ATWT Update Wednesday 1/28/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/28/04

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Barbara and Jessica are having lunch together. Barbara tries to talk Jessica into pleading her case to Hal for her. She needs to see Will so badly. Jessica is having none of that. She will not talk to Hal on Barbara's behalf. Jessica advises Barbara to get on board with this new shrink and hope that he can reach Will, or Barbara will be seeing will through a six inch glass on visiting days for the rest of her life. Barbara says she just wants Will to get better and come home. Jessica tells her to prove that by cleaning up the mess she has made of her life.

Hal and Jennifer are discussing Barbara being a part of the family again at the station. Jennifer has real hope for Barbara. She believes Barbara has learned her lesson. Hal is not so easy to convince. He says that Barbara must earn her place back into this family. Not just by loving Will, but by loving all her children and treating them all the same. Including Paul. Jennifer comments that Paul will need to bury the hatchet also. Paul walks up and hears Jennifer say this. He informs both of them that this little 'family reunion' will never happen.

Paul loves Will, and he will do anything for him. Just looking at Barbara makes him sick though. He tells them that Will is sick, but he isn't an idiot. He would see right through them. Hal gives up and goes to get Paul's personal items. Jennifer reminds Paul that he wasn't there this morning for Will when he was taken away to the institution. Paul feels really bad about that. Jennifer tries to convince Paul that Will needs his 'whole' family. Paul still will not consider making up with Barbara. Not after all she has done and gotten away with. Jennifer tells him that for Wills sake, they must all move on. The only way to do that is to forgive. Jennifer leaves Paul to think about that as Hal brings Paul his personal items. Hal offers to have one of the officers take Paul home, but Paul thinks it better for his neighbors if he takes a cab home. Paul tells Hal how badly he feels for not being there for Will this morning. Hal assures him that he will see Will again, he is just happy to see Paul a little more conscious than last night. Paul apologizes for last night. Hal tells him not to let it happen again.

Simon spent the night at the church he and Katie got married in. He is doing a little work around the place to thank the minister. The minister asks if he was too cold over the night. As Simon remembers his and Katie's vows, he tells the minister that he has some pretty good memories to keep him warm. This is where he married the love of his life.

Mike goes to see Katie at her place. They admit to each other that they didn't sleep very well. Mike is very excited and tells Katie that he has good news. He got a call back from the job he applied for in Costa Rica. He is supposed to go down there for a few meetings in a few weeks. He suggests they go down there together a little early. Katie is not happy to hear this. She storms to the front door and tells Mike to get out! He doesn't understand. She is upset because she asked for some space and now he wants her to run away with him. Mike explains that he just wanted her to go away for a vacation, nothing more. She softens up to him then and tells him it would be nice, but she will not leave Simon until she has this all figured out.

Katie admits to Mike that she is split down the middle. Mike is happy to hear that because it means he still has a chance. She assures him that he does by showing him that she is still wearing his ring. She cautions him though that she has not made her decision yet, and if he wants to go to Costa Rica without her she will understand. He tells her that he will take his chances hanging around Oakdale. He happily leaves her alone.

In Alison's hospital room, she tells Susan that she will hurt forever. She is very upset, she just wants her baby back. Susan leaves the room as Aaron comes in to see how Alison is doing. She tells him that she was only trying to do what was right for everyone. She wanted a fresh start with her baby, and then he could go back to Lucy and Chris could go back to practicing medicine without dealing with all this. Aaron tries to comfort her, but she isn't ready for comfort yet. Susan returns to the room with an officer and asks Alison if she feels like answering a few questions. Aaron offers to wait outside. The officer asks Alison to tell her what happened. Alison does her best to try to remember and to tell the officer all that she can remember. The officer keeps asking her if Chris was threatening her. She admits that she was afraid of him because she thought he was going to take the baby away from her. When the officer asks if Chris had anything to do with her fall, Susan tells the officer that she thinks that is enough for now. After the officer leaves Susan asks Alison if she really doesn't remember or if she is trying to protect Chris. Alison is confused, why would she be trying to protect Chris, what did Chris do?

Outside Alison's room Bob arrives wanting to know what is going on. Chris explains to his father that Alison fell and lost a lot of blood but she will be okay now. Bob demands to know why his son is being held there like a criminal. Susan steps out in time to tell him that they are holding Chris because he chased her daughter down and made her miscarry their grandchild. Bob pulls Chris aside and wants the whole story. Chris tells him his side of the whole thing. He only found out yesterday by accident that the baby was his. Bob wants to know why Aaron thinks Chris is responsible for Alison's fall. Chris tells him that it is all a misunderstanding. After the officer questions Alison, she comes back out to question Chris again. Bob and Chris are both getting a little tired of the officer's questions and her attitude. She won't tell them if Alison told her that Chris didn't push her. Aaron repeats that he has told them all they need to know. He saw Chris push her, and it isn't the first time. The officer gets more interested if this has happened before. Chris tries to explain, but Aaron keeps turning things around and confusing the cop. Chris gets very anxious and rushes into Alison's room with all in tow. Chris tells Alison to tell them all that she slipped. Bob sees that things are getting out of hand and tries to tell Chris not to say anything more. Chris wants Alison to tell them the truth. Alison asks if he made her fall, was he why she lost the baby. Aaron says it is just like he told the officers. Alison screams at Chris wanting to know how he could do this to her. Chris tries to explain that he was trying to help her. Everything is getting out of hand. Aaron repeats that he saw Chris push Alison. Bob continues to try to get Chris not to say anymore, not till they can get him a lawyer. Chris asks why he needs a lawyer. The officer informs him that she is placing him under arrest for the attempted murder of Alison Stewart-Snyder.

Curtis wants to know why Sarah is here at Metro instead of being in school where she belongs. After trying to get a few lies past Curtis, she admits that she didn't go because she didn't have her Algebra done. Curtis tells her that she can't ditch school and hang out there. Sarah starts to leave, but Curtis tells her that she can't run away again on an empty stomach. He goes to find them something to eat. Over their meal Sarah tries to explain to Curtis just how evil her algebra teacher is and how much he hates her. Curtis offers to help her finish her homework and give her an excuse for being late to class. Sarah is surprised that Curtis would do that for her. He tells her just this one time.

Sarah's cell phone rings. It is Jessica, she expects Sarah home pronto. Sarah tells Curtis that she is busted. Curtis tells her it is time for them to go home and face the music.

Jennifer sees Jessica and Barbara and asks if she can join them. Jessica gets a call on her cell phone and tells them she has to leave. Jennifer tells Jessica to give her love to Bonnie when she sees her next time. Barbara tells Jennifer that she was meeting with Jessica because she wanted Jessica to talk Hal into lifting the restraining order keeping her away from Will. Jennifer tells her that is exactly what she has been doing. She tells Barbara that she will have to set things right with Paul. Barbara says she would love nothing more, but nothing she will ever be able to say to Paul will make him love her again. Jennifer tells her to try saying 'I'm sorry' and just admit all that she has done. As they discuss if they can pull the family back together Kim and Nancy stop by the table to inquire about Will. Jennifer gets pretty excited explaining to them that she wants the whole family to start doing things together again like they used to.

Nancy nicely but very clearly lets her know that she doesn't think that will happen. Kim tells Jennifer to have Paul call her and they will see what they can do. Kim and Nancy head off to their own table to eat. Jennifer apologizes to Barbara for what Nancy said. Barbara tells Jennifer that she needs to be by herself for a minute and excuses herself from the table. Jennifer quickly calls and leaves a message for Paul to come to the Lakeview dining room as soon as he can. She tells him it is about Will.

Paul goes to see James and demands to know if he had anything to do with Rose's death. James assures him that he doesn't, not everyone is out to get Paul. Paul challenges him to name one person that isn't. James tells him that he isn't, but his friends and associates have Paul running scared. Paul claims that James knows nothing about his life. James knows that he has no family except for a little boy accused of murder, and ex-model sister, and his only friend is Rosanna who's husband is just waiting to squash him. James assures him that he can show Paul how to put his enemies where he wants them and keep them there. Paul is willing to listen to that. James explains that he has power. With power a man can control his world. He tells Paul that Barbara has power, just like Dustin, Craig and even Lily. They all get what they want. He asks Paul if he should teach him how to take charge of his life. James gives Paul something that has "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" inscribed on it in Latin. Paul agrees to take it if James agrees this is their last meeting. James tells Paul it is about time that he stood on his own two feet.

Katie goes to the church to think. She gives the minister like her whole love life story. He tells her to take as much time as she needs. She sits down for a few short minutes before Simon comes in to sit a few seats in front of her. She asks him what he is doing there. Simon tells her that since he can't hold her in his arms, he thinks they should talk. Katie wants to know how he knew she would be there. He explains that he didn't know, he was here because he had no place else to go after she kicked him out of the cottage. He tells her that he came there looking for answers, just like she did. She reminds him that he doesn't know anything about her anymore. He reminds her that this church is where they exchange vows and promises. She replies that he is the one that broke those promises. He made her think he was dead besides stealing all her money. Simon tries to explain to her that he took the money to keep her from coming after him. He still has all the money in a trust fund in her name. Simon thought he was doing what he had to do, but he missed her so much he had to come back. He asks her to tell him that he isn't too late. Katie tells him that she can't tell him that. Simon again professes his love for her and tells her that he knows she needs more time to sort through this but they don't have time. People are still after him. Katie tells him to go ahead and go and she will get word to him once she has made her decision. Simon tells her no way will he leave and give Mike the advantage of being there with her. He will take his chances and stay there till she is ready to go with him.

Curtis and Sarah arrive home and Curtis covers for Sarah. He tells Jessica that he took the wrong back-pack that morning and Sarah had come by Metro to switch because she needed her algebra homework. Jessica accepts the excuse and tells Sarah that she will now give her a ride to school. Sarah thanks Curtis for covering for her and runs off to get something before leaving. Jessica thanks Curtis for helping her with Sarah. He tells her it was a piece of cake.

Mike goes to see Margo and ask that she set up some kind of protection for Katie while Simon is in town. Margo wants to know why he thinks that Simon won't be sticking around. Mike is very confident when he tells her because Katie loves him. Margo explains that she still has feelings for Simon and she doesn't want to see Mike get hurt. Mike is sure that he will not get hurt.

Paul arrives at Lakeview and Jennifer gets him to agree to be civil. Barbara tells Jennifer that she isn't ready for this and apologizes to Paul for wasting his time. Paul announces that he is hungry and suggests that they all have lunch together.

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