ATWT Update Wednesday 2/4/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Boo
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Mike is sure now that Simon is a scam artist but Margo can’t do anything about that. Simon pretended that someone was gunning for him to get his wife to leave with him. Margo can’t do anything more than issue a fine for what Simon did. Margo reminds Mike that Katie is Simon’s wife. She promised that she wouldn’t ever leave him.

Simon and Katie are naked rolling around, rebuilding their relationship by making love.

Margo tells Mike once and for all that he has to accept that Katie is gone.

Simon and Katie are finished making love now. She loved it. Simon tried blocking her from his memory but the more that he tried to block her from his memory, the more she was there in his mind. The happiest that he has ever been was when he was with her. They were really happy then.

Katie remembers being with Mike. She told him that she knows what being alive is about as he has helped her to remember.

Simon pulls Katie out of her dreams. He asks her to stay with him, but she can’t forget that he was the one that left her.

Mike feels that he could leave this alone if only Katie knows that truth. He will have to find her and let her know the truth. If she wants to be with Simon after that, he will abide by her wishes.

Simon promises that he will spend the rest of his life making what he has done up to her. He wants her to tell him that she still loves him the way that he did before. She has changed and feels that maybe nothing is the same but the way that she feels about him. She still loves him and nothing will take her from him now. That is just what he needed to hear.

Holden tells Jack about the psychic showing up at Rose’s place. Lily has gone too far. Lois has a hold on Lily. Lily believes now that she has seen Rose. Holden told Lily that she only saw a trick that Lois has set up. Lily still thinks that Rose is out there. Holden will not believe it. Lily should be able to tell that Lois is a charlatan. Lily is seeing ghosts and talking to the dead. Holden has to do something. He has to find a way to get his wife back.

Craig knows that Paul wants him to trust in him. Paul feels that they all behaved a little strangely, but they should let bygones be bygones. Craig isn’t buying what Paul is saying. Rosanna understands Paul perfectly. The investigation has taken too much out of him and he only wants to make things better for all of them. Barbara is happy that she is getting to have her party at Metro. She and Paul are going to go and let Jennifer hear the news as soon as possible. Dusty enters the club and hears the talk about the party for BRO being held at his club and he announces to everyone’s surprise that the party will not be held at his club. Everyone in the club turns to see him as he walks down the stairs. Dusty asks about the freak show. Barbara tells him there is going to be a party at Metro for BRO. Dusty knows that Molly has to be behind this. He tells her that she doesn’t exist there. Molly has her money invested in the place and that gives her a right to make decisions too. She will discuss this with Dusty later. Craig tells Dusty that they should let the party happen. Barbara’s money is just as good as anyone else’s. Dusty doesn’t care. He remembers only Rose and he will not do business with Barbara and her son.

Lily goes to the salon and turns on the lights. She calls for Rose. “Can you hear me?” She wants her sister to show herself. She thinks that she saw Rose the night before. Lily would like a sign. Anything. That is when the door opens and Lois enters. Lily is so glad to see the woman. Lily tells that she saw Rose the night before. Lois wonders if Rose is coming back again. Lois knows that Holden feels that she is a fake and she doesn’t want to cause trouble. Lois has the check and gets it out of her purse. She is sorry that she has wasted Lily’s time. She feels that they should part ways. She holds out the check. Lily knows that Lois is her last hope.

Holden has to admit that Lois seems to have a lot of information on Rose. How does she know all the little details? A secretary brings the file on Lois to Jack and he hands that file over to Holden. Now the man can find out everything that he ever wanted to know about Lois.

Simon tells Katie that the guy that shot the bullets the night before was someone that he paid off. Katie can’t believe that he has lied to her. She knows that he has done this to get her out of town quickly. Simon tells her that the danger is still real. There are people that are going to come looking for him. They would check where she is to find him. He had to come and get her. She can barely look at him. There was a time when he wouldn’t have to beg her to believe him. She knows that, but there was also a time when he wouldn’t lie to her. They hear a car approaching and they huddle down between the crates and hide. Waiting to see who is going to come after them.

Lily wants Lois to keep the money. Lois can’t promise her anything. Lily only wants her to try. Lois promises to do everything that she can to help.

Jack tells Holden that Lois is a part-time actor and drifter. She used to hang out in Atlantic City. The police wants her brought in on fraud charges. Holden wants him to hold off on picking the woman up. He has to get his wife to believe that Lois is a fraud first.

Dusty will not forget what Paul did to Rose. Paul goes to Craig asking if he can still have his party there. Craig says that they can have the party if they want. Dusty reminds Craig that Molly has no vote in what happens there. Paul and Barbara head to the door. Rosanna thanks Paul for his generosity to Craig. She knows that Paul is a very good man. He will see her later. Craig tries to talk to Molly but she bats his hand away from her face. Carly and Rosanna leave so that Craig and Dusty can talk. Dusty demands to know who was the one that decided that having the party at Metro was a good idea. He knows that Molly must have been the one to set this up. Dusty leaves.

Molly is mad at Craig. She finds out that Craig has agreed that she be replaced as a partner. Craig says that he agreed to replace her, in order to make sure that she wouldn’t go to jail. Molly feels ripped off. She has been keeping his black market baby scandal a secret and now she feels that she has been stabbed in the back.

Simon and Katie are hiding when they hear pounding on the door. The man calls out for Simon. Simon recognizes the voice and opens the door. A man enters that Simon knows. He says that the man is the one that is going to provide them with the passports to get out of town. Simon brings the man in. Katie can see that something is wrong with the guy. He suddenly falls forward into Katie’s arms. She involuntarily hugs him in order to hold him up, and that is when she feels the blood. She looks at the man’s back and sees a hole in the man’s back with blood dripping from it. She starts screaming and pushing the man off her. Simon watches the scene and sees that things have gotten out of hand. The man is clearly dying. Simon asks questions of the man. He says that he is sure that no one has followed him. Katie would like to take the man to the hospital but the man knows that he has to stay there and that they have to save themselves. Then he promptly dies. Simon kicks the walls. “Dammit!” The man was killed because he was helping Simon. They have no way out of there now. Simon covers the man with a sheet. He is so sorry that this has happened. Katie keeps asking what they are going to do now. Simon tells her that they are not going to do anything. Katie can’t believe what she is hearing. Simon says that Mike was right. Simon shouldn’t’ have ever made Katie come with him. He orders her to leave and return to her home. She tells him not to say that because she is never going to leave him again.

Rosanna tells Carly that she believes that Craig is not the evil person that they thought. She feels that Craig wouldn’t cause anyone real pain. Especially her. Craig loves his family and she knows that Craig wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their family. Carly only smiles at her.

Molly asks herself what she is protecting by keeping Craig’s dirty secrets. She tells him that she isn’t’ going to help with Annabelle anymore. Paul returns to the club and Craig promptly leaves. Molly tells Paul that he has to sign some papers to book the party. She says that Dusty has nothing to do with this decision. She gets the contract and Paul grabs a pen. Paul notices the hostility that Dusty has been pointing in Molly’s direction. Paul sees that Molly always gets the short end of the stick. Molly sees that Paul has a point. Paul thinks that Molly might want to do something about the way that Dusty has been treating her. Molly understands Paul now. This love and peace thing is just an act. Paul clearly wants payback for things that have happened in the past. Paul only smiles down at her.

Simon searches the man for his keys. He has to go to the man’s place to see if the passports are ready. Katie is not happy with being left with a corpse. She can’t do this. Simon gives her a gun and tells her to use it if she has to. Simon knows that she believes in him, and trusts him. He is going to come back for her. He kisses her face and then leaves. Katie takes a deep breath. Simon drags the body out with him. Katie looks down at the gun in her hand.

Barbara is pouring champagne with her daughter. Jennifer finds that it is a radical time of the day to be having champagne. Jennifer tells her mother that she has her doubts about Paul and his intentions. His returning to the company is huge. Barbara believes that this is more about the family than just Will. Barbara is grateful that her son is willing to be with the family. Barbara knows that with Paul’s help, BRO will be stronger than ever. They will all be together. There are people in the town that don’t believe in Barbara but just knowing that Paul wants to be with her means everything. She will not let her family down at all.

Molly knows that Paul is up to something. Paul denies that he is up to anything. She does not believe him. He tells her that she has a vivid imagination. She can see that Paul wants her help somehow. Paul says that Molly has nothing to gain by saying that he is doing something underhanded. He and Molly are the only two that have had a bomb land in their laps. He lost Rose and she lost Dusty. Molly has no one that cares whether she lives or dies. She hates that Paul is talking this way about her love life. However, why should she be protecting Dusty? He tells her that if they are going to do this, then there can’t be anymore lies.

Craig comes home and finds Rosanna and Carly in the living room. The baby cries and Rosanna heads out to take care of him. Carly knows that Craig must be the luckiest man in the world. Rosanna could have left him but she didn’t. She seems to love her husband more than ever. Craig knows that he is very fortunate. Carly is glad that Craig has everything settled with the adoption agency. Craig pauses a moment. Carly sees that something may be wrong. There can be no chance that Rosanna will ever lose her son. Can Craig guarantee that?

Lois knows that Lily losing her sister must be like losing herself. Lois knows that it takes courage to believe in things about the other side. Lois touches Lily and she takes a deep breath. She can feel Rose. The lights dim for a minute. Lois tells her that Rose was with them. They hear Rose’s voice. “I hope that they haven’t forgotten about me.” Suddenly Rose starts singing, “Jammo Jammo. Jammo Jammo Jom.” Lily is elated. Lois has assisted her in finding her sister. She rushes to Lois and hugs her tightly, feeling that this woman really does have connections to the other side. Lois pushes Lily off roughly. “What kind of trick are you trying to play on me?” Lily has no idea what Lois is asking her. “Lois is very angry. The voice of Rose is still playing in the background. Lily looks up into the woman’s face, not knowing what she means by her question. Lois feels that Lily has been playing a game with her. Lois gets her scarf and coat and tells Lily that she can drop the act. Lois is sure that she has set up the cops to arrest her. Lois says that she hasn’t done anything wrong but tell Lily what she wanted to hear. Lois heads to the door. Holden comes from the back room. He tells Lily that Lois is a fake. He says that she isn’t who she portrays herself to be. He tells Lily that he was the one that played a tape in the back of Rose singing.

Carly has concerns about her nephew and Rosanna staying together. Craig tells her that she can help by telling Molly to keep her mouth shut and that everything will be all right.

Paul is digging for information on Craig. He seems to be hiding something. Henry told Paul about Molly being the one that helped with the baby adoption. Paul would like to know more about that.

Katie is sleeping and she sees a body under a sheet not far from her. She goes over to the sheet and removes it. Simon’s body is under the sheet. That scene wakes her from her sleep where she has been apparently having a terrible dream.

She sits alone where she fell asleep. There is no body or sheet beside her. What a relief. She suddenly hears footsteps in the snow. She gets her gun and heads to the door to see who is coming in.

She gets to the door and holds the gun out in front of her to be ready in case she needs to be. The door slides open and Katie is face to face with Mike. He looks up at her and the muzzle of the gun in his face. She breathes a sigh of relief.

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