ATWT Update Thursday 1/29/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Taryn
Pictures by Boo

Lily/Lois: Lois meets Lily at the Roller Palace in order to "reconnect" with Rose. Lily shows Lois more of Rose's things, and Lois tells her that she feels uncomfortable with their arrangement. She explains to Lily that she has a family, a job, and other responsibilities to attend to; Lily, in turn, responds to pay her for her time, and proceeds to write Lois a check for a substantial amount of money.


Holden/Lucinda: Meanwhile, a frustrated Holden explains his concerns about Lily to Lucinda. Lucinda decides to intervene, and heads for the Roller Palace to speak with Lily. Upon her arrival, she witnesses Lily giving a check to Lois, and is immediately suspicious. Lily hurriedly ushers Lois out the door, promising that she'll call her soon. As soon as Lois departs, Lucinda queries Lily about consorting with someone she barely knows. Lily refuses to discuss the matter with Lucinda any further, and prepares to leave. She explains that she must hurry to return Rose's things to her house. Lucinda stops Lily from leaving, though, by telling her, "What's the rush? Rose isn't going anywhere."

She then gently proceeds to remind Lily that Rose is gone, and she's not coming back. Lily cries for a bit, and then, after embracing her mother, assures her that she is OK. Lucinda then departs, and returns to see Holden. She explains to Holden that she is now very concerned about Lily's state of mind.

She also shares with him that she took down the name of the alleged psychic' medium - Lois Seraphim, or something like that - and encouraged Holden to investigate the woman.

Dusty/Molly: A life insurance representative arrives at Metro, in search of Dusty. The man explains to Dusty that, as the sole beneficiary of Rose's life insurance policy, that Dusty is now a very wealthy man. Dusty signs the appropriate papers and receives the check. Molly observes all of this, and asks Dusty what he is going to do with the money.

She suggests that Dusty sign the check over to her, so he can buy out Molly's and Craig's shares of Metro, and be the sole proprietor of the establishment. Dusty refuses to use the money for personal gain, saying that he promised Rose's father that he's use the money for charity. Dusty then tries to contact Lily to discuss the money with her, but she does not have time to speak with him.

Barbara/Jen/Paul: During lunch, Jen implores her mother to make amends with Paul, for Will's sake. Barbara explains that she'd love to start again with Paul, but she knows that Paul hates her. Barbara steps away for a moment; Jen takes the opportunity to leave a message for Paul, telling him to meet her at the Lakeview ASAP, because of a matter concerning Will.

Paul arrives and joins Jennifer and Barbara for lunch. Paul surprises both Barbara and Jen by behaving like a model son - he even tells Barbara that he loves her.

Both Jen and Barbara are suspicious of Paul, but they go along with it for Will's benefit.

Despite her suspicions, however, Barbara is nonetheless delighted to have her family back, and suggests that she, Jen, and Paul all have a family "portrait" taken and have it sent to Will.

Katie/Simon/Mike: Katie and Simon talk at the church. Simon pleads with her to come away with him. Katie, torn between two obviously gorgeous men, is not sure what to do. Simon reminds her of the vows she made to him when they were married, and then he kisses her passionately. At that precise moment, Mike walks in and sees them kissing (again! The poor man has such poor timing). Katie tells Mike that Simon is indeed her husband and that she's going to stay with him.

Mike tries to convince Katie not to leave, but at that moment, gunshots ring out in the church. Mike and Katie hit the floor to protect themselves, while Simon flees the room. Later, once the bullets stop flying, Mike asks Katie if she is OK. Simon returns and makes sure that Katie is alright, and she is. Although a bit shaken up, Katie insists that she is going to be with Simon.

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