ATWT Update Friday 1/2/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/2/04

By Glynis

Alison watches the baby that has been abandoned and she has to wonder if the baby’s life has been ruined. Alison is deeply affected by the child and her own. Katie can see that Alison is having a terrible time. Alison knows that her life has gotten out of control. She is stressed and that is bad for the baby and herself. Alison has told Aaron the truth and she knows that when she tells Chris the truth, he may try to hurt her. Katie thinks that Chris will be happy about the child.

Chris walks by Katie and Alison and goes in to see the abandoned baby.

Aaron looks in the window at Al’s and see Lucy in there with another guy. Aaron’s phone rings.

Alison is calling Aaron to tell him that she is about to tell Chris the truth. Aaron offers to be there for her but she would like to do this herself. She is sorry for what she did to him but Aaron can’t believe that. He hurries the call and ends it.

Aaron enters Al and sees Lucy talking with her date. She looks over her date’s shoulder and sees Aaron looking at her.

Mitzy is at Rose’s old place and Lily is being very kind to her and letting her stay at the house as she was Rose’s dear friend at some point. Lily is busy searching through Rose’s things and she finds a scarf that Rose really loves. Mitzy has to wonder if Lily is herself today as she seems fascinated by Rose’s clothes. Lily just likes to be close to Rose’s things. Holden worries about Lily and how she has been acting. Lily says that she is fine now and isn’t going to walk into the pond again. Mitzy would like to talk to Lily about something but someone comes to the door. It is Holden shouting to get in.

The ladies hide the boxes of Rose’s things and Lily goes to the door to answer. Holden is concerned as Lily spends too much time at the house and that has been part of the reason for her acting so strangely on occasion. Lily knows that she has to go and she says goodbye to Mitzy.

Mitzy is upset that she hasn’t been able to talk to Lily privately yet. There is a little matter that she would like to clear up with Lily before she gets any deeper in it.

Tom is talking about evidence and learns that the goblet has been found. He has to wonder what the cops are waiting for.

Hal comes to see Paul at The Lakeview. Dusty is there and loves that Paul is being taken in. He has been waiting for this piece of crap to go down and it looks like finally the day has come. Hal cautions the men not to argue as that could make things bad for them both down the line. Paul isn’t in the mood to fight. He has been saying over and over again that he wasn’t the one that did this to Rose, but someone is determined to see that he go to jail for the crime.

Hal and Paul leave together.

Jennifer comes over to Dusty saying that she knows that he was the one that made sure that Paul looks guilty. She tells him that it was his fault that Paul was found with evidence. Dusty didn’t know this. He tells Jennifer that her brother is going down.

Holden has popcorn and he comes looking for his family. He finds no one in the house and heads to the door to see if the family is outside. As soon as he opens the door, Lily, Faith and Luke pummel him with snowballs. They all laugh at the fun. They decide that it is time to get some hot chocolate and they all run into the house.

The children head to the kitchen and Holden has to say that it is nice having Lily back to her old self. He sees the gaudy red and black scarf that she is wearing and guesses that it might have been Rose’s. She says that Rose gave the scarf to her. That is fine with Holden. He only wants her to remember where home really is. She is sorry to upset him.

Luke and Faith arrive from the kitchen asking for help with the hot chocolate. Holden has some things that he needs to take care of. He was going to call his mother and have her help out at the house but Lily says that is fine. She can take care of everything. She heads into the kitchen with her kids.

Holden isn’t all that convinced that Lily is fine and he puts on his coat and heads to the door.

Tom is at the station with Jack when Paul is brought in. They discuss the goblet and the champagne and why Paul was in possession of those items. They feel that when he left the altar, he doubled back and took the evidence in the dressing room. Paul denies that he did this. Someone has been setting this up. He tells them to talk to Barbara.

Barbara meets her daughter and gets the news about Paul being taken in. Jennifer knows that she said something that she shouldn’t have. Dusty was there and she talked to him about evidence. Barbara wants to get things right for Paul. Jennifer says that Barbara should go to the police and tell that she was the one that took the evidence from the church. Barbara knows that is the way to get Paul in trouble for sure.

Lily answers the door and Dusty is there to see her. She tells him that he is in time for oatmeal cookies and she welcomes him in. He isn't there for a visit. Dusty has something important to talk to her about. She makes sure that the kids are not around and she returns to him. She can’t believe what has happened. Dusty says that the cops know that Paul killed Rose. The cops have found the champagne bottle and glasses in Paul’s hands. He wasn’t charged though. Dusty feels that if they don’t push the issue; Paul will not pay for what he has done. Lily can’t help with this. She is tired and she has been through so much. Dusty knows that she is interested in seeing justice served. What if the situation was reversed? What if Lily was the one that got murdered and someone had taken her life. Lily knows that Rose wouldn’t ever give up until that person suffered too. Lily wanted to feel what Rose felt to be close to her. Dusty knows that if they go down to the station now, they can make things clear to the cops. Lily agrees to help out.

Luke comes out of the kitchen and asks his mother if she is going to come to the kitchen to help them make cookies. She is confused now. “What?” Luke asks her again if she will come to the back to make cookies. Lily has nothing to say for the moment.

Aaron comes over to say hi to Lucy and Clarke. It is an awkward moment but all are civil.

Aaron envisions telling Lucy that the night with Alison was the worst mistake of his life. She thought that they were finished. In his mind he asks her about Clarke. She would say that she was only trying to stop thinking about him. Aaron would tell her that he doesn’t love Alison and that the baby isn’t his. He would have kept the secret so that he wouldn’t hurt Lucy some more. She would tell him that she can’t hate him and that she loves him. They would want to be still together. He would hope that they could fix this and be together again. She would move to him and kiss him. But this is just a dream.

Clarke tells Lucy that they have to go to the show now. Lucy asks Clarke to get the car and he leaves dutifully.

Lucy says goodbye to Aaron, but he stops her from leaving and asks her what if all that had happened didn’t? She tells him that it doesn’t matter as the events occurred.

Alison is trying to talk to Chris and he can see that she is flushed in the face. He has decided to come clean and now is as good a time as ever. He still cares even though they are not together anymore. She is glad to hear that as there is something that she has to say. His beeper is going off and he has to go. He tells her that they will talk later.

A woman starts going into Intensive Care and Alison stops her from entering. The woman says that she is the baby’s mother and she only wanted to see her baby.

Lily says that she wasn’t going anywhere and that she had her coat in her hands as she was just hanging it up. Luke runs off to start cleaning up the flour from the floor.

Lily tells Dusty that she can’t help with this as she has made promises to her husband. What can she do about Paul? Beat a confession out of him? Dusty knows that Lily is Lucinda’s daughter and she knows better than anyone how to handle this situation. Lily offers to make some calls to help but Dusty would like her to show up in person. Lily can’t go anyway as her kids will be left alone. Dusty gets the phone and tells Lily to call someone. She reluctantly gets the phone from him and she call Mitzy.

Mitzy is glad to hear from her. Lily asks Mitzy to come to the main house to watch the children for a while.

Mitzy is glad that she has this opportunity to help Lily, as Lily will want to help her out later on.

Dusty is glad that Lily is working with him this way. He knew that he could count on her to help.

Paul says that someone is working overtime to get him in jail and the cops should be able to see that. Paul says again that he wasn’t the one that did this and that he is being framed.

Jennifer and Barbara arrive at the station and hear Paul saying that Barbara was the one that tampered with the evidence. Barbara asks Paul from the doorway, “Did you tell them that?” Hal hears a ring of truth in Barbara’s question. Barbara only says that she can’t believe that a son of hers would say something like that about her.

Paul asks him mother to tell the police how she tampered with the evidence. Barbara denies anything of the sort. Paul has spoken to Molly and Jennifer was there and can back him up. Jennifer is dumbfounded and can say nothing. Barbara comes to her defence. The cops have had enough of this circus. Paul finds them lazy by not looking for the real evidence.

Lily and Dusty arrive and hear what is going on in the station. Barbara wishes that Paul had just listened to her and not marry Rose, as she would be alive today. Lily has to agree with that.

Lucy can’t get past everything that Aaron has done. He would like her to picture things differently. What if he were able to make this go away, would she be with him? She thinks that she would have something to talk about with him if things were proven to be different.

Clarke comes to get Lucy as his car is out front.

Lucy and Clarke leaves. Aaron has a plan, but he has to rely on someone else to hold up her end of the bargain.

Alison talks to the woman who is the mother of the baby that has been abandoned. The woman explains that it is not so easy taking care of a baby with no money. She knows that the baby will go to a good home and she tells that the baby was named Timothy. She would like to hold her baby and tell him that she loves him. Alison isn’t sure that she should be letting the woman near the baby. The woman is going to be sent to a program and she might not see the baby for a long while. Alison grants her 5 minutes to be with the child and she warns that the woman shouldn’t try to run off.

Chris is walking by and he sees the woman picking up the baby to hold him.

Chris enters the room and asks Alison what the hell is going on there. He knows that no one should be allowed in with the baby. He is in Intensive Care for heaven sakes. He orders the woman to put the child down…NOW! Alison looks sadly up into Chris’s eyes.

Chris leaves the room and Alison follows him. She explains that the woman only wanted to say goodbye to her baby. What she did wasn’t okay but people make mistakes and the woman is going to get help. Chris has heard all of this before. Alison should know better.

Aaron comes into the hospital and hears Chris shouting at Alison. He misunderstands thinking that Alison has told Chris the truth and that Chris is now angry with her. He comes to Alison’s defence. Alison knows that Aaron has misread the situation and she tries to stop Aaron from talking, but Chris would like to hear what Aaron has to say.

Holden comes home and finds that Mitzy is there. She tells him that she was asked to keep care of the kids for Lily. Holden has another bone to pick. He asks Mitzy to get Rose’s things out of the house and he saw Lily wearing something of Rose’s that day. Why would Mitzy defy him this way?

Barbara thinks that Paul has been digging himself in deeper and deeper into this mess. Barbara says that Paul has no one to blame for his but himself. She walks off.

Jennifer tells her brother that he shouldn’t talk to the police and that she will get him a lawyer. She rushes off. Hal calls out to her but she is gone.

The evidence is brought into the office and taken carefully out of its plastic bag. Lily sees the goblet and remembers it clearly from the wedding.

Lily remembers seeing Rose drinking from the goblet at the wedding. She was only too glad to get the gift from

Lily saw her at the wedding. She remembers her sister drinking from that glass in the dressing room. She demands that Paul be arrested and she demands that he be arrested now!

Alison tries to stop Aaron from talking but Chris tells him what Alison did with the woman. Aaron just finds that she had a heart. Chris says that if this is a hint of the type of mother that Alison is going to be, he is sorry for the kid. He tells the kids that they jumped into the situation and now their having a baby is a joke. Chris and Aaron push each other and in the shuffle, Alison gets pushed to the ground, but Aaron is there to cushion her fall. Chris turns and leaves.

Alison tells Aaron that she was going to tell Chris the truth. Aaron only cares that she was treated so badly. He walks her out of there.

Holden reminds Mitzy that having Rose’s things are not good for her. Mitzy sees no bad in reminiscing over Rose. She used to be one of Rose’s best friend. Holden isn’t buying. He knows everything that Mitzy has been up to in the past and he will not let her use Lily like she used Rose. Mitzy leaves.

Once outside the door, she tells herself, that Holden won’t see her coming.

Lily is going to call the papers if they don’t arrest Paul for this crime. Tom has a great deal of compassion for Lily but threatens to charge her with interfering with an investigation. It is time now. He orders that Paul is booked. Jack cuffs the man and reads him his rights. Paul looks at Lily and tells her that she knows that he wasn’t the one that did this.

Lily goes into a corner and she hears many voices in her head. Everyone is talking at once and she can’t separate the voices.

Paul is lead out of the room and Dusty comes over to Lily. She made sure that Paul was arrested and that was important. Is she going to be okay now? Lily says that it is not going to be okay until he pays and she wants him to pay.


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