ATWT Update Tuesday 2/3/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Chris is at work where the babies are and he smiles as he looks at them. His parents come to see him. He is at work early as he couldn’t sleep. Bob thinks that he should be taking time off. Bob feels that it is too soon for him to be working. Jessica comes up to Chris telling him that he may not be able to work if things don’t go his way.

Alison is packing up some maternity things. She knows that she didnít need them yet, but she got them anyway. Susan wants her to wait on putting those clothes away. Alison knows that her baby is gone forever. Waiting to put things away wonít change anything.

Susan was out earlier at the police station getting a restraining order against Chris, as he was the reason that she lost the baby. Susan promises to take care of everything. Alison needs Susan to understand and not take care of everything for her.

Mike and Margo have lost track of Katie and Simon. Even if they did find Simon and Katie, it would still be too late. They could be anywhere.

Simon and Katie are resting in an area with crates all around them. They are hiding. They have been there awhile. Katie fell asleep. They are waiting for their passports. Katie used to love these adventures with Simon. Things have changed for her now. When she thought that he was dead, she died too. When she got better, her life was different. She appreciated things more. Having dinners with family and being warm when it is cold. She doesn’t need these adventures to feel alive anymore. Simon tells her that she can go back to Oakdale if she wants. He will take her there.

Barbara shows up at work and finds Paul at work. Barbara knows that things are going to go up for BRO. The press party is going to happen soon. Where should they have it? Paul thinks that Metro is the best place. Barbara knows that the owners hate her and she really doesn’t want to go there. Paul feels that is the best place to show everyone that Barbara isn’t afraid and chooses to remain in town. Paul knows that his mother is soon to be back on top and he will be right there with her. She has new designs and he would like to see them. They hug. She leaves to get her portfolio. Paul reminds himself that he is going to keep himself close and his enemies closer. Barbara returns telling Paul that he has her thinking that they can do anything together. He assures her that they will in fact be together.

Craig is at Metro when Carly enters. She can tell that things are not that great with Craig’s marriage. She warns him never to put her in the position of lying to her sister again. If Craig lies to her again, she will bury him. Carly has the man by the tie now. Craig hunches over the counter staring into those frightening eyes. Rosanna enters seeing the two in conflict. Rosanna tells Carly to stop strangling her husband, as that is her job.

Carly runs off to get coffee while Rosanna talks to her husband. He has been sleeping on the couch and she tells him that the bed has been lonely lately. He can return to the bed if he tells Paul that he is sorry for being a big, fat jerk.

Paul finds a design and loves it. Barbara doesn't remember doing that one. Oh yes, it was a design that came from a student. She throws it in the wastebasket.

Margo tells Mike that he shouldn’t be surprised that Katie has left with Simon. Mike only wants her to be his wife. What could Simon have done to make Katie leave so soon?

Mike feels that maybe Simon forced Katie to leave. He might have been the one that removed the ring from Katie’s finger and dragged her out the door, leaving her engagement ring behind. Mike is sure that he understands now. Katie didn’t want to go with the man. She must have been kidnapped.

Simon waits for Katie to tell him if she would like to go back home or not. Katie remembers leaving with Simon. He was really pushing her to leave and not have any contact with Mike. She knows that he was saying the right thing. That was when she took off her ring and put it on the table for Mike to find. She then turned and left the house. Simon wouldn’t even let her have a minute to reminisce.

Katie can see that Simon wants her to just leave everyone without a word. She would like him to stop breaking her heart. Simon moves to hold her but she moves from him, asking him to leave her alone and give her a minute.

Alison is left alone on the couch while Susan goes out. Someone is at the door. She heads to the door, convinced that Aaron is there. She opens the door and finds him with muffins. They will cure everything. Emma made them for Alison.

Aaron is glad that Susan went to the police. Alison canít talk about this now. Everyone is telling her what to think. She knows what he said. She has heard him a thousand times. Sometimes she feels that if she doesnít get out of there, she will go crazy.

Jessica tells Chris that he may be arrested if he goes anywhere near Alison. Chris can talk to Alison in court. Jessica will represent Chris but only if he doesn’t violate his restraining order.

Margo knows that Katie is not logical when it comes to Simon. Margo can see that they are gone and Mike has to see that. Margo is afraid, but knows that Simon didn’t kidnap her. Katie went willingly.

Simon tells Katie that they are going to get some place safe and he will build her another cottage. He vows to make her as happy as she has made him. He knows that she must be hungry. He shows her a chocolate bar. It is milk chocolate with nuts. That was her favorite and still is. It is his favorite too. They take bites. He feels that things might not have changed as much as she thinks. He remembers all those nights in the cottage they would lay awake and tell each other their secrets. They trusted each other. Everything was so easy back then. The cottage was their private world. They laugh when they remember how the cottage looked when they first bought it. She is confused and scared but what is underneath all that? What is in her heart? She remembers when he left, making her think that he hated her. He said that it hurt for him to do that. She thought that he would come back and she would fix everything. She had that dream many times. Then she was told that he died in an explosion. She still hoped that he would come back to her. She is blessed that he is alive. Simon would like to build on that. Simon sees this as a second chance. If she can’t do that, she has to tell him now. He wants her to tell him that she wants to go home if that is what she wants. Where is home? That is a question that only she can answer. She prayed and prayed for a miracle and now she has been lucky enough to get one and she is not going to let that go. They hold hands.

Craig doesn't think that he can go to Paul and apologize to him to get back in his marriage bed. Molly arrives at the club wanting to know what is going on with Rosanna and Craig, but Carly makes her go to the back for coffee. Paul and Barbara arrive at Metro and Rosanna is surprised to see them together. Barbara has an announcement. She calls out for Molly to come out. Molly comes from the back with Carly. Barbara announces that she and her partners would like to ask a favor of Craig and his partners.

Chris will get someone else to look after his case if he can’t see Alison. Jessica wants to help but Chris is going to have to listen to her. Chris is asked to hand over his ID and keys.

The hospital board has decided to suspend Chris until this matter is resolved. Chris hands over his ID and keys to John. Chris sees that he has no recourse. Jessica warns Chris that this could be a long wrap. He better save his indignation for the courtroom.

Alison would like to get away. Aaron offers her his place to crash. He tells her that she can stay over but she can’t rearrange the furniture.

Katie will stay with Simon. She has lost him too many times. He is afraid that this is a dream. She assures him it is not. They hug. They are going to find a nice place to live. They will have their names on the mailbox and a picket fence. Simon tells her that when the time is right, she will be able to call her family. He will make her happy again. She only has to trust him.

Margo tries to make Mike see that Katie made a choice. There is no sign of a struggle and some of Katie’s things are gone. She wouldn’t have had time to pack things if she were dragged off. Mike feels that Margo should be looking for Katie, but Margo knows that she could be publicizing where Simon and Katie are for the hit man to find them. Margo gets a call and answers to an associate. She learns that the person that had been shooting at Simon through the window has been found.

Paul explains that he has a different outlook now on things and has been repairing his relationship with his mother. Craig apologizes for his part in the investigation going wrong. Paul knows that Craig did this intentionally. Paul tells Craig that Rosanna being a good friend is what really got him through all this. Paul is ready to forgive and forget. He extends his hand for Craig to shake and Craig takes it. Carly finds the reconciliation touching. Paul is there for another reason. He would like to ask for something. They would like to have a comeback party at Metro. Rosanna finds that to be a fantastic idea. Craig is not that thrilled about it but agrees anyway. Carly reminds Craig that he should ask Molly what she thinks. She is sure that Molly will not allow the party at the club.

Alison shows up at the hospital and talks to her mother. She loves her mother but she is going to spend the next few days with Aaron. Susan won’t allow it. Alison knows that she has to figure out what happened. Susan feels that she knows what happened. Susan has to run and see a patient but she wants Alison to wait for her and not make any decisions. Alison sees some babies through some glass being attended to. A hand touches her shoulder and she turns to find Chris behind her.

Mike and Margo are at the station and Mike has to be calmed when he sees the shooter. The man says that he didn’t know that he was shooting up a church until he got there. A man saw him shooting tin cans the week before and that was how the deal was started. This man was hired to shoot, but he had to promise to miss. Mike finds that very strange.

Simon has been carrying around Katie’s ring all this time and he begs her to let him put it back on her finger. He puts it on. It is like they are getting married again. Now he would like to kiss the bride. They move closer and closer and finally they are kissing. It feels comfortable again. They get even closer.

Chris knows that he shouldn’t be talking to Alison but he didn’t know that she was going to be there. He likes to look at the babies too. It reminds him of what they almost had. They look at the babies together. They are able to understand each other better now. He knows that she would have made a great mother. He is sorry about the way that he made her feel. Why couldn’t they have spoken like this before? She thought that he would be angry with her for messing up his life. Chris has made mistakes with her and he doesn’t want to make anymore. She warns him that Susan has a restraining order. He cares nothing for that. She is mourning and he will not let her mourn all alone. John finds Alison and Chris together and he tells the man that he can leave now, or be escorted out. Chris once again says that he is sorry for everything. He walks out.

Molly sees that her agreeing to let the club be used for BRO will make Dusty very unhappy. Molly agrees to renting out the club but insists on being the one to tell Dusty the good news. Barbara is very happy to have her family back with her running BRO. Carly excuses herself, as she is feeling sick. Craig has to wonder why Paul is having his party at Metro? Paul just smiles and walks off.

Margo wants a description of the guy that hired the hit man. All that is remembered is that the man in question had a funny way of talking. Like maybe he was Australian. Margo shows the hit man a picture and it is confirmed that Simon was the one that hired the man to shoot and miss.

Katie and Simon are kissing now and getting more and more friendly. They remove their clothes and start making love.

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