ATWT Update Friday 1/16/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/16/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Mike and Katie joke how they can’t get around to eating. Katie has to go and see Margo who is probably dying to talk to her. She has to get ready and she pries herself away from Mike. She remembers that her keys are in the drawer and Mike heads over there to get them for her.

She shouts for him to stop.

Mitzy goes to a fancy hotel and flashes her money around, paying cash for her room. She heads to the giftshop to wait for her room. Carly has been watching her.

When Mitzy leaves, Carly goes to the concierge who knows her. She asks the man to do her a big fat favor.

Craig comes over to Margo and wants to know about the Di Angelo murder. He knows that Barbara has confessed but that Paul may still be guilty.

Jack hears Craig talking and tells him that there is a big problem with the confession and it seems that Paul may be guilty after all.

Paul remembers his mother saying that she has done everything for one reason.

Lily shouts at Paul not to turn his back on her. Paul is in deep thought.

Rosanna asks Paul what is the matter. Paul finally understands what his mother has done.

Emily lies on the carpet of her home with the wooden rolling pin beside her bleeding head.

Will has questions and wants to know what happened to Emily and why they had to go out the back door. Barbara will not answer his questions.

She wants him to trust her. They are in the car and they are leaving Oakdale right now, forever.

The concierge tells Carly what she wants to know. Mitzy apparently paid for her room with $500 cash. Carly offers to give the man a check for the cash. The man reluctantly goes along with the plan.

Mitzy comes back into play and sees Carly with the cash. Mitzy wants to know where she got the money. Carly will not answer. Mitzy orders her to get out of her face. Mitzy owes this woman nothing. Carly will get to the bottom of what is going on, one way or the other.

Margo finds Craig’s concern for Paul touching. She refuses to give the man anymore information. Jack can see that Craig wants to hurt Paul. Craig has been working overtime to get Paul busted. Craig says that Paul has been going after his wife and he doesn’t like that.

Jack has his number. He knows that Craig will do anything to get the man. Craig knows that Rosanna may be in danger if Barbara really isn’t the one that did it. Jack sees this as classic Montgomery and classic bull.

Craig gets a call from Mitzy who tells him that things are hitting the fan. She needs to see him right now.

Paul sneaks out when Rosanna feigns fainting. Everyone but Paul runs to her and gives her all their attention. Dusty is the first to see that Paul is gone.

Dusty feels that Paul leaving doesn’t matter, as the charges against him will probably be dropped.

Dusty knows that Rosanna planned his escape. She refuses to tell them where Paul went and Lily turns her wrath on her.

Hal learns that someone saw Barbara near his house. The police spring into action. Jennifer is mortified.

Paul arrives at Hal’s house and finds her on the floor. She is unconscious. He calls for an ambulance. Emily starts talking slowly. She says that she knows where ‘they’ are.

Barbara has Will at the landing pad where they are going to get on a helicopter and fly away. Maybe to South America.

Will demands answers but Barbara says nothing. He doesn’t want to leave town. Will has been the only one that has stuck with her. Will can see that something bad has happened. He was stopped from going to school that day. Barbara finally admits that she confessed to Rose’s murder. Will wants to call his father but Barbara will not let him. Will is afraid and knows that Hal must know about this. Will doesn’t want to miss seeing his family anymore. He wishes that there were another way. Barbara tells him that she won’t see him anymore if they put her in prison. Will knows that he has to choose between the members of his family and Barbara. Is he with her?

He is scared. Very scared. She assures him that they have each other. Does he love her enough to go with her? He hugs his mother and she comforts him, the best that she can. “We will be all right. We will be all right.”

Mike gets a call and might have to go back to work in Costa Rica. He wants to make sure that she is okay. She is fine. She freaked out because she had a gift for him in the drawer. She presents the package with a bow on it. She was stupid for freaking out. He opens the box and there is a watch inside. He loves it. It isn’t all that expensive but it is better than the one that he has on. He immediately puts it on. He can remember her when he looks at the watch. She tells him to take it off. She wants to get it engraved.

Hal and Jennifer arrive at the house and find Paul there. Jennifer goes rushing off to find Will.

Hal goes to Emily and tries to revive her. He begs her to stay with him.

Will is sad. He was going to go to a hockey game that Saturday. He knows though that this is the way that it has to be. He is a very brave kid and Barbara loves him. The helicopter is going to be there in a few minutes.

She tells him to walk off over by some lights to wait. He leaves.

Paul finds his mother standing alone with her back to him.

Paul remembers what Barbara said about doing things for her son.

Paul says hello to his mother. She turns. She has surprised him, as for once in her life, she has told the truth.

Mitzy asks Craig at his house why Carly would be doing this to them. Craig thinks that Carly is going to take the bills and trace them. Mitzy is panicking. She lied only for Craig and she isn’t going to take the fall for all this without Craig.

Carly goes to Jack with the bills and asks him to trace them without telling where she got them. He will not help her without more information. Carly then tells Jack how she found Craig and that he gave Mitzy money. Jack starts to come around to Carly’s way of thinking now. He knows how Craig is determined.

Rosanna goes to Jessica asking about Paul’s safety. Jessica is angry with her for letting Paul escape. Rosanna asks Jessica to trust her but Jessica will not. They will just have to wait to see what happens now. Rosanna has a bad feeling about this.

Lily is freaking out and wants Rosanna to be called up on charges for aiding and abetting. Rosanna helped her friend and believes that the man didn’t murder Rose. Lily wants Rosanna to put herself in her shoes. Lily has to make sure that Rose can rest.

She finds that Rosanna is keeping Rose from moving on. She finds that no one can understand that Rose can’t rest. She screams out at the woman. “I hate you! I hate you!” Dusty and Jessica get in between Rosanna and Lily. Lily is crying now. Lily apologizes to her sister. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Paul would like some time to talk to Barbara. She will not let him convince her to leave Will there. Paul has things that he has to sort out with Barbara. For the past few weeks, everything that she has said has been so irrational and inexplicable. She wants to stop the conversation now.

She again tells him that she only wanted to protect her children. Paul sees that she is actually being truthful. Now he knows that she is telling the truth. What she has been saying about protecting her son meant something else at the time. She sees that he is pushing her to say something but she still evades the issues he wants to touch. He shouts at her, “Just stop it! Just stop it!” You know what I am talking about.

Henry meets with Mike as he has been asked to. Mike needs to get Katie a gift and wants help with it. Henry knows about good jewelry. Katie would love anything but the important thing is what Mike wants to say with the gift. Mike wants the gift to say that she is the most important thing to him. He can’t stop thinking about her and he has loved her ever since he laid eyes on her. Henry knows that she is a darling creature. Katie gave Mike a watch and Mike would like to do the same for her. They are in a jewelry shot and Mike is shown a variety of things are not right. Diamond earrings, gaudy necklaces…nothing is right yet. They look at bracelets and pearl and gold watches. Mike would like to continue alone now. Henry leaves Mike in Antoine’s helpful hands.

Katie goes to see Margo at the station and she sees that the wedding ring is gone from her finger. Katie took it off and she is happy about it. She told Mike that she loves him. Margo is happy for her. Katie feels good finally. Margo wants Mike and Katie to come over to the house and they will celebrate. Craig might not like this, but Margo sees no need to worry about that. Katie still loves Mike, but it is healthy to move on. Simon is a part of the past and Mike is the future.

Emily is being taking to an ambulance.

Jennifer comes downstairs saying that Barbara must have taken Will with her. Hal sends her upstairs to find clues as to where Barbara is.

Jennifer is left alone to find something to help in the search. She sees the wooden pin on the floor with the blood on it and she can’t believe her mother has done this.

Paul says that he understands his mother now. Barbara wants him to leave now. Paul knows that she wants to keep Will from them forever. Paul can’t just forget this all. Rose is gone. She is just gone and he can’t forget. Barbara says that he must be angry that Rose is gone, but he has to go on. She knows that Paul has to decide how to go on. Will he destroy them all or just go on. This is a difficult choice. She knows that he may destroy the family or allow them to stay alive.

“Paul!” Paul turns to find his little brother standing behind him. Will is shocked to see him there.

Craig doesn’t respond to threats and warns Mitzy of that. He is sure that Carly will not do anything. He knows her. It is Mitzy’s word against Carly’s. Carly is smart and if she happens to find out that they have an agenda, she will understand that Rosanna will get hurt and she will back off. Mitzy hopes that he is right.

Jack and Carly discuss Rosanna losing her husband because Craig is lying. Carly will be lying to her sister again and that would be a strain again on their relationship. Carly has to do the right thing her as there is no turning back.

Mike finds what he is looking for. Antoine tells him that the piece that he has picked out is an engagement ring. Mike knows that.

Katie is alone and she looks at her wedding picture. “Thank you Simon. I will never forget you.”

At Katie’s house, a man goes to a door. He tries the knob and the door is open. He enters and is in Katie’s bedroom. The man is Simon.

Dusty is holding a crying Lily. He tells her that there are other ways to get Paul. Lily can see that this is over and that they have lost. Dusty knows that they are far from losing. They know what he did. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Dusty is going to make sure that the man pays. Dusty needs Lily and she has to keep it together for him. She can’t freak out. Does she believe him? She nods her head. Sometimes she just gets so freaked out. She asked him once if he sees Rose. He answered that every time that he closes his eyes he sees her. Lily feels Rose in her heart and she knows that the woman isn’t at peace. The world has to know how she really died. Lily cries some more. Dusty holds her again. It is all right to be scared. He offers himself for her to lean on whenever she wants.

He assures her that justice is about to be done.

Will asks his brother how he found them. Barbara says that Paul is going to let them leave the country. Paul shouts at her to stop her lies. Paul asks Will if Barbara killed Rose. Paul sees that she couldn’t have done, “because it was you…” Will remains silent.

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