ATWT Update Monday 2/16/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/16/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Dusty is at the salon looking at a picture of Rose. Lily enters with coffee for the both of them. Dusty likes to talk about the foundation at the salon. Rose really loved it there. Lily is all business. She tells Dusty that she has an appointment later, so they have to get on with it.

Kim is making cake when Alison comes in. Chris arrives and is happy to see Alison first thing. Alison says that she found a nice building for them to live in. Chris looks at the papers she has in her hands, and realizes that the place is far too expensive for them. Alison wonders why he even cares about that. She knows that he is going to be Dr. Money Bags. Kim turns her head at hearing this comment.

Aaron tells Curtis that he could tell that Lucy was in trouble the night before at the party. Curtis thinks that Aaron should stay out of it, as it was clear to him that Lucy definitely didn’t want his help.

Rosanna calls her sister. She says that she has left Craig a note so that he will understand what has happened, and why she isn’t there. Paul comes into the room, hearing Rosanna asking her sister to meet with her. Rosanna is leaving this time, and this time will be forever.

Margo is reading the note that Rosanna left for Craig while he sleeps in bed. Craig suddenly wakes up asking for Rosanna. He learns that she isnít there. Margo tries to stop the man from leaving, but he already has his clothes in his hand, and is ready to start changing.

Margo shows him the note, telling him that he should read this note, so that he will understand about Rosanna. Craig wants to ignore the note and get out of there.  John enters as Craig is trying to leave. He is stopped as his blood pressure is through the roof. Margo drops the note, and Craig sees that the note has Rosanna’s handwriting on it. He takes the note and reads it. Rosanna can’t take him back, nor forgive him for what he has done. She said that she would say goodbye, and that is why she has written the note.

Paul is upset that Rosanna is leaving. Rosanna can’t make her home there after all that has happened. Lucy hears Paul and Rosanna talking. She asks Rosanna about their relationship. Lucy has lost everything. Everything is falling apart. Rosanna knows that Lucy will be able to handle everything. When Rosanna gets settled, she will have Lucy come to her to visit. She wants the girl to know that she isn’t responsible for her father’s happiness. Lucy is crying now. She has to see that she has her family and friends. Even Paul will be there for her. If she gets into any trouble, she is to find Paul. Rosanna wants her to call if she is needed. Wherever she goes, Lucy will be with her. They hug as Paul watches. Rosanna smiles at the girl and heads to the door.

Paul goes into the hall with Rosanna. Paul didn’t expect this to happen. She tells him that this isn’t his fault. Paul would like her to stay. She should stay with him. Paul will do anything to make her stay. She says that he can something for her while she is gone. He can look out for Lucy. That would mean a lot to her. Paul would do that anyway. Rosanna hugs the man. She is really glad that she met him. He is glad that he met her too. She wants him to be good to herself. He will. Rosanna picks up her things and heads out.

Dusty tells how he has been trying to come up with a mission statement. Rose was a dancer, so the foundation could help talented kids. Maybe they could just help kids. They could set up scholarships. Lily shoots everything down. Dusty tells her to go home. She isn’t giving ideas, or supporting Dusty’s, so he tells her to leave. He wants to do this thing, and he would like to do it right.

Lucinda bursts in all smiles and sunshine. She has a delivery for them. It is material on foundations. She can see that things are not going very well for them. Lily says that they have everything under control. Lucinda isn’t sure that is the truth. Lily says that they are a good team, and that they are making all kinds of progress.

Alison has big plans for the move, but Kim is against it. She would like the couple to move into her house. Chris feels that wouldn’t be a good idea at all. Chris is off to the realtor to make an appointment. Once alone with Alison, Kim turns to her saying that it is time that they had a little talk. Kim admits that she heard what Chris and Alison were talking about. Nancy enters the kitchen asking if it is okay for her to get something to eat. Kim says that is fine. Kim tells Alison that it is going to take years for Chris to get near where he can make a lot of money. Her son can barely survive now because of his debts. Some of his debts are because of Alison. She didn’t think of this before. Kim knows that Chris doesn't want to disappoint her, and that is why they shouldn’t really jump into moving in together. Alison thinks that maybe moving in with Kim is the way to go after all. Kim is happy to hear that. The oven door is open, and Alison can smell the beautiful cake that Kim was baking. She slams the door of the oven, feeling that it should be closed. Nancy and Kim jump to their feet. Alison has no idea what she has done. Kim opens the oven door and takes out her bundt cake that has been flattened because of the slammed door.

Aaron tells Curtis that he doesn’t trust Clarke for some reason. Aaron calls Lucy’s house and she isn’t there. He learns that she hasn’t been home all night. She has spent the night at Paul Ryan’s house. Curtis wrinkles his nose at that announcement.

Lucy finds that it isn’t fair that Rosanna has to lose everything because of someone else’s mistake. Lucy used to tell Rosanna everything. Who is going to take care of her father now? Paul says that there is something that she has to tell the girl. Lucy learns that Craig spent the night at Memorial Hospital. Paul has no more details. Craig will be fine, as he only had a panic attack. Craig will be fine. He always lands on his feet.

Margo is putting her life in her hands by trying to stop a very angry Craig. Margo sees that Craig is upset and suffering some type of attack. He can’t talk. She tells him that she is going to go and call a doctor. She runs out. Margo returns with John to take care of Craig. He is gone. He lied.

Lucy explains what happened to her the night before. She just all of a sudden felt dizzy. She hopes to never feel like that again. It took a long time to get out to his car. She doesn’t remember the details. She just has flashes of the man touching her and trying to kiss her. Then Paul was there. Paul is really glad that she is safe. BANGING ON THE DOOR. Craig is there. “Rosanna. Let me in…Rosanna!”

Rosanna and Carly are together saying their good-byes. Rosanna has to go, and Carly knows it. Rosanna is going to miss her so much. Rosanna will have to come back and visit. When Rosanna came to town, she wanted everything that Carly had, but she feels now that she had that, even for a minute. The women hug for the last time. Rosanna will miss Carly most of all. They are both crying now. Rosanna has a present for her sister. She gives her sister an envelope. Carly looks inside and the expression on her face changes. “Oh my God!” Carly can’t believe that gift that her sister has given her. Rosanna tells her that the money is a down payment on her dreams. The check is blank. Carly can write out any amount to start her company. Carly can’t accept this. Rosanna will not accept it back. Carly can’t repay this. Rosanna knows that Carly will be the dazzling success that she deserves to be.

Craig is let into Paul’s home where Lucy is standing there. Craig wants to know what is going on. Lucy tells that Rosanna is gone. She is at the airport. Craig would like them to leave now. Paul tells Craig that he should just leave Lucy for now. Lucy would like to stay at Paul’s for a while. Craig sees that there is nothing that he can do about this right now and he leaves.  Lucy hopes that there may still be a chance that things can work out after all.

Alison tells Kim that she is the best for giving such good advice about the move that she and Chris are about to make. She goes running out. Kim is being tried. She tells Nancy that Alison referred to Chris as Dr. Moneybags.

Dusty and Lily lie about how things are going with the foundation. Dusty says that they have lots of ideas. Lucinda will be waiting for them to come up with something soon. Lily thanks her mother for coming over, and then she ushers her out. Dusty has figured this out. Lucinda and Holden must think that Lily is nuts, and that Lily has to present a sane persona so that she will not be taken to the nuthouse. Dusty reminds Lily that Rose loved life, and no one got in the way of that. Lily is leery of Dusty wanting to set up this foundation. Dusty knows that nothing is good enough for Lily, but that is okay. If this is such a waste of her precious time, then okay. She tells him to lock up after he leaves. She grabs her purse and her coat and leaves, slamming the door.

Kim knows that Alison is just trouble. She has made many mistakes. She is a little girl with a crush on a grown man. Nancy has to wonder if this is about the difference in age, or the fact that the man that Alison likes is her son. Nancy can see that Chris and Alison are serious. How could Kim ask them to move in? Kim knows that if you can’t beat em, you join em. Kim will do her best to get along.

Alison goes to see the realtor, who shows Alison an apartment to die for.  Chris arrives, and is relieved when the realtor says that this isn’t the apartment that she was going to show them. The realtor leaves for a minute. Alison asks Chris if he feels like he is being pushed into anything. Chris denies that he is. Alison is glad to hear that. She asks him to consider the fancy apartment that they are in now.

Aaron comes to Paul’s apartment to see Lucy. He wanted her to call him. He has been leaving her messages. She tells him that he shouldn’t have come there.

Rosanna says that money is her way to say thank you to Carly. Carly used to help with the baby every time. She is a natural mother. She is more though. Rosanna wants Carly to show the world what a great designer she is. Carly is crying now. She has no idea what to say. An attendant comes to Rosanna telling her that the plane is ready for take off now. She hugs her sister one last time.

Alison promises that Chris is going to love the apartment. They will have to buy it, as it isn’t for rent. The renovations are still being done. She likes that the place will be brand new. It will be all theirs forever. Chris sees that she is adorable, and that is all that he sees. The realtor returns ready to take the couple to the apartment that they called for. Alison tells the woman that the apartment that they are in is the one that they want.

Dusty admits that Lily was right when she said that he doesn’t know how to set up a foundation, but he is going to do it. He has friends that know about taking care of things like this. Dusty will get a crash course, and maybe Lily will try with him again. She feels that he is trying to prove something. He isn’t. He only wants to do something for Rose that she would be proud of.

Aaron asks Paul how Clarke lost track of Lucy the night before. Paul tells him to ask Lucy himself. Aaron asks Lucy if Clarke did something to her the night before. Lucy doesn’t want to talk about this. She tells him to leave her alone. She wants him to go. Aaron will go and find Clarke then, and beat the truth out of the man. Lucy says that she doesn’t need him to fight her battles anymore. She would like him to leave her alone, as he means nothing to her anymore.

Rosanna and Carly have said goodbye, and she enters the door to the plane. The door is closed.

Craig runs up to Carly screaming, “Where is she?!!!” Carly says nothing. Craig shouts even louder at Carly, “WHERE IS SHE????” Carly simply points to the closed door. Craig goes running to the door, and tries to open it. He can’t. The door is locked. Craig shouts out through the door. “ROSANNA!!!!!”

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