ATWT Update Friday 1/30/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/30/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Lily arrives home to see her family starting story hour. Lily says that she was at the store, but Holden knows better. Lily seems very normal. She sends the kids to get preparations for a snack. They run into the kitchen with Emma.

Holden says that getting ice cream was very thoughtful. Lily can see that Holden is not happy. He knows about the woman and that Lily paid the woman money. This is all about Rose.

Barbara, Jennifer and Paul are together again at the table with their picture that they took at the mall. Jennifer suggests that Will also have a picture with his other family. Barbara isn’t all that happy about that. Barbara decides that Hal should be a part of the happy family feeling that they are all experiencing. Paul says no. He will not let Hal be dragged into the middle of this.

Jack and Carly clean up and discuss her career. Carly finds that every time that she tries to jumpstart her career, something tragic happens.

Mike tells Katie that she is crazy to be going with Simon to hide. Katie has sprained her ankle. Mike would like to take her to the hospital but Simon will not let him. They have to cooperate as the cops are coming and sirens can be heard.

Mike and Simon take Katie to the place where Mike has been staying. They put her on the couch and it is clear that Katie can’t walk. Mike has to wonder if this is the life that Simon really wants for Katie, for someone that he truly loves.

Holden tells Lily that he and her mother are worried about her. They all have to grieve as a family. Lily needs something different. She shouldn’t have to grieve with anyone else if she doesn’t want to. Holden asks how the woman channels up Rose? Rose would know that the woman was a fake. Holden knows that healing can take place in the house. The psychic is in the business to ‘know’ things. Lily says that she isn’t harming anyone with all this. Lily was the one that demanded that the woman take the money today.

Emma returns with the baby and gives her to Lily. Emma has to return to the farm and get up early the next day. Emma has prepared everything in the kitchen for them and she leaves.

Holden says that he has to take care of some things and will be back soon. Holden leaves. Lucas would like to do something else now that she is alone with the kids. Lily tells the kids that she wants them to have a real adventure. The kids are ready for bed but she tells them to put on their coats and boots to meet someone who is a friend of hers.

Carly has been thinking of a hot new line and her career came to mind. Jack never expected Carly to be sitting at home and doing laundry. He knows that she wants to be designing. She gets to design some days, but the other days; she tracks down murderers and harasses innocent people like Mitzy. Jack likes her jealous streak. She only wants him to see that she is making a difference. She has to think though that there is something else out there for her. She is afraid that if she tries something new, she will fall on her face. He would like her to live out her dreams. That sounds nice, but Carly isn’t sure that she has what it takes to live out her dreams.

Barbara gets a visit from her assistant. One of Barbara’s associates is cutting their business in half with Barbara. She hasn’t been returning their calls and they don’t want to do business with her. Paul thinks that he has an idea that might help Barbara out of this mess.

Katie knows that they have to get papers before she and Simon can take off. Simon has a contact but he won’t tell Mike who that person is. Mike goes to get something to take care of Katie’s ankle.

Simon wants to go and get the papers so that they can get out of there. He is angry. Katie calls to him to wait. He knows that danger of their staying in one place for too long. He wishes that they could stay in their cottage and that all this was behind them. Simon sees that maybe he should leave Katie alone and go off alone. She wants to go with him now. She has no doubts and is sure that she has to be with him. Simon will go and make the arrangements then. He will not be long. He kisses his wife and heads out the door.

Katie can’t believe the state she is in.

Mike returns and learns that Simon has gone to meet with his contact. Mike will make a fire. Mike tends to her ankle as he talks. He is a simple guy and only wants simple things in life. Some people think that being with someone and living a boring life isnít interesting but he likes that idea.

That is not living on the edge, but that is the way that he is. He thinks that he was wrong thinking that they could be together. She tells him that he isnít wrong about anything. He knows that if she knew how much he loved her, she would tell Simon to get out of their lives right now.

Paul tells Barbara how to handle the business associates. Barbara feels that Paul would be the right person to talk to her associates for her. That would be a good thing to do before telling Hal that things have changed for the good in the family.

Jack has a few ideas for a new design. It is a ‘less is more’ concept. Carly likes that idea. Jack would like to show her the concept, and she is glad to see it. First the blouse she is wearing has to go. The doorbell rings and then the baby starts crying. Carly heads to the baby.

Jack opens the door to Holden. Something is wrong. Holden tells how there is a problem with Lily. She has been doing things and saying things. Something has died in her, and she is not herself.

Holden says that Lily has been seeing a psychic. Lucinda saw the woman who was paid. Lily believes that the woman knows things. It seems that the woman said that she could contact Rose. Holden is almost positive that the woman is a fake. She has come into the scene at Lilyís worse time in her life. If the woman has a record, Holden would like her run out of town.

Lily explains to her children that this woman that is coming to see them at Rose’s house is going to help them contact Rose. Faith would like to talk to her aunt but Lucas doesn’t want to do this.

Lois shows up at Rose’s house and gets introduced to the children. Lily asks her kids if they would like to talk to Aunt Rose now.

Katie tells Mike that she and Simon made a promise to each other. Mike only remembers that Katie made a promise to him too. He sounds angry. He loves her and wants her to understand what he is saying. How could she leave? She will have to live like a stranger. She deserves to have a life that she wants. Simon can’t love her the way that she deserves to be love. She knows differently. Mike knows that Simon will try to love her. Mike had something special with Katie and he is losing that. She doesn’t want to lose him either. They kiss.

Katie doesn’t feel right kissing Mike anymore. She has to go with her husband. She knows that it sounds crazy but she loves them both with all their lives. Simon wasn’t there but he is her husband and her place is with him. Mike finds Simon selfish and wrong. Katie knows that Simon will take care of her. He sure didn’t though back when the bullets were flying. Mike lets up on her for now, but he promises her that he will not give up on her at this point.

Paul tells his mother that if they are going to continue to get along, they are going to have to be honest with each other. Barbara promises to do that. She wants Paul to head to New York and straighten out BRO. Jennifer knows that they will have to talk about Rose before anything else can be straightened out. Paul and Barbara disagree. Barbara thinks that getting together as a family, for Will is the way that they should approach things. Both Jennifer and Paul agree to work with their mother in her company.

Jack will look into this Lois thing for Holden. That makes Holden happy and he heads back home.

Carly learns that Holden is worried sick about Lily. Carly can sympathize over that. Jack really loves his wife and he is glad for what he has in his life.

Lily sees that her children are uncomfortable with the idea of talking to Rose and she says that this wasn’t a good idea. Lois takes a sharp breath. Lily asks if Rose is there. Lois tells Lily that she has to do what she has to do. Lucas says that he wants to go home now. Lily really wants to know first if Rose is there. Lois only tells her that she should do what is right. Lily is torn now. She turns to her kids and their frightened upturned faces, then back to Lois, who is smiling eerily back at Lily.

Katie wants Mike to understand this but she can’t make him. She feels that she is leaving with Simon but not leaving Mike. Mike knew that she wouldn’t have walked from her vows. Simon left her but Katie knows that was just for protection. Mike said that Simon should have stayed gone instead of coming back. Mike fought hard for her in Australia. Mike will fight for Katie and will not back down for him or anyone else.

Jack and Carly know that they should be very grateful for their lives. Every second counts. Carly sees they are wasting their time talking and they turn to each other in front of the fire. He removes her skirt and her blouse. He kisses her neck and then she turns to him to kiss his lips. He lifts her and takes her to the couch where she throws him down beside the daffodils.

Lois goes to the kids and starts talking as if she were Rose…”I miss taking you to gymnastics Faith…I can do a lot of things that I couldn’t do before now though…I miss you guys…Especially you.” Lois looks directly into Lucas’s eyes as she says this. Lucas asks ‘Rose’ to call him what she always calls him. He knows that if she really is his aunt from heaven, she will remember what she used to call him when she was alive. Lois has moved closer to the boy now, and she is bright-eyed and smiling, as she looks down on the child’s face.

Carly feels guilty lying in bed with her husband while people that she loves are miserable. Rose is gone, Emily’s been hurt, Hal is hurting because of Will… They really seem to be the happiest people in Oakdale. Jack tells Carly that if she wants to design again, she should do it professionally. He will help her any way that he can. She really does love him. She shouldn’t worry as everything really is going to work out.

Paul, his mother and sister break out the champagne. Paul knows that they have to announce the changes in the company. Barbara tells her assistant, Blaine that her children are back in the business with her starting now. The party is over now.

Barbara thanks her son for being civil with her. She leaves with Jennifer.

Paul stays behind, saying that he will talk to Blaine to get caught up on the business. Once alone, Paul tells Blaine that she was brilliant. Barbara didn’t pick up on anything. Blaine is a little afraid. She is putting her job, among other things on the line by conspiring with Paul this way. She is to bring Paul up to speed on the company but that is not necessary. He isn’t going to go to New York anyway. He needs to handle things while being in town. He looks again at the picture of he, his sister and his mother.

Lois calls the boy Luciano and that is when Lucas knows that she isn’t really his aunt. Lois says that she has lost contact with Rose. Lucas knows that she is lying and he orders the woman to get out of the house. He calls her a liar. Lucas runs to the door to leave and ends up running into his father’s arms.

Holden catches his son in his arms and asks what is going on here. He sees the stranger in the house. Lois turns to Lily.

Simon returns to Mike’s house and Katie is asleep. Mike and Simon discuss Katie and what should happen with Katie. Simon will not have this man interfering in his relationship with Katie anymore. He grabs the man roughly by the collar telling him that if he interferes anymore in his Katie’s life, he will have a terrible time putting himself back together again.

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