ATWT Update Friday 1/2/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/2/04

By Lindsay

Allison and Katie look on as Chris takes care of a baby. Allison tells Katie how she hasn't slept in weeks. She tells her how scarred she is. Katie tells Allison that it would be better for her if she tells Chris and Aaron the truth. She tells Katie that she has already told Aaron and he hates her now. She is afraid that if she tells Chris he will hate her too and try to take her baby away. Katie tells her that Chris would never do that.

Aaron walks into Al's Diner and sees Lucy on a date with Clark. Aaron gets a phone call. It is Allison and she tells him that she is about ready to tell Chris the truth. Aaron offers to be there with her but she says that it isn't necessary. Lucy sees him in the diner and they share looks.

Mitzi and Lily are going through some of Rose's old clothes. Lily lets Mitzi ware one of Rose's dresses because she told her that all of her stuff is in A.C. and Lily puts on her old scarf. Lily tells her that she will pay for her stuff to be shipped back to Oakdale. Mitzi tells her that Holden is a little freaked out by the way Lily is acting. Holden knocks on the door and the hurry to put Rose's stuff away. The whole time Mitzi has been trying to hint around about her taking over the Roller Palace.

Tom asks Hal and Jack about the case and they tell him the poison found on the glass that Paul had was the same that was used to kill Rose. Tom asks them what they are waiting for then. Hal goes to the Lakeview lounge where he finds Paul and Jen sitting. He tells Paul that he isn't being arrested but he does need to come with him down to the station for questioning; Dusty overhears this. Dusty says that Paul killed the only woman he ever loved. Paul calmly tells Dusty that he didn't kill Rose but if he finds out that Dusty set him up then he will kill Dusty. When Paul and Hal leave Jen starts yelling at Dusty. She accuses him of planting the evidence on Paul. Dusty has no idea what she was talking about and Jen tells him all about it. When Dusty learns that they found the murder weapon on Paul he tells Jen that her brother is going down. Jen realizes that she has made a mistake by telling Dusty.

Holden comes into the dining room and finds Lily and the kids missing. When he opens the front door they throw snowballs at him. He tells them they better come inside because she shouldn't be in the cold. He says how happy he is to see the kids happy. Holden notices the scarf on Lily and asks her where she got it and she tells him that Rose gave it to her. Holden says that he has to go run some errands and takes off.

Jack tells Paul that the poison used to kill Rose was the same poison they found on the glass he had. Jack tells him that it is looking pretty bad for him right now. Paul tells them that after he gave Rose and the bridesmaids the wine he never saw the glasses again. He says that he is being set up and they should be looking for the real killer. He says that if they want to find the guilty party they should look at Barbara.

Barbara storms into the Lakeview where she talks with Jennifer. She is worried that Paul will say something about her planting the evidence and they take off for the police station. Dusty shows up at Lily's and tells her that the cops found the murder weapon on Paul. He tells her that they need to do something to make sure that they arrest Paul and that he suffers for what he did to Rose. Lily agrees but says she can't do anything about it. Dusty tells her that she knows that if the situation was reversed Rose would not give up on her. He assures her that she can do something because her mom is Lucinda Walsh and she owns a paper and a TV station. Lily then says she can't because of the kids. Dusty hands her the phone and tells her to call somebody. Lily agrees and calls Mitzi. Mitzi says to herself that she does a favor for Lily and she can do one for her.

As Lucy and Clark are getting ready to leave Aaron decides to go over and talk to them. After they all ask each other how they are doing there is awkward silence and Aaron daydreams that he has a conversation with Lucy where they straighten everything up. Lucy asks Clark if he can pull the car around for her and Lucy and Aaron talk. He asks if she could forgive him if none of this ever happened she said that it did happen and she doesn't know. Lucy and Clark leave and go to a show and Aaron heads to the hospital to talk to Allison.

Allison asks Chris how the baby is that he has been taking care of. He tells her that she doesn't look to good and she should go take a break he tells her to make sure that she gets plenty of water. Then he stops himself and apologizes for prying into her life. Allison says it is OK because it seems as though he actually cares. He says that he does care about her and her baby. She starts to tell him about her baby but his pager goes off and he tells her that her will talk to her later.

Allison runs into the mom who left her baby. She wants to see her baby. At first Allison says no but after she hears her story she feels sorry for her and she lets her hold the baby. Chris sees the mom holding the baby and he explodes. He yells at Allison and told her that the mother had no right to be with her baby. Aaron arrives and hears Chris yelling at Allison. He gets mad and tells Chris to back off. He tells Aaron that him and Allison know nothing about being parents and that he feels sorry for the baby. Chris and Aaron get into a shoving match and Chris shoves Allison into Chris. He then leaves. Aaron leaves and takes Allison with him.

Paul tells them that they are leaning to much on him. Hal tells Paul that he is on his side and Paul tells him it doesn't seen like it because he is trying to get a confession out of him. Jack starts yelling at Paul about how his story about the evidence getting moved is crazy. Barbara walks in and she can't believe what Paul told them. They all argue for awhile and Lily and Dusty show up. Lily starts telling Tom to arrest him. They arrest Paul for the murder of Rose and when he is leaving he tells Lily that she knows that her loved her sister and he would never kill her.

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