ATWT Update Thursday 1/22/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/22/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Simon is at the front desk trying to get service at The Lakeview. The man that comes doesn’t remember Simon. Simon tells that his wife is upstairs with a guy. The concierge has a policy of not getting involved in marital situations. All Simon needs is a room number. Simon has waved a bill in the guy’s face and the man takes it.

Katie is in the suite now wondering if she saw correctly.

When she was in the elevator, she thought that she saw Simon’s face.

Mike sees that Katie is disturbed. She says that she thinks that she saw someone downstairs. She might be getting sick. She wants to get some cold medicine. They could call downstairs for it but she insists on getting it herself and she runs from the room.

Margo says that Barbara has to been acting cool, but Tom feels that this time, Barbara’s charges are going to stick.

The defense arrives and Tom recognizes the man as a famous lawyer.

Barbara’s lawyer arrives to speak with her in court. She is rich and He tells her that she is going to plead guilty.

Paul is at the centre where Will is staying now that he has been found to be a killer, and he looks through the glass doors to see if the boy is around.

Hal is with Will telling him that things are going to be fine for him and that before Will knows it, he will be home. Will only wants to know about his mother. Will asks Hal to do everything that he can to make sure that Barbara comes home too.

Craig is questioned about his involvement in the murder. Jack knew that Craig would have come to the station to try to clear this up. Jack is going to arrest him for Obstruction of Justice.

Lucy comes to see Rosanna. Rosanna says that Paul has been very upset and devastated and Rosanna would like to help him. Lucy knows that Rosanna is the best friend that someone can have. Rosanna can see that there might be something that Lucy would like to talk about. Seems that Clarke is coming over there later that night. He really likes Lucy and he is building the friendship up to something that she might not want. Lucy knows that she should move on as Aaron has. She shouldn’t force it though. Maybe Clarke isn’t the right person. Lucy knows that she has led the boy on.

Hal leaves Will for a moment so Paul can come and talk to his brother.

Paul comes to Will who is angry that his brother is being so nice. Paul will always love the boy and he doesn’t want to have the boy believe anything that his mother says ever.

Barbara will not plead guilty for her crimes. She might be wasting her money on this lawyer. The man tells her that there is one charge less against Barbara. Emily dropped her charges. She should plead guilty to the rest of the charges. The judge that is presiding has 5 kids at home and she understands mothers. Barbara defended her little boy and that is what the judge needs to hear. She has to show her selflessness. Barbara is a kind of hero. Barbara smiles at the thought of that.

Dr. Michaels feels that Will should go to a place for the criminally insane. Dr. Michaels knows that Will needs to be as far from his mother as he can get.

Katie goes downstairs in the hotel and she calls for Simon.

She goes to the concierge asking for a certain gentleman. The concierge knows that she is talking about her husband. The man knows that the man is dying to see her again. She knows that this can’t be as Simon is dead.

Mike is alone in the suite with the room full of red roses. He gets one of the roses and lays it on her pillow. “Nice!” Where is Katie he has to wonder? He tells himself not to worry. Nothing can go wrong now. Then again they are talking bout Katie. Mike decides to go and find her.

Katie asks where Simon is now. The concierge says that Simon has taken a room and he will not divulge that information. Katie goes stomping off.

She pushes for the elevator but it is taking too long and she walks off to take the stairs.

Mike comes downstairs and the concierge tells him that Katie just went up the stairs. Mike heads off after her.

Simon pays off the maid who is giving him a hand. She will not tell anyone what they are about to do. She opens the door to the suite and walks off.

Simon enters the suite, but no one is there. He calls for Katie and no one answers. Simon hopes that he isn’t too late.

Katie heads back in her room and finds Simon standing there. “Simon!” It really is him. She thought that he was dead. She has his ashes. He assures her that it is he. This time he is never letting her go. She falls limp in his arms and he picks her up and takes her to the bed.

Simon is sorry to scare Katie this way but there was no other way. Why is this happening? She hugs him closely to her. She is crying now. She can’t believe what has happened. He missed her so much. She remembers that this can’t be happening. She moves from Simon. Did she miss him? She can’t believe that she is being asked this. He was gone forever. He was gone for months. She is going to be sick. She runs to the bathroom. She will not let him look at her. He apologizes to her through the door. He wanted to find a gentle way for her to learn the truth but there wasn’t a way to do that. He begs her to come out. She opens the door and comes out. He wants her to look at him. He loves her so much. He never once stopped thinking about her. His wedding ring is what kept him alive. She rushes to his arms. There is knocking on the door.

“Hey sweetheart it is me! I left my key in the suite, so open up!” Katie looks with fear at Simon.

Carly takes Jack from Craig for a moment to have a private talk.

Carly tells Jack to let Craig go. Rosanna’s life is going to crumble and so will Cabot’s. She would like to have her sister be happy. Jack can’t make this all disappear.

An officer comes over saying that Mitzy flew the coop. She got on a plane to Mexico.

Carly loves this. Craig can’t be prosecuted, as Mitzy is the witness.

Rosanna wants to know what Lucy did to lead Clarke on. Lucy was trying to make Aaron jealous and show him that her life wasn’t coming to a screeching halt. Lucy doesn’t want to tell him that she doesn’t want him and that he makes her skin crawl. Lucy isn’t interested in anyone at all. Craig may have been right about boys being in Lucy’s life right now. The doorbell rings. Lucy knows that Clarke is at the door.

Craig is told that he is free now. Jack tells him that Mitzy is gone to Mexico. When she comes back, Jack will pick things back up where they left off. Jack walks off.

Craig tells Carly that Jack told Paul about his actions. Carly knows that Paul may tell Rosanna and so Craig has to tell Rosanna first.

Paul says that he misses Rose but Will has to know that Paul couldn’t ever hate the boy. Paul wants to get Will better, but all that Will wants is his mother’s charges dropped.

The doctor arrives for Will’s session. Will tells her to wait a minute. He begs Paul again to make sure that his mother is freed. The doctor sharply calls for Will again and the boy walks off for his appointment.

Katie and Mike are in the lobby of the hotel. She would like to go home now. Mike has to wonder if she is sick or not. Mike agrees to take her home but he has forgotten his keys in the suite. He heads to the elevator to get them.

Katie realizes that there is a chance that Mike could bump into Mike and she doesn't want that. She starts heading to the elevator calling for Mike loudly but he is already gone. She bumps roughly into someone.

She looks up to find that Henry is the person that she has hit. He sees that she is acting frantic and holds onto her to see what is the matter. Katie only says that there is a chance that they may bump into each other.

Barbara is ready to enter her plea. The lawyer says that Barbara would like to change her plea to guilty. Barbara will be addressing the court in her own defense. The judge allows that. Barbara rises saying that she broke the law.

Paul walks into the courtroom as his mother admits to breaking the law. Barbara says that she did everything to protect her son. She is a mother and that is what mothers do.

Craig arrives home to find Rosanna there. He tried calling her before, but she was busy with the baby. He worries about her visitors. She says that she only saw Clarke who came for Lucy earlier. Has Paul been there? Rosanna finds that a funny question. Craig admits to her that he was the one that encouraged Mitzy to lie about Paul poisoning Rose. Craig said that he told Mitzy that she should go to the police and tell the truth. Craig helped her out with some cash but the police feel that he may have bribed her to do this. Rosanna asks him if he really did it or not?

Henry and Katie go to the concierge and ask him to help them make an emergency call to her suite.

Simon is alone in the suite and the phone starts ringing.

He answers and Henry is there. Simon wants to know why Henry didn’t tell him everything. Henry says that things are falling apart now. Simon says that he is waiting for Katie. Henry says that Katie may have given him the slip. Simon says that he will be right there.

Simon gets his coat and heads out of the room.

Mike returns to the suite to find his keys to take Katie home.

Katie hears the life-saving call that Henry has just made for her. She thanks him profusely. He gives her some money to head out and get in a cab. He wants her to get in the house and lock herself in. She goes running out of there.

Simon finds Henry asking where Katie is. Henry says that he tried everything to make Katie stay and wait but she just wouldn’t and she took off without a word. Simon sees that she is avoiding him.

Barbara says that she loves her children and would do anything for them. She only wanted to protect her son and do whatever she could for her son. If that is a sin, she will take her punishment in silence. Was she supposed to turn on her child? Her baby? Her joy? He didn’t ask her to do the things that she did. She gave her son life and she had to protect that life. Is there a mother alive that wouldn’t have done the same thing?

Paul asks Jennifer what is going on. She tells him that their mother is pleading guilty.

Mike can’t find his keys anywhere. He goes to the bed and sees that the rose has moved. He finds his keys under Katie’s pillow. He sees a glass with something in it and he smells the booze there. There is knocking on the door.

Mike opens up to Henry who tells Mike that Katie left but she will call him later. She ran but not because of him. Mike sees that someone was in the room. He points out the glass of bourbon. He will go downstairs and find out who has been in the room. Henry says that he was the one that was in the room earlier. Seems that when Mike was out of the room, Henry came in and poured himself a glass of bourbon. Henry takes a swig. He reminds Mike not to call Katie as she will be calling him soon. “Don’t worry babe. It’s all good.”

Craig says that what he did with Mitzy might have been a bribe. The man was a suspect number one, but he was Rosanna’s friend. Craig could have destroyed the man’s life and reputation. Craig thought that he was saving his family and he didn’t want to see them hurt. Craig knows that this was wrong and he begs for forgiveness.

Katie is home now. She reaches for the phone and gets her sister. She really needs to see her sister. This is about Simon. She tells Margo that Simon is alive.

Simon is in the lobby of the hotel and he tries and tries to call Katie but the phone is busy. Each time he hears the busy signal, he hangs up and dials again.

Henry tells Simon that he has to give Katie some time. Simon has no time. Henry says that he should have warned Katie about his coming back. Simon knows that Henry was there with Katie and he has to help get her back. Simon knows that Katie loves him and he will not leave town without her.

Margo is with her sister now. She can’t believe what Katie has told her. After all the millions of tears, she was pulling herself together and he just shows up out of nowhere. What is she to do? Should she just forgive him for all that he has done?

Rosanna sees that she was wrong about Craig. Paul had been trying to tell her that Craig was the one that set him up from the beginning. Rosanna believed that Craig had changed. She said that if Craig did do this, she wouldn’t ever forgive him. He was so insecure and for that he lied. Craig really thought that the man was guilty. His family’s lives were all that meant anything to him. She thinks that one of them should sleep on the couch that night.

Barbara’s lawyer asks her to depend on him now. He leads her back to her seat.

Barbara sees Paul behind her. Paul tells her that Will is on his way to a whole new life without his mother in it. Barbara is horrified at what she is hearing. The judge bangs her gavel.

It is as if Barbara hears nothing but what Paul has just told her about her baby. The judge is angry with Barbara for not paying attention and facing front as everyone else in the room does. She bangs her gavel again. Her lawyer gently turns her body from the back of the room to the front and makes her face the judge. The judge is ready to make her ruling.

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