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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/20/04

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Mike carries Katie through the door of the honeymoon suite at Lakeview. He tells her that he is only practicing. He explains to her that he was a little worried how she respond, since he isn't Simon.

At Katies house, Simon has put the passed out Henry on the bed and is waiting for him to wake up. When Henry starts to stir a little, Simon holds his hands over his mouth and tells a terrified Henry that it really is him, he didn't die in the explosion.

Simon will explain everything to him if Henry promises to be nice and quiet. Henry stares at him with wide eyes. As soon as Simon takes his hands away from Henry's mouth, Henry SCREAMS!!

Craig finds Carly waiting in his living room. She asks him for a quarter and tells him to call it. Craig wants to know what she is flipping for. She tells him that she is flipping to help her decide if she should tell Rosanna that he paid Mitzi to finger Paul, or just let her find out by herself.

The police station is in total chaos with reporters all over the place. When they bring Barbara in with Paul following close behind, the reporters go crazy throwing questions at both of them. Dusty is upset that Paul isn't in handcuffs too. Hal comes in with Will and the reporters get even more frenzied until Hal orders them all out of his squad room. Will is upset that Barbara has been arrested too, he doesn't understand why. Hal tells Jack to do what he has to do. Barbara again pleads with Hal not to do this.

Jack informs Will that he is under arrest for the murder of Rose D'Angelo and reads him his rights. A stunned Lily, Holden and Dusty watch.

Simon has gotten a paper bag and is trying to help Henry keep from hyperventilating. Once Henry calms down a little, and realizes that it really is Simon in the flesh and blood, he throws himself on Simon and hugs him a little longer than Simon is comfortable with. Henry is confused, Katie and Mike saw the explosion, the police even have his DNA. When Simon tries to explain that he needed certain people to believe he was dead, Henry becomes furious.

He grabs Simon throwing him on the bed. Henry yells at Simon informing him of all that Katie went through when she thought he was dead. Simon explains that it was the only way to keep Katie safe. He tells Henry that it took a little longer to get out of Australia than he had planned. He had to come up with papers and stuff to show a new identity. He even had to come back to the states through Canada. He was even spotted there and had to hitchhike. He walked all the way from Chicago. He tells Henry that he would do it all again just to get the chance to love Katie again.

Katie explains to Mike that she will always love Simon, but she is a different person now then she was when she married him. Losing Simon changed her.

Mike tells her that he wants her to know that she can talk to him about Simon, it doesn't hurt his feelings. He knows that Simon was a good thing in her life. She tells him that when he asked her to marry him, it wasn't like a question to her. It was an answer to something she hadn't even been aware she was looking for.

At the hospital, Chris tells Susan that he overheard her conversation with Emily and is concerned about Alison now. Susan tells him she probably overreacted and she is sure that Alison is okay.

At the station, they try to prepare to take Will's statement. Barbara pleads with Hal to let her be in there with Will. Hal assures her that he will be with him. Will asks if Paul can be in there with them. Jennifer, Margo and Hal all agree that Paul can be in there. As they start to walk into the room, Dusty mouths off to Paul that he is letting his brother take the wrap for him. That's if for Paul. He asks Dusty if he thinks that is what Paul really wanted? For Rose to be dead and his little brother being arrested for her murder?

Jack tells Dusty, Lily and Holden that if they don't behave, he will have to ask them to leave. After Will is already in the interrogation room, Hal tells Jack to book Barbara on the assault on Emily. They will talk about the many other charges later.

Carly has figured out all that Craig did, and why he did it. Craig tries to tell his side of the story, that he went to see James because he wanted to make sure that Rosanna wasn't hanging around a murderer. Carly knows Craig too well, and she knows how he works. She has figured out that when Craig tried to get Rosanna to end her friendship with Paul, and it didn't work, that is when he went to see James. So he could make a case against Paul. When that didn't work, he paid Mitzy off to say she saw Paul poison Rose. She warns him that if she figured it out, Rosanna will too.

Tom arrives at the station and joins the group in the interrogation room. Margo tells Will to relax, and just tell them what he did to Rose, and why. Hal tells him to tell the truth, and that everything will be okay. Outside the interrogation room, Barbara tries to go into the room too. Jack stops her and tells her that because she is a party to the crime, she has forfeited her rights where Will is concerned.

As he tries to lead her away to get her processed, she asks Lily if she feels better now. Now that Lily has destroyed her son.

Back at the hospital, Chris explains to Susan that he still cares about Alison, even if she is pregnant and married to Aaron. He is worried about her. Bob interrupts them to tell them that Emily is going to be fine, and should be able to go home in the morning. As Susan rushes off to give Emily the good news, Chris asks her to let him know if she hears from Alison. Bob asks Chris what that was all about. When Chris explains that Alison is missing, Bob reminds him that Alison isn't his worry anymore and he needs to get on with his life.

Barbara is still laying into Lily outside the interrogation room. When Dusty reminds her that her family killed Lily's sister, Barbara tells them all that Rose didn't love Paul. No matter how much Barbara begged Rose to leave Paul alone, she just wouldn't. Then she tried to rip him away from his family. It was tearing Will up.

Inside the interrogation room, as Will remembers all that he did, he tells them that he heard about methanol in school, then used Paul's computer to look it up on the internet. He used Paul's computer because his connection to the internet is so much faster.

He put it in Rose's mouthwash because he thought she wouldn't swallow it that way. He thought it would only make her sick so that maybe she wouldn't want to take Paul away to Paris. He tells them that he didn't mean to kill Rose. Margo reminds him that is exactly what he did do.

Back out in the squad room, Barbara is still giving Lily the 'what for'. When she accuses Lily of not leaving well enough alone, Lily tries to defend herself: "My sister was dead!" Barbara tells her that she just kept pushing, even after Barbara confessed. She tells Lily to think about that tonight when she is tucking Luke into bed. How it would feel if she had to turn Luke over to the police and watch him walk away. Lily has no response for her.

Carly and Craig are still arguing in Craig's front room. Craig asks her if she is trying to split up his marriage. She tells him it isn't just about his marriage. He could go to jail for messing with the investigation the way he did. He is so desperate to keep Paul away from his wife that he would risk all that. She tells him that Paul is innocent. Craig becomes angry at that and yells at her that Paul is not innocent. Some people would find his actions appropriate. Just as Carly answers him with 'Rosanna wouldn't', Rosanna walks in the room and wants to know why her name was mentioned? Carly tells her that they were talking about the case. Rosanna shocks them both with the truth, that it was Will that killed Rose. Barbara had found out and was trying to protect Will. Rosanna goes to check on Cabot. Craig thinks this means he is in the clear. Carly tells him that one day Rosanna will find out all that he did. She knows that, and so does he.

Simon tells Henry that he called before and a man answered the phone. Henry claims it was him that answered the phone. Simon promises to explain everything to him, but he wants to find Katie first. He asks where Katie is, and when Henry hesitates, he asks if anything is wrong. Henry promises everything is just peachy. Simon doesn't believe him and wants to know what Henry isn't telling him.

Katie and Mike discuss wedding plans. She wants to get married in the spring, when everything is coming back to life. She wants Margo as her matron of honor, and Alison can be a bridesmaid. She wants to have an engagement party on Valentine's Day to announce their engagement. Mike smiles as she rambles on. They are both so happy that they are getting married.

Margo tells Will that with his research and stuff, it sounds like Will really wanted to kill Rose. Will denies it and reminds Hal of a conversation that Hal and Barbara had when they didn't know he was listening. Barbara had said that she wished Rose would just cease to exist, she would get her family back. Will just wanted his mother to have her family back.

In a file room at the hospital, Tish explains to Chris that she got in trouble because it is obvious that the sonogram that is in Mrs. Lonsdale's file is not Mrs. Lonsdale's. Some how it got switched with another person's file. Chris offers to help her go through the hundreds of files in the room to help her find the missing sonogram.

Mike and Katie are still having fun at Lakeview. They decide to take a bubble bath together.

Simon tries to get Henry to tell him where Katie is. Henry convinces Simon that he doesn't know, she is probably at work. Simon tells him that he is just going to wait here for her to come home from work. It isn't safe for him to be seen around. When Henry tries to leave, Simon stops him and makes sure that Henry knows that 'no one' can know he is back. Henry promises, and rushes straight to Lakeview, pounding on the door of the suite telling Katies to open's important.

At the station, they are done with Will's statement. Hal tells Jennifer that they will be taking him to a psychiatric confinement until they can figure out how to proceed now. Will sees Barbara and remembers her saying that she would die without him. Barbara comforts him and promises him that she will be okay. He knows that she only confessed to try to protect him. He is so sorry. Barbara assures him that everything is going to be just fine.

Back in the file room, Tish and Chris figure out that it is Alison's sonogram that has been switched with Mrs. Lonsdale's. Tish doesn't understand why Chris is upset, Chris covers by telling her to hurry and go tell Dr. Schiller that the mystery is solved, it could mean a malpractice suit.

After Tish rushes out, Chris realizes that if Alison's baby is really four weeks older than she said, Aaron can't be the father.

Carly still can't decide if she should tell Rosanna all that she knows. For the time being Craig pacifies her with the statement that they both love Rosanna and don't want to see her hurt.

Hal explains to Will that they can't let Barbara go right now because she has some questions to answer. Barbara assure Will that she will be okay. Hal tells Will that the reporters are everywhere as they get ready to leave. After Hal and Will leave, Dusty just can't let Paul off the hook. He reminds Paul that Will still did if for him, and they are not finished yet.

Henry gets into the suite and finds it empty. He is upset when the maid tells him that they may have went home.

At Katies, her and Mike have come back to feed the rabbits. Simon hears her come in, and sees her and Mike leaving a note to 'uncle Henry' that she won't be home for the night.

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