ATWT Update Wednesday 1/7/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Lindsay
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Aaron is working at Metro when Ali shows up. She says he wouldn’t return her calls so she had to come to his work. He says that he has nothing to say to her and she better make it quick. She asks him why he didn’t tell Chris about the baby and he tells her that he had a problem with his attitude.

Jessica is in the courtroom when Ben shows up. She gives him an update on Paul’s case. He says he came there because he has something for her. He gives her a letter from Bonnie. Bonnie says that she is doing well. She says that the food is bad and she is working in the library and telling them they need more books. Bonnie then says that she feels so much better knowing that they are looking out for Sarah. Jess feels bad because she hasn’t done much to help Sarah. Ben tells her that they just got married and Bonnie can’t expect her to do much. She says that she made a promise.

Dusty and Lily are leaving the courtroom building when they run into Craig. They ask him if he knows what Rosanna done and he tells them that he knows but he didn’t know that she was going to do it. He tells them that he doesn’t approve. Lily tells Craig that he needs to control his wife.

Paul gets back to his suite and finds the paper in front of his door. Of curse the headline is him. He throws the paper and it knocks over Rose’s picture. He picks it up and says that someone took her from him and he promises to find out who it was. He starts to make a phone call when someone knocks on the door. He tells them to go away but it is the police. Hal tells Paul that he has a warrant to search his suite.

Barbara arrives at her suite and turns on the lights. When she looks up the goblet is sitting right there on the table. She freaks out and says that it can’t be there. Somebody pops out from behind her and says “surprise”… it is Rosanna.

Craig says that Rosanna does whatever she wants to do. Lily asks Craig if he believes that Paul is the killer. Craig says of course he believes that he killed Rose. Dusty says that that is a good thing. Lily tells Craig that he should get Rosanna to pull her money and her support. Craig says that he will talk to her and asks Lily if she knows where she is. She tells him the last place she saw her was with Paul.

Ben tells Jessica that it isn’t their fault that Sarah ran away and stole stuff. Jen interrupts and tells that Walker will talk to them at Al’s on his lunch break, which is five minuets away. Ben says that they will talk later and Jessica and Jen take off for Al’s to discuss Paul’s case with Walker.

Paul tells Hal that he was about ready to call Will before he got there and he asks Hal how Will is doing. Hal says that he isn’t doing well at all and he can’t eat or anything. He tells Paul that the only thing that has made him happy is when he got to see his mom. Paul can’t believe that Hal would let him see Barbara. Hal explains the situation but Paul says that Barbara is a murderer and he is going to prove it.

Barbara asks Rosanna how she got in and Rosanna tells her that money talks. Barbara asks how the goblet got in her room and Rosanna tells her that it was there when she got there. Barbara says that she is going to call the police and Rosanna tells her that while she is at it she should tell the police that she killed Rose.

Aaron tells Ali that he doesn’t hate her he feels sorry for her because to lie about something like a baby she must have issues. Curtis walks up to Aaron and they are happy to see each other. Curtis tells Aaron that he is looking for Dusty because he wants a job there. He tells him that Ben wants him to go to Oakdale Latin but he wants to go to a public school so he is trying to show him that he is responsible. Aaron introduces Ali as his wife. Curtis goes and looks around at the place. Alison sees Chris walk in on a double date with his friends.

At Al’s Walker says he can’t take the job because he can’t guarantee that he will find that Paul is innocent. Jess says they can find someone else but Jen says no. Jen tells Walker that he can take whatever he finds to the cops. She says that she is that sure that Paul is innocent.

Lily and Dusty show up at Paul’s place as Hal’s officers are doing their search. Paul says he hopes that she is happy that the cops are there because the real killer is on the loose. Lily says that he should just admit to his crimes. Hal asks what they are doing there they tell him they just want to watch and Hal says they are fine without them. Hal tells one of his officers to escort them away. They leave on their own.

Rosanna says she is there because someone has to do her job of protecting her son. Barbara tells her she better never say something like that again. Rosanna tells her that the truth hurts and she asks her why she would set up Paul. Barbara says that she didn’t. She tells her to call Hal and tell him the truth. Rosanna says that if she doesn’t she will call Hal and tell him that she found the goblet on Barbara. Barbara busts the glass and tells her that it isn’t even the same goblet because the police have the real one. Rosanna asks her why she was so worried when she saw it. Rosanna tells her that she isn’t intimidated by her.

Walker says he will try to find something that will help them out and he accepts the job.

Hal gives Paul a list of the stuff that he is taking. Stuff like his shoes and computer. Paul asks Hal if he thinks that he killed Rose and Hal simply says no. He says that the judge thinks there is enough evidence to convict so he has to do his job. He tells Paul that what he did at the wedding was really bad. Paul tells Hal that he felt twice as worse as Hal did when Barbara ran off with Craig. Paul says that what he did to Rose kills him a little bit each day.

Alison watches on as Chris is with his date. Aaron tells her that he won’t tell Chris but she is on her own. Dusty and Lily walk in and Aaron tells him that Curtis is there to talk to him. Dusty tells him to wait a couple of minuets. Dusty opens a bottle of Champaign and Lily sees Rose telling her not to drink anything because it won’t bring her back. Lily says she will drink with him when Paul goes to jail and Dusty says he will save it. Lily says she has to go home and be with her family.

Ben tells Curtis that if he takes the job at Metro then he has to go to Oakdale Latin and he agrees. Aaron shows him around.

Lily goes home and tells Holden all that has happened. Holden says that he is worried about her spending so much time with Dusty. Her daughter brings her a picture that she drew of Lily with Rose as an angel in heaven looking down on her. It makes her cry but she says that she loves it. Lily asks Holden if he can pick Luke up from school because she needs some time alone.

Walker and Jen head to the hospital to make sure that it is alright with Bob that he is taking the extra job. Jess sees Troy and Sarah at the counter and Troy says that they are having a go away party for Sarah because she is being transferred to another shelter. As they are leaving Jess tells Sarah to wait.

Carly shows up at Paul’s place. He asks if she has changed her mind about him being the killer she says no but she will never forgive him for what he did at the wedding. She tells him that she wants more info about Mitzi. She tells him that as much as she hates Barbara she didn’t kill Rose. He tells Carly that he will prove she did because he has a new secret weapon… her sister. Carly says that Rosanna doesn’t need to get involved because Craig won’t like that she is helping another guy. Paul says that Rosanna is his friend and all he cares about is her happiness and he would not do anything to jeopardize it.

As Barbara opens the door to tell Rosanna to leave Craig walks in. He tells her that she needs to stay away from Paul. She tells him that she has everything figured out Barbara killed Rose and set up Paul. Barbara tells Craig that his wife is diluted. Rosanna says if she is so wrong than why would the cops show up the exact same time as Paul got the goblet. Barbara says that she has wondered about that a million times she looks at Craig and remembers the conversation she had with him at the police station. She realizes that Craig is the one that did it and she looks at him and tells him that he did it and Rosanna and Barbara are looking at him.

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