ATWT Update Friday 1/23/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/23/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Alison is at work when Aaron shows up saying that he is stopping her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Mike is at the club and Katie shows up telling him that she loves him. It is a figment of his imagination. There is another Katie there telling him that this is the biggest mistake of his life. Mike knows that he has to find out what is happening now or he will lose his mind.

Katie is torn. How can she tell Mike that Simon is still there?

Simon shows up in Katie’s house and tells her that he is not going to let her go.

Lily goes to Rose’s house and she brings her kids with her. She says that she is going to be a minute, but the kids have heard that before. She is glad that she is there surrounded by all of Rose’s things. Rose is dead, but not in their hearts. Lily has something to show her kids. They don’t like it in that house and they want to go home. Lily says that they will leave in a few minutes. She tells the kids to wait for her outside. The children leave her alone.

Once alone, Lily picks up Rose’s boa and stares at it.

Holden comes in behind her and calls her name. Lily feels like she is losing Rose all over again.

At court, the judge is ready to pass sentence. Barbara has pleaded guilty. She has obstructed justice. By covering up for her child, she has diverted the police and has thrown suspicion on innocent people. She has also delayed the grieving process of others. She is sentenced to 10 years. She has admitted to the crimes and for that reason, she is going to get probation for 5 years. Paul jumps up shouting, “No!” His brother is going to go away for things that Barbara has led him to do. The judge wants him taken out of there but Paul will not leave until the judge hears the truth about his mother.

Paul is threatened with contempt of court. Barbara is horrified at what her son is trying to do to her.

Tom talks to Paul in private. Barbara has won. Paul has to forget about this and concentrate on his brother. Paul says that he has to understand this.

Barbara is grateful that the judge could see what she was feeling.

Simon is happy that Simon is alive but mad that he has confused Katie the way that he has. There were other ways that Simon could have done this but he has instead made the situation worse. Running back home isn’t a good thing for Katie. He shouldn’t involve Katie in all this. Simon would like to talk to Katie alone and Katie agrees with this. Margo is reluctant to leave her but she will if that is what Katie wants. Katie would like Margo to keep Mike from her while she is with Simon talking.

Simon wants Margo to understand that he needs her to help and keep Katie safe. If Katie is harmed, Margo will make sure that he pays for that.

They are alone now. Simon has been destroyed but Katie has been hurting too. Simon can’t explain what he has been going through right now. He only knows that they have to leave right now. She will not leave with him as things have changed. He knows that she is referring to Mike.

Mike calls Margo and she tells him that she will meet him at Metro to have a talk with him. Katie is fine but there is something that Mike needs to know, and she will discuss that with him when she sees him.

Alison denies that she is there at the clinic to have an abortion. The supervisor arrives thinking that she is seeing a domestic dispute but Alison assures her that is not what is happening here. The woman leaves.

Alison explains that she is working at the clinic. She loves her baby and she doesn’t want to terminate the pregnant. Aaron smiles after a while when he understands that she really does want the baby. That is good and he is proud of her. If she is going to have the baby though, she needs to take care of herself. She can get care at the clinic. She has no doctor yet but she will get one. She is living at the YMCA right now. Aaron finds that to be crazy. She is doing all this so that Chris will not take her baby. Aaron will help her if she wants. Alison will go back to Oakdale if that is what he will do. He knows that it is too late for them to go back.

Holden is worried about Lily again. Lily acts as if Rose is still with them. Holden has no idea what she is going through, but she is being torn apart. He admits that he couldn’t imagine losing a twin but he would like to know what this is all about. She needs to share that with him. She feels that she is trapped and her soul is charging inside. The pain is so heavy and she feels like she can’t breathe. He knows what she is talking about. These past few months he has watched her move further and further away from them all. He can’t follow her to where she is going, but he needs her there to stay with them. He puts out his hand and she takes it. She is scared and feels like she has lost her, she has lost her sister. She has to let go but she can't. She can’t pretend that her sister never existed. That is not what he wants. She runs off.

Lily goes to the salon crying out for Rose, begging her not to leave. Lily touches the things that Rose used to touch in the salon. She finds a picture of the woman and she shouts out to her, “Where are you?” “Where have you gone?”

Kim can’t say that she understands Barbara. Jennifer knows that the family has been destroyed. Barbara is asked to do something constructive for Will’s sake. Barbara hopes that she will be able to help Will now.

Paul pipes in saying that Barbara’s help has been the thing that has destroyed Will. She will not be allowed to get involved with Will anymore. Barbara would like to have some privacy with her son now. Jennifer and Kim leave.

Barbara denies that she has destroyed Will’s life. She feels that Paul was the one that did that. Barbara was on a plane to South America and Paul was the one that stopped them. Now Will is in a hospital cut off from everyone. Will will never be happy again. He is locked up and he will never be able to forgive himself. Barbara hopes that he is happy, as she will never forgive him for this. Paul feels still that Barbara was protecting herself. Paul promises to never ever let her forget what she has done to that boy.

Margo comes to see Mike and he thinks that Katie is sorry that she has agreed to marry Mike. Has she sent Margo to give the ring back? Margo tells him that there has been a big change lately. Mike demands to know what is going on. Margo knows that things are not fair to anyone in all this. Margo wants to keep her mouth shut. Margo knows something. She knows that Katie loves him very much and she needs time to deal with this change. Margo wishes that she could say more but Mike will know soon enough. Margo’s pager goes off. She hopes that Mike will not go charging over to Katie’s, as she needs time to sort this out. Margo leaves.

Mike goes running out after she is gone.

Katie did care for Simon and didn’t jump into bed with the first man that came along. He knows she was loving someone. She was feeding Snickers and then Simon came up behind them. That killed him. Katie didn’t know that he was alive. She lost him before so many times. If it weren’t for Mike, she would have died. Simon says that he wouldn’t have let her die. Her reason for living was taken away but Simon can’t understand that. She is the only one that he will ever love and he thought that would be the same for her. She loves him so much. This isn’t a debt of gratitude; it is more than that. Katie is engaged to the man. She is crying now. Simon wonders how that can be as she is married to him and will always be married to him.

Paul denies that he has hurt Will. Barbara knows that Will only cared for his brother by what he did. Will could have had a chance at life but Paul took that away. Paul finds her to be a sick freak, and he will make sure that Will has no contact with her. Barbara knows that Paul had to be right about everything. Will is a smart boy and wouldn’t have done anything so foolish if he weren’t desperate. Paul wouldn’t listen and take the blame. He should have helped the boy but he had to have it his way. Now Will is locked up in a mental hospital. Paul turns to his mother telling her that he hates her. Barbara knows that he doesn’t hate her, he hates himself.

Lucas goes running to the window hearing a car but no one is coming. Lucas worries that his mother may not come back. Holden assures him that Lily will be coming back. She has gone off to run some errands, Holden says. Lucas wants the truth. Why does his mother keep leaving? She loves her family but she is sad about her sister. Is she going to stay sad forever? Holden only hugs the boy as an answer.

Lily looks at the picture of her sister, begging her not to leave.

The door opens and a woman comes in for an appointment. She asks for a wash and a blow out. Lily tells her that the salon is closed until further notice. Lily is crying. She says that she is only making sure that the shop is closed up properly. The lady starts leaving. Lily offers to help the woman, but the woman instead says that Lily is the one that needs help. Lily looks deeper into the woman’s eyes. What does she mean? “…If you ever want to reach your sister…”

Alison learns that Chris knows that the baby is his. Aaron will not let her run off. It is time to go home. Aaron knows that leveling with Chris will make things alright. He is not a jerk. Alison knows that Chris will find her unfit for the baby. Aaron knows that Chris finds her to be a good person. Alison feels that Chris doesn’t love her anymore and he will get his child if he gets a chance. Alison is going to run off again. Where will she go? What will she do when Chris finds her? She will run again. When will she stop and give birth? Who is going to watch her baby while she works? She hasn’t the answers for any of this. Aaron again tells her that she has to go home. She will not be alone. Susan and Emily will help her. She loves her family and wants to go home. Aaron knows that she will be better in Oakdale. He will help her too. She agrees to go with him. She has a couple of loose ends to wrap up. She wants him to meet her at the YMCA and they will leave together. She says that she will be there in a half an hour. Aaron is happy with that. He leaves.

Alison gathers up her things and heads to the door.

Her boss finds her leaving the job. She quits. Her boss will not let her go that easily.

Katie thought that Simon was legally dead. He had to be convincing to everyone showing that he was dead. He made a copy of the wedding ring so that she would believe that he was dead. He shows her the real wedding ring that he has been wearing. She is the real reason that he is alive. Does she still want him? She can’t answer right now. What does she feel or think about him? They were supposed to be always. He touches her face. Has she forgotten this? He pulls her to him and kisses her on the lips, long and hard.

Mike arrives at Katie’s house and hears her telling someone to stop it. Mike rushes through the house.

Simon is telling Katie that he wants to shake her up and that he wants her to feel him.

Mike finds the room where his fiancée is with another man. He stands in the doorway as he sees the man kissing Katie and Katie hugging the man back. He is dumbfounded and says nothing.

Mike finally goes over to Simon demanding that the man get his hands off of Katie. Simon turns and smiles at Mike. Mike recognizes the man by the pictures of him that he has seen in the past.

Alison is ready to go and will listen to nothing that her ex-boss wants to tell her. She heads to the door and is about to walk out.

That is when Chris appears in the doorway. She has nowhere to go now. She simply stares up into his face.]

The woman in the salon tells Lily that she has been having these feelings for a long time. The woman tells Lily that her twin has crossed to the other side. She knows that Lily was a twin. Lily knows that this information was printed in the papers, so the woman really hasn’t said anything new. The woman is ready to go now, but Lily stops her asking why her sister would talk to the woman and not her sister directly. The woman is only a conduit. She tries to leave but Lily demands to know what Rose has to say to her. The woman says that Rose only wants Lily to be at peace.

Paul knows that Barbara has been trying and trying to get what she wants, and she got it. The judge won’t punish her for her crimes, but Paul will. Barbara remembers when Paul was younger and he used to tell her that she was a bad mother. She will tell him now what she told him then. That deep down inside, he still loves her.

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