ATWT Update Friday 2/6/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/6/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Dusty and Lily talk and she canít believe a word that he is saying to her. He is frustrated that she wonít believe that he really cared for Rose. He gets angry and throws an item at the wall. That breaks the tension. Lily cries while Dusty holds her. Lily has no idea where her sister is. She needs a way to find her. Dusty says that he knows a way to find her.

Rosanna shows up at the station and hears Annabelle talking about what Craig did. Annabelle said that they should tell their baby goodbye. Craig tells Rosanna that there was a problem with Cabotís adoption. Rosanna knows that he has done something wrong. Craig says that he only trusted Annabelle. Annabelle says that Craig knew everything from the get-go, and he was going to pay any amount of money to get that child. Rosanna wants to hear everything. What has he done?

Margo is with Mike. He has called her, as he has lost Katie when she ran off. They are looking for Katie who has taken off. They are at the place were Simon and Katie were staying.

Katie arrives at the place where Simon should be. There is no one around. Katie calls and calls for her husband. She sees a chain linked fence and she clutches it, wondering if her husband is on the other side. She calls for Simon some more.

Soft footsteps come up to the place where Katie is standing, looking around for her husband. It is Simon. He is on the other side of the fence. He is very calm as he looks at her through the fence.

Sarah meets with Jessica at Metro and she wants to know if Jessica met with Bonnie. Jessica says that she did deliver Sarahís letter and that Bonnie is pleased that Sarah is staying with them.

Ben comes over to visit with Sarah and Jessica. Jessica tells Ben that Bonnie sends her love. Sarah tells Jessica that they can talk girl talk later. Ben asks Sarah to go and get someone to get them some food.

Once Sarah is gone, Ben turns to his wife knowing that she has just lied to that little girl.

Lucinda tells Holden that getting Dusty to talk to Lily was a good idea. They had to do something. Lily is reaching a point where she is getting psychics to help her reach her sister, so they had to do this. Holden is afraid as Dusty really screws things up sometimes. He asked the man to be a friend to Lily, and talk to her. Lucinda finds Holden to be a great man. Holden is waiting for Lily to finally turn to him and tell him that he is the one that can help her, but instead, the best that Holden can do right now is to send his wife to Dusty.

Dusty gives Lily the insurance money that he got from Rose. Lily tells Dusty that if he wants to start a foundation, he should go ahead and do it. She doesnít have to be involved. She sees that this is the distraction that Dusty has come up with to get Lilyís mind occupied. Dusty says that he really needs Lily. She is someone that is a socialite and she could really generate things. She says that she has no time for that. Dusty sees that she has nothing really to do. They are pretending that she doesnít exist anymore. Lily says that building soup kitchens are not going to make her feel better. Dusty has to wonder who her grief is for anyway. Herself? Rose? Dusty would like to go back and have one more moment with her, and to hold her. Rose wasnít like they are now. They have to do what Rose did. Lily knows that Rose wouldnít open a hospital if Lily were dead. She would probably open up a mall.

Mike explains that he set things up for Simon to leave town. Margo wants to go and arrest the man. Katie will chase the man if he leaves town. Mike promises that Simon will not run with Katie. They have to leave this alone.

Katie tells Simon that she has to get into the area with him so that they can go. Simon tells her that she canít come with him. He is only there because he canít leave without saying goodbye. She will not let him go alone. She wants to go. He knows that she will only slow him down. He has to go and he would like to talk to her about other things. She sees that Mike and Simon set this up, and in fact discussed it all. She takes off her coat. She is going to find a way to get over this fence.

Rosanna can see that Craig paid for the baby and she wants to know how much he paid for the baby. He didnít steal the baby, but the documents were hard to come by and he had to do some things. Rosanna wanted something that was legal done, but Craig didnít do that. He only wanted to make her happy, and stop her from being angry with him. She canít believe that he walked in the door with the baby and hadnít done any interviews or investigation. He promised her that he would do this right. She is crying hysterically now. That perfect, beautiful little thing. He was theirs. His smile and perfect little head and fingers are lost to them now, and that is because of Craig.

Rosanna knows that Craig knew full well what he was doing. Craig had doubts about Annabelle but they had the paper and Cabot is there son. Craig isnít sure when he knew that Cabot is truly theirs, and he canít see anyone else being their son. Rosanna knows that the baby is gone from them now. Craig knows that they will be a family. She tells him that he is never to touch her again when he reaches for her.

Holden feels that Dusty may push Lily over the edge. He may be jealous, but he should be. Lucinda knows that Lily only loves him. Holden keeps telling himself that. Holden is ready to leave now. He is going to get his wife and bring her home now.

Lily knows that her children have been suffering. They need her and she knows that. She wants her family back. Maybe Lily has been trying to find herself again. She wants to be a wife and mother, but she canít do it. Dusty wants her to work with him. What does she want? She doesnít want to feel the grief anymore. She wants the time back when she didnít know Rose. She wants that back. She canít deal with Roseís things around her anymore. Maybe she should get rid of her things and maybe that will give Lily peace. Dusty will do that for her then.

He goes into the bedroom and reappears with a handful of Roseís things. He rushes to the door with Lily following. He dumps the clothes outside on the floor. Lily begs him to stop. He knows that if they get rid of Roseís things, then Lily will feel better. Dusty ignites a lighter and stoops to set the clothes on fire. Lily shouts at him not to do this. ďDonít get rid of her things.Ē

Katie starts climbing the fence and Simon bangs on her hands to stop her from getting over the fence. She drops to the floor. She will only be a fugitive with him. She tells him that if he leaves her, she will find him. She did it before and she will do it again.

Ben reminds Jessica that there was to be no contact with Sarah and Bonnie. Jessica is lying to the girl. Now Jessica has to lie about the letter and then she has to lie about the response to the letter. Ben says that Jessica has to tell Sarah the truth. Jessica canít do that. That is fine with Ben, he will be the one to tell Sarah the truth.

Lily is calmer now. Dusty has taken the clothes back in the house. He looks at the bright colors that Rose used to wear. Lily goes back to the idea of the foundation. Dusty needs to do something for Rose. He has to build something. It has to be something that she would love and put her stamp on it. It will remind people of whom she was. They could put her name in lights. Rose would like that. Lily isnít sure that she is going to help him with this.

Holden walks into Roseís house and finds Dusty and Lily standing closely together. Lily asks her husband if he were the one that set this up. Holden admits to doing the deed. Did it help? Lily sarcastically tells Holden that he is her hero. First he catches the psychic, and now she knows that there is someone else that she canít trust. She picks up Roseís things from the table. She has to go. She has to just go.

Rosanna has nothing else to say to Craig. How can he think that they are going to be happy? She has no love left for him. She grabs her coat and leaves the office running out.

Craig starts to follow her, but Jack is there to stop him saying that he has to answer some more questions.

Simon only came back because he missed her so much. She is so strong. She is stronger than ten men are. That is why he chose her. She is the one person that he would like to spend the rest of his life with. She begs him to let her go with him. She is crying now. He would do anything in the world for her. He wonít however, take her from the safety of her family and her world. Simon knows that he messed up. He messed up big time. He would like her to move on with her life and be happy. She tells him that she made love to him, and that she chose him. She made her choice already and she knows that they belong together. Their faces are at the fence and they manage to fit their lips through a hole in the links and kiss for one final time.

Katie begs Simon again to stay with her. She is sure that they can be happy again. Simon knows that some day, she will understand. He turns and walks off, but Katie stops him by shouting at him. She tells him that when she thought that he was dead, she still loved him forever. However, if he leaves her now, like this, she will hate him forever. She swears.

Jessica tells Ben that she visited her baby in prison that day, and she jokes about her lack of wardrobe. She is doing some tutoring, but she is still in jail. Every time that Jessica goes to see her, Bonnie gets more and more distant. Bonnie only gets to hear about things that she needs to hear, and shouldnít have to worry about things that she canít change. Jessica promises that Sarah will never know the truth.

Dusty tells Lily that everything that he said about Rose was true. She finds it funny that Dusty never mentioned that her husband put her up to this. Dusty wonders what is wrong with her. The money isnít an accident. Lily said that she wanted contact with Rose and Dusty feels that the money is the contact. Rose wants them to live with her this way. Lily will figure out on her own how to live with Rose. She leaves the house.

Holden is outside waiting for Lily when she comes out of the house. How could he do that? He seems to be manipulating her feelings so that things can be right for him. What has he been doing? He tells her that he has been doing the same thing that he has been doing half his life. He has been loving her.

Carly promises Cabot that his mother will be right back.

Rosanna bursts into the house asking Carly to give her the baby. Carly can see that something terrible has happened. Rosanna orders Carly to wait with the baby and she will be right back.

Jack calls Carly and learns that Rosanna is there. Carly has the baby and Jack is happy about that. Jack says that he will be right there. The baby was stolen and they have trouble on their hands. Jack warns Carly that he will be right there, but whatever happens, Rosanna is not to leave the house with that child.

Ben decides that he will not tell Sarah the truth, but now he is part of the betrayal.

Sarah and Curtis arrive at the table and see that something is wrong. Jessica brushes off the comment. Sarah suspects that Ben and Jessica was fighting. Curtis knows that they never fight. Jessica brings up food again.

Dusty tells Holden that he could have gotten through to Lily. What does Holden care about anyway? Holden cares about Lily. Holden would like Dusty to try again. Dusty wonít. Holden blew everything by bursting into the house. Holden will do anything that he can to get his wife back. Dusty canít help with this anymore. Holden is on his own now.

Simon can live with Katie hating him. That would keep her alive at least. It is time for Simon to board. Katie will never forget what Simon did to her. He lied to her. Simon admits it. He is a liar and a loser who only loved only one person in his whole life. He turns and walks away.

Katie cries and shouts for Simon to return to her.

Mike comes up behind her and sees the pain in Katieís screams for her husband.

Craig talks to the inspector who is handling the case. Craig says that Annabelle is delusional. The baby needs a home and he can have that with Craig. The man reminds Craig that the baby is a Canadian citizen. Craig will talk to the mother of the child if that will help. Maybe he could pay some money to work this out. At the time, there have been no charges laid, but the baby will have to be returned to Canada.

Rosanna returns ready to leave town. She says that she is going on a business trip and Cabot is going with her. Carly tells her that Jack just called. Rosanna can see that the jig is up. She demands that the baby be given to her. She cries and begs for the child. Carly will not give up the child. She canít. She has been ordered to hold the child until Jack arrives. Rosanna stands there with her arms held out for her child, begging and crying. She feels as if she will die if she doesnít get that child.

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