ATWT Update Wednesday 2/18/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Jessica calls Sarah for breakfast. The girl comes down the stairs with her knapsack and a suitcase. She places the letters on the table. Jessica lied to her about giving letters to Bonnie, and Sarah has caught her in a lie.

Kim is trying to make things nice for Alison moving in, even though she isn’t really wanted there. Kim knows that Alison and Chris made a baby once, but Kim plans to have the girl stay in Andy’s room. Bob knows that Chris and Alison are only going to sneak around at night to sleep together. They can’t change their minds now about Alison moving in, as she is on her way over there. Susan has to be unhappy about this as well. Bob wonders why Susan hasn’t called them yet.

Alison and Chris are at Alison’s house packing her things. Alison finally tells Chris that Susan has no idea that they are moving in together now. Chris knows that Susan is going to be angry over this. Susan arrives home and sees the suitcases in her living room. She demands to know what is going on. Alison tells her mother that she is moving in with Chris. Susan tells Alison that she isn’t going anywhere.

Jennifer is modeling a gown for Barbara who does the alterations on it. They wish that there was a way to get Will out of the hospital, but there is no way for that to happen. They can only work on a healthy family. Jen has other concerns. She brings up Rosanna. Barbara has no idea what Jennifer is talking about. Jennifer tells that Rosanna will be fine, and that Oakdale will survive. Barbara knows that Craig has probably caused this. Jennifer is worried because Paul and Rosanna are friends. He might need her or she him. Barbara knows that the last thing that Paul needs is a needy woman. Jennifer is sure that her mother means that Paul can have a needy woman in tow, if that needy woman is herself.

Paul shows up to talk to Carly about her new venture due to the blank check that Rosanna has left her. Paul knows that Carly has been made a glorious offer. He feels that this is a terrible mistake. Good for Rosanna to do, but bad for Carly to accept.

Craig knocks on a strange door.

A woman answers holding Cabot. “Can I help you?” Craig looks down at the small boy that he has grown to know telling the woman that she can in fact help him. Craig tells the woman that he has heard that a certain baby has been returned to the mother. He pretends to be from Social Services. She lets the man in. Cabot has had the woman up all night, and so her house is a mess. The woman tells how Annabelle stole the baby and gave him to some monsters. She has to wonder how people could take a baby and give them away like that? The woman isn’t married. He was there at first, but isn’t in the picture anymore. Craig has too many questions, and that catches the woman’s ear. He should know the things that he is asking about. Craig makes a request of the woman in order to get her to leave the room, and leave the baby with him. The woman calls the baby Jaden. That was the name of her uncle. Craig holds the child while the mother leaves. Once the woman is gone, Craig talks to the baby, calling him Cabot. If he thought that he would make it, he would run out the door with the child. He is kissing the baby and whispering to him. The mother returns to the room, angry that Craig is acting too friendly with her baby. She can see that he is not from Social Services. Craig admits that he isn’t from Social Services. Craig has an idea about what is best for the child. The woman feels that she knows what is best for her son. Craig tells her that boy is his son too.

Hal tells Jack that Paul has been acting funny. Paul threatened to turn Will against him. Paul is starting to sound like Barbara.

Jennifer knows that Barbara has hated every woman that Paul has brought home. Barbara only wants him to concentrate on himself. Jennifer doesn’t believe that. She knows that if Barbara pushes him, Paul will bolt. Barbara knows that Paul sees that being with Rose would have never worked. Barbara is sure that she has a bond that can never be broken with Paul.

Carly defends her expertise as a designer. Paul knows that she is good, but there are other aspects that she will have to learn about. She knows that she can learn all those things. Paul feels that she shouldn’t have to worry about that. Paul tells her that BRO is restructuring and could use someone like her. Carly will not go there again. Barbara is always a factor, and Carly will not work with Barbara again. Paul tells her that Barbara is not involved with BRO anymore. That is all that Paul will tell Carly. What he needs to know from Carly now, is if she is interested in the deal or not.

Sarah tells how she found out about the letters. She says that Jessica is a lawyer and shouldn’t be opening other people’s mail. Sarah will not listen to anymore and is ready to leave. Jessica says that she did give the letters. Bonnie couldn’t keep the letters, as that could lead to them being found. Things could have gotten dangerous. Jessica says that she gave Bonnie the letters, and didn’t open or read them. Sarah closes the door asking why Jessica didn’t tell her this before. Jessica didn’t want to jeopardize Bonnie’s chances at getting along in jail. Jessica wants her daughter out of jail, and Sarah to be happy at the house. Sarah runs to Jessica and hugs the woman.

Susan reminds Alison that a week ago, she didn’t want to speak to Chris or have anything to do with him. There is no rush. Alison tells Susan that the rush is for the condo. Alison says that they bought a condo, but it isn’t ready. Now they have to stay with Chris’s parents. Susan finds that Alison is nuts. Alison says that she has been through a lot with Chris. That is exactly Susan’s point. She knows that Chris can’t afford a condo. Susan learns that Kim and Bob know all about this. Alison says that she is making a commitment, and moving in with Chris’s parents is a way to save money. The idea was Kim’s. Susan is starting to understand now. Chris returns to ask Alison is she is ready to go. She is. Susan would like to talk some more, but Alison is out the door.

Chris and Alison arrive at Kim’s house and they see the lamp that Kim has bought for Alison. It is sitting on a table with a big burgundy bow around it. Once Alison learns that the lamp is for her, she goes rushing to Kim, and hugs her in thanks for the present.

Craig tells the woman that he is there to talk to her about Jaden’s future. She will give him 5 minutes to talk. Craig explains that Annabelle duped him as well. He knows the agony that the woman must have been through. Craig says that he is there to apologize. He would also like to share what he has been going through. He would like to show her pictures of his family. The woman sees the pictures of Rosanna and Lucy. The home Craig looks in seems like a museum to her. This was Jaden’s life. That was at least until the inspector took him. Craig would like to have the baby back for his sake, and hers.

Hal can see that something isn’t right with the new family bonding at BRO. Jennifer is buying into this, but Hal isn’t. He feels that Paul is putting himself in Barbara’s blind spot so that he can bring her down.

Barbara remembers the horrors that she has shared with her son Paul. They have shared pain. Jennifer doesn’t want that, but no matter what Barbara went through with Paul, it is over now. Barbara knows that it will never be over. They are survivors, but they love each other and understand each other. That is why Paul has forgiven Barbara for her actions against Rose. She believes that he has done this because he loves his mother.

Carly really doesn’t want to be part of a family feud. Paul is going to make Carly his new designer when he kicks Barbara out. The deal that Paul is proposing is titillating, but she finds that it is too troublesome. Paul wants Carly on board, and doesn’t want to be competing with her. Carly will think about this. Paul would like Carly to keep this talk a secret. She can’t keep a secret from Jack. Paul tells her that if she tells Jack, he will tell Hal, and that will push his plan out the window. She is to think of this as comparable to Jack keeping his work private from her.

Paul calls his attorney trying to make sure that the papers that he has give him total control of BRO. He has that confirmation. Now, there is something that he has to do.

Craig tells the woman that she can have opportunities if she let Jaden come live with him. She could restart her life again. Jaden would be getting every advantage in life. She has to put the child down for his nap now. Craig can’t even wait another minute to hear what she thinks about this idea. He implores her…”Please…Give me my son back.”

Jessica reminds Sarah that she is to stay away from Bonnie. Jessica points out that she is searched when she visits Bonnie, and she is watched too. It is time for Sarah to leave. Sarah heads upstairs to wash her face again, as she has been crying.

Ben arrives home and Jessica tells him that he is right. Jessica admits that she has been piling one lie on another, and now there is no way out.

Alison has brought a lot of things with her to Kim’s house. Bob has to get going. He reminds Kim to take things one day at a time. Alison doesn’t have to work till the next day, so Bob suggests that they have a ‘Welcome Alison’ dinner. Bob leaves. Kim suggests that Chris take Alison’s things upstairs. No one moves to leave the kitchen, so Kim obliges and is out the door. Chris and Alison can’t believe that they are finally alone and they start kissing. He pulls her up on the kitchen table where they are clearly going to get into it a bit. Suddenly the door opens. Kim reenters the kitchen and raises her arms in horror to cover her face when she sees what is going on in her kitchen.

Jack drops by to see Carly unexpectedly. She tells him that she wasn’t alone just now.

Paul arrives at BRO, and he loves the gown that Jennifer is wearing. He knows that designs like this are going to put them back on top. Paul suggests that they all go out to lunch. He has some papers that he would like her to sign. She would like to do that later. She knows that they should really read the fine print, and she already has her coat on, and is ready to go. She tells Paul to read the paper to her, and she will sign it.

Jessica explains the new lie that she has told. Sarah is on the stairs when she hears Jessica admit that she has been lying about the letters, and in fact has just told a new lie.

Kim quietly exits the kitchen and isn’t caught watching her son and Alison making out on her kitchen table. Chris and Alison stop kissing now and hop off the table. They decide to head upstairs with Alison’s things. The quicker they unpack, the quicker they can just be together.

Jack tells Carly about Hal and how he thinks that Paul is up to something at BRO. Jack heads back to work, after dropping off flowers for his wife. Carly understands the offer that Paul has made to her now. Paul is obviously going to ruin his mother.

Barbara takes the papers from her son, and starts reading them. Paul tells her that she is showing that she doesn’t trust him. She looks into his face and feels that she is reading hurt there. She can just feel that things are going to be great for them again. She gets a pen and signs on the dotted line.

Craig writes out a check for the woman. It is for $50,000. Craig says that is just to tie her over. Craig really wants his son back. He would like to start the process of getting the child back. There is a knock on the door. The woman heads to the door with the check in her hand and she opens the door to the Canadian police. The woman shouts out. “That is the man that is trying to steal my baby!” Craig turns to the door in horror. The woman shows the check that she was given for the deal. The police move to Craig and get their cuffs out.

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