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As the World Turns Update Monday 1/12/04

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At Ben and Jessica's Curtis tries to talk some sense into Sarah. Sarah doesn't want to stay with Jessica as she blames Jessica for ruining her life. Curtis points out the good points of living with a doctor and a lawyer, as opposed to living within the system or on the streets.

Molly approaches Craig and tells him she wants to make a deal. She knows that she is in a lot of trouble with the law. She also knows that without Dusty's testimony, they don't have much of a case against her. She tells Craig that she has done everything she can think of to talk Dusty out of testifying, but he won't budge. She wants Craig's help with this. Craig agrees that they don't need bad publicity.

Jennifer confronts Barbara about planting the evidence that could send Paul to jail. Barbara is unmoved and claims that 'if' Paul is innocent, he will be fine. Jennifer gets really angry at first, but then goes into a realization that Barbara did kill Rose.

At Paul's place, he answers the door to the private investigator that he hired. The investigator tells him that he has found a hit man. A hit man that was hired by Barbara Ryan to kill Ms. D'Angelo.

Mitzi has collapsed and is gasping for air at Rose's place. Jack rushes to her side and tries to find out what is wrong. They decide to take her straight to the hospital. Jack tells Carly to get out of their way or help. Lily offers to get Mitzi's purse out of the car.

At the hospital they rush in with Mitzi. Bob tells them to put her in cubicle three. Lily and Dusty tell him to check Mitzi for methanol.

When Bob is through examining Mitzi, he confirms that she did have methanol in her system, but unlike with Rose they were able to get to Mitzi before the poison entered her system. Mitzi should make a full recovery. Lily and Dusty immediately jump to the conclusion that it must have been Paul. Paul poisoned her to shut her up. They demand to know what more proof Jack needs to put Paul away.

At Paul's place the investigator tells Paul that the guy he talked to was sure it was Barbara that hired him to kill Rose. Paul asks if the guy admitted to poisoning Rose. No, the investigator tells him. Barbara cancelled the hit, telling the hit man to keep the money. Paul wants to meet this guy, but the investigator doesn't think the hit man will agree to that. Paul hands him a bunch of money and tells him to tell the hit man where he can find the other half. The investigator hopes Paul knows what he is doing. Paul comments to himself that he knows exactly what he is doing. 'Sending you back to hell, Barbara.'

Jennifer tells Barbara that she is giving her one last chance to come clean. If Barbara doesn't, Jennifer promises to prove that she is lying. Barbara tells her to go ahead and prove it.

In the lab, Walker is puzzled over the research he is doing. He is surprised at what he finds there.

Barbara tells Jennifer that she did what she had to do. Jennifer will understand when she is a mother. Jennifer doesn't want to be a mother like Barbara is. They continue to argue about Paul, and Will. Jennifer's cell phone rings. It is Walker telling her that he has something at the lab that she should take a look at. Jennifer tells him she will be right thee. Barbara asks if there is good news. Jennifer informs her that she hired Walker to find something to get Paul's charges dropped, and he has something.

Jessica and Ben come back into the room and ask Sarah if she has made up her mind. Sarah wants to know why Jessica wants to be her foster mother. She thought Jessica hated her. Ben and Curtis excuse themselves from the room to let the women talk.

Sarah challenges Jessica's comment about 'honesty' being important in this house. Jessica tells her that is correct. She tells Sarah that there is a lot she doesn't understand. All Sarah knows is that the only two people she had in this world that cared about her are gone. One in prison and one dead, thanks to Jessica. Jessica admits to Sarah that the only reason she is doing this is because Bonnie begged her to.

Molly and Craig are discussing their 'arrangement'. Molly orders champagne to toast to the agreement. Craig will get Dusty to not testify so that the charges against Molly will be dropped, and Molly will forget about Craig's 'helping' the cops to have a strong case against Paul. Molly will also forget about all his dealings with Ms. Fettle. Molly asks Paul why he hasn't just made arrangements for Ms. Fettle to just disappear. While the discuss this, Craig gets a phone call. It is the a clerk calling from Lakeview.

He tells Craig that there is a woman there claiming to be his aunt that says she is checking in and wants to start a tab at the bar. The aunt says that Craig will cover it all. Craig informs the clerk that he will be right over. He drags Molly along with him telling her that it is time for her to start scratching his back.

Paul is sitting on the couch remembering conversations he had with Barbara, and with Rose when the Private investigator shows up with the hit-man. The hit-man confirms what the investigator told Paul earlier. Barbara hired him, then a few hours later freaked out and canceled the job. Paul asks what changed Barbara's mind. The hit-man informs him that she didn't change her mind. She just decided to do it herself.

At the hospital, Jennifer catches Barbara trying to follow her to the lab. Barbara claims she just wanted to help. Jennifer tells her that if she doesn't stop helping, she will have security throw her out.

Dusty pushes Jack to go out and arrest Paul. Jack tries to be logical and think about all of this. He isn't sure Paul had time to do this. He wonders how Mitzi ingested the poison. Lily remembers seeing Mitzi down a martini when Jack was questioning her. Jack calls Hal to tell him to get crime scene over to Rose's house.

At the lab, Jennifer is very please with what Walker has found. She thinks they should call Jessica.

Back at Jessica's house, Sarah tells them all that she is willing to give it a shot. During the 'celebration' Jessica's phone rings. It is Jennifer telling her that she needs to come to the lab and see this wonderful discovery that Walker has made. Jessica apologizes to all, but she really has to go. She suggests that Ben and Curtis go to the shelter and help Sarah collect her things, and she will meet them all back at home.

At the hospital, Jack informs everyone that Hal is going over Rose's place. Dusty and Lily want him to rush out and arrest Paul. Jack tries to explain that they have no evidence. He has to do this by the book. Dusty and Lily get disgusted and announce that they are going to talk to Tom about this, maybe he will do something. After they leave, Jack is surprised when Carly expresses concerns about Mitzi. Carly admits to a smug Jack that she was wrong.

At Rose's place, Hal and his team have finished gathering evidence when Holden shows up with Luke. Holden says that Lily called and told them what was going on. Luke tells Hal that he was playing outside earlier and he heard loud voices coming from Rose's house, and he saw a man running down the driveway. It was too far away for him to hear what was said, and too dark for him to see who the man was. The general description of the man sounds like it could have been Paul though. Hal thanks Luke and Holden and they leave. Hal comments to one of the officers that things are looking worse for Paul.

At Paul's place, he tries to talk the hit-man into going to the police station and telling them what he just told Paul. The hit-man will not have anything to do with the cops. He reminds Paul what he does for a living. Paul tells him that he will protect him. The hit-man is unimpressed until he learns that Paul's father is James Stenbeck. Paul leaves telling the investigator to keep the hit-man there. He is going to make a deal.

Craig arrives at Lakeview demanding to know what Ms. Fettle thinks she is doing there. She informs him that she is going to stay there, and either he will foot the bill, or she will talk to his wife. Molly asks Craig if there isn't a room somewhere in the motel that is far enough away that nobody will see 'Auntie Belle'. Craig comments that he knows the perfect room.

Back at the hospital, Jack asks Bob if Mitzi is awake. Bob says she won't be for awhile, but they are welcome to sit with Mitzi for a bit if they want to. Jack and Carly go into the room and Jack tells Mitzi to hang in there. The nurse calls Jack out to take a call from Lieutenant Munson.

Carly apologizes to a sleeping Mitzi, commenting that she thinks even Mitzi isn't enough to poison herself to throw the cops off her trail. Jack comes back in to tell Carly that he has to go. Carly tells him she is coming with him.

At the police station, Tom also tells a very upset Lily and Dusty that they can not just 'arrest' Paul without some proof. When Paul comes in to talk to someone about his 'deal' he is attacked Lily and Dusty's accusations that he poisoned Mitzi, just like he did Rose.

At Ben and Jessica's, all three grab boxes and head out the door to get Sarah's stuff.

Craig's 'perfect' room is 'Molly's room'. Molly is not to happy to have Ms. Fettle staying with her, but Craig tells her it is the perfect solution. Ms. Fettle lights a cigarette and tells Molly that she is calling the kitchen to tell them to send the lobster tail to the room. When Molly tells her that this is nonsmoking facility, Ms. Fettle informs her that it is now.

Back at the police station, Lily and Dusty are still throwing accusations around like crazy at Paul. Paul keeps insisting that he hasn't poisoned anyone.

Walker walks in with Jennifer and Jessica and tells them that there is one problem with their theory. 'It's scientifically impossible.'

We see Barbara sneaking around Rose's house, trying to figure out how to get in around the police tape. She makes it in the house.

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