ATWT Update Thursday 2/5/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/5/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Paul and Molly get together and decide to work together to get what they want.

Rosanna knows that Cabot can feel that his parents love him. Craig listens to what she is saying knowing that there could be something bad around the corner.

Annabelle is in jail making a full confession. She will tell all about the babies and the phony adoptions. She wants to know who turned her in to the cops in return.

Holden tells Lois that he knows all about how she was scamming Lily. Holden demands that she tell all to Lily. Lois heads to the salon door to leave, but Jack is there and stops her. She will either tell the truth at the salon or at the police station.

At the station, Lois apologizes to Lily for what she did. Jack leads her away. Lily walks off and Holden follows her. Holden doesn’t think that she is a fool. He is on her side and will always be there. Lily wanted the fortuneteller to be right but she wasn’t. Holden tells her that Rose is still there. Lily feels that Holden has taken something from her that day and she has already lost so much.

Mike finds Katie. She tells him that Simon has gone to get passports for them. She says that something went wrong and they have to get out of town. Mike tells her that Simon paid the guy that shot at them. Katie knows all that. She tells Mike that there is more to the story. Katie says that Simon was only afraid for her life. Katie takes Mike to the dead body. Mike is going to get her out of there right away. Mike starts packing up Katie’s things and plans to bring her home with him. Katie feels that she has to wait for Simon. Mike will not hear of it.

Simon hears what is going on at the hideaway between Mike and Katie. He comes in the doorway as Mike and Katie are about to leave. Simon says that the decision to leave will him will have to be Katie’s.

Lily is angry that Holden didn’t come to her about Lois and the crimes that she has committed. Ever since Rose has died, Lily has been in pain and nothing makes it go away. Holden didn’t mean to embarrass her, but he had no ideas as to what to do about this. Lily fells like she did when she was trapped in the well, and now Rose isn’t there to make her feel better.

Molly is glad that Carly has come to visit her at Metro. Molly can see that Carly has something on her mind. Carly has an agenda. Carly would like to talk about Rosanna. Carly doesn’t want to argue with her friend; she would just like to talk. Carly knows that Molly has information about Cabot’s adoption. Carly would like that information to stay secret.

Rosanna and Craig play with their tiny baby by the fire. Rosanna is going to enjoy every minute with her baby. Soon the baby will be all grown up.

Craig fantasizes that Cabot has grown up and is very polite for a young man. Craig will encourage the boy in everything that he does. Cabot would ask about his trust fund and how much money he has in it. He would probably also ask for a check. Rosanna laughs at the fantasy. How could Craig even think of such a thing?

Carly doesnít have all the answers but she knows that there are secrets about Cabotís adoption. Molly says that she isnít in the practice of destroying other peopleís lives. Carly knows that, but she only wanted to talk about it with Molly. Molly assures her that if the cops find out about the adoption, they will not hear it from her. Carly sees that this statement really isnít a promise not to tell.

Carly says that it was nice to see Molly. Things are still cool between them.

Rosanna only wants her baby to grow up to be any type of man that he wants. She will nudge the boy in the right direction. Her fantasy has Cabot as an adventurer that announces that he is off to somewhere exotic. He would thank Rosanna for making him the man that he turned into. Craig finds her fantasy funny. He really feels that they can only plan on being together 25 years from now. She loves that. They kiss.

Paul is on the phone looking for Annabelle. He learns that she is in custody. Paul says that he knows that the woman conducted an illegal adoption for a man in town. He gives Craig’s name to assist in the investigation.

Mike tries to talk reason with Simon but it isn’t working. Simon says that there will be no guns anymore. Mike knows that Simon can’t promise that there will be no more danger. Mike knows that Katie will die young if she stays with Simon. Simon can’t deny that the man is talking sense. He admits that Mike is right. Simon tells Katie that the best thing that she can do is to stay in town and let him go.

Holden tells Lucinda about how he caught the fortuneteller. Lucinda laughs at that. This is a step in the right direction. Lily is distant now and angry. Lucinda needs to find someone that can get through to Lily. They tried Dr. Michaels, but Lucinda feels that they should now try Dusty.

Carly goes to see Craig and tells him that she spoke to Molly. Molly was told that she should keep quiet about the adoption. Carly felt weird. Molly said that if the cops find out, it won’t be from her. Carly has no idea if Molly has spoken to someone. Craig knows that he has to act fast.

Paul is sleeping on his couch when someone comes to the door.

Rosanna is there at the door with the baby. She tells him that someone is trying to take her baby. There is knocking at the door. Rosanna begs Paul to take the baby and run out the back door. She is crying and begging him.

Paul wakes up from his dream. He asks himself, “What have I done?”

Craig goes to Metro after speaking with Carly. He tells her that things were not clear when Carly left her earlier. Craig demands to know whom Molly has been talking to. Molly refuses to give a report. Craig will fix whatever Molly has done if she tells him now.

Jack gets a call from an officer that names Craig as someone that needs to have a visit.

Mike and Simon demand to know what Katie is going to do. She is still Simon’s wife and will stay with him, as they are still married. Mike is finished with this and turns to leave. Katie asks Mike to help them. He has a supply boat that goes to Costa Rica. Mike will not be the one that sends her to her death.

Katie asks Simon to leave so that she can talk to Mike. Simon heads out the door and Katie says that she loves Mike. He knows that she is just buttering him up. She says that she loves him but she has a funny way of showing it. Simon is listening while standing outside. Katie is saying that she is going with Simon as he needs her, and she is all that he has. She knows that Mike loves her and will help her get out of town. Mike goes outside and talks to Simon. Mike tells Simon that he has gotten his way again. Mike will help them get out of town. Simon knows that Mike finds him pathetic. That isn’t true. Mike finds Simon insane. How can he keep Katie alive when everyday may prove to be the last. Simon admits that Mike is right. Mike cares nothing about what he thinks. Katie has decided that she will go with Simon. Simon and Mike decide to come up with a plan to make Katie stay in town. Simon figures something out that will work, but Katie is going to hate him and Mike for carrying that plan out. Simon returns to Katie asking if she is okay. She has just been thinking about her family, and when she is going to see them again. Simon denies that he saw Mike. She tells him that Mike will be helping them escape. Katie knows that Mike cares for her, and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Simon feels the same way for her. Simon has been closing his eyes to the truth, as he wanted to see her so badly. He tells her that he has been selfish and he can’t do it any longer. He has no right to ask her to come back with him. She tells him that she will never, ever leave him.

Holden gets a visit from Dusty. Holden has asked him over to help. Lily is in trouble and Holden has no idea what to do. Dusty is suddenly interested. Lily is still going through hell. She is distant with her family and she hooked up with a psychic. That doesn't even sound like Lily. She is going farther and farther away. Holden knows that Dusty and Lily have a bond, and Holden would like to Dusty to help. Dusty will not put himself between Holden and Lily.

Molly goes to Paul and asks him if he did anything about Cabot recently. Carly and Craig have been to see her and she is concerned about what she told Paul. She can see that she never should have told Paul the truth. Molly will not be a part of Cabot being hurt. Paul tells her that they got exactly what they wanted.

Rosanna and Carly are at the house when the doorbell rings. Rosanna knows that the maid will answer the door. Jack walks in. Carly would like to talk to Jack in private and asks Rosanna to go and get the baby so that they can have a visit with him. Rosanna walks off. Carly learns from Jack that the Canadian Police have called about Cabot and his adoption. Craig’s name has been dropped. Jack is there to talk to Craig. Carly tells Jack that this can’t happen. She says that Craig has cut some corners to get the adoption. Jack is angry that Carly hasn’t told him the truth about this earlier.

Molly is freaking out. Paul is fine. He wants to tell Molly how they are going to go through this. He lied to the police, saying that he was a relative of Annabelle’s. Molly only has to deny everything and nothing will happen to them.

Carly says that Jack should call the Mounties and make up some excuse so that the investigation will be stopped. Jack can’t believe what he is hearing. Whatever Craig is hiding is going to come out. Craig comes home and heads to Cabot’s room, but Jack stops him. Jack would like the man to answer some questions about Cabot. Jack tells Craig that Annabelle has been arrested, and that the police are coming from Canada to talk to Craig. This is about an illegal adoption. Carly tells Craig that he has to tell Rosanna the truth himself. Jack pushes Craig to the door. Rosanna and Cabot return to the living room as Jack and Craig are leaving. She calls out to Jack asking him where he is going. Jack turns and visits with the baby as Craig watches. Jack says that Craig has to leave now with Jack as they have business at the police station. Rosanna can see that something is wrong. Jack tells Rosanna that she has a beautiful kid. Jack and Craig leave. Rosanna can tell that Craig has lied to her. She asks Carly if this is serious. Carly admits that it is.

Holden is still trying to get Dusty to help him with Lily. She needs someone to open up to. Someone that was close to Rose like she was. Holden gets a call. He speaks to Lucinda who says that Lily is at the house. Dusty feels that Lucinda should help. Holden says that Lucinda is too impatient to help.

Mike returns to Simon and Katie and gives them paperwork that they can use as ID. They will be able to get out of the country with those papers, Mike says. Simon tells Mike that he owes him. Mike doesn’t want a payback. He will wait outside while Katie says her good-byes. Simon tells Katie that she is the most glorious person that he has ever known. He leaves the room. Katie wishes that Simon had two lives. Katie has no idea what is going to happen to her now. She starts to say something. Mike tells her to hold off on her goodbye speech for now.

Simon is outside listening to Mike talk to his wife. He knows that he can’t see her again. He says quietly, “Goodbye my love.” He takes his papers and runs off.

Dusty is in the house when Lily comes home. Holden told her that there was someone that she needed to see at the house. She never thought that it would be Dusty. She knows that Dusty must be there to help Holden fix her. She will not cry on Dusty’s shoulder either. Dusty says that he thinks that they have been making mistakes. Rose was about laughter and fun, and they haven’t been honoring her properly. Lily will not stop feeling what she is feeling over Rose’s death. She tells Dusty to get out, and tell Holden never to do anything like this again.

Katie calls for Simon but he is gone. She gets frantic. Mike tells her that he and Simon set this up.

Mike tells how Simon told Mike to get the papers, making sure that only his were good. Simon has no idea where he is going. Katie says that she will use her papers to get out of town. She is very angry with him. Mike tells her that she can’t use those papers, as they are no good. She goes running off, screaming for Simon. Mike follows her.

Craig is asked to write a confession. Craig doesn’t pick up the pen. He only tells Jack that he needed to get his wife a baby and he did that. Annabelle is brought into the station. She starts ranting when she sees Craig. She knows that he was the one that rat on her, and sent her to jail. Rosanna walks into the station and hears Annabelle as she recounts how Craig went to Canada and arranged to get himself a cute little 6-pound bundle of joy. Rosanna’s eyes bulge as she listens to the details of what Craig has done.

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