ATWT Update Wednesday 2/11/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Boo
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Rosanna won’t let Paul leave Oakdale with her. She knows that he can go back and no one will know that he helped her. Paul says that he won’t let her go by herself with the baby. He would rather be nowhere else, than with her. She feels guilty that she has dragged him into this. He knows that she feels that she has no options. Paul thinks that the biggest decisions that you make are sometimes made knowing that there are real consequences.

Molly leaves a message for someone on the phone. Dusty is behind Molly when she gets off the phone. He has a check for her. That check will guarantee that Molly stays out of his life and out of the bar.

Lily is upset that her mother is following her around. She would feel better if everyone would stay out of her life.

Emily explains to the police that Chris hasn’t done anything wrong and that he should be freed. Alison has told the police the truth, and now they have to figure out if they should obey the rules of a restraining order, or let Chris go free. Aaron says that Alison shouldn’t let Chris get away with this. Again he says that Chris pushed Alison over the edge of the building, almost killing her.

Craig, Carly and Jack are at the cabin, and Rosanna is nowhere to be found. She promised to be there, but she has left. Jack will set up a ground search. Carly blames this on Craig. Craig only wanted to make Rosanna happy when he took the baby illegally. Carly knows that he has broken her heart, and has taken Rosanna from all of them forever.

Rosanna wouldn’t be running if she could keep her baby. Paul isn’t judging her. He is uprooting his life for her. Paul remembers that he confided in Rosanna once and she stood by him. Now he owes her. He is being a really good friend to Rosanna. He admits to her that he hasn’t been a good friend to her at all. She waits for him to continue.

Susan says that the facts stand. Alison tells Aaron that he is wrong for what he said about Chris pushing her. Alison was scared that Chris would take her baby. Alison knows that Chris wouldn’t hurt her. She is trying to be honest.

Aaron says that if this is because Alison still has a thing for Chris that would be wrong. Alison says that when Chris ran after her, she thought that he was angry but in fact, he was worried for her. He wouldn’t hurt her, or the baby. Emily returns saying that there is a way to work this out so that Chris is freed. They just have to say that Alison asked him to stay. Aaron is upset. Alison says that Aaron only saw part of the picture and got things wrong. Aaron has to take her word for this. Chris has the cuffs removed. He is so glad that she hasn’t given up on him.

Carly knows that Craig knew that this day would come, and that he would be found out to be a liar. Craig decides to go and find his wife. He leaves. Carly has no idea where Craig is going. Carly feels like she is to blame for this too. When Craig put the baby in Rosanna’s arms, Carly saw the lies in his face and she should have known about this. Now innocent people have to pay for this. Carly should have warned Rosanna. There was no way to know though. Jack tells her that this isn’t her fault. Carly wonders if the birthmother would consider sharing custody. Jack knows that isn’t going to happen. Rosanna has obviously gotten help to get out of there, but from whom?

Rosanna thinks that if she had turned Craig out of the house, she wouldn’t be in this predicament. Craig has lied to her many times. Craig kidnapped Barbara, and there was Rosanna to bail him out. Paul is sorry that things have happened this way. Rosanna knew that there was a problem, but she didn’t say anything. Craig wouldn’t answer her questions. Rosanna knows that she pushed, but every time that she looked at the baby’s face, she forgot everything. Paul tells her to think about the future. They have to find new identities. They need to get some cash together. They will go anywhere but Canada. Paul only wants her to think about how much she loves her son. She will be there for the rest of the boy’s life. Rosanna wonders if she really has a right to be this boy’s mother. Doesn’t she? She has all the feelings, and that should make the boy hers. She knows that this isn’t right. It’s just not right. Her trying to think that this is right, is just her lying to herself.

Dusty wants Molly out of the bar. Molly balks at the check. He must have used the money that Rose left him. So much for charity. Dusty only wants her to say goodbye. Molly rips up the check. Dusty laughs. He offered her 3 times what she should be getting for her share. Molly tells him that she has decided that she isn’t going anywhere. Dusty will have to get used to seeing her, as she isn’t going anywhere.

Lucinda admits that she spoke to Holden to figure out something to help Lily. She would do anything to help her daughter through these times. Lily doesn’t feel that she needs help. Lucinda says that they have to stand together. Lily begs her mother to fix this. She feels so alone. Lucinda is there for her daughter. She loves the woman, and she is very upset about the way that Lily is grieving. They should be talking about Rose. Lucinda loves Lily, and Lily’s pain is hers too. Lily says that the pain is her own. No one else can help her. She hasn’t a clue as to how to live her life as if Rose never existed. Lucinda says that Rose’s premature death counts for something. Lily finds her mother sounds like Dusty with all this talk. She tells Lucinda that Dusty says that they should start a foundation for Rose. Lucinda loves the idea. Lucinda tells her to pick up the phone and tell Dusty that she will do this so that they can keep the memory of Rose’s life alive.

Dusty has to wonder what Molly’s problem is. She will not be pushed around. She will not be bought. Dusty answers the phone to Lily who wants him to come over. He tells her that he is busy. Lily says that this is important and about Rose. He says that he will be right over.

Clarke would like to take Lucy out after dinner. She would like to go home now. He tells her that he is crazy about her, and he would like to show her how much. He would like to be alone with her. She says she will go off with him another time. He hopes so. A guy can only take so much. Craig enters Metro and he sees his daughter. He goes rushing to her and grabs her from the table. She asks him what is going on. Craig tells her that something has gone terribly wrong.

Rosanna gave her sister a hard time over Craig. She should have asked Craig more questions. Paul only sees that she loves her baby, and that is all that she needs to know now. She sees that her marriage was a big lie. Cabot is such a gift. Something so tiny really can make your life big. She starts crying now. She doesn’t want to give the boy up. Paul tells Rosanna that she is a remarkable woman, and he knows that she can survive anything. He would like her to remember that no matter what she does, she will not go through this alone. Rosanna tells Paul that they have to go back now. They have to turn the plane around. Rosanna has to give the baby up.

Alison wants Aaron to understand what happened today. Aaron asks about her relationship with Chris. Alison has no idea what she is with Chris now. Alison wants to get her stuff and bring it back home. Aaron will do that for her. She wants to do this herself. She is sorry that he was led to believe that he was going to be a father. Aaron was happy that happened. He felt important for a while. She kisses him. He leaves, saying that he will see her soon. Susan apologizes to Chris for her actions. Chris knows that she only wanted to protect her daughter. He knows that they were all wrong about a lot of things. Chris asks Alison how she is doing. She is crying. She isn’t sure how she is doing. She doesn’t expect that everything will turn around suddenly. Chris wants everything to turn around. He knows that he does love her. This isn’t just words. He loves her more now than he ever has.

Jack calls the station and gives instructions as to what needs to take place to find Rosanna. Carly worries. Where could Rosanna be? Jack had to freeze Rosanna’s accounts. Carly didn’t listen to her sister. She remembers that Rosanna said that she loved her sister. That was Rosanna saying goodbye. Part of Carly hopes that Rosanna never comes home. The phone rings. Jack answers to a fellow officer. Jack turns to Carly telling her that Rosanna is on her way home. Jack and Carly head to the station and wait for her to return. Carly wants to be sure that Rosanna was on the phone.

Carly and Jack turn to the door to find Paul and Rosanna entering the station with the baby.

Craig explains to his daughter that he found someone that could handle things for him, and that was where the trouble was. Craig never realized, she says that the adoption was illegal. Lucy feels that since Cabot is with them now, and has been for a long time, they can find a way to keep the baby. Craig is only concerned that Rosanna and the baby get home now. Lucy can see that Rosanna may never come home now. Craig gets a call. Craig hurries off the phone and rushes out the door, leaving his daughter in the club.

Carly and Jack step towards Rosanna who is holding Cabot. She panics when she sees them all coming at her like that, and she backs up against a wall, clutching at the baby, telling everyone there to stand back, and stay away from her.

Alison has Chris back at the house with her mother and sister. Susan leaves the room. Emily asks Alison to go and make tea in the kitchen. Alison can tell that her sister wants to talk to Chris and she leaves. Emily is happy that Chris has been cleared but things are really confusing, and moving too fast. Chris knows that there is still a lot of talking to do. Emily knows that Alison needs to heal. Chris wants to help Alison heal. Emily can see that Chris would like to be with Alison again. Susan tells Chris not to hurt Alison anymore. He has hurt Alison over and over again. Now he wants to get back together with Alison, but he can’t hurt her again.

Dusty is over to see Lucinda and Lily. Lily says that this is a great idea after all. Making the foundation is better than just buying flowers. Lily knows that Holden will be happy for this happening. Lily will do this for Holden, and Dusty, but getting over the loss of her sister will take a long time. Lily will miss the woman everyday and a foundation will not change that.

The inspector has been very patient, but he needs to take the child now. Paul wants Rosanna to say goodbye to her baby. Jack will let her use the interrogation room. Rosanna and Carly are with the baby alone and they worry over him. Jack comes to Rosanna and tells her that she can use the interrogation room for 5 minutes, then the baby will have to leave. Paul tells Rosanna that he is so sorry that this is happening. Rosanna only leaves and enters the interrogation room. Carly offers to be the one that takes the baby when it is time to take the child out. Rosanna is alone now with her baby and she rocks him to sleep. He has given her so much. He has taught her more about love, than she ever knew existed. She knows that he will not remember this, but she hopes that he remembers how much she loves him. He will take her heart with him everywhere that he goes. He is her heart. The door opens. Carly comes in with a blanket. It is time. It is time. Carly will take the baby out. Rosanna shouts out that she will be the one that will do it. Carly opens the door.  The inspector enters and walks over to Rosanna. Rosanna tells him that the baby needs to be fed in half an hour. When Cabot cries, he is tired or hungry, or needs to be changed. Cabot is the greatest love of her life. She loves him so much. She puts the baby in the inspector’s arms and the baby is carried out.

Rosanna turns her head, but then cries hysterically. Paul is there to comfort her. “Rosanna?” Rosanna looks up to see Craig entering the interrogation room. Paul is holding her and he doesn’t stop for a minute. Rosanna only stares at the man over Paul’s shoulder as she quietly sobs.

Alison returns with the tea, but Chris says that he has to go. Alison knows that her family may have said something to him. Chris says that he has a lot of things to work out.

He will call Alison first thing in the morning. He will see her the next day, and the next, and the next. He kisses Alison, then leaves.

Lucy is upset and Molly gives her some water. Clarke would like to know what happened. Lucy would like to get out of there. Clarke offers to take her home. Lucy wants to be alone. Clarke leaves her. Molly offers to help but Lucy doesn’t want her help. Lucy needs to be with her family. She tries running from the club, but she bumps into Aaron would sees that she is upset. He would like to help but she orders him out of her way. Aaron moves and Lucy goes running off.

Craig asks about Cabot. Carly tells him that Cabot is gone. Craig didn’t see him, as he was taken out the back way. Rosanna would like to leave now. Carly will take her home with her. Carly and Rosanna walk out of the office. Craig calls to Rosanna. She stops walking out and turns slowly to Craig. She walks up to his face and stares him straight in the eye. “I am going to only say this once, so listen carefully. From now on, you are dead to me.” She takes off her wedding ring and slams it on a table between them. She then turns to her sister and Paul and walks out of the station.

Craig looks over to the table and sees his wife’s diamond, wedding band twinkling.

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