ATWT Update Thursday 1/15/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Paul wakes up listening to the radio. The weather is going to be bad today. Rose is in the room watching him.

Dusty is shaving and Rose is in the room watching him.

Lily picks up a scarf that belonged to Rose and gets caught up in thought.

Holden finds Lily with the scarf. She says that she isn’t’ going to wear it. Holden knows that she is hurting and he holds her close to him.

Rose knows that it is going to be a stormy day and that people are going to get knocked off their feet.

Hal comes to the kitchen and finds Will with Emily. Emily reads Hal’s mind and tells him that they will be fine while he is gone.

Rosanna heads out and she says goodbye to her husband and baby. Craig has been strangely wonderful about her taking off.

Craig reenters his apartment after Rosanna leaves and finds Annabelle smoking in there and waiting for him.

Barbara is being lead in handcuffs to court. The media is there as is everyone else. Rose knows that things are going to be bad and for others things are going to get worse.

Mike wakes and finds that he is alone in bed.

Katie is dressed and alone in a room talking to the mirror. Practicing what to say to Mike. She has breakfast ready for the man and she thinks that she has the right thing to say to him all prepared.

Katie turns the corner to enter the bedroom and bumps into Mike on his way out. The breakfast goes crashing to the floor. Katie has screwed up her perfect morning.

Aaron is in deep thought. He goes back to what Alison had told him about Chris learning the truth about the baby.

Alison said that she told Chris everything that he needed to know. That troubles Aaron for some reason.

Aaron turns and finds Lucy entering the diner. He tells her that he was just thinking about her. Aaron starts a conversation but then Clarke enters the diner announcing to Lucy that he has just parked the car.

Aaron can see that they are on a date and he hurriedly leaves.

Craig is angry that Annabelle is in his house. She has been hiding there. Annabelle heads to the kitchen.

Craig is angry that the woman is in the house. She has to go.

Annabelle asks Craig for some money. Craig reluctantly goes into his pocket and gets her some cash. They hear a woman’s voice and Craig hides the old woman behind some furniture.

Lucy and Clarke enter the apartment and finds Craig there. Lucy smells smoke and Craig gives some excuse for the smell. Lucy knows that he has to get going and tells him he can go now.

Mitzy goes to Lilyís house asking for Lily. Emma learns that Lily is at the courthouse. Mitzy canít get into Roseís house. Seems that Holden has changed the locks. Mitzy can understand that as there are a lot of weird things going on.

Emma makes her understand that the locks have been changed because of her.

Lucinda learns from Lily that what has been found out will stop Barbara’s confession.

Tom approaches the court and tells that there is a stay on Barbara’s confession. There is new information to do with the murder of Rose Di Angelo.

Barbara looks up at Tom in horror. This is not what she planned. Her lawyer approaches the bench, as he had not been aware of any new evidence.

Dusty breathes a sigh of relief over what he hears from the front of the court.

Mike tries to take the blame for the tray falling down. It is all right though. They both clean up together and then kiss. The night before was incredible for the both of them. They were together and there was communication and understanding.

Mike hopes that he isnít ruining things by talking about them. She loves that. She has to talk to him about something and she would like to do that over breakfast. That is fine with him. He lies on the bed and she leaves the room.

Once alone, Katie tries again to say the words that are coming so hard to her lips.

Aaron leaves a message for Alison to call him as soon as possible. He is at the hospital and he sees Chris. He asks for Alison but Chris has no idea where she is. Aaron tells the man that he knows that things were tough but he knows that things are going to be okay.

Chris tells him that everything is okay. Chris said some bad things about Aaron and Alison being parents but maybe he was wrong to say that. Chris runs off to see a patient.

Aaron sees that he has been lied to again.

Craig is stalling leaving the apartment as Annabelle is hiding in the room and he doesn’t want Clarke and Lucy to find the woman. Craig tells Lucy to show Clarke around the place.

Clarke and Lucy leave and Craig gets Annabelle out of the house. He checks his messages and sees that Mitzy has been trying to contact him.

Clarke and Lucy return to the main room and Craig decides that he really has to get going now. He leaves reminding Lucy that Cabot is sleeping in the house.

Clarke decides that he would rather stay in the house now that they are alone. She expected to go out. Clarke makes himself comfortable on the couch. Lucy smiles uncomfortably at the guy.

Barbara learns that something about computer products have shown up as evidence.

Jennifer goes to her mother and tells her mother that she should be happy, as there seems to be another suspect. Barbara wanted to confess she doesn’t want to get off.

Hal comes to Barbara who tells him that she wanted to confess. He tells her that Will is home, as Hal doesn’t want him hearing about the trial from friends. Barbara begs that she get to call her son. Hal will give her a few minutes.

Jack comes up and Hal asks him to take Barbara to make a call. Paul watches them walk off.

Carly comes to Jack who is waiting while Barbara makes her call. She tells Jack that she knows that Mitzy is the killer. She knows that once she proves this, Jack will thank her later.

Lucinda has to go now and she asks Lily to call her if anything else comes up that she needs to know about the case.

Paul is freaking out. He can’t believe that his mother is going to get away with this. Dusty finds this funny as he thinks that Paul feels that he has this beat. Tom tells Dusty to stay out of it. Jessica warns her client that he better keep his mouth shut until they have a talk later. Lily isn’t going to be fooled. She tells Paul that she knows that he is the killer.

Paul denies that he killed Rose again. Dusty knows that it is going to be important to him when they decide to execute him. Paul tells Lily and Dusty that they were not the only ones that loved Rose. Dusty says again that Paul is lying. Paul knows that Barbara was the one that killed Rose.

It is discovered that Barbara isn’t in the judge’s chambers making a call like she said she would be. She can’t be found.

Emily tries to make Will feel better but he doesn’t want to do anything. The dryer goes off. Emily heads out of the room to do some laundry.

Will is alone and he gets his PDA and checks. He instant messages his mother asking what is going on.

Emily enters the room and finds Will with the PDA. She gets very angry with him. He isn’t’ allowed to see his mother. Will hates that he is being bossed around. He runs up the stairs.

There is pounding on the door. Emily answers to Barbara.

“I need to see Will!”

Craig has come to meet Mitzy in a park. She tells him that she has been thrown out of the house. Craig has her money and gives it to her. She tells him that she is not leaving Oakdale. She is going to buy the salon and she is going to show everyone what she can do in this town.

"Well...well". Mitzy and Craig turn to find Carly behind them. She finds them together to be an interesting twist. No surprise. She knows that bottom feeding is better with a friend.

Mike finds that Katie is acting a little weird. He has a hard time not noticing. He sees her wedding ring on the table. She took it off the night before. She feels naked but not in a bad way. She has more to tell him though. She wants things to be special. He likes everything that she does anyway. She is told to spell it out and that is exactly what she is going to do.

Katie and Mike head to the shower where they make mad love. Over Mike’s shoulder, on the condensation on the shower door, Katie writes I love you. Mike has no idea that it is there yet. He is too interested in Katie.

Carly says that she is there to see Mitzy. She has news. Mitzy wants to hear nothing from her. Carly says that there is new evidence that there may be another suspect. Carly wonders who the killer could be then. Craig has had enough of this and he leaves the ladies.

Carly wonders about the suitcase that Mitzy is carrying. She tells that she has been kicked out. Carly finds that to be a good start.

Jessica wants to talk to Paul about the new evidence. She would like to talk to Paul alone. Paul says that he has nothing to hide. Lily and Dusty would like to hear this. Jessica tells that information from the site was downloaded from his computer regarding methanol.

Barbara pushes her way into the house and demands to see her son. Barbara should be in court but Barbara managed to get out. Emily tries to call Hal, but Barbara stops her from getting to the phone. Will is upstairs and Barbara shouts for him. Emily will not let Barbara go up the stairs and she stands in the woman’s way. Will hears that something is going on downstairs and he shouts out asking what is going on. Emily runs to the stairs and calls out to Will, telling him to stay up there and close the door. As her back is turned. Barbara grabs the wooden rolling pin and raises her hand to strike Emily in the back of the head.

Katie enters the bedroom where Mike is waiting for her. They had a great shower together. They start kissing. She tells him that she loves him. She really does. He loves her too. There is a big decision to be made. Should they have breakfast or go back to sleep. She would rather go back to sleep. Mike is great with that idea. Sweet dreams. Katie closes her eyes, but Mike is wide-awake. Is she sure that she is not hungry? Maybe a big, tall glass of orange juice would be good. She can see that he is starving. She will go and get him something. She heads out of the bed, but she will be right back.

Mike is alone and the phone rings. Katie asks Mike to answer the phone.

Mike answers the phone but no one replies to his saying hello.

Carly has visited at Lily’s house and when she leaves she finds Mitzy outside the house. Mitzy says that she is waiting for a cab. Carly would like to know what Mitzy was doing with Craig. Mitzy tells her to get off her back. What she does is her business. Mitzy walks off.

Carly knows that Mitzy is up to something and Carly is going to find out what that is.

Clarke and Lucy are alone in her house. Clarke would like to make the most of that. She can’t do that right now. He can see that Lucy is still stuck on Aaron. Lucy denies that. Clarke would like a chance. She will not be pushed and Clarke is fine with that. She is really smart, so hanging out what her is going to get his grades up.

Susan gets a visit from Aaron who says that he can’t find Alison. Susan has no idea where the girl is. Susan feels that whatever happened to them will be smoothed over. Susan knows that once he gets home, things will be fine. Aaron says that Alison and he didn’t move in together. Susan starts to panic. Maybe she is with Emily. Susan leaves to make a call.

Aaron thinks back to how Alison said that she would tell the truth and that she needed to have a couple of days to tell everyone.

Paul says that he has never been on any of these website. He has no idea how these sites got on his computer. He checks the password and finds that it is his... “Buddy Boy”.

Paul remembers that Barbara said that she went online to buy the methanol for the murder.

Paul suddenly understands. “Oh my God”.

Over at Hal’s house, the phone is ringing. It never gets answered. Emily lies nearby. She is unconscious and bleeding from the head. The phone keeps ringing.

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