ATWT Update Wednesday 1/21/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/21/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Simon watches hidden as Mike and Katie make love.

Alison talks to Aaron on the phone and wants information from him. Aaron is angry that Alison has lied to Chris again. Aaron is not going to spend the rest of his life lying to for Alison. She meant to tell Chris the truth but didn’t get a chance. Alison heard that Emily is hurt and she wants information. Aaron will get that for her and she will call back to get the information.

Carly comes to Jack and she canít believe that Will was the one that killed Rose. Jack canít close the book on the case yet, as Paul and Barbara are under arrest and everyoneís role has to be sorted out. Carly feels that Mitzy has been involved anyway.

Jack sees that Carly is still beating a dead horse. Carly feels still that Rosanna should know the truth about Craig. Jack will tell her.

Rosanna feels very lucky with her family. She hates to leave the family but she feels that she should go to the station and talk to Paul as he has been through hell this day. Craig feels that Paul might want to be alone sometimes. Rosanna feels that he might but she will check. Craig minds very much that she is taking off again. She tells him that they will talk later and that she will be back soon. She is speechless about how much her family means to her. She smiles lovingly at Craig and her baby and then she takes off.

Paul is trying to get past Dusty but he gets in the manís way. Dusty still feels that Paul is the killer and is responsible. Dusty wants to know what Paul did to protect Rose from Paulís family.

Paul sees that Dusty hating him somehow gives him comfort. Paul tells the man to just surrender and get through this and get rid of this hate. He knows that hate will eat you up until you are nothing. Paul walks by the man and out of the station. Lily watches quietly as he leaves.

Dusty feels that Paul is still guilty, even if he is not the one that directly killed Rose. Lily has nothing to say while Dusty is spouting off.

Rose is in Lily’s eyesight and she stares blindly at the space where she feels that she has seen Rose. Holden and Dusty stare at the space where Lily is staring and they see nothing.

Holden asks Dusty to leave now. Dusty will go but promotes that Paul is still the killer.

Mitzy is in Craig’s house when he finds her suddenly. She is angry that Carly has stopped payment on the check for her room. She warns that she could still cause trouble for him. Rosanna might find out about what Craig did and he wouldn’t want that. Craig gives her the money that she wants and she agrees that as of now, nothing happened between them.

Mitzy leaves and Craig tends to his baby. “Now that this has been handled. Carly won’t be able to sell me out.”

Carly knows that Rosanna’s life is going to go down in flames when she learns the truth about Craig. She decides that they should forget about this, but she isn’t sure that she can do this. She knows that Rosanna would hate her if she knew that Carly lied to her about this. Craig could go to jail, but that depends on Mitzy.

Rosanna shows up at the station and learns from Jack that Paul has already left the station. Carly says that Paul seems to need time to himself. Rosanna ignores that suggestion and decides to go and find Paul at home.

Jack has to wonder if Paul and Rosanna are just friends.

Jack and Carly go to The Lakeview looking for Mitzy, but she isn’t there.

Simon can’t believe that Katie is with that other man in her bed. She is still his life and he tries to rationalize what Katie is doing. Katie tells Mike that she has a wonderful idea. She remembers a wedding and decides that she wants the same type. Simon can’t believe what he is hearing. Mike doesn't care what kind of wedding she wants. He only wants her to be his wife. Simon gets angry and bangs on the wall of the closet. Katie stops kissing Mike and tells him that she just heard something in the other room. Katie goes looking for the source of the noise in her house and bumps into Henry.

Henry says that he was there to congratulate them on their engagement. He tells them that they should go to the suite at The Lakeview and put out the ‘don’t disturb’ sign. Mike and Katie leave the house together. Simon is happy to see that Katie has no idea that Simon is back in town. Simon pops out of nowhere and grabs Henry by the collar asking him how he could let this happen while he has been away.

Aaron has question about Emily but the staff has little to tell him. Alison calls Aaron on his cell but he has little information on Emily’s condition. Emily will be released in the morning. Alison is happy to hear that and she hangs up quickly. Aaron gets back on his phone and calls the number that called him and another woman answers. The woman that answers the phone is from a family clinic. Aaron learns that Alison may be up for an abortion.

Jack and Carly get Mitzy to the station and Jack decides to do the talking. Jack wants a full confession from Mitzy and he gives her a pen and paper. He knows that she has been paid to lie. Who paid her? She has to tell or she will go to jail.

Paul is alone thinking. Paul remembers telling Rose that she should watch what she says in front of Will. He thought that she was hurting Will at the time. He wanted to celebrate loving her with the whole world. He wanted to have the wedding in Oakdale. Rose didn’t want that. Paul is sorry that he didn’t’ listen to Rose now. On her deathbed, she asked him why he did this to her. He can’t forget that.

Rosanna is over now. She gets him some tea and a sandwich. He isn’t very hungry and she knows that there is nothing to say to make him feel better. He shouldn’t listen to Dusty, but what if Paul agrees with Dusty? She is glad that she is there as she can show him how wrong he is. Paul should have taken well care of Rose. Will killed Rose, but Paul should have taken charge. He prayed that there wouldn’t be a disaster. Rosanna knows that he was a terrific brother to Will. Paul would have made a wonderful husband to Rose. Paul tells Rosanna to leave. She knows that he shouldn’t’ be alone. He is a part of her life now. Craig knows that she is there. Paul tells her that she should be careful. People say one thing and mean another. He is telling her to be suspicious of her husband.

Chris asks Aaron if he has seen Alison. Chris has learned that she changed the results of the sonogram. Aaron doesn’t tell Chris what he needs to know. He tells Chris that he should have fought for Alison. When you are in love with someone, you should fight for that person. Alison didn’t want Chris around but Chris should have acted like he loved her. He should have shown it. Chris seemed worried about himself the whole time. Aaron warns Chris that if anything happens to the baby, it will be on Chris’s head. What does Aaron mean by that? Aaron feels that the explanation doesn’t matter now. Rosanna says that Craig loves her and she loves him and Paul should insinuate that Craig has done anything wrong. She will leave now, but she will call him later. Paul says that she doesn’t have to do that but it would be nice to hear her voice. He watches as she leaves.

Outside the door, Rosanna has to stop and think about what Paul said.

Molly heard about Will. Dusty finds that Will is messed up like his family. Dusty still thinks that they were right about Paul. Dusty finds that the murder wasnít the only one that did this. He feels that this was a team effort. Dusty warns Molly that she should be worried now that the cops have time to charge Molly.

Craig hasnít spoken Dusty yet about the charges and dropping them. Dusty wants her to let him find someone to buy her share of the place, so that he doesnít have to look at her face anymore.

Holden finds that it is time for he and Lily to go home. He will take the kids out if she wants to have some time to herself. She knows that will not change anything. Rose will still be gone and a child will be charged for her murder. Lily if feeling worn out from all of this. Dusty was there earlier and Holden noticed that Lily seemed to be looking at Rose across the room. Lily says that seeing dead people is only in the movies. She feels that it is time for them to go home.

Mitzy has filled out her confession and she admits to lying about Paul. She only got Lily some peace. She really thought that there was no one else who could have done it. Too bad that she did it after receiving a promise of money. Mitzy says that she did this to get justice for Rose. Rose was Mitzy’s friend and she missed her like crazy. Of course she misses Rose, as she has no one to embezzle money from now. Jack leaves the room to figure out what to do with Mitzy.

Jack goes to see Paul saying that he found out that Craig paid Mitzy off to say that he was seen trying to poison Rose. Is Jack going to arrest the man? That is up to Paul.

Dusty sees that Molly’s sense of morality is worse than his. She wanted to see him happy but not with Rose. She tells him that he can find someone to buy her out, but he tells her that he will not do that. Dusty tells Aaron that he is to get working on the wine shipment. Aaron says that he needs a couple of days off and an advance on his salary.

Alison schedules an appointment with the family clinic for later in the day. The counselor knows that decisions are hard for Alison, as she just moved to town. She will return later. She has the counselor calling her Lana Samuels.

Jack tells Paul that he can forget about Craig if he wants to. What Craig has done can put him away. Paul would like to put Craig away but he can’t concentrate on that now. He has no room for a vendetta. The police will have to take care of this himself. Craig is not that important.

Henry explains that everyone thought that he was dead and that is why Katie moved on. Simon never thought that Katie would be getting married so soon. Henry defends Mike but Simon will not hear of that. Simon feels sick about this. Simon has no idea what to do. Maybe he should stay dead. The taxes will be lower. Simon knows that he can’t go on not saying another word. Simon knows where Mike and Katie are. Henry tells Simon not to go to see Katie at The Lakeview.

Mike and Katie are at The Lakeview starting the night off with a bang.

Katie sees Nancy and she tells the woman that she and Mike are getting married. She is congratulated. Mike knows that he is the luckiest man in the world. Nancy is happy now that she has this piece of news. Simon is at the Lakeview hiding behind a newspaper and he hears Mike and Katie and what they are talking about to whomever will listen.

Alison returns to the family clinic for work. Alison is lucky that someone quit that morning. Alison has to get her life in order, as she can’t go back to Oakdale. She can’t go back there ever again.

Aaron gets his advance and permission to leave for a few days. He heads out of the club on a mission.

Chris has been hiding behind the door in the club and he has heard Aaron asking for time and money. He pulls his coat on and heads out the door behind Aaron.

Rosanna is home now and she tells Craig that Paul said some things about Craig. The phone rings and Rosanna heads out to change the baby while Craig takes the call. Mitzy is on the phone and she tells Craig that she told Jack that he paid her to lie about Paul.

Jack knows that the farther Paul stays from Craig, the happier he will be. Paul needs a favor. He would like to see Will that night.

Mike and Katie order strawberries for their night of bliss in The Lakeview. They then head to the elevator. Simon springs into action and tries to follow them to the elevator. Mike and Katie are way ahead of Simon and are in the elevator kissing and hugging. Katie has her head over Mikeís shoulder and she lifts her head and sees Simonís face at the door of the elevator as it is closing.

The hairs on her body stand up and her eyes widen as she stares at the man that widowed her. There is no time to react. The door has closed now.

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