ATWT Update Monday 1/26/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/26/04

By Glynis
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Mike has walked in on Simon and Katie. Katie explains to him that her husband has returned. Simon turns smiling in Mike’s direction.

Lily freaks out when the woman that comes to the salon says that she is able to give messages from Rose. Lily orders the woman to get out.

Jessica comes home and she and Sarah start arguing right away. It seems like Jessica is waiting to catch Sarah doing something wrong. Sarah tells her that she isn’t her mother and should stop acting like it.

Chris has found Alison at the clinic and he jumps to the wrong conclusion. She tells him that she has moved to Chicago and is working at the clinic. She explains that she and Aaron are going to live there together. Chris tells her that he can see that the baby is his and that she has been hiding that. How long was she going to keep this secret? Was she ever going to tell him? Chris will get a court order to make her go back home if he has to. They both know what the truth is. He can tell that the baby is his.

Alison knew that Chris would act like this and that is why she ran. Chris says that he will leave her if she wants, but she has to prove the baby isn’t his. He knows that they can do the test right there at the clinic. Alison says that they can do the test the next day.

Alison’s boss arrives and demands to know what is going on. She learns that Alison’s name isn’t Alana. Chris heads over to the supervisor of the clinic and asks her if she would be able to do them a favor.

Alison takes the opportunity to take off while Chris is talking to the woman. He turns and finds that Alison is gone. He calls for her to return, but she is gone.

The fortuneteller is still in the salon and Lily becomes interested in what she might have to say. Right now, the woman can’t get anymore information. Lily would like to know if Rose has forgiven her for the accident. The fortuneteller asks questions about the death, but Lily feels that the woman would know these answers if she were legit. The woman feels that Rose must have been a warm and caring person. The fortuneteller has had this gift ever since she was little. As she got older, people say things that are not very nice. The woman feels that Rose intended to bring Lily peace. Lily feels that Rose could talk through her again and won’t let the woman leave. The woman has no control over when she gets the feelings that she gets. The woman says that sometimes when she is in the house of a dead person, she gets more information. The woman is reluctant to go to the house with Lily, as she knows nothing about her.

Lily and the clairvoyant go to Rose’s house. Lily turns on the lights and waits. The woman calls out to Rose. “Are you here?” Nothing happens. The woman can see that this is a dead end. She can’t turn this stuff on and off. She is uncomfortable. She has delivered her message. “Lily should be at peace and not feel guilty”. Lily knows that Rose wouldn’t leave her here like this without direction on how to live her life. Lily needs to know more. The woman asks for something of Rose’s to touch.

Lily hands over a fur box, a boa, and a picture. The woman feels nothing. Lily says that they can go over to her house and see if there is something there that can make her feel Rose. The woman feels that there is nothing else to be found here.

Katie says that she ran off because she just found out that her husband is still alive. Mike is upset with the man as Katie nearly died without this man. Simon loves her but Mike finds that Katie doesn’t need this type of love. Simon says that he had to stay away. Mike knows that Simon staying is only temporary. Simon will tell Katie everything but not in front of Mike.

Katie takes Mike alone and tells him that she has to find out what has been going on with Mike. Mike says that he will wait while she talks. She wants him to leave but he won’t.

Sarah knows that Jessica blames her for Bonnie being in jail. Jessica won’t let Sarah even touch anything of Bonnie’s. Jessica is trying to be the girl’s friend. Jessica knows that she has been busy with work and hasn’t made an attempt to get to know the girl. She really wants Sarah there and does care for her. Sarah goes and gets a note that she has written to Bonnie and asks her to deliver this.

Chris can’t find Alison anywhere and he goes back to the supervisor who says that Alison hasn’t returned, but there is another way out of the building. They rush off together.

Alison goes to the fire escape and looks over the edge. She starts climbing down and gets to the next lower level. She stands there, safe for now. She knew that she could do it.

Chris heads to the top of the fire escape and finds her below him on the fire escape. He tells her to stay there and not to move. She has no choice and stands trying to figure out what to do next.

Katie can’t tell Mike that everything will be okay. She didn’t know that Simon would be back. Mike knows that this is shocking to the woman. Mike finds Simon to be a liar and he will hurt Katie again. He is her husband, so what does that make Mike? Katie fainted when she saw Simon as she never thought that he could be real. Mike could never leave Katie like Simon did. Is she still in love with him?

Simon hears the question and enters the room saying that he knows that Katie is telling him that she is still in love with him.

Jessica says that Bonnie isn’t to have contact with Sarah as the judge ordered that. Sarah says that this could be their little secret. Jessica reluctantly agrees to the idea. She says that she will give Bonnie the letter. Sarah is so happy and she runs to Jessica hugging her and thanking her.

Ben comes home and is happy to find that the ladies are having a good time for a change. Sarah takes off to fix up her room.

Ben learns that Jessica made Sarah happy by agreeing to break the law. Ben tells her that she shouldn’t deliver the note, as she would be breaking the law. Jessica knows that. This is the reason why she really isn’t going to deliver the letter.

The fortuneteller sees some things on the table. She touches the things and sees that something happened to Rose in the bathroom. Lily tells the woman that Rose was murdered. That is enough for the woman. She heads to the door. She pauses as she sees something else.

Horror comes to her face. “Oh no!” Lily has no idea what she is seeing. The woman says that she got the message all wrong before.

Chris starts coming down the fire escape, but Alison orders him to stop right there. She heads to the edge of the fire escape. She knows now that she has done the right thing running off. Chris didn't have trust in her before and that was why she didn’t tell him the truth. Chris came back and he found out that she was going to have a baby. He was so disgusted with her and she knew that if she told him the truth, he would hate her that much more. She looks up at him as she talks with her back to the edge of the fire escape. He makes a move to her and she orders him again to stop. He said that they were not right for each other. She had to keep lying. She holds on to the rail of the fire escape, which is wet from the snow. She turns around and starts climbing down again as if on a ladder. Chris takes that opportunity to climb down to the next level again. She stops her descent and looks up at him again. He tells her to stop this and not go any further.

Carly comes to the station and tells Jack that she just heard that Barbara got a suspended sentence. Jack seems upset. Jack is angry with Craig. Barbara tampered with evidence but Craig gets to go about life as usual. Carly asked Jack not to do anything. She was worried about Rosanna’s marriage. Jack knows that the man should pay for what he did.

She knows that Jack is the most forgiving person in the whole world. She reminds him that he wasn’t that upset about Mitzy getting convicted. Craig was jealous, but Rosanna still shouldn’t be kept in the dark. Carly told Craig to go to Rosanna and tell her the truth. Jack laughs at that. What if he doesn’t tell her, will Carly do it? Jack finds that they would be saving Rosanna by telling her the truth of this all.

Jessica has tried everything to make Sarah understand things but she won’t listen. She committed theft to get to go and visit Bonnie. Sarah is very persistent and if Jessica pretends to go and deliver the letter, she will think that she can write other letters. Jessica only worries that Sarah feels that she is hated. She needs a home and someone to love her unconditionally. Jessica remembers Bonnie and the rape every time that she looks at the girl. Jessica has to give the girl a reason to go on. Ben knows that Jessica will get caught if she pretends to deliver the letter. Jessica says that she will read the letters and respond as Bonnie would. This is only going to be for 6 months.

Sarah comes down in Bonnie’s sweater asking if she could wear it. She worries that everything might not be okay since she last was in the room. Jessica assures her that everything is just fine.

Katie admits that she still loves Simon. He was the only one that captured her heart until now. Simon is upset about Katie’s feelings for Mike. Simon wants her to tell Mike to leave. Katie announces that she would like for both of the men to leave.

Aaron comes back to the clinic and learns that Alison has run off and her other boyfriend is trying to find her. The supervisor of the clinic is fed up with all this and she decides that she has to call the police.

Chris would like to talk to her some more but not there. He begs her to stay where she is and then he will find a way to get her back in the building where they can talk some more. He tells her that everything is alright and that they don’t have to be this way. She still stands precariously on the metal ladder of the fire escape looking up at him.

Jack ends his argument with Carly by kissing her. She is very amazing. Loving her isn’t a choice. She has given him his perfect life. He knows whom he has married and he wouldn’t change her for the world. Carly gets a call.

Carly answers to someone that wants to meet her. She will be with the person in a few minutes.

It is Rosanna. She sounds like maybe Craig told her the truth. What will Carly say to her? Carly will tell her to do what she wants, but not to settle. She should hold out for the best.

Sarah asks if Ben knows about the letter that she wrote. Jessica says that she and Ben talk bout a lot of things. Sarah can see that he was upset. Jessica assures her that they will keep this secret. Jessica will not let the girl down.

The fortuneteller says that Rose told her that she has the message wrong. Rose was the one that needs peace and not Lily. Rose is caught between 2 worlds and only Lily can help her find the way home.

Simon refuses to leave Katie’s house. He built it. Mike will not leave either. Katie is feeling pressured and begs for some time alone without either of them. Simon can’t believe that she is sending him away. He will not leave town this time. Simon kisses her saying that he will give her more time. Katie asks for a promise that neither of the men will sneak back and try to pressure her. They both make a promise. Mike heads to the door. Simon thought that nothing would be more difficult than saying goodbye to her the first time. She really needs this. Simon leaves.

Mike goes to Katie asking her not to forget that he is crazy about her and that she is crazy about him too.

Mike leaves and Katie sits down and cries.

Aaron comes to the fire escape and sees Chris trying to talk Alison off the ladder and into the safety of his arms. She looks up at Chris. She makes a move, but the rung of the ladder is too slippery and her foot slips. Aaron sees the danger and shouts out. “ALISON!” It is too late. Chris tries to reach for her but she is out of his reach now.

Aaron and Chris can do nothing but watch her fall backwards to the ground. It was the longest few seconds in all their lives. She makes no sound and finally she hits the ground. Aaron and Chris watch Alison lying on her back, unmoving.

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