ATWT Update Thursday 2/19/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Sarah is rushing out the door with her knapsack. Jessica finds the girl leaving, and tells Sarah that studying with her friend can wait as they are having company. The doorbell rings. Sarah goes to the door and opens the door for her friend. He tells her that he is the company that they are expecting. It is Casey who is her friend from school. Ben comes downstairs, and greets Casey. Lisa and Margo bring a present to the house for Sarah. There is going to be a party for Sarah it seems. Everyone heads to the kitchen but Casey and Sarah. Sarah tells how she was lied to by Jessica. Sarah hates the woman now.

Craig is faced with the inspector that came to Oakdale to get the baby. Craig should have left well enough along. Craig has to realize that he is not a part of the baby’s life anymore. Craig says that he has only done all this because he loves the baby. Craig makes an aggressive move towards the woman while he is cuffed, and the police are left with no choice and place Craig under arrest.

Paul has managed to get his mother to sign papers that she hasn’t read. She is in a hurry to go to lunch with her son. Barbara loves having her son with her in the business. Carly comes to the door, and Paul answers. Carly says that she would like to talk business with Paul, but Barbara comes up behind him saying that she will be having a short conversation, as she has no business there. Paul orders his sister and mother out of the room so that he can talk to Carly alone. He follows them out. Carly looks at the papers on the table and she reads them. She wonders now how Paul got his mother to sign these papers.

Sarah would like Casey to help her figure out how to get back at Jessica for lying to her. Casey has no idea what to do. Ben comes out and finds the kids talking seriously. He would like to know what they were talking about. The kids say nothing. Ben tells Sarah to come and help with the food. She will be right there. Sarah wants to think up a plan for getting back at Jessica. Casey feels that shaving cream is the way to go to get back at Jessica. Sarah would like him to be serious.

Kim tells Bob that she came home unexpected, and the kids were ‘busy’. Kim was only gone 8 seconds. They should expect that now, they guess. They have a perfectly good bedroom upstairs. Bob will talk to Chris about that. Kim offers to talk to Alison about the incident as well. Kim knows that Chris doesn’t think before he acts sometimes. Bob remembers being the same way for a certain lounge singer. What if it had been Nancy walking in, and finding Chris and Alison on the kitchen counter? Bob offers to help with this behavior, if Kim will get frisky with him later.

Chris and Alison are in the kitchen feeling like they are on their honeymoon. He has to get to work, but she gets his attention very easily, and they end up running back upstairs for a moment.

Craig is told that he will be freed from jail soon. Cabot’s mother has sympathy for Craig and doesn’t want to press charges. Craig is warned not to do anything like this again. Craig is alone in jail, pacing back and forth. He is alone now. He sees that he has failed Cabot.

Annabelle is behind him in another cell. He finds this awfully convenient. She sees that he is trying to get his kid back. Craig tries to grab the woman through the bars, but she jumps out of his way. Craig asked her why she had him nabbed. She says that she didn’t do it. She got paid, and had no reason to do that. She didn’t turn him in, someone else did.

Paul explains to Barbara and Jennifer that Carly is there for no big reason. Barbara is frantic having Carly on the premises. Paul feels that he has to treat Carly with some respect, as Rosanna was her sister. Barbara finds Carly to be the trashiest of women. Paul is sure that he will be able to take care of himself. Paul returns to Carly apologizing for his mother’s behavior. Barbara has been acting a little insecure lately. Carly doesn’t blame Barbara for feeling insecure, as she is having her company taken from her. Carly waves the contract in front of Paul’s face, showing that she has already read it.

Alison turns up the music in the kitchen, and heads to the fridge and cupboards. She is dancing around in her pink robe. Kim arrives home to the noise in the kitchen. Alison wanted to surprise Chris by cooking dinner for him. Kim finds that is a great idea. Alison was looking for some canned chili that her mother used to make. The can has a smiling donkey on the label. Kim seems to be out of that. Alison decides that she will make Chris eggs for dinner. She only knows how to make boiled eggs though. Kim sees that they have to have a talk. Kim makes her sit down. Kim sees that the kids think that they have a lot of lost time to make up for. However, this home has to be shared with other people as well. Kim is trying to say that they have to discuss the issue of intimacy.

Susan comes up to the kitchen door, and hears Kim talking to her daughter inside. Kim is telling Alison that there is certain behavior that is appropriate for the bedroom, but not the kitchen. Alison knows what Kim is talking about now. Kim says that she came back home for her keys the day before, and she saw Alison and Chris on the counter. The doorbell rings. Kim answers the door to Susan. Susan tells Kim that Alison knows her boundaries, as she was the one that taught them to her. Susan suggests that maybe Chris should learn his.

The party for Sarah is going nice. Jessica and Sarah are left alone in the living room. Jessica has bought the girl a gift, and Sarah loves it. Sarah tells Casey that she has no idea how Jessica can be so nice to her after all that she has done. Sarah would like to give Jessica a nice big surprise. Casey isn’t interested in doing anything wrong, or even knowing that Sarah is going to do. Jessica asks Sarah to set the table for dessert. Sarah tells Casey that she has an idea that is going to cause the woman a whole lot of problems…legal problems.

Annabelle says again that she didn’t turn Craig in for the adoption. However, Annabelle does know who the person is that turned on Craig. Annabelle heard that some ‘guy’ from Oakdale made an anonymous call. It is clear to see that whoever did this, really hates Craig’s guts.

Carly demands to know what Paul is up to. She will not let the man spin his way out of this. He should have told her that he was trying to take Barbara’s company from her. Paul will confide in Carly, if she will agree to design for him. Carly agrees. Paul tells that he is taking the company from Barbara, and he will see to it that she hasn’t got a dime left to her name.

Casey tells Sarah that her plan is difficult. Sarah plans to slip a letter into something that Jessica usually brings with her when she goes out. It will be found. Casey says that Sarah’s idea bites. He will keep her secret so that when she changes her mind, no one else will know what she did. Sarah is sure that she will not change her mind.

Alison tells Kim that she will not do what she and Chris did before. Kim is fine with that. Susan hopes that Chris will get the same lecture. He will get that lecture, but from Bob. Alison is really sorry now for all this happening. Susan tells Alison that this isn’t her fault. Alison tells her mother that she has a nice room, and could use some help unpacking. They run upstairs. Chris comes home, and tells his mother that what happened before will not happen again. Kim is fine with that, and says that Alison is fine about it too. Chris hopes that his mother didn’t hurt Alison’s feelings. Kim says that Alison is fine, and seemed rather mature about the whole thing.

Craig is freed, and on the way out, Annabelle shouts at him that some guy in Oakdale set him up and he better find out whom that person is.

Paul is tricking his mother because Barbara has money, and she uses it to buy and sell people. That is the bulk of her power. Paul will let her have money, but he will control how much. That is how he is going to control the woman. If he can do this, then Will will be able to grow up okay. Paul has questions for Carly. Is she with him or not? Carly can’t see how she can work with him when all of this is going on. Carly knows that Barbara is going to lose it when she learns what is going on. Carly wants this job, but she can’t do it. Paul asks her how many shots she is going to give up? All she will have to do is make beautiful designs. She will be the star that she was meant to be. Barbara would take the same opportunity if she could get it over on Carly.

Jessica explains to Margo again that she has only been lying to Sarah to get her happy and on solid ground. Margo can see that is working. Sarah thanks Jessica for the dress that she received as a gift. She would like to know when Jessica is going to visit Bonnie again. Jessica says in the next day or two. Sarah says that Jessica will probably bring the usual books and magazines with her like always. Jessica asks why Sarah is being particularly curious at this time.

Chris walks his mother out of the house, so that Alison and her mother can talk. Alison finds that things are not that bad at the house like her mother expected it to be. Susan says that her house is big and empty now. She should have given her daughter and Chris an alternative to where they could live. Susan has a guestroom in the house. She will let the kids move in if they want. Susan offers to give the kids the run of the place. She is sure that they can work things out.

Carly knows that she will be shipped off to parts unknown when Barbara figures this all out. Carly would still like to use Rosanna’s money and figure out the business on her own. She is going to need a lot more than money to shield herself from Barbara. Barbara will do anything that she can to shut Carly down. Barbara will make Carly her pet project. Paul would like to fight with her. Carly says that Jack is already suspicious of the idea. No one believes that Paul and Barbara are getting along, and that something is up with him. Carly is told to keep the takeover under wraps. Carly has a fashion line already prepared, and ready to fill in when Barbara is dumped. Her clothing is going to be worn and talked about by the most famous women in the world. Even if something gets messed up, Carly would still have Rosanna’s check. Paul feels that Rosanna would like to know that Paul and Carly are working together. Paul pushes and pushes, and finally Carly smiles at him telling him that he better have complete control over his mother.

Sarah says that she was only asking questions, as she was interested in getting another letter to Bonnie. Jessica is fine with the questions then. Sarah runs off. Ben comes to his wife, who tells him that she is fine with the way that things are now. She feels that she will be able to handle the lies, and get things on track again. Sarah is on the stairs listening to the couple talk about deceiving her.

Alison tells her mother that it doesn’t matter where she is living, as long as she is with Chris. Susan accepts that and leaves. Kim follows Susan out. She tells her that barging in the house doesn’t help the situation. Susan says that her daughter is in that house, and that gives her a reason to barge in whenever she wants, even if Kim doesn’t like it.

Craig calls Carly, telling her that he just got out of a Canadian jail. He says that Paul is the reason that he and Rosanna lost their baby. Paul is handing Carly a glass of bubbly while she is on the phone talking to Craig. Carly can’t talk about this right now. She hangs up. Paul sees her frantic all of a sudden. What could be spooking her? Carly says that she can’t do any of this right now. She tells Paul that she will call him sometime. He follows her to the door, as she hurries to leave. She is gone in a flash.

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