ATWT Update Monday 2/9/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/9/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Chris is getting drunk at Metro, and Molly notices. She offers to get him coffee, tea or ginger ale. He would like to have Scotch instead. She offers him a friendly warning that he has to deal with what is going on in his life before it deals with him.

Alison arrives at the apartment with her things. Aaron isn’t there. She forgot how small the place really is. She looks around at the baby things that are packed up and she feels sad. Her baby is gone.

Katie is begging Simon to return. But he is gone. She shouts through the fence, but no one answers. Mike and Margo are there behind her and they tell her that everything is going to be okay. Simon told her that he isn’t coming back this time. Katie congratulates Mike on her husband being gone. “Are you happy?”

The inspector tells Craig that Cabot has to be returned to Canada. Craig says that the child is his and that he should be left alone. Jack warns Craig not to let things get out of hand. Craig leaves in a huff.

Jack learns what has to be done to avoid charges for the illegal adoption. Jack wants to help Rosanna. He will do his job and have the baby in custody as soon as possible. Jack has to go and get the baby now.

Craig sees that Jack is going to get the baby now. He would like to go and make sure that Rosanna is okay with all this. Craig would like to try.

Rosanna is begging for her child to be given to her. Carly is holding the child. What if this were Parker instead? Carly loves her sister and that is why she has to listen to her husband. She is stopping the woman from breaking the law. Rosanna demands that the child be given to her right now. Carly hands the child over. Rosanna sobs out loud, as she holds the child close to her.

Rosanna promises to keep the child safe. Carly warns her that the FBI will be called if Rosanna leaves the house. Rosanna can’t lose the child. She isn’t thinking straight. Carly makes her sit down and think. Rosanna will not be able to rent a hotel, or get a car. Rosanna can see that Carly is stalling. Carly admits that Jack is on his way there. Rosanna gets her baby and her things and gets to the door. Rosanna knows that if Carly really loved her, she would help.

Carly decides that she has to help her sister out. They all get into her car and Carly calls out to Rosanna, who is in the back seat with the baby. “Okay, where to?”

Aaron arrives at the apartment and calls out to see if anyone is there. No one answers. He finds her behind the partition holding her baby’s teddy bear. He apologizes for not having those things gone before she moved in. She is crying but fine. He tells her to unpack, and he will get the boxes out of there.

Aaron takes a box out to the hallway, and while out there, he makes a call asking for help. Right now is fine.

Chris denies that he is running from anything. Molly knows that Chris always runs when things get back. Molly knows that Chris has had some bad luck lately. She would like to hear his side of everything. He didn’t push Alison off the fire escape, but how can he convince her that is the truth?

Craig and Jack arrive at the house and Carly, Rosanna and Cabot are gone. Carly’s gone. Jack has to get an APB. Craig asks him to wait a moment. Jack will give him 5 minutes, and then he has to call the station.

Carly tells Rosanna that she should have her lawyer find the birth mother of Cabot, and make a deal with her. Rosanna can’t run forever. Carly is only helping because she loves Rosanna and she loves her nephew. Carly wants her to do the right thing. This will be right for Rosanna and for Cabot too.

Emily comes to see Aaron who is waiting for her outside his door. Emily has called for help with Alison. Emily was harsh with Aaron before, and she is sorry for that. She thanks him for being a good friend. Emily will go in alone, as Aaron has to haul off the baby’s things.

Emily enters the apartment. Alison is in a chair with the teddy bear, holding it like a baby. Emily says that she just popped by for a visit, but Alison knows that Aaron must have called. Alison explained that one minute, she had this baby inside her, reminding her to eat and sleep, and now she is so alone. Even though everyone is around her, she is scared that the feeling that she has will never go away.

Molly feels that Chris should talk to someone. Maybe Tom. No way. Margo won’t do it, as she doesn't like Alison. His parents can’t help either. Molly can see that Chris is hurting. She feels that Chris should confront Alison about this. He can’t as Susan has a restraining order on him. Molly suggests him dealing with his own loss, and then trying to help Alison with hers.

Katie sees that Mike was the only one that got what he wanted in all this. Mike only wanted her to live. That wasn’t his decision, but Margo can see why he acted the way that he did. Katie was put in a terrible situation. She still feels however, that she should have had the right to make her decision. Her husband is gone, and Katie hopes that Mike is happy for that. Mike knows that he would do this again, if he had to.

Jack has to call the station now. Craig says no. Jack knows that the station is going to get suspicious. Craig suggests calling their cell phones. Voice mail comes on and Craig leaves a message. Craig says that he loves his wife.

Jack calls on his phone and hears ringing.

In the car, Rosanna sees that Craig has been calling. She couldn’t ever speak to this man ever again. Rosanna’s phone rings, and the ID shows that Craig is calling again. Rosanna believed that Craig wouldn’t ever hurt his family and she believed it. She was such an idiot. Why did she believe him? Carly knows that she believed because she loved. Rosanna is weak, and now Cabot has to pay. He is so young and he is so healthy. Cabot can survive anything now. Craig should have cared. Carly knows that Craig never thought that this would happen. Carly says that when Craig realized what had happened with the procedure, he went nuts. Rosanna asks her sister what she is talking about. How does Carly know what state Craig was in at the time of the adoption? Rosanna orders that Carly stop the car. She sees that her sister is a liar as well. Carly knows that she really stepped in it this time.

Carly stops the car. She explains that Craig said that he could handle everything, and that things were going to turn out alright. Rosanna says that she should have been told. She could have done something. Maybe call a lawyer. That would have been better than bonding with the baby. Carly wanted to warn Rosanna, but she didn’t want to scare her sister. She loves her and wanted to stop this from happening. Rosanna is crying now. Rosanna sees that she has to go now. Carly will not let her out of the car. Carly’s phone is ringing. It is Jack. Rosanna tells Carly to be her sister.

Carly answers the ringing phone. Jack is frantic. Carly admits that Rosanna and Cabot are with her. Jack tells her to bring the baby and Rosanna to the station immediately. Can she do that? Carly turns and looks at her sister. Carly says that she is having a hard time hearing her husband. She says that she will call him back in a few minutes. She promises.

Rosanna knows that Carly is going to use this time to decide whom she is going to help. She knows that Rosanna should turn herself in, but she can’t force her to do this. It is either going to be Carly’s husband or her sister who wins out in this deal. They know Jack enough to figure that he will not do anything until Carly calls back.

Alison is crying now. She has lost her baby and she just can’t just get another one. Emily can see that Alison has learned to love someone. That baby made her heart bigger. She will have children someday, but this child was the one that taught her to be a mother. Alison feels that she was a terrible mother. She feels so guilty. Emily says that is only normal. A lot of people feel that they have failed when they have a miscarriage. Emily tells that she knows of a support group in 10 minutes that Alison would benefit from. It will be easier mourning with others, than alone. Alison trusts her sister.

Katie feels betrayed by Mike. Margo knows that the girl is mad, but sometimes we are betrayed by the people that love us the most. ‘When Mike told me that…” Margo realizes her mistake. She has shown her hand. Katie picks up on that. Margo could have stopped Simon from getting on the boat, but she didn’t do that. Katie wants to go now to the one place where she and Simon were happy. She feels like she has been left without a husband forever. She walks off. Margo stops Mike from following too closely.

Margo whispers to Mike that they should tail Katie and not be too intrusive. They both turn in the direction in which Katie has gone, and the slowly walk in the path that she has made.

Margo makes a call and gets help to get Katie home. Mike wants to be dragging Katie home, but Margo knows that Katie doesn’t want to see him. Simon was right to say that Katie would hate him for this. Mike could have given her more space, but who could know what could have happen. Mike feels that he is done running after Katie anymore.

Katie is alone, or so she thinks.

She remembers the last time that she made love to her husband. She missed him so much.

Simon told Katie that it was safe to love him again. She gave up everything for her husband and that was the right thing. Why did he make her trust him? Why did he do that? Katie is in the boxcar where she was with Simon.

Henry comes running and calling for Katie. She runs to him. He knows that Simon loved her, but wanted her to listen to reason. Henry feels that Simon has done the right thing. This time is bad, as Katie knows that Simon is out there, and alive. How can she live with that now? Henry knows that this is right because Simon wanted her to be safe. Henry cares about that. Her heart is breaking, but Henry is only glad that she is safe. She knows that love is supposed to endure. Henry believes in fairytales too, but this is real life. They both hate real life, but that is what they got. Simon found that out.

Jack believes that Carly is going to call back. She promised. She said that she had bad reception. Jack knows that if the inspector arrives at the house looking for the baby and the baby isn’t there, they are dead.

Carly has no idea what she is going to do. She loves all involve. This isn’t fair. Carly knows that. Craig should be hung up by his thumbs. Rosanna hates doing this to her sister. Carly is fine though. Rosanna says that Carly should just let them out. Rosanna wants to be freed with the baby. She knows what she has to do now. Carly knows that Rosanna can’t do this in high heels with a baby. Carly offers to call Jack.

Jack gets a call from Carly. She doesn’t want to tell him where she is. Carly wanted him to know that everyone is fine for now. She says that she is going to shut off her phone for now.

Jack tells Craig that Carly hung up, and is turning her phone off.

Rosanna thanks her sister for helping her this way. Carly is a good sister, and will see Rosanna though this.

Jack is frantic. The RCMP is going to be hot on Rosanna’s tail.

The inspector is there with another officer. Craig tells the inspector that the baby is upstairs. The inspector heads to the stairs, when Jack stops the man. He says that something else has come up. The inspector demands to know where Rosanna and the baby are.

Alison stops outside the support group room. She is nervous. Emily tells her that she hasn’t to do anything but listen. That makes Alison feels much better.

Alison and Emily enter the room, and someone is giving testimony as to how it feels to have a child, and have lost a child. They are staring at the back of Chris’s head. He is telling the group that he had no idea what it was like to have a child, until it was too late. He can tell that the group has been ignoring him. He sees they are looking elsewhere. He turns to find Alison and Emily behind him.

Henry would like to take Katie home now. She feels like 192 years old. She is ready to go now. She thought that the boxcar was a place where she and Simon found each other again. It wasn’t. Mike has spoiled everything. Henry tries to make light of all this. When Henry saw Simon, he had a bad feeling inside. Simon has brought nothing but a truckload of misery to Katie’s life. Mike did this because he loves Katie. Katie knows that this isn’t the kind of love that she needs.

The inspector tells Jack that he has 24 hours to call in, saying the baby is found.

Jack gives an officer an order that he has to put out an APB on Rosanna and the baby. Jack also adds Carly’s name to the list to be searched for.

Craig thinks that Jack has done a good thing in helping out. Jack isn’t happy with this at all. Craig and Rosanna may be going to jail.

Rosanna is with the baby, before a roaring fire. Carly has hidden the car way in the woods. Helicopters can’t even see the car. Carly knows that Jack will understand all this. Rosanna will not get used to the situation. At least at the cabin, Rosanna can say goodbye without sirens blaring outside. She can give the child up peacefully. Rosanna can see that Carly doesn’t understand what is going to happen. Rosanna is going to make a plan to take off, and she is going to make Carly help her with the plan.

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