ATWT Update Tuesday 1/6/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Lindsay
Pictures by Boo

Mike and Katie are kissing on the floor when someone walks in. It is Henry. He is holding a carrot in his hand for snickers. (They don’t know he has walked in.) When he sees Katie and Mike he screams.

Barbara visits Lynn. She tells Lynn that maybe Hal was right and a little therapy wouldn’t hurt. Barbara asks Lynn if she can talk Hal into letting her see Will for just a little while. Lynn reminds Barbara what Hal said about her going through the therapy first. Barbara tells Lynn that Paul was arrested and will want to see her.

Hal takes Will out fishing. Will asks why he would take him out of school for something like that. Hal tells Will that he had to arrest Paul. Will is very upset and he wants to see Paul. Hal tells him that he can’t right now.

Lily imagines Paul being sentenced to life in prison for killing her sister. Tom shows and she tells him to make sure that Paul stays in custody. Dusty walks in the courtroom and Lily tells Dusty that she is worried that the judge won’t deny bail. Dusty tells Lily not to worry because he froze Paul’s assets. Paul, Jessica, and Rosanna walk into the courtroom. Lily asks Rosanna if she is actually there to support Paul. Rosanna tells her yes and Lily says that she doesn’t want to do that and Rosanna reassures her that she does in fact want to support Paul.

Barbara shows Lynn the paper and tells her that Paul was arrested for murder. Lynn says she didn’t know and now she is very concerned for Will. Barbara tells Lynn that Will is probably upset at Hal for arresting his brother. She says Will will want to talk to her because he needs somebody he can trust. Lynn says that she will call Hal but for Will. Will is very mad at Hal. He tells Hal that he just arrested Paul because of him and Barbara. Hal tells him that that isn’t true and he doesn’t even think that Paul is guilty. Will tells him to prove it by letting him see either Barbara or Paul. Hal’s phone rings and it is Lynn. She tells him the situation with Barbara she tells him that she is recommending anything either way. Hal says that it would be a good idea for Will to see Barbara.

Craig gets Annabelle a junky room and she doesn’t like it at all. She says that she wants a room at the Lakeview or she is on her way to tell Rosanna the truth about the baby.

Rosanna says that she does want to support Paul. She tells Lily that she knows Paul and she knows that he is innocent. Lily tells her that they found evidence on Paul and Rosanna tells her that she isn’t going to argue with her. Lily says that if Rosanna supports Paul then she isn’t her friend at all. Jen asks Rosanna what Lily wanted and she tells her to defend her sister and that is understandable. Lily tells Dusty that Rosanna thinks that Paul is innocent. The judge walks in. Paul pleads not guilty to murder. Tom tells the judge that he wants bail denied because Rose was poisoned and she had to suffer. Jess agreed that Rose did suffer but she said that it has nothing to do with Paul because he has not been found guilty of anything. The judge agrees and sets the bail at $1 million. He tells Paul that he will either pay the cashier or he will go back to lock-up. Rosanna steps forward and tells the court that she will be paying the bail. (There is a lot of chatting going on in the courtroom now.) The judge says that Paul is free to go. Lily yells at Rosanna and says that Paul killed Rose and she is falling for Paul’s lies.

Katie tells Henry the story about Snickers and how they got two rabbits now. Katie tells Mike to go home because she needs to talk to Henry alone. She tells him that she will bring his clothes by and that they will still have their date tonight. When Mike leaves Katie tells Henry that if he hadn’t showed up she would have made the biggest mistake of her life. She tells him that he has to be around every time that she is around Mike so she doesn’t move to fast.

Molly shows up at Holden and Lily’s place. She shows him pictures from Abby but he has already seen them. She says she is there to see Lily. Holden knows something is up and brings up the charges. She admits that she did want to have Lily talk Dusty out of continuing with the charges. Holden tells her that he doesn’t like what she did to Rose. Molly asks him if he really thinks that she would kill anyone. Holden says he feels like he doesn’t know about her anymore and he wouldn’t put anything past her.

Rosanna tells Lily that Paul is innocent. Paul comes over and tells Lily that yelling at Rosanna will help nothing. Dusty tells Lily not to waste her time. Paul, Jessica, Jen, and Rosanna leave the courtroom and Paul and Rosanna are bugged with questions. Jess tells them that she will answer some question in the pressroom. Paul apologizes for the reporters and he thanks her for her great friendship and tells her that their friendship is the only thing that he has going for him. She tells him that he needs to focus on his defense and asks him what it is. He tells her that he has to prove that Barbara killed Rose.

Hal and Lynn watch on as Barbara talks to Will. She tells him not to worry about Paul because they won’t convict him of anything. She tells Will not to say anything about their conversation to Hal. She tells him that he needs to keep all of her secrets from Hal. She tells him that if Hal finds out what she has done she will go to prison. She sneaks him a PDA so they can talk. When Hal comes back Will does what Barbara told him to do.

Mike dreams of his date with Katie being perfect but when he walks into his house there are workers there…surrounding a great big that fell through the roof.

Annabelle tells Craig that she wants a room at the Lakeview. He tells her that someone might recognize her there. She finally agrees but as Craig leaves she tells him she wants money for her lunch. He gives her money and she tells him to get her a candy bar out of the machine, a candy bar with no nuts. Craig comes back with a bunch of candy. She tells him to turn up the TV because some guy had a bail hearing about killing his fiancé. He turns up the TV and realizes that it is Paul. The reporter then shows Rosanna and says that she is a friend of Paul Ryan and she paid $1 million bail. Then the TV fades out. Craig can’t believe it and he starts going crazy hitting the TV to make it come in. While he is flipping out Annabelle is making jokes about it.

When Katie and Henry get to Mike’s place they see the tree. Mike says that he will have to find a place to stay. Right away Katie offers to let him stay at her place and he agrees.

Tom promises Lily and Dusty that Paul will be convicted. Dusty tells Jack that he doesn’t want him to let Paul go anywhere. Jack tells them that they got a search warrant for his place and Dusty and Lily say that they want to be there.

Paul tells Rosanna that Jen will testify that Barbara took evidence but he doesn’t think she will be able to set her up to get proof that she killed Rose. Rosanna tells Paul that she will try to get the proof out of Barbara.

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