ATWT Update Monday 1/19/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/19/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo 

Henry overhears Mike asking for a penthouse. He is surprised to hear him say that. Mike shows Henry the ring that he got for Katie. It is an engagement ring. Henry is surprised by that move. How is he going to propose? Henry sees that Mike is going to have to have his help again.

Margo heard that things went well with Katie and her date, but she really called her sister to the station to give her Simon’s death certificate and final estate papers. They were sent to the station.

Simon is at Katie’s house and he looks at the picture of he and Katie getting married. He looks around the house. He sees the rabbits and smiles at them. He goes over to them asking if they remember him. He takes one rabbit out asking him what has been going on around the house.

Holden finds Dusty holding his wife. He wants to know what has been going on. Lily tells him how Barbara has been covering for Paul. Now Barbara and Paul are wanted for questioning. Dusty says that they should head out and find the pair but Holden tells Lily that she should wait for news at home. She will not go home. She has to see this through for Rose. Dusty feels the same way. A moment passes as Lily searches Holden’s eyes. They all leave together.

Susan asks Chris if he has heard from Alison. He hasn’t heard anything.

That is when Chris is called. He turns to find attendants over Emily wheeling her in. She is unconscious. Barbara has attacked the woman.

Hal calls the station to find out if Barbara has been found. He has everything stopped at the airports and stations. He wants to be alerted the second that anything is found out.

Paul tells Will that he knows that he was the one that killed Rose. He sees that Barbara was protecting her son. Will says that it is true. He got the poison and he did it. He is crying now. Rose died because of him. Paul and Barbara just stare at the boy.

Jennifer has not found anything that can help with the case. Hal asks her to check the computer and find any email that pertains to the case. She will do as she is told. Hal has to hang on.

Jennifer finds the laptop and she starts it up. What has Will and Barbara been up to lately?

Hal goes to Emily in her cubicle at the hospital. He takes her hand asking her to hang on. Emily is still unconscious. He kisses her face. He begs her not to slip away from him. She opens her eyes. “Hal… She asks about Will. Emily tells him that Barbara…”Barbara… Susan comes in saying that Emily can’t answer any questions. She has to be taken to Intensive Care and he can’t use his cell phone there. Hal will stay with her against Susan’s judgment. Emily is wheeled out.

Jennifer finds some messages from Barbara. She tells Will that she will fix everything and that he shouldn’t worry anymore. She finds another message. Will says that he is scared for what he did to Rose and wishes that he could take it all back. Jennifer understands now.

Paul goes to Will. He went to Paulís house and the computer. He must have planned this for weeks and months. Paul wants to know why. Will only wanted to make her sick. He put a little methanol in the mouthwash. Will tried to talk to them, but it didnít work. Paul wants only the truth now. Did he have help with this? No he didnít. Will was scared and his mother understood.

Barbara can see that this was an accident. She offered to handle everything. Rose is gone, so Barbara obviously didnít handle anything. Paul says that from now on all of their lives will never be the same.

Katie fills out her forms. She is selling her place and is ready to let go of it. She doesn't want to sell to just anyone. She would like a family to live there and keep the house and that way a piece of Simon will live on.

Simon asks one of the rabbits how Katie has been. He would have come back but he had to die first. There was no other way.

Henry finds that Mike’s clothes are not the proposing kind. He should really get something else to wear. He looks like he just put up some drywall. Henry has a great idea as to what he should wear. He takes Mike to a guy named Sergio.

Dusty tells Jack that Hal hasn’t been working on the case properly. Dusty thinks that he and Lily did the job of the police. Seems like Barbara was just protecting Paul to him. Dusty feels that the cops look out for their own, but there was no one for Rose.

Emily tries to talk but Hal tells her to stop talking. She won’t. She has to say something. What is it? “Barbara”. Susan stops the woman from trying to talk. Emily says that Barbara has Will, but Hal knows that. “…copter…copter…” What was that? “Helicopter. Barbara chartered a helicopter”. Emily heard her say that. She tells Hal to go now. Hal finds that Emily is a tough broad and he is glad that he has her. He has to go now but he will be back for Emily.

Hal calls Detective Snyder right away.

Jennifer runs up telling Hal that Barbara wasn’t the one that killed Rose. She did all this because Will did it. Jennifer saw that in the email. Will killed Rose. Hal starts running out of the hospital. Jennifer follows.

Paul goes to Will who thinks that Paul hates him. Paul doesn’t hate the boy. He loves him. He remembers how he used to carry Will when he was 6, and when Will caught that fly ball. Paul can even remember the look on the boy’s face. Will remembers that. Paul wanted kids because of Will. Paul loves the boy enough to still be there for the boy. He is right there. Barbara is glad to hear Paul say that. Paul tells the boy that what happens now is going to affect him for the rest of his life. Barbara tells Paul to come with them. She pleads with him. Paul can’t do that. It wouldn’t be right. They know that. Barbara tells Will to say goodbye.

The helicopter can be heard coming now. Paul holds Will. Barbara begs him to let go now so that they can go. Paul doesn’t move. There are tears in Paul’s eyes now. Barbara begs Paul to let go of Will, but he wonít. Paul looks over Barbaraís shoulder and sees something. He lets Will go. Will goes to his mother. She tells him that he will not regret this decision.

Barbara and Will turn to find Hal behind them.

Mike is being measured for a new look. Sergio works his magic. He decides on a look for Mike, but Mike isn’t sure that he wants to give up his look just now. Henry knows that they can make Mike look tantalizing for Katie. Mike is dressed in leather…an overdone suit and finally a simple blazer, shirt and pants. He looks very cool.

Mike is going to the penthouse that night to proposed. Henry warns Mike that he better not do anything to break Katie’s heart.

Katie has taken care of her paperwork to sell and the papers will be sent over to the house for her.

Katie gets a call from Mike who tells her to get to The Lakeview. She will be there but first she has to get to the cottage to change.

Simon is in the bedroom at Katie’s house. He has taken off his shirt and he climbs under the covers and promptly falls asleep.

Emily is much better now and has to stay the night. On the way out of the cubicle, Chris tells Susan that if he hears anything about Alison, he will let her go.

Emily wants to know what is up with Alison. Susan tells her that Aaron has no idea where Alison is. She says that she needs time to be alone but she always gets herself in trouble it seems.

Dr. Daniels comes to Jennifer and offers to be a friend to her. She is crying now. Dr. Daniels helped her a bit but now things are so much more work. Dr. Daniels is good at medical mysteries but he has no idea what she is talking about. She tells him that in her life, the wicked witch has a strangle hold on the kids and there is no way to get them free. Her family’s skeletons always seem to find there way to the news.

At the station, everyone is waiting to hear from Hal. Dusty is angry that they have to wait like this. Jack tells him to clam up.

Lily called her mother about this. Lily has the TV stations coming over to see what a shambles the police have made of this. Dusty feels that Hal and the others can’t be trusted. Holden watches from afar Dusty talks to his wife. He knows that the media has been called.

Holden says that he knows that Dusty was the one that called the media. Lily says that she was the one that did this.

Jack comes to tell everyone that Hal has called and that he is on his way in.

Hal holds Will in his arms and refuses to let Will go to Barbara. Hal will not let the boy go. When will was born, that was the happiest day of Halís life. Will apologizes for all of this. The sirens can be heard in the distance. Hal cries. Barbara promises that she can give the boy a good home. She is crying too. This is their baby. She begs Hal to be the boyís father.

Hal tells Will that he has to be the boyís father. He is going to make Will come with him. Barbara cries out. Hal warns Will not to say another word until he gets the word. Hal will take things from here. He will take care of everything. Barbara watches in horror as her baby slips away from her.

Henry comes into Katie’s room and finds someone in her bed. The covers are over the head and Henry calls to Katie thinking that she is the one under covers. He touches the body and Simon is abruptly awakened. He jumps up from under the covers. Henry takes one look at the man and faints.

Mike and Katie meet at The Lakeview and she has no idea why he is dressed up and has brought her there. He gets on his knees. She is embarrassed as she hasn’t gone to get dressed up at home and people are staring at him on his knees. She has been what he has wanted all along and he proposes. She shouts out that she will marry him. She will.

Lily tells Holden that she isn’t afraid or crazy about what she thinks. Holden really is upset as Lily has gotten evidence and she didn’t come to him, but she went to Dusty instead. Holden has been holding it together. He has been trying to support her and she has been treating him like an outsider. She called the reporters so that Paul and Barbara will not get away. Holden is not the enemy and will always love his wife. He will not share her. Holden wants what she wants and always has. How they get what they want is where they disagree. Holden trusts Hal and he trusts Jack but Dusty has always brought nothing but trouble.

Jack hears that Hal is bringing Paul in. They have a confession. Hal didn’t say more about the confession so Jack has no more information. That is okay for Lily. It is over. It is finally over.

Lily promised her sister justice and they finally got it.

Barbara has the cuffs slapped on her. She feels that Paul has gotten what he wanted. She feels that he wanted to destroy the family.

An officer asks if Hal would like to cuff his son, but Hal says that they are to look after Barbara and that he will be the one that brings Will in. The officer isn’t sure that this should be handled this way, but Hal has made an order.

Barbara tells Paul that he has just destroyed Will and herself. Paul was willing to let the boy go, but not with Barbara. Barbara is lead off by the police and Paul stands alone.

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