ATWT Update Tuesday 2/10/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Glynis
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Susan comes to the apartment to talk to Aaron. She learns that Alison has gone to a support group. Susan wants to talk to Aaron anyway. She has gotten her restraining order due to what Aaron said happened in Chicago. Aaron has been insisting and insisting. Aaron is as sure about what he saw. Chris pushed Alison off the ladder.

Alison has come into a support group and she hears Chris talking about losing his baby. The administrator sees that Chris needs a break and she gives the group a recess. Chris starts leaving, as he shouldn’t be near Alison. She stops him and she knows about the restraining order, but she feels that he should stay anyway.

Paul comes to see Molly, asking if she has heard anything about Craig. Molly hasn’t heard anything. Paul knows that Craig played fast and loose with a human life. He should get what he deserves here. Paul knows that he only did what he had to do.

Jack tells Craig that the inspector knows that Rosanna has broken the law now that she has run off. Craig thinks that they can still find a way to keep the baby. Jack’s phone rings.

Jack tells Craig after his call that the inspector has gotten in touch with the baby’s birth mother, and she wants him back. Craig can’t negotiate now. There is no way that Craig will be able to get the child.

Carly knows that running with the baby is not the way for Rosanna to deal with what has happened. Rosanna wants Carly to help her get out of town. Rosanna will not discuss letting Cabot be taken from her. Not Carly, nor anyone else, is going to stop Rosanna from leaving town.

At the support group meeting, the group suggests that the new visitors share. Emily explains that she is only there for support, and Alison feels that she would just like to listen at first. Alison suddenly decides that she has some things to say and that now would be a good time to say them.

Molly realizes that she knows next to nothing about Paul. She would like to know exactly why Paul is going after Craig this way? Is this about Rose’s murder? Paul flinches at that. She sees now that this is about Rose and not really the baby. Molly feels that Craig should be punished, but Rosanna will be punished too. Paul is sorry that Rosanna is in the middle of this. Molly knows that Rosanna loves Cabot and wouldn’t hurt him. Paul feels that Rosanna could still end up with that baby. Molly knows that if Rosanna loses that baby, she will not be happy for a very long time.

Craig is sure that the mother of the baby will be eager to give up the baby when she sees the parents with him. Jack can’t believe what he is hearing. This is not constructive what Craig has done, it is deluded. Craig confesses that he called Cabot’s mother once. He got the number from Annabelle. He wanted to make sure that the adoption was okay. However, when Craig heard the woman’s voice, he hung up. Jack wants Craig to see that he has brought all this misery on himself. Maybe Jack should be enjoying this, but he doesn’t. Jack knows the pain that the mother must be going through as he has lost his child too. Jack sees that Craig doesn’t deserve any sympathy from him or anyone else.

Carly tells Rosanna that this has gone way too far. If Rosanna leaves with Cabot, Carly will have to stop her. Rosanna sarcastically thanks her for her support. Carly knows that breaking the law isn’t the way to do this. Rosanna thought that she could count on her sister, but Carly is never there when Rosanna needs her. Rosanna reaches for her phone to get help from her assistant. Carly stops her from making the call. She has something to say and then she will leave. Rosanna is making things worse for herself. Carly reminds Rosanna that Cabot has another mother. Cabot doesn’t know his mother, but his mother knows him. That isn’t Rosanna’s fault. Carly knows that the cops are going to be looking for Rosanna all the time. Rosanna has a lot of money, and that buys you lots of options. She will be living like a fugitive. That is fine with her, as she will be with Cabot. Even at the end, Rosanna will still lose her baby. They will find her. Rosanna is crying now. It isn’t fair. Things weren’t supposed to be like this. Rosanna sobs openly now. Rosanna doesn’t want to go back to Oakdale. She needs some time to herself. Carly offers her all the time that she wants. Carly will call Jack and tell him that they are on their way home. Rosanna figures that Carly could go and get Jack and bring him to her and the child. Rosanna says that will be safer. Carly agrees to this plan. She will go and get Jack and bring him back. Carly wishes that there were a way that she could help her sister keep her son. Rosanna tells Carly that she is a lovely sister. Carly says goodbye to her sister and nephew. Carly heads out the door.

Rosanna is alone with the child now. She gets her cell phone and dials.

Paul is at Metro, when he gets a call from Rosanna.

Paul goes straight to where Rosanna is. She thanks him for coming, as he is the only one that she has left.

Lucinda talks with Clarke and Lucy, and it is clear that Clarke is smitten with Lucy. Lucinda learns that the couple are going to the Metro. Clarke walks off to check on the reservations.

Lucinda likes the boy, but thinks that he isn’t right for Lucy. She says that the boy is too self-conscious. She would like someone else for Lucy. She doesn’t mean Aaron, although he is a great guy. Lucy sees that she shouldn’t be with Aaron anymore.

Susan is grateful that Aaron has stood by Alison while she has been lying to them all. Aaron knows that Alison is sorry for all that has happened now. Aaron was not disappointed by the news that he wasn’t going to be a father. Aaron was willing to do what he had to do for a new family, and then it all disappeared. What Aaron thought was important, suddenly wasn’t anymore. Aaron only has his new home now. Susan is sorry this happened. She finds that Aaron has handled this like a man. Susan almost says something she shouldn’t, but she stops herself. Susan will talk to Alison later. Aaron suggests that they both go to see Alison at the support group. Off they go.

Alison tells the group about what she has gone through. Chris listens quietly while Alison talks. “…I couldn’t imagine that he would want me and our baby to die…Even if he did, I realize now that maybe if…if I just hadn’t gotten everything off to such a bad start…Maybe all of this wouldn’t have happen. If I had told the truth, everything could have been different, and our baby could still be here.” Alison sits, as she is finished. The session is over.

Chris goes to Alison telling her that he would like to talk to her. He would like to fix this, and he thinks that they can. Emily is concerned that he is pressuring her. Chris wants Alison to talk to him one more time, and then they never have to talk again.

Jack is on the phone when his wife walks in the door.

Jack gets off the phone and runs to his wife. Carly says that Rosanna is in the woods in a cabin. Rosanna stayed there, saying that she wants Jack to be the one that picks them up. Carly knows that she wants to give up now. Jack tells her that she has done a good job, even though he is the one with all the expertise.

Craig comes into the room and sees Carly. He would like to go and see his wife. Carly won’t let her anywhere near her sister after what he has done.

Rosanna tells Paul that she would like to run out of the country, and she needs some help. She is taking a big chance. She tells Paul that she needs him help. She can’t do this on her own.

Lucy says that Clarke is better for her than Aaron since they have a lot in common. Lucinda is more interested in the boy’s heart and what moves him. Lucy has learned that she doesn’t have to fall in love with everyone that she dates. She would like to have fun right now with her life.

Clarke returns confirming that reservations are in order for the Metro. Lucinda kisses Lucy goodbye.

Craig is angry that Carly is keeping him from his family. What does Craig mean by ‘family’? Craig loves them but the way that he loves them is twisted. Carly tells Craig that it is too late. Rosanna has agreed to give up the baby. That is how angry she is. Craig is surprised at that answer. Rosanna doesn’t want to talk to him now. He can talk to Rosanna later, but he would like to see his son now. Jack tells Craig that he will have to stay home this time. Craig tells Carly and Jack to hurry up. Craig wants a call when they get to wherever they are going.

Craig is alone now. He goes over to the baby’s cradle and can’t stand himself standing there. He gets his jacket and heads out the door.

Chris thinks that it is good that they have run into each other at the support group. They have made mistakes. Chris wanted her to come back to him. He tells her that they were on the roof for a reason. He feels that they have a chance at moving on. She says that he pushed her off the roof. Is she saying that because she remembers that? Chris tells her exactly how things happened. She is reluctant to agree to what he is saying. Chris wouldn’t hurt her this way. He loves her now for forever.

Susan and Aaron arrive at the support group meeting and they see Chris talking to Alison through the window. Aaron would like to burst in, but Susan has a better way to handle this. She is going to call the police.

Clarke and Lucy are at the Metro. He tells her that she is the only girl for him. She is the only person that counts to him.

Molly enters the dining area. She sees the young couple.

Molly goes over to Lucy, asking if they can speak for a minute. She is introduced to Clarke, and then she takes Lucy off for a talk.

While alone, Madison comes over to Clarke and tells him that she is surprised that he is with Princess Lucy. Clarke would like her to just get lost. Madison thinks that she should stick around and tell Lucy everything that she knows about Clarke

Molly asks Lucy is she has seen Craig all day. Lucy hasn’t seen him. Molly tries to sound cavalier, but Lucy senses that something is up. Molly decides to talk to Craig some other time.

Chris asks Alison to think back to the night on the roof.

Alison has visions of him above her leaning towards her.

Chris tells her that he loves her with all of his heart. There is a noise coming in there direction.

Chris turns to find several policemen heading towards him. They grab his arms and keep him from moving in any direction. Alison stands back in horror.

Lucy insists that she needs to know if there is something wrong with her father. Molly only says that she needs to talk to Craig. Lucy is tense. Everything has been stable at home, especially since Cabot came to live with them. Molly sees that the girl is upset and she didn’t mean to make her that way.

Clarke tells Madison that Lucy won’t believe anything that she says. Madison doesn’t like Lucy, but even she shouldn’t have to put up with Clarke’s tricks. Madison knows that she should have turned Clarke in the minute she had the chance.

Lucy returns to the table and greets Madison. She says that she just had dinner with her parents and she hurries off.

Lucy thinks that Madison seemed kind of scared just now.

Alison watches as Chris is cuffed and read his rights.

Emily learns that her mother was the one that called the police.

Chris shouts that he didn’t do anything. He turns to Alison asking her to tell the truth.

Alison has a flashback of Chris asking her to reach for his hand. She remembers him talking to her sweetly. He didn’t push her off the roof. She shouts at the police to leave Chris alone.

Jack and Carly arrive at the cabin and Rosanna and the baby are gone.

Craig enters the cabin too. Carly is angry with him for following them to the cabin. Craig only wants to know where Rosanna has gone with the baby.

Rosanna and Cabot are in Paul’s plane. She thanks him for helping her. He tells her not to thank him. Given the circumstances, this is the least that he can do. It is going to be so strange for her not to see Oakdale again. It is going to be strange for Paul too. She asks him what he is talking about. He says that he is going to feel strange not seeing Oakdale as well. She sees that he plans to leave town with her. Paul tells her that this is the way that it has to be.

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