ATWT Update Wednesday 1/14/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Mike have been enjoying each other immensely. The lovemaking seems like it will never end. She can’t believe how far she has come with him after being so afraid. The room is candlelit for the lovers.

Later after a good night’s sleep with Mike in her bed, Katie is awakened by a sound in the house. Mike is still sleeping. She hears the noise again. She doesn’t wake Mike, but slowly gets out of bed.

Katie goes out into room where Simon’s picture is. No one is there. She picks up the picture and then looks at the closet. “Simon…is that you?”

Mitzy gets a visit from Craig who sees that she is feeling better. She tells him that she almost died that night. She tells Craig that he owes her some money and he fishes the envelope out of his jacket. She looks in the envelope and sees that there isn’t even $200 in there. She is through talking. She is going to call the cops.

Dusty comes to see Lily and Holden is not around. Dusty shows Lily something from Paul’s hard drive. Dusty has a friend from the police department. Dusty thinks that they have to push to get Paul. Lily has to wonder if Dusty has been tampering with evidence. Lily looks at the papers that Dusty has brought to her. “Oh my God…”

Barbara is making her confession now in the office with Rosanna, Jennifer, Hal and Paul present. Rosanna is asked to leave the office and she quickly goes knowing that this is a family matter now and that Paul doesn’t need her anymore.

Jennifer knows that her mother needs a lawyer but Barbara is sure that she is going to be fine. She really likes that her daughter is showing concern for her. She doesn’t always get that with the family that she has. Barbara would like her children to stay while she makes her statement so that they can hear what her reasons are for what she did. She is only going to do this once.

Hal leaves to get a tape recorder to get Barbara’s confession on tape.

Paul asks Barbara why she did this terrible thing? Barbara finds that obvious to everyone. Everything that she has done has been for one reason and one reason only. Everything that she has done has been for her son.

Craig reminds Mitzy that if she calls the cops, she will be charged too. Craig has given her the little bit of money as a token. He promises to get her all the money is needs and was promised. Mitzy thought that Paul was guilty but the cops don’t think so. Craig knows that in time, Paul will be found guilty. Mitzy asks why Craig is doing this. Mitzy wants to know what he is about as he might be the one that poisoned Rose. Craig is doing this, he says for the safety of his family.

Lily is sure now that Paul was the one that killed Rose, now that she has read what was on the guy’s computer. Dusty knows that people do things in the name of love that they shouldn’t. Lily asks if Dusty ever sees Rose. He sees her every time that he closes his eyes. Someone is at the door and Dusty answers to Rosanna.

She is sorry to drop by late. Rosanna is not there to apologize for helping Paul. Dusty tells her that in the morning when she reads the paper, she will know that Paul really did this. Rosanna tells Lily that Barbara is confessing right now.

Barbara is on tape. Video and audio telling how Rose was not a good person. She found Rose to be a vulgar, scheming, bore. She was trying to elevate herself and Barbara wasn’t going to let that happen through Paul’s marriage. Barbara would have been the girl’s mother-in-law. Hal would like to know what exactly Barbara did. She evades the question. She only said that Rose would have destroyed her family and that was why she came to Hal about the spray paint. She was hurting the family and she twisted things all around. Barbara even warned Rose and Hal was there.

Rose told Barbara that she was pathetic. Barbara told the woman that she had crossed her for the last time.

Barbara knew then that Rose had to go out of their lives. Hal asks about the hit man. Barbara said that was the time when she hired the hit man.

At the church back then, Barbara was there at the church when Rose was talking to her mirror promising herself a new life.

Hal knows that was the time that Barbara disguised herself as a nun. Jennifer is horrified at what she is hearing.

Barbara got her gun out and was about to head into the dressing room to kill Rose but Hal found Barbara and stopped her. Rose was none-the-wiser about the incident.

The gun wasn’t loaded because Barbara said that she knew that she had already killed Rose, so there was no need to shoot her. Barbara smiles when she thinks of the poison that killed Rose. “Mouthwash…Of all things. Mouthwash…” A wicked laugh comes out of her. Jennifer’s mouth is open in horror at the behavior of her mother.

Katie knows that Simon woke her up for a reason but what? She looks at the picture and takes it with her as she goes to the closet. She heads slowly to the door and opens it. Her rabbit runs out.

Mike comes into the room where Katie is standing holding her bunny, asking what is wrong. She tells him that Snickers was in the closet, but was in the cage when they went to sleep. He sees that she is holding Simon’s picture and she explains that she thought Simon was there. Mike wants to know if she thinks that making love with him was a mistake.

Annabelle is with Molly at the club. She is smoking up a storm and Molly hates that. Annabelle has a question for Molly about why she can’t sleep at night. Molly has been letting the woman stay with her as a favor to Craig and they have to share quarters, which is becoming unbearable to Molly. Molly says that she is used to sleeping alone and Annabelle was watching TV late that night was disturbing her. Annabelle says that Molly is making that up. Annabelle tells her that Molly isn’t a gracious host at all. She can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have manners, you are as low as they come. Molly sees that the old bag is wearing her coat and that angers her. She has been doing Craig a favor and it ends here. Either Annabelle goes, or Molly will. That is fine with Annabelle. Molly can stay at the club.

Craig gets a call from Molly. He warns her that Rosanna could have answered the phone. Molly wants Annabelle out but Craig manages to get her to agree to keep the woman a little longer.

Annabelle can see that Molly hasn’t been able to get rid of her yet and she chuckles to herself over her victory.

Rosanna knows that Dusty can hate Paul if he wants, but he shouldn’t let that cloud his judgement of who the killer is. Rosanna is there because she knows that Lily would like to know that the killer has been found, as the woman has been worrying about that from the start. Rosanna knows how horrible this has been for Lily and she knows that Paul has been cruel to Rose, but the truth is that Barbara killed Rose. Hal is taking the statement right now and that means that he believes that Barbara did it. Rosanna would like Lily to stop her crusade against Paul now that the truth is out.

Molly is only letting Annabelle stay with her because they are friends. Annabelle is trying to be friendly, but Molly wants none of that. Annabelle can see that Molly needs a friend. Molly kicks the woman out of there when she hears that.

Lily thinks that they may not be sure of Paul being the killer now. Barbara is confessing to murder now. Barbara will be spending the rest of her life in jail for this.

Dusty sees differently and knows that Barbara doesnít have it in her to kill Rose. Dusty reminds Lily that they have evidence in their hands and there is no getting around that.

Barbara is still giving her statement at the station. She takes her water glass saying that the water looks pure but it might not be. With methanol, there is no way to tell really. Hal wants to get back to the story as Barbara keeps getting off track. Barbara admits that she fired the hit man and decided that poison was the best way to go. She says that she put the poison in the mouthwash.

Hal asks where she got the methanol. Barbara says that the substance was easy to find. She says that she bought it online. She only had to wait for Rose to take the poison one-day. She loves the timing of Rose dying at her wedding. Paul finds her insane. Jennifer begs her mother to stop. Barbara is sorry for her daughterís pain but she hated Rose and she is glad that the woman is dead. Hal was closing in on Barbara and so she decided to dress as a nun, knowing that cops would be at the wedding. She knows that Hal would find her in the get-up and see think later that she wasnít the one that killed Rose. Paul orders Hal to turn the tape off. Barbara has more. She wants to tell how she framed Paul.

Katie brings Mike some coffee, but he didn’t want it. He loves her and he will wait as long as it takes to get her. The lovemaking that they made was what he wanted. He offers to find somewhere else to live. She can’t believe that he thinks that she wants to leave. She was holding the picture but it didn’t mean anything about them being together. Katie heard a noise, but it was just Snickers. She was embarrassed that Mike found her in a private moment thinking about Simon. Mike knows that she loves Simon but she tells that she has let the man go. Simon being gone doesn’t hurt anymore. She wants him to drink up. She tells him that she loves having him there. The drink is cold, but hers is still hot. She asks him to come over to her so that she can share with him. They put their heads together and Katie puts the cup on the table.

Soon, Mike and Katie are at it again. He removes her shirt and they are back in bed. The candles are still burning as they make love. He adores every bit of her skin. She looks up at him, and he pulls the covers over them as he lowers himself on top of her. More kissing. He will let her do anything for him anytime. She laughs at that.

Mike and Katie are sleeping again and Katie awakes because she hears a noise.

Rosanna comes home and finds her husband snoring on the couch. She gets a blanket to cover him and that wakes him. He says that he has been waiting up for her. It is late now. She avoids his question about where she was. She says that the charges have not been dropped against Paul yet but that doesnít make any difference now. Barbara has confessed. Craig canít believe this. What about the stuff that they found in the crypt? Barbara admitted to hiding the stuff. The situation is pretty sad.

Craig is not surprised at most of this but what surprises him is that Barbara admits to this. Barbara seemed out of options. Craig knows that Barbara is acting differently. Rosanna owes him an apology. For a minute, she thought that Barbara was right that Craig did something to make Paul look guilty. She is sorry for being that way. He tells her that there is nothing to forgive.

Barbara says that she got the bottle and the glasses and hid them and then she went back and put methanol in the goblet to make Paul guilty. She then called Paul and tried to get him to meet her. She says that Paul was a perfect suspect and that she had no other choice. She didnít want to frame Paul, even though he said dreadful things to her but she does love him. That is the story. She says that she was the one.

She killed Rose and framed Paul. Hal turns off the machine. He has to get the tape to Tom and then he is going to check on Will. Barbara begs Hal that she be the one that tells Will the truth. Hal canít promise anything. Hal is sorry for this. He leaves the office.

Jennifer goes to her mother crying asking how she could do this. She knows that Will will be devastated. Barbara hugs her daughter and tells her that she still loves her kids despite everything. Barbara is looking over her daughter’s shoulder at her son. Paul only smirks back at her.

Katie is sitting by the bed as Mike sleeps. She knows that Simon keeps waking her up. What is he trying to say? She takes off her wedding ring after smiling for a moment.

She lays the ring down in front of Simon's picture then  kisses her fingers and touches the ring.

Mike and Katie are back to sleep and Katie is smiling and happy now.

Rosanna tells Craig that she is not tired and would like to show him how much she loves him. She gets up to go to bed ahead of him.

Once alone, Craig goes to his computer and shuts it off. If Barbara takes the wrap, what is going to happen next? He turns to head upstairs and that is when Annabelle walks in. “I’m back!”

Hal is home now and Emily comes to him at the kitchen table. He says that Barbara has just confessed to killing Rose. How is he going to tell Will? Emily just hugs him.

Lily and Dusty go to see Tom. Dusty says that Barbara didn’t do this. They believe still that Paul is guilty. Lily shows Tom the note that was retrieved from Paul’s computer. Tom has a good look at it.

Barbara is alone with her son now. Paul doesn’t love her and feels nothing right now. He knew all that she said except she is confessing. The lab report cleared him and she didn’t need to do this. She tells him that Hal found her red-handed in the house where Mitzy was poisoned. Barbara knows that Paul will be fine without her. They all will. Paul thinks that now that both his parents are in prison, he can finally be free. Paul is not used to Barbara telling the truth. It is an odd feeling to him. He leaves her in the back office.

Barbara is alone now in the inner office of the station. Barbara tells herself that Paul will never know the truth. Not if she can help it.

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