ATWT Update Tuesday 1/27/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

At the club, Dusty is dancing with a dark-haired beauty. That woman is Rose. She smiles up into his face. She says that God had no business making him a great dancer. He feels the same about her. They step perfectly together on the dance floor and everywhere else. He kisses her. She tells him that he always did it for her and that she shouldn’t have ever given up on him. He has waited a long time to hear that from her.

Dusty is rudely wakened by Craig who tells the man that it is time for him to help save his marriage to Rosanna.

Rosanna meets with Carly, as there is something that she has to discuss. She tells that Craig has told her of his involvement in Paulís case. Rosanna can see that her sister knew this already. Carly should have told her sister the news, but she didnít want to cause more trouble.

Rosanna wants to get the truth out of Mitzy herself and that is why they are there at Roseís house. Carly tells that Mitzy is gone. She was at The Lakeview for a while but now she is gone. Rosanna wants to find the woman now. Rosanna has found out that Craig has lied to her again and she doesnít want to be married to the man anymore.

Hal comes to see Dr. Michaels. Will is there. Hal tries to be upbeat. Hal has good news about Barbara. The judge has given Barbara probation and no jail time. Will only wants to know when he can see his mother. Hal tells that it will be a couple of weeks before he can see his mother.

Will’s face lights up as he sees his mother waving at him outside the door, through the window. “Mom!”

Paul is at a bar and he sees a woman who is very beautiful. He introduces himself to her. Who is she? She tells him that she can be anyone that he wants her to be. He would like her to be Rose. She agrees to be that woman. He better watch out for her thorns though.

Aaron and Chris head down to Alison is lying still in the snow after her fall. Aaron wants Chris away from her but Chris will not budge. He orders Aaron to go and get help for the girl. Aaron leaves. Chris takes off his coat and covers the poor, unmoving girl. He talks to her not sure that she can hear him. “You’ll be okay”.

Chris and Aaron get Alison into the building and the doctors in the clinic start looking at her. Alison is taken into a room so that she can be looked at privately. Chris tries to get in the room too. He is stopped. They don’t care that he is a doctor. A nurse calls out to the doctor in charge to hurry and get into the room as Alison is hemorrhaging.

Aaron and Chris wait for news on Alison. Chris can’t sit still. He has to check on Alison. He heads to the door and Aaron stops him from going in. They get into a scuffle.

Police arrive in the room. Chris says to Aaron that Alison has fallen off the roof. Aaron says that Alison didn’t fall off the roof. He says that that man pushed her. He points to Chris.

Paul continues his discussion with the hot blonde at the bar. She learns that he has a dead wife who was poisoned on their wedding day. The woman is getting freaked out. She isn’t acting like Rose, like she said that she would. She tells him that is enough and she gets her coat and starts heading to the door. Paul follows her but she tells him to lay off and gets out of the club.

The bouncer comes over to see what is the matter. Now that the girl is gone, everything seems to be okay, so the bouncer leaves.

Paul turns and finds an image telling the bartender to get the man a drink. Paul is angry and asks his mother out loud what she is doing there.

Hal turns and sees that Barbara is watching them from outside the room. She knows that she shouldn’t be there but it is clear that she is determined to get to see her son. Hal goes out to see Barbara. She fights to stay but Hal is pulling her to get her out of there. Will sees what is happening and calls for his mother. It is too late. Hal has her in his grip and pulls her out of there.

Craig tells Dusty that he struck a deal with Molly to save his marriage. Craig knows that Dusty is angry at Molly but it is over now. Dusty will not let go of this. Dusty only sees that Paul has gotten away with murder and that doesn’t change how Dusty feels for Molly. Craig says that if Dusty ruins Molly, he will ruin him too. Dusty doesn’t care.

Carly and Rosanna go into Rose’s house and they discuss Rose dying so young. Carly still gets the urge to call Rose. Rosanna wishes that she knew Rose that way. There will never be another woman like her. Rosanna wants to make sure that Lily and Holden know that they were there. Rosanna takes out her phone.

She talks to an operator at The Lakeview and asks for Mitzy. She isn’t there and she hasn’t left a forwarding address. Maybe they should try her cell phone.

Carly avoids telling Rosanna exactly where Mitzy is. Rosanna heard that Craig asked Mitzy to lie about Paul. Is that it? Maybe there is something else that Rosanna should know.

Hal has Barbara alone now. She will do anything to see her son.

Jennifer comes to the hospital and finds Hal and Barbara arguing. Barbara wants to know what Hal has done for their son besides putting him into the psyche ward. Jennifer is there looking for Paul. She called to him earlier but the man only kept walking. Jennifer is afraid that Paul is losing it.

Paul has confused the woman in the bar that he sees as his mother. She tells him that most women don’t like being confused as someone’s mother. He acts apologetic and they have a drink together. He has had a bad day. She offers to give him a place to lie down. He would like to go home. She likes that idea. She rubs his hand on his leg. He hates that and jumps away from her. He orders her to leave him alone.

Hal orders Barbara to leave the hospital immediately. She shouldn’t have ever come there. He leaves.

Barbara turns to her daughter to plead to her. She wants to see her son before he is moved to another facility. Jennifer knows that her mother has to stop this. Barbara can’t leave this alone.

Hal has to go now. He has heard about a drunken man in town and it sounds like Paul. Paul offers to take Barbara to her car. She will not leave with Hal. She remembers that Will was calling for his mother and not Will. She will not leave.

Chris says that he didn’t push Alison off the ladder. He explains that he is the father of the baby that she is carrying and her ex-boyfriend. Aaron explains that he is the woman’s husband. Chris says that he just found out that the baby was his. He reached out to help Alison and she slipped. Aaron says that isn’t true. Chris knows that Alison will tell the truth when she comes out of this okay.

The doctor comes out of Alison’s examination room and he announces that Alison has lost her baby.

Alison is still unconscious in the examination room. Aaron still says that Chris is reason that Alison is in the room sick. Chris would like to see Alison and he is let in. Aaron tries to go in too but the police stop him.

Rosanna tells that Craig said that he gave Mitzy money. Rosanna has no idea what for. He was kind of making a bribe, but maybe not. Rosanna doesn’t believe his story. Craig is cheap and wouldn’t be giving money for just anything. Rosanna has to find Mitzy so that she can get the full story. Carly finds that Mitzy is even less reliable than Craig is when it comes to telling the truth. Carly says that she should go home to her family and enjoy it all. She should just forget that any of this ever happened.

Craig knows that Dusty is in mourning and his heart goes out to the man for hurting so badly. Rose was loving and joyous. Dusty would be paying tribute to Rose by forgetting what Molly did. Dusty feels that he is being tricked. Craig explains that his marriage is going to go down if Dusty does this. Dusty says that he will forget about the charges then. Dusty doesn’t want anything to do with Molly anymore. Craig will help him find a buyer for Molly’s share. Craig offers to get some champagne.

Molly appears hearing that they are getting champagne. She would like some too and wants to know what they are celebrating.

Paul has screwed up again with the second woman that he has met that night at the bar. She leaves.

A man comes over to Paul and offers to make a bet with him. The guy says that he can see the guy’s life story. The man has a deck of cards and offers to bet Paul $5,000 that the man can pull off a trick. Paul isn’t interested. The man convinces him though to partake. Paul cuts the deck and looks at his card. Paul has a high card in his hand. Hard to beat. The man cuts the cards and finds an ace. Will that be cash or a check? Paul says that will have to be a check. Paul starts laughing. He throws the cards up in the air. He finds that this is all a joke. The man sees that he is in danger of not getting paid and he takes out a knife to show Paul that he isn’t joking. He is going to get paid one way or the other.

Paul gets very angry with the man and he throws the table over. The man is still holding the knife. Paul walks right up to the man ordering him to kill. The man gets freaked out and goes running out of the bar. Paul doesn’t care, as he has nothing to lose now.

Hal walks into the bar asking Paul who the drunk and disorderly person might be in this bar. Paul is doing this because it hurts too much not to be this way.

Dr. Michaels explains to Jennifer that he wants to see his mother and nothing else. Dr. Michaels is considering sedation. Jennifer offers to help out by trying to get her brother to go to sleep.

Barbara has found her way back into the mental hospital and she finds a door unlocked. She enters and sits behind a plant with a magazine covering her face. She is in the visiting room.

Jennifer and Will enter with the doctor. The Dr. Michaels will come back to see Will when he is finished talking to his sister. She leaves.

Will tells Jennifer that he only wants to see his mother. Jennifer jumps up from behind her magazine. Jennifer is upset that she is doing this. She gives her mother one opportunity to leave, or be thrown out. Barbara hugs her son to her dearly and smiles at her daughter over her son’s shoulders.

Aaron tells the police and the supervisor of the clinic the background of Alison and Chris’s relationship. The supervisor says that after Chris arrived, Alison did get erratic. Aaron found Chris and Alison on the fire escape and he is sure that Chris pushed Alison off the ladder. He saw Chris do it.

Dusty doesn’t want to have champagne with Molly and he leaves her with Craig.

Molly learns that Craig has convinced Dusty to drop his charges. Craig wants to make sure that Molly is going to keep their secret. She will do, as he wants. Craig tells her that if Annabelle shows up, he is to be called. Molly will not do this for Craig. He was the one that created the situation with Annabelle and now he has to live with it.

Rosanna loves her son and everything comes second now. Her child has taken over her life and she surrenders to his needs.

Carly is happy for her sister. Rosanna treasures her life. She is going to take Carlyís advice and forget what Craig has done. Carly likes that decision. Rosanna is sure that this is the right decision.

Barbara offers to leave but only because it is best for Will. She never wanted her son to suffer. She would stay for him if she could. Will knows that he should be punished for this. Barbara feels that Willís mistake was just an accident.

Will would like to be a family with his mother again. Barbara says that if that is what Will wants, that is what they will be. Jennifer will do the same for Will. What about Paul though? Barbara knows that she has problems with her other son. Barbara will do her best to make up with Paul. Jennifer has heard enough. Barbara has to go now. Barbara tells her son that he is in her heart every minute of everyday. She goes to the door and leaves blowing kisses.

Dr. Michaels returns telling Will that it is time to go to bed. Jennifer will come to see her brother everyday until he is transferred.

Barbara is outside the room and she cries to herself over her son.

Hal has Paul out of the bar now. He is willing to go to the drink tank so that he can sleep the drinks off. Paul has hurt himself enough for one night.

An officer heads to the roof to have a look at it. Aaron is upset, as Chris hasn’t been arrested yet. The police want to talk to Alison when she wakes up.

Alison has wakened and she is confused. Chris asks that he be left alone with Alison to talk to her. All the doctors leave.

Alison is in pain and she asks about her baby. Chris tells her that he is so sorry. She figures out what he is trying to say to her. She starts crying over her baby. It can’t be. “My baby.”

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