ATWT Update Tuesday 2/17/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Glynis
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Chris reminds Alison that they were going to rent an apartment, and not buy one. Alison would like him to think about the place renovated, with really great furniture in it. The realtor wants to show the couple a place that is furnished. Alison ignores Chris saying that she would love to see the other unit. The realtor leaves. Alison tells Chris that she loves what he is doing. She feels that he was faking all along, and really planned to get the more expensive place.

Ben is happy that Sarah is happy over thinking that she has been corresponding with Bonnie, but he would like Jessica to consider stopping her lies. Sarah arrives home with great news. She has been accepted to the student council at school. Ben and Jessica are happy for her. Sarah will rush off upstairs now to write a letter to Bonnie. Jessica feels that Sarah’s announcement is proof that she is doing the right thing. Ben wants her to wonder what it is going to be like when the troubled teen realizes that she has been lied to.

Aaron wants to make things right now, as he can tell Clarke has hurt Lucy. Lucy tells Aaron that she isn’t his responsibility anymore. She knows that Alison doesn’t need him anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she does. That really hurt Aaron, and he leaves Paul’s apartment. Paul tells Lucy that Aaron is right that Clarke has to be stopped. She should go to the police and make a report. Paul knows that if Clarke isn’t stopped, he will hurt someone else. Lucy really has no one to protect her. Paul has another suggestion.

Paul takes Lucy over to Jack’s house to have a talk with him. Lucy tells Jack that she went on a date the night before, and she thought that he was a nice guy. The guy put a drug in her drink, and then tried to rape her.

Craig has missed his chance to get a hold of Rosanna before she left. Craig demands that Carly tell him where Rosanna is. Carly has no idea. She wouldn’t tell him even if she knew. Carly loves her sister, and she can see now that Rosanna is going to be happier now without Craig.

Craig says that he really tried to save his marriage. Carly knows that people can’t change who they are. She sees Craig as someone that has no regard for the truth. Rosanna has finally seen this. Carly has known this, but she will not have to be around it anymore. Carly walks off. Craig feels that he will just have to find Rosanna on his own.

Bob comes home to announce that Chris has his job back. Kim would like the 3 of them to celebrate, but she finds that now she has to include Alison in their plans now. Bob hopes that Alison and Chris fall out. Kim knows that they have to stay out of Chris’s decisions. Kim has to wonder what is so IRRESISTIBLE about Alison? This is tough on all of them. Bob THOUGHT that Chris would wind up with someone his own age, or at least a doctor, but the isn’t going to happen. This is so hard for Kim, but she can SEE that Chris and Alison are a disaster waiting to happen.

Alison envisions cooking for Chris when they move into the new place. They could have dinner in the terrace, and they can get in the hot tub with candles. She knows that there will be parties there. She knows that Chris is a little nervous, but she knows that they will be starting their new life. She knows that they will be happy. All he can think about is the both of them in the hot tub. He takes a step and falls over some equipment on the floor.

Lucy tells the story of what happened to her. She was drinking ginger ale and had no alcohol. Jack can see that she had been drugged. Jack can’t do a whole lot about this. They would have had to have blood tests earlier to prove this. It is going to be Lucy’s word against Clarke’s. Jack will suggest that Clarke find another way to be popular. Jack is glad that she told him the news. Kids like Clarke have to be stopped. Lucy asks the men NOT to tell anyone about this, especially her father.

Craig goes to the staff at the airport and tries to find out where Rosanna is. He even tries to bribe the staff, but they will not budge. Margo comes running up behind her brother calling to him. She is angry that he has left the hospital. She loves her brother. She is worried about him. Margo wants him to go back to the hospital. Craig will not go with her. He wants Rosanna to be with him. Margo could find out where the plane went, but she won’t do that. Margo tells Craig to go home and look at himself. He has to find a way to change, or Rosanna and Cabot won’t be the only people that he will lose.

Jessica knows that one-day she will tell Sarah the truth, but she can’t do that right now. Ben knows that Sarah will be able to understand that Jessica can’t pretend to be HELPING by sending Bonnie mail.

Sarah comes downstairs and Jessica suggests that they go on a shopping spree to celebrate her getting voted onto the student council. Sarah loves that idea. Ben would like Jessica to listen to his good sense, but Jessica can’t listen to that right now.

Chris tells Alison that he wants excitement in their lives, but if they commit to the apartment, they could be stuck with it for years. She has to wonder if he is talking about the condo, or her.

Paul takes Lucy home, but Craig isn’t there. Paul looks around. What is it like to live in a place like this? Lucy loves it, but now that family is missing, it is going to be quiet. Craig and Rosanna were happy in that house. Paul remembers his family having some of the worse moments of their lives in this very room. Paul isn’t sure that he could live in the house if he had to. Lucy would move out tomorrow, but her father would be all alone. Paul reminds Lucy that Rosanna said that looking after her father is not her job. Craig enters the room and finds Paul in his house. “What are you doing here?”

Paul explains that he was just waiting for him to return, so that Lucy wouldn’t be alone. Craig orders the man out of his house. Lucy says that Paul has been amazing to her. Paul explains that Lucy has been upset about Rosanna. Craig will take care of his daughter. He tells Paul goodbye. Paul walks right out. Lucy follows Paul out of the room. Paul feels that Lucy should do something about her situation. Craig wouldn’t hurt her on purpose, but he is miserable, and will make her miserable too. He asks if Lucy has his number. She does. Lucy returns to her father. Craig isn’t going to argue about a bloodsucker like Paul Ryan. Craig tells her that they will need each other more than usual. She tells him that she just can’t stay there anymore.

Aaron tells Curtis what happened with Lucy, and how she told him to get lost. Curtis knew that this was going to happen. Jessica and Sarah come into Metro with their shopping bags. Curtis learns that Sarah got on the student council at school. Sarah heads to the ladies room. Curtis asks Jessica if everything is cool. Curtis said that Sarah was concerned that someone had been lying to her, but Curtis can see that this person wasn’t Jessica. Jessica thinks back to Ben telling Jessica that she has to tell Sarah the truth about the letters to Bonnie. Sarah returns to the table, and Jessica says that there is something that they have to talk about. Sarah jumps in saying that the letters to Bonnie have meant the world to her.

Alison agrees that they should keep looking for rentals if that is what Chris wants. He is willing to buy a place, but they have to find a down payment first. She says that she has some money stashed. He doesn’t want to use that. He has bonds that have been saved for him since he was born. He also has some money stashed. The realtor returns. She asks what the couple would like to do. Chris tells her that they are going to consider the new place. The realtor is very happy for them. She runs off to get the paperwork. Alison has great ideas for the new place. They have to find a place to live in while the new place is being finished. She can’t believe that they are finally going to have a happy ending.

Carly is home, and Jack is there to greet her. Rosanna is gone. Craig didn’t leave her any choice. Rosanna is brave. She had the next 20 years of her life planned out, and she just left it. Jack is sorry that this happened. When Rosanna gets back, Jack and Carly will help her get her life back. Rosanna may never come back, as she said that she would never live in this place again.

Carly shows Jack the blank check that Rosanna gave her.

The realtor tells Alison what they will have to pay to live in the new place. Chris tells Alison that they will not be able to pay the required fees, and live somewhere else while the new place is finished. Chris calls the realtor to cancel their plans, but Alison shouts out that she has yet another idea.

Lucy explains why she can’t stay at the house anymore. Craig says that they will send everything to charity and make some space. Lucy can hang out there with her friends, and have parties. That doesn’t change anything for Lucy. Craig begs her to give this some time. She can’t wait a few days. She is afraid that she may never leave. Craig wants her to get out there and show the world who she is, but he wants her to stay now. Lucy has already called her grandmother, and she too believes that Lucy should leave now. Craig begs her to stay. She is all that he has. She is all that he has left.

Jack is happy about the check. people dream about this sort of thing. Rosanna insisted that Carly take the check. She loves Carly a lot. Carly would like to have her sister, instead of the check. Rosanna wants Carly to use the money to start her own company, and Carly is going to do it. Jack will support that idea. People were asking Carly about her designs, and now the check. This is perfect timing. Jack loves the idea. They kiss to celebrate. Paul is at the door.

Jack runs to let Paul in. Paul is there to thank Jack for his help with Lucy. Carly walks over to say hi to Paul. She tells that Rosanna has gotten off okay for her trip. Carly tells Paul that Rosanna gave her money to start her own label. Carly is back in the design gig. Isn’t that great? Paul slowly nods his head.

Chris and Alison arrive at Chris’s parents’ house and they announce that they bought a condo. The condo is still under construction and so Chris wonders if they can still live with his parents. Alison runs to Kim SAYING that things are working out just like she wanted it to.

Sarah and Jessica are at home now. Jessica has to head back to the office to get a document that she needs for work. Jessica heads out. The phone rings and Sarah answers the phone for Jessica. Sarah offers to take the message. She will write the message down right away. She hangs up the phone, and then looks in Jessica’s purse for a pen. She finds her letters to Bonnie. “What are they doing here?”

Carly explains that she couldn’t say no to the money from her sister. She wanted to go back to work, and this is the best way to get there. Paul knows that if anyone can do this, Carly can. Paul offers to help her if she needs help. Paul leaves the house and is angry with Rosanna making this offer to Carly. “This could ruin everything.”

Craig wants his daughter and he to stick together. Lucy can’t do it. She wishes that she could. If she stays there now, she will never learn to listen to her own voice. She won’t be Lucy anymore. She hugs her father. “Take care of yourself. I will call you tomorrow.” She grabs a suitcase and goes running out.

Craig can’t believe what has been happening to him. He sits alone in a chair. He remembers something suddenly. He runs to a drawer and retrieves a phone number for a ‘Jane’ person. He used the number to find the mother of Cabot. The woman wasn’t friendly to him. Craig heads to the phone and books a ticket for the next flight to Canada.

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