ATWT Update Thursday 2/12/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/12/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Lily plays with her kids in her living room, and they are really enjoying her company for a change. Holden comes in laughing at seeing his family together at last. Lily has a surprise for Holden, but he will have to wait to see it. Holden only cares about having his family back together again. That is all the surprise that he needs. They hug. Over Holden’s shoulder, Lily stops smiling.

Bob announces that the DA in Chicago has dropped their charges against Chris and now Chris really is free and clear from conviction. ***Chris gives the credit to Alison remembering that he wouldn’t hurt her. Alison stood up for him and that is what happens. Kim hears something in her son’s voice. This has been a confusing time, and Kim thinks that Chris should make some space between he and Alison. Chris will not do that. He will be with Alison right away.

Susan tells Alison that she needs more help with her responsibilities.

Barbara is setting up the party at Metro. Jennifer knows that the company and the family working together wouldn’t ever have happened without Paul. Lucy comes to Metro asking about her father and where he is. Molly sees that something is up. Lucy tells Molly that something is wrong with the adoption and Rosanna has left. Lucy has no idea what she is going to do without the woman.

Rosanna wakes up alone in bed at Paul's asking for Cabot. “Where is my baby? Where am I?” In the living room Carly talks to Paul about Rosanna and how she can’t get any sleep now. Carly tells Paul that he has been a wonderful friend to the woman. There is wailing. Carly runs to her sister, who is in terrible pain. Carly enters the room, hearing Rosanna wailing that her baby is gone. Carly holds her close.

Craig shows up at Paul’s house asking to see his wife. Paul will not let him in. Craig can see this for what it really is. He knows that Paul has wanted this to happen all along. Paul knows that he isn’t the one that caused all this to happen. Rosanna doesn’t want to see him and so Paul slams the door in Craig’s face. Carly comes out of the room and tells how Craig just tried to get in. Carly knows that Paul has his party to go to. Paul will not leave his apartment for a moment. The party will have to go on without him. Carly has to go now, but she will be in touch.  Carly leaves the apartment, and Craig is there to ask her to help with getting him to see his wife. He has to convince her that this was a big mistake. Carly tells him that she has helped him for the last time.

Hal shows up with Emily at Metro to have a valentine’s dinner. Hal sees that something is going on. Jennifer tells him that BRO is having a party that night. Hal and Emily want to get out of there.  Barbara sees Hal and Emily and stops them asking them to stay for the party. Emily isn’t ready to forgive and forget. Barbara says that Paul has forgiven her, so she feels that they should do so also. Hal and Emily find that hard to believe. They decide that they would like to go to a party after all.

Susan wants to mother her daughter a little more. Alison tells her mother that she loves Chris, and he loves her. Alison wants her mother to trust her. If Susan can’t do that, then maybe Alison shouldn’t have moved home again.

Bobbie tells Chris that there is a party and that he should attend. Nancy knows that the party would be good for him. Back and better than ever. Chris starts to come around to the idea.

Chris goes over to see Alison and he brings her flowers. He asks her if she would like to go out to a big bash that night with him for Valentine's Day. Susan comes into the room, behind Chris and hears the tail end of the conversation.

Lily is looking at the Valentine's Day hearts that her children made for her.

Holden knows that things are still not easy for Lily right now, but he and the kids appreciate it. Lily is smiling for her kids and husband. She is working on the foundation for Dusty, but not for herself. She hopes that no one expects too much of her. Holden wants to steal her away for a moment. He knows of a way that he can keep Rose in Lily’s life a little longer.

Barbara greets all of her guests and the media with a short announcement and the party starts. Jennifer tells her mother to dazzle the reporters and then Jennifer will meet with her later. Jennifer calls her brother leaving a message that he better show up at the party, or she will kill him.

Rosanna tells Paul to go to his party. She is sure that she can manage herself. He is dressed and ready to go, but will stay if she asks him. He has been a really good friend and she appreciates that. She thanks him for everything. He kisses her head and heads to the door to leave. Rosanna is alone now and she looks at Cabot’s tiny red shoe in her hand. She hears knocking at the door. She knows who it must be. “What took you so long?” Rosanna opens the door. “Come on in Craig.”

Holden makes Lily turn around while he sets up her gift. She turns and finds a tiny rosebush on the table. It is a special flower. It has been developed for Lily.

It is named Rose of the Angels…D’Angelo. The flower is late blooming and will be full of life, while the others flowers are fading. Lily really loves Holden a lot. Holden was afraid before that he was losing his wife. She assures him that he could never lose her.

Rosanna demands that Craig say what he has to say, and then get out. Craig says that everything that he has done was because he loved her. He thought that the child was theirs forever. Craig was going to give the boy everything. Rosanna sees that Craig never wanted the boy in the first place. That was the truth. Craig knew that she wanted to have a child and was unhappy. He has only done this because he knew what she wanted. Then Craig found Cabot and things changed.

Craig fell in love with the baby, and the child filled the whole that Craig had in his heart since his real son died. They have been torn apart, but Craig’s intentions were the best. Craig knows that they suffered some damage, but they should fix things and then adopt again. Rosanna says that Cabot can’t be replaced. The whole thing was based on a lie.

Paul shows at the party, and Barbara rushes to him. Barbara is so happy that Paul is there. He will talk to the press later. She leaves him for a minute to mingle. Molly goes over to Paul and tells that she heard about Rosanna and her baby. She knows that Paul and she are responsible for the baby being gone. Now they have to go on with this giant sham of a party. How does Paul do that, Molly wonders?

Hal goes over to Paul. Paul never thought that Hal would show up to this party. Hal had to see Paul forgiving his mother for himself. Jen comes over to her brother and Hal. Jen had her doubts about Paul and Barbara working together, but it seems to be working so far. Paul has been in the business for a long time and is glad to be back in it.

Alison tells Aaron that they are going to have their annulment papers soon. It will be like the marriage never happened. Aaron sounds sad that things will be ending, but he assures Alison that everything is just fine with him. They hug knowing that they are going to be best friends from now on. Lucy walks into the party, seeing Aaron and Alison hugging. She wants to go home now. She should be with her family she feels. Clarke talks her into staying for a while.

Jack gives Carly a fur coat as her present for Valentine's Day. He wants her to have something special for Valentine's Day. She has been giving herself to everyone in her life. He tells her to get changed as they are going to Metro. Carly knew about the party but she never intended on going. She thought that Barbara only invited Carly to shove her nose in the fact that she is getting her company moving again. Jack will not have Carly miss out on the party. The media will be there, and that will be Carly’s chance to shine. Carly likes that idea and heads off to change into one of her designs.

Kim comes over to see Susan and they share information. Kim would like to talk to Susan for a minute. Susan is suspicious of this talk about Chris and Alison, but it seems that they might have something in common for once. Kim and Bob are happy that Chris has decided that he would like to be a doctor, but there isn’t all that much time for anything else. Kim always thought that Chris would get involved with someone a little closer to his age. Alison is a young girl, and should be free to finish her education. She shouldn’t be tied down. Susan can see through this talk. She only hears the negative things about Alison. Susan knows that Chris isn’t the prince that Kim thinks that her son is. Kim has to accept that critique, but should Susan have put a restraining order on her son? Susan did what she had to. Kim gets angry now. Chris was put through a lot of manipulations. Chris even saved Susan’s life once. Susan seems to have forgotten that being the backstabber that she has always been. Susan feels that this is about Susan and Bob. All those years ago. Has Kim even forgiven Bob yet? Kim says that she has forgiven this incident a long time ago. Kim has been trying to forget, but every time that she turns around, Susan is there. Kim sees her family under attack. Kim is sick of the Susan and the women in her family. She is sick of them all. Kim turns to leave. Susan shouts out that Kim should say hi to Bob. Kim shouts back that they can all go to hell.

There is a special announcement now at the party. Paul is ready to speak. He says that the evening is off to a great start. He toasts his mother. Paul continues bringing Jennifer into the mix. “We are back! And we are better than ever.” The media would like to take a few shots of the happy family. The cameras start clicking. Carly and Jack enters the party, and the media immediately turns from Barbara and her family to Carly. They interview her immediately. Barbara will not have this. She goes over to Carly, telling her that she will not ruin the party. She drags the photographers back to her family.

Clarke would like to dance now with Lucy. She moves to him reluctantly. He knows that she is having trouble with her family, and he offers to take her off to get a room. She has told him repeatedly that she doesn’t want to do that. She walks off. Clarke looks down at the vial with the clear liquid in it. He has it hidden in his hand. “Maybe this will make her change her mind.”

Craig reminds Rosanna that she promised to stay with him through the good times and the bad. He tells her that he can change, and that he will. He will spend the rest of his life proving that he can change.

The kids want to spend the night away from home. That is fine with Lily, she says. Once alone, Lily goes over to the new flower. She will try for Rose. She will try. She will do this for her family. She will be the woman that they expect her to be. Rose left and took a part of her sister with her. Lily might not be able to get herself back.

Chris and Alison are alone at the party and he gives her a Valentine's Day gift. She opens the box to find a pendant. It is in the shape of a heart. Now she will not have to doubt how he feels about her anymore. They really do love each other. They kiss. Chris wonders why they are wasting time. He suggests that they move in together.

Aaron comes over to Lucy who is stunned to see that Chris and Alison are back together again. Aaron says that once he signs on the line, he will be free again. Aaron has a question, but before he can ask it, Clarke returns. Clarke pulls Lucy away. He can’t blame Aaron for trying to talk to Lucy. He would do the same. Clarke doctors Lucy’s drink and hands it to her, as if it is the same old drink that she has been drinking all along.

Barbara and Paul pose for more pictures. Barbara is as charming as ever. She thanks her son for this night.  Hal is watching Paul very carefully. He tells the man that he doesn’t waste anytime. One minute he is furious at the woman, and now he is all smiles. Hal saw Barbara kiss Paul earlier, and Paul wouldn’t normally ever allow that. Hal is not buying this at all. Paul will have to try a little harder.

Rosanna says she is starting to hate herself as much as she hates Craig. Craig will go to counseling if that is what Rosanna needs. Rosanna says that she has to leave town. She is leaving everything that reminds her of Craig. She hopes that she will never have to see Craig’s face again.

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