ATWT Update Monday 1/5/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/5/04

By Lindsay
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Mike are getting back to the cottage after taking their Christmas tree to the woods. Katie sees that the door is open but she remembers closing it. They go inside and Mike starts a fire and Katie goes to feed Snickers. Snickers is missing.

Lily shows up at Mitzi’s place and Mitzi gives Lily Rose’s mail. Mitzi asks again if Lily is sure that she can stay there and Lily says that she is sure. Lily tells Mitzi about Paul and the evidence and says that she is on her way to the bail hearing. Mitzi acts really odd when Lily tells her that Paul can go to jail for life. She tells her that Tom has a good case against Paul. When Lily has her back turned Mitzi says to herself that that is the best news she has gotten all day.

Craig is reading the paper when Rosanna walks into the room. Craig shows her the front page where it talks about Paul getting arrested. Rosanna says that she doesn’t believe it at all and she wants to go she Paul at the jail.

Jen comes to see Paul. It looks like Jessica is his lawyer. Paul is talking about his bail hearing and says that they will probably make it real high because they think that he will take off for Europe. He says that he doesn’t plan on going anywhere because the real killer is still out there. Jessica tells Paul that he might not be going anywhere anyhow because Dusty is suing him and freezing his assets.

Dusty is on the phone with what sounds to be a lawyer. He says that he wants to make sure that Paul’s assets are froze until the bail hearing so that his money is tied up and he can’t bail himself out. Molly walks into the Metro and tells Dusty that she is sorry for everything she has done to him and she wants to make everything up to him.

Craig tells Rosanna to stay away from Paul because it would be putting the whole family at risk. He tells her that the evidence was found on Paul. Rosanna says that there must be some mistake and Craig tells her that it is Lucinda’s paper and there is no mistake. Craig asks Rosanna if there is even a slim chance that she is wrong about Paul and she says of course there is a very slim chance. Craig then has a flashback of calling Paul and setting him up. He says that if she is going to go see Paul he should go too. She says that it isn’t necessary but he insists and she agrees.

Right when they are getting ready to go his cell rings. It is Annabelle Feddle his quote “favorite baby broker.” She tells him that they need to talk face to face or she will go to the cops. Craig tells Rosanna to go ahead and go without him.

Paul is mad and he asks Jess if Dusty can really do this to him. Jess says he can because Paul admitted to putting wires in Metro. Jess says that she already made an appeal. Paul tells her to try and postpone the hearing. Jen says the only thing he can do is call their mom to get bail. Paul says he would rather rot in jail. He says that Barbara set him up. She is the real murderer. Jen says there is no way that she could of set him up and he knows it. Jen tells Paul that someone else is involved.

Someone called him and called the cops so they could catch him with the goblet.

Molly tells Dusty that she is ashamed of everything she has done. She said she just wanted her whole life back. She missed having Jake and the kids and she just wanted to love someone again and have them love her back. She misses the felling of having somebody that would love her no matter what. He tells her that he can’t help what she makes up in her head and it isn’t his problem. She begs for his forgiveness and he says that if it means that much to her then he does. But he tells her that he knows what she is trying to sell but no matter how hard she tries he isn’t buying.

Mike and Katie can’t find Snickers in the house so they go outside. Katie is panicking. They see rabbit tracks and Mike tells her to go back inside and her promises that he will find Snickers.

Lily says that she is glad to have Mitzi around. Mitzi tells her that Holden knows about them keeping Rose’s stuff. Lily says she will talk to him. Mitzi says she hates to see the roller palace just sitting there since it was Rose’s dream. She offers to take control of it as a “tribute” to Rose. Lily says she will think about it and she takes off to get ready for Paul’s arraignment. A couple of seconds later someone knocks on the door; it is Carly.

Lily tells Holden that she had Mitzi keep Rose’s things. Holden says that he loved Rose. He says he doesn’t trust Mitzi but he will give her a chance, but when she messes up she has to leave. Holden tells Lily that she needs to on with her life. She says she will when Paul is put away.

Jen tells Paul that Barbara wouldn’t kill Rose because of Will. Rosanna walks into the room and Paul asks her what she is doing there and she tells him that she is there to help. Rosanna says that she wants top post bail and Paul tells her that she will have to leave because her cares too much about their friendship to have her do that.

Mike sees a rabbit by the pond so he jumps in thinking that it is Snickers. When he finds Katie she has Snickers. They put the rabbits in the cage. Katie tells Mike to get out of his wet clothes and go take a shower.

Paul tells Rosanna that he doesn’t want to drag her into anything. Paul tells her that she is the only friend that he has. She says that is just more reason to let her help him. He says that he cares about her. He tells her that he didn’t do anything but they found the evidence and he could go down and he isn’t taking her with him.

Mitzi tells Carly that she is just trying to move on with her life. Carly sprays the perfume and tells her that she knows she was in town the day of her murder. Mitzi tells Carly that she would never hurt Rose. Carly goes to leave but Mitzi grabs her and tells her not to walk away from her.

Rosanna tells Paul that the law is wrong sometimes and Paul says he knows but what makes her so sure. She tells him that she knows that he loved Rose and still does and that he would never hurt her. Paul thanks her and they hug.

Annabelle tells Craig that the charges against her are close to being dropped. She just needs somewhere to lay low before Canada will let her go back. He offers her money. She tells him that if she goes down he will too.

Mitzi tells Carly that she didn’t kill Rose. Mitzi tells Carly to leave her house and leave her alone.

Dusty tells Molly that after Lily and him take Paul down they will take her down.

Jessica tells Paul that someone will escort him to his hearing and she tells Jen and Rosanna where they can go. Rosanna asks Paul if she is going and he says yes because she is posting his bail. Jen is very thankful towards her. Jessica is happy with her and Paul is very thankful that he has a friend like her.

Mike and Katie kiss.

Annabelle says that if Craig puts her up somewhere she will keep her mouth shut. He agrees.

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