ATWT Update Friday 2/13/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/13/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Katie is at work, and she bumps into Margo. Katie is back at work to keep her mind busy. Margo wanted to talk with Katie. Folding sheets isn’t going to make the pain go away. She was engaged to Mike, and now she has no one there. Katie would just like to get on with her life. Margo asks Katie to go to the party, but Katie will pass. Margo will be there anytime that Katie needs her. Katie gets back to work, and this time she bumps into Mike.

Jack tells Carly that she is the hottest chick in the room. Everyone is whispering about Carly being there. Carly remembers that she was almost close to fame, but it got away. Carly worries about tomorrow and what that will bring.

Hal still doesn’t believe that Paul has forgiven his mother. Hal knows that Paul would have made peace a long time ago, if he really meant to. Paul says that he is trying to build something with his mother. Hal knows Barbara and Paul, and it won’t take long for them to start fighting. Barbara sees that Hal is bullying again. Barbara tells Hal that the party was really for him, so that he could see that the family is trying to get together. Paul threatens to tell Will that Hal isn’t cooperating.

Chris and Alison have decided that they are going to get together and live together. Chris isn’t afraid anymore. Alison is so happy. She and Chris kiss to seal the deal. Chris knows that he has to tell his parents the good news. They are across the room staring.

Clarke has doctored Lucy’s drink, and they toast. Clarke pushes her to drink up. After a while, Clarke pushes Lucy again to go off with him. She says that she canít. She is worried about her family.

She almost faints. Clarke catches her. She says that she is feeling lightheaded. Aaron is across the room watching and he sees that something is wrong with Lucy.

Craig is badgering his wife, trying to make her come back to him. She will not do anything of the sort. She opens the door and orders him out. Craig says that he wants to go to counseling and make things right in the marriage. He is very angry.

Suddenly, he pauses and slowly falls to the couch. Rosanna laughs at him. She canít believe that he thinks that faking a heart attack is going to make her go back to him. Craig quietly asks her to call a doctor.

Jack wants to take his wife the hell out of the party. He has read her mind.

Lucy would like to sit down. She falls into a chair. Aaron comes running over to talk to Lucy. Clarke is angry that Aaron is there. Aaron wants to take her to the doctor. Lucy would like to go home. Aaron offers to take her home. Aaron can go and ask Dr. Harris to look at Lucy. Clarke says that if Lucy wants to go home, then he will be the one to take her there.

Kim is angry with Chris and how he has been getting back together with Alison. Chris respects his mother’s feelings, but he feels that is about Alison’s family. Kim says that this whole thing is about Chris’s future. Chris was supposed to be saving money to get out of debt. Kim tells Chris that he is putting himself behind the eight ball. He will be starting out in life already in debt.

Susan is angry that Alison wants to move in with Chris. Alison smiles like a china doll. Susan can’t make her angry. Emily sees the smile on Alison’s face and says that if Alison wants to move in with Chris, then they can’t stop her.

Curtis announces to his family where he would like to take his life in the near future.

Ben sees that the boy isn’t being serious about his future, and he runs off to find the boy to have a talk with him.

Hal hates that Paul is threatening him with Will. Barbara stands by and can’t believe her ears when she hears Paul demanding an apology for what Hal has said about his mother. He demands it.

Mike and Katie are talking. Mike has had his hair cut. He was going to Central America, but he has changed his mind. He wants her to know that he wishes the best for her. She deserves that. He wants her to be happy. She knows that he wants that. It looks like they are saying goodbye. They are. Mike starts leaving, but Katie stops him. She would like to say something, but she has no idea what.

Rosanna calls out to Katie. She runs over to Rosanna who is walking in with Craig who is on a stretcher. Craig has been sedated and will be kept overnight for observation. He seems to have had a heart attack. Craig wakes and calls for Rosanna. She gives him her hand. He asks her to stay with him while he is in the hospital. She doesn't want to be there for him, but she offers to stay. Craig is taken out of the hall. Mike sees Rosanna is in pain and he goes to her. It is funny that the last words between she and Craig, was a lie.

Hal says that happy BRO thing is bull. Paul has to know what Hal is saying, as he knows his mother too well. Paul tells his mother that anyone that messes with their family can expect a fight from them. Barbara feels so safe hearing her son talk like that.

Paul gets a call from Rosanna who says that Craig has been taken to the hospital. Rosanna asks Paul to find Lucy and have her call. Rosanna would like to say goodbye to the girl in person. She asks that Lucy be brought to Paul’s place.

Aaron still tries to get control of Lucy, but Clarke will not let him. Clarke leads Lucy out saying that he will get her right home. Paul comes over to Aaron asking about Lucy. She seems like she isn’t well, but she will be fine, as Clarke is with her.

Sarah says that she is doing fine at school. Sarah tells Margo that she is okay, and will stay that way as long as Jessica keeps taking letters to Bonnie. Margo can’t believe her ears. Jessica has been taking letters for Sarah to Bonnie in prison?

Curtis defends his plan to go to the school that he has chosen. That is fine, but Curtis is encouraged to have a back up plan.

Kim says that since Chris and Alison would like to be together, it might make sense for the both of them to move into their house. Bob can’t believe his ears.

Alison comes over to see Chris. Kim asks her if she would like to move into their house to avoid scrimping and saving to live on their own.

Jack and Carly are home now and Carly’s mind wanders to Rosanna. Jack would like to get romantic tonight. She would love to make him hers.

Rosanna tells Mike about her baby being taken from her. Mike is sorry to hear all this. He hands her a handkerchief as she cries. It seems that she cries all the time now. He is sorry about her marriage as well. It is ironic. Rosanna found her strength in Cabot. She knows that she has to put an end to her marriage now. She is glad that Craig is being kept overnight, so that things can be easier for her. Mike holds her as she cries. Katie comes out of Craig’s room, and pauses when she sees Mike holding Rosanna.

Chris tells his mother that the last thing that she needs is Alison and Chris making noise and getting in their way. Kim says that if they change their minds that would be just fine.

Ben and Jessica are dancing and enjoying being together.

Margo interrupts Ben and Jessica and asks to talk to Jessica for a minute.

Margo wants to know why Jessica has been delivering letters to Bonnie for Sarah. Jessica says that she is only telling Sarah that to make her feel better. Margo can’t believe that Jessica finds that lying is the answer.

Barbara tells Jennifer that she should have seen Paul standing up to Hal during the party. Barbara has been waiting for this for a long time.

Clarke has Lucy alone in his car. She can’t move a muscle. Clarke tells her to relax and sit still. She will be fine in a minute. He has taken off his tie, and is now undoing the buttons of his shirt. He turns in Lucy’s direction, and starts kissing her. She isn’t happy with that. She pushes him off her. He tells her that he knows how to deal with girls like her. She is fighting him now, and she demands that he get off her. He will not. She slaps his face, and is hysterical now. He roughly pushes her down, and tries to get on top of her, with his hand moving up her dress. Clarke’s car door opens behind him. A hand comes into the car and pulls Clarke off Lucy by the scruff of his neck. Clarke is dragged out of the car and slammed face first into the passenger window, behind the driver’s seat. Clarke immediately passes out and falls quickly to the floor. Paul climbs into the car and sees that Lucy is spooked, but in pretty good condition. He walks around to the passenger side, and carries her out of the car.

Chris and Alison are at his house kissing. They are wishing each other a happy Valentine's Day. Nancy comes home and finds Chris and Alison together. They tell her the good news. Kim even knows that news. Nancy finds that bizarre. The Stewarts and the Hughes.

Rosanna tells Mike that she will be leaving. She doesn’t need a ride or anything. She leaves. Katie comes to Mike who sees that he is luckier in life than he thought. Craig has done a lot of things, but to lose a baby. Mike can’t believe that he is saying goodbye to Katie. He wishes her well in her life. He walks off. Katie starts crying over Mike leaving. Margo comes rushing as she has heard that Craig is ill. Katie assures her that Craig will be okay. Margo can see that Katie is torn apart at the scenes.

Rosanna is in Craig’s room. He is sleeping, but he calls her name. “Goodbye Craig.” She puts a note on the table by his phone, and then she is gone.

Aaron calls Lucy’s voicemail, leaving a message.

Curtis sees that Aaron is trying to get in touch with Lucy, but her phone is off.

Paul has Lucy at his apartment. She is sleeping, but soon wakes up for a minute. She is in a fog. She has no idea what happened to her. Paul figures that Clarke put something in her drink, so that he could take advantage of her. She feels like an idiot. Paul tells her that what Clarke did was wrong. Paul wants her to report this. Lucy doesn’t want to do this. Her father will be very angry. There is knocking on the door. Rosanna has shown up to talk to Lucy for a minute. She has a car waiting. Paul tells Rosanna that she needs to talk to Lucy for a minute, as some guy attacked her and she will need someone to talk to. Rosanna rushes to Lucy on the couch. Paul can see that they need to talk. He leaves, promising to talk to Rosanna’s driver to make sure that the man can wait a few minutes longer. Once alone, Lucy rushes to her stepmother’s arms telling her that she is so glad that the woman is still there for her. They hug.

Alison feels like she and Chris are doing an experiment. Their families have been feuding for years. Now they have a chance to change the curse. Chris doesn’t care about that. He would rather settle for a kiss.

Rosanna promises Lucy that she will not go anywhere until the next day. She will stay with Lucy for now. Lucy misses her family. Cabot is gone, and there is no telling what will happen to Craig.

Katie has the note that Rosanna left for Craig. She sees that Rosanna is leaving him. Margo grabs the note and reads it for herself. Craig wakes asking for Rosanna. He is told that Rosanna has gone home for the evening. He would like to know if she is coming back. Margo tells him that he isn’t to worry about that, as he has his 2 sisters there for him.

Ben and Jessica clink glasses over Valentine's Day.

Sarah asks Curtis if he ever has times where someone has been lying to him, but telling him that they are telling the truth? Curtis can tell that she is talking about Jessica.

Barbara tells Paul over and over again what a great person he has been for the business and the family.

Jack is sitting with Carly on the couch enjoying wine when the phone rings. Carly answers to Paul. Jack hears Paul’s name, and he offers to go check on the kids. Carly learns that Paul would like to talk to her about a proposition. Carly wonders what that will be about. She will meet him the next day to discuss his proposal. Jack returns to the room asking what the call was about. Carly lies to Jack, saying that the call was only about the party that night. Jack starts kissing his wife on the neck. Carly can’t get her mind off that phone call.

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