to now figure out how to break the water heater.

Aaron is angry with himself for letting Lucy leave with Clarke the night of the party. Alison tells Aaron that he shouldn’t be blaming himself for what happened to Lucy. Alison feels that she should talk to Lucy about all that has happened to Aaron. Kim and her friend Mrs. Leonard arrive at Metro, and Curtis seats them. Alison feels that she could find a way to get Aaron and Lucy back together again. Aaron is sure that her plan will not work. Alison knows that she can be convincing enough to make this work. She will talk to Lucy in a manner that will make her think that Aaron didn’t send her. Aaron is happy with that idea. Aaron and Alison hug each other. Kim sees Alison hugging Aaron. Alison sees Kim suddenly, but isn’t sure if Kim had seen her or not. Alison goes over to talk to Kim and her friend. Kim says that she saw Aaron with her just now. Alison says that she was only talking to Aaron about getting an annulment soon. Kim isnít happy at seeing her with the man that tried to send her son to jail. Kim is suddenly very unhappy and tells her friend that she really doesnít like the atmosphere in the restaurant that day. She gets up and leaves.

Paul calls Carly, and she answers. He is begging her to say that she will work for him. Carly has a question for Paul first. She would like him to come and see her.

Paul arrives at her house, and Carly asks Paul is he had anything to do with Rosanna losing her son. Carly is only asking an honest question. Paul reminds her that he isn’t the one that repeatedly lied to Rosanna, Craig did. The responsibility begins and ends with him. Craig was cruel with Rosanna. Carly knows that Paul isn’t a Boy Scout. Carly reminds him that he was especially cruel at Rose’s wedding. Paul says that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Rosanna. Carly knows that. Craig was with Carly earlier, and he said that he was told that Paul was the one that did this. Carly sees that she was all wrong about this, and that they don’t have to discuss this ever again.

Henry answers to Mike, pretending to have been working on the water heater himself. There is no smoke there, and Mike finds that suspicious. Mike goes running into the back room to fix the heater. Henry knows that all that he has to do now is wait for Katie to come home.

Katie has arrived at work to get her check, and Bob has a request for Katie. He spoke to Mike about work on the hospital, but he said that he was leaving town. Mike did a great job on the burn unit, and Bob would like the man to work on the other department as well. Katie comes up with someone else that Bob could ask to help convince Mike to work on this project. Katie can’t explain, but she just can’t help Bob with this.

Alison follows Kim home and apologizes to Kim for what happened at Metro. Alison feels that Kim was trying to pick a fight with her. She knows that Kim doesn’t like Alison being in love with Chris, and she knows that Kim would like her out of the house.

Kim says that she wouldn’t have invited Alison to the house if she didn’t want her there. Alison feels that maybe Kim wants to make her look bad in front of Chris. Kim says that she likes the girl, but not the things that she does. Alison wanted to only say hi to Kim at Metro, but Kim got hurtful. Kim says that when she saw Alison talking to Aaron, and hugging him, that made her angry. Alison wants to know if Kim is going to tell Chris about Aaron or not. Kim says nothing. Alison shouts out that Kim can go ahead and tell Chris about her talking to Aaron if she wants. Alison feels that her friendship with Aaron is none of Chris’s business anyway. Chris is coming in the door, and he hears Alison saying that ‘something’ isn’t his business anyway. He asks Alison what this thing is that isn’t his business.

Carly decides that she can’t be involved in bringing Barbara down. Paul promises her that she only has to worry about designs. Carly is interested in the offer, but she has all that money from Rosanna, and might do better on her own. Paul knows that Carly can’t deal with the hiring and the firing and the marketing of it all. Carly knows that she can handle this. Paul says that he will handle everything else but the designing. He knows that this is right for Carly. Barbara has had her night in the spotlight, and now it is Carly’s turn. Carly likes what she is hearing. She smiles at him. Paul assures her that she will not regret this. Jack has come home. He isn’t seen, but he hears his wife has just made a deal with Paul.

Craig asks Molly if Paul was the one that called the authorities on him. Molly says that she has no idea what Paul does or doesn’t do. Craig sees that he has been betrayed, and he would like to know who betrayed him. Craig says that all around his house are the memories of the son that he almost had. The house is very quiet. Molly feels for him. Craig knows that she has feelings for him, as she knows what it is like to have children taken from her. He knows she feels his pain. He would like her to help him. They are both grieving parents, and he would like her to tell him the truth about Paul Ryan and set this straight.

Mike is almost done working on the water heater. Henry says that he is happy to hear that, as he needs to take a bath since his skin gets so flaky. Henry runs upstairs. Mike is all wet and he takes off his shirt to dry off. Katie walks in the house, and is shocked to find Mike without his shirt on, standing in her living room.

Chris demands to know what happened with his mother and girlfriend. Alison explains that she was hugging Aaron at Metro. Kim didn’t like what she saw at the club. Alison tells Kim again that no matter what she thinks, her friendship with Aaron is not anyone’s business. Chris tells her that she is wrong. Who she is friends with is actually his business.

Craig tells Molly that he thinks that she has told Paul about the adoption, and that she has in fact ruined his family. He asks Molly one last time. Did Paul turn him in? Molly says nothing. Craig heads to the door. Molly calls him back. Craig stops and turns to her again.

Carly tells Paul that she will need some time to think over working with him. Jack appears in the house. Carly asks him how long he has been there. Jack isn’t all that friendly at the moment. Paul decides that it is time to leave. Out the door he goes.

Jack demands to know what Paul was doing there. Carly tells him that Paul offered her a job at BRO. Jack knows that she had to have declined the job. Carly tells him differently. She has accepted the offer. Jack asks her if she is out of her mind.

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