ATWT Update Monday 2/2/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/2/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Alison is falling and falling and she hears a child calling out for its mommy. The child is crying.

Alison has been having a dream and she quickly wakes up. She is home now.

Emily comes to see Alison and Susan gladly lets her in. Emily says that she only had a bump on the head, and that she is fine.

Aaron comes into the room. He can’t believe that Chris hasn’t been put behind bars for pushing her. He says that Chris has anger issues. Alison remembers telling Chris that the baby was his when she was pushed. She is sure that he wanted to kill her and the baby.

Chris arrives at his parentsí home telling them that he managed to post bail to get home. Tom is there and tells Chris that charges will be pressed. He will be charged with assault and involuntary manslaughter of the child. Alison might have been confused by the fall, but she seems to think that Chris really tried to kill her.

Chris would like to see Alison but Tom tells him that he canít see Alison ever.

Mike and Simon are almost fighting and they are talking very loudly.

Katie wakes up and comes into the room. Katie has something to say to Mike.

Holden demands to know what is going on. Lucas tells his father that the woman that is with them is a big fake. Holden is angry that the kids are awake and seeing this nonsense. Holden tells Lily that this has to stop right now. He takes his kids and leaves Rose’s house.

Lucas tells his father that the woman is a big fake. She got the nickname that Rose used for him wrong.

Lois is sorry that this happened. She is sure that she lost Rose. Lily thinks that she is being deceived and that she is experiencing a hoax. She knows that Rose would have known the right name to call her nephew. Lily feels that she has finally discovered the truth about this woman.

Emily asks Alison to go over what happened if she can. Aaron would like to tell the story as he thinks that he saw everything. Emily would like to hear from Alison instead. Alison remembers that Chris showed up at her work place and got in her face. He told her that he knew that the baby was his. She went up on the roof where there were some ladders and she climbed down. Chris was right behind her. He kept saying that she was to come inside. Why was she trying to get away from him though?

Alison canít remember him shouting at her. He was telling her to trust him. He put his hand out to her and leaned over. She thinks that she took his hand. She canít remember. The next thing that she remembers is being in the clinic and everyone was telling her that the baby was gone. She gets upset thinking about the baby dying. Emily makes her stay on track. Everything sort of gets muddled when she tries to think straight. Alison told the police that Chris was the one that made her lose her baby. She believes that Chris was the reason that she ran. He wanted to take away her baby and that is why she hurt herself. Aaron gets frustrated, as no one seems to believe him.

Emily tells Aaron privately that he should go home now. Aaron would like to stay, as he is Alison’s husband. Emily knows that the really isn’t her husband. Emily tells him that their lying wasn’t right. Aaron should have put his ego aside and told the truth when he found out. All she is saying is that she is Alison’s family and they need to take care of her now. Aaron can’t argue with that.

Aaron tells Alison that he is leaving and will call her in the morning. He leaves.

Susan wants to take Alison to her bed, but Emily would like to talk to her first. Emily knows that she is having a really hard time with this but she has to understand that she can’t have any doubts about what happened with Chris. She has to be sure.

Tom tells Chris that he can’t have unauthorized contact with Alison. He may have to wait until he is cleared of all this. That may take a year. Chris knows that the can convince Alison that what she thinks didn’t happen. Chris could taint Alison’s testimony if he goes near the girl. Chris tries to explain what really happen, but Tom shows that he could make things worse. Kim offers to make something to eat and they can then sit down and talk about a strategy. Chris could lose his license and never practice again. Chris finds this to be his fault that this happened. He has lost Alison and he lost a baby that he never knew. He is concerned about Alison now and that is what matters. It is about time, he feels. Bob and Tom leave to talk about this alone.

Kim wants her son to understand that everyone is trying to help him. Chris can only think about the night that this all happened. Chris only knew that he was a father for a few hours. Chris still has feelings for Alison and he still cares. Kim wishes that she could help. Chris tells her that her being there makes things easier for him. She loves him so much. Kim wants to feed him, but he is not hungry. He needs to be alone now. Kim leaves him to be with Tom and Bob.

Once alone, Chris gets his jacket and heads out the door.

Mike will not buy this crap from Katie. She seems to be acting out of obligation. Katie hates hurting Mike. He wants her to stay and get married like they planned. Is there anything that he can say that will convince her to stay? She only wants him to believe that she loves him. That will make it easy for her to walk out of his life for good.

Katie is going with Simon and she wants Mike to understand that she loves him. Nothing that she has said was a lie. He knows that she loves him. That should be it then. Mike doesnít understand. Katie canít change this. She has to go with Simon.

Lois is upset that Lily thinks that she has been deceived. Lois hasn’t the ability to make this nice for Lily. Lily remembers that the woman took her money, and Lois is glad to return it if she wants. Lily tells the woman to leave. Lois heads to the door, but can’t walk out.

Holden is there. He stops Lois from leaving. He demands to know what kind of scam Lois is playing on his family.

Katie feels that she can’t turn back to Mike now. Mike reminds her of the bullets through the window. Katie knows that once she is gone, things will sort themselves out. She will never forget him or the both of them together. She turns and gets the gift that she bought for him. The watch. She had it engraved and she gives it to him. “With all my love…Katie” He loved her and watched out for her. In her heart, she knows that he will find someone that will make him as happy as he has made her. He walks by her quickly and walks to the door where Simon is. Simon tells him that they are leaving in the morning. Mike will see Katie later. He gets his coat and looks down at the watch. He then leaves.

Simon looks at Katie and apologizes for the way that things are now. Katie finds that one good thing came out of this. She knows that Mike has stopped now and will not try to get her back.

Mike goes to Margo and tells her that Simon and Katie are leaving town and they must stop her from going.

Simon found some things and he decides that they have to pack and get out of there now.

Lois says that she only went into the salon to get her hair done and that was when she got her first feeling. Holden doesn’t believe what the woman is saying. Lois is ready to leave now. She heads to the door. Holden grabs her arm to make her stay. Lily knows that Holden is making things worse. She orders Holden to take his hands off the woman. Lois freaks out as Holden is holding her. “Oh my God!” She looks up into Holden’s face in horror. “You slept with her!”

Holden thinks that Lois has gotten her information somewhere else. Lily wants to know how Lois knows this. Lois is upset now and she takes the chance to run off.

Lily is angry with Holden for scaring the woman this way. Holden knows that everyone in Oakdale knows that he slept with Rose. Lily knows that the woman is for real now. Holden would like to go back to the house and relieve his mother from watching the kids. He goes to the door. She tells him to wait but then changes her mind and the both of them go out.

Aaron is at the club and he bumps into Lucy there. She is looking for her father but Craig isnít around. Lucy heard that Aaron was leaving with Alison but that didnít happen apparently. He doesnít explain things to her. Aaron tells her that there is something that she has to know. She will find out sooner or later. Alison lost her baby.

Lucy hasnít any idea what to say. She is sorry about that, even if he doesn't believe her. He would have made a great father. Aaron tells her that the baby wasnít his. It was Chrisís, and because of that, things have gotten really messed up.

Emily knows that what Alison is experiencing a tragedy, but she could make things worse by accusing wrongly. Alison feels that Susan and Emily are angry with her. They deny that they are. Alison wishes that she could change things and have her baby, but she can’t. She wants to be left alone. Emily and Susan go to the kitchen to make some soup for Alison. They leave her alone. The doorbell rings and Alison answers.

She finds Chris at the door. She starts closing the door but he stops her. “No Alison. This time you are going to listen to what I have to say.”

Lily returns to Rose’s house pretending to have lost her purse there. She gets on her cell phone and leaves Lois a message telling her that she is sorry for what happens and that they have to try to reach Rose again.

Margo gets the news on Katie and Simon and she is angry. How could Simon do this to Katie again? They almost died the other time that they ran off. Margo has the file now on Barnaby’s case. She is going to resurrect it.

Simon is going to go crazy when he learns what Mike is doing with Margo. They are going to go over to see Simon and Katie.

Simon tells Katie that they have to leave now so that Mike won’t be in danger anymore. Katie would like to talk to Mike again and say goodbye. She will not leave until she gets to do that.

Kim, Bob and Tom find that Chris is gone. They figure that Chris has gone to see Alison. This could blow up in Chris’s face. Kim can see that Chris has feelings for Alison and she wishes that he didn’t.

Alison lets Chris in. he had to see her. She finds that he is lying. She believes that he tried to kill her and the baby. Chris knows that she knows him better than that. She can’t believe that he is innocent. He reminded her that he wanted her to be safe and he means that. Why should she believe him now? He said that she was too young, and that she slept with Aaron. He also was angry that she had a baby and lied about that. Why should she believe him now? He tells her that she should believe him now because he loves her.

Aaron tells Lucy all the details of how Alison lost her baby. Lucy knows that Chris is a calm person and can’t believe that he would do something like that. Aaron says that he saw the whole thing. Lucy has a hard time believing anything anymore. Aaron wanted to tell her the news sooner but Lucy was with Clarke. She remembers him asking her at the diner if she would give him another chance if possible. He couldn’t tell her the truth, as Alison wanted him to keep the secret. That upsets Lucy. She is sorry that Alison lost her baby and that things turned out so badly. Things are over now. Lucy feels that he was more caught up in Alison’s drama than he thinks. She can see that he doesn’t even see how caught up he was.

Emily and Susan reenter the living room and find Chris there. He shouldn’t be there. Alison said that he barged in there and wants her to listen to him. Alison starts getting upset. She doesn't want to see the man. Chris says that he loves her and sooner or later she is going to see that. Emily and Susan show him the door. Alison is crying now.

Lily is in the middle of leaving her message when the phone is picked up and Lois tells her to stop calling her. She is very upset and doesn’t want to talk about Rose anymore. Lily feels that her husband has caused Lois to be upset. Lois is exhausted. She inhales quickly. She is feeling something but Lois doesn’t want to do this right now. She knows that Rose is very close to Lily right now, but Lois can’t do this. She hangs up. Lily has to know what she meant by what she said. Lily hangs up the phone. She goes to the door. Someone is out there. She opens the door and looks out. “Holden? Are you out there?”

Lily looks out into the fog and sees a woman dressed in red walking slowly. She calls out to the woman to stop she goes running to get to her.

Mike and Margo arrive at the house to find Simon and Katie. They are too late. No one is there. Mike can tell that they left in a hurry. He knows that Katie wouldn’t leave so quickly as to not say goodbye. Where are they?

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