ATWT Update Thursday 1/1/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/1/04

By Lindsay

Happy New Year!

Today's episode was a little different. A lot of it was from Rose's point-of-view. Rose takes us to Rosie's Roller Palace and tells us about her experiences and how much she enjoyed running the palace. She then takes us to Cal's den and shows us around her former home she tells us how much she enjoyed living there even though some of it wasn't up to her "Jersey girl" style. Then she shows us where she lives now, a cemetery in Jersey beside her mom. We see that Joe is sitting there. She tells us how she shouldn't be there and how she will not rest till she finds out who put her there. She then lines up her suspects for us. Paul: her fiancÚ her dumped her at the altar he thinks he is suffering now. Dusty: her ex-lover did he really think he could be with Molly also. Molly: there she is next to Dusty as always Rose tells us that Dusty will never get over her did Molly poison Rose? Next we have Mitzi, her best friend. This one really bothers Rose. She says all she had to do was ask her for the money. She wouldn't have called the cops all she had to do was have some faith. The last suspect lined up is Barbara. The obvious choice. She always hated Rose and she would have done anything to get rid of her. But would she have really killed her?

Hal is sitting in the interrogation room when Jack comes in and asks him if he has solved the crime yet he says no but he will not rest until he finds out who killed Rose.

Holden asks Bob if Lily is OK and he tells him that her vitals are good and she can go home in a little while. Mitzi shows up and tells Holden that Lily called her and wanted to see her. Mitzi also just happens to be the first suspect Hal and Jack look at. Mitzi embezzled money from Rose and Rose found out about it and threatened to call the cops. She left town and then she came back the day of the wedding. Hal says that she has the motive and the time. Jack defends her a bit by saying that she is a sweet girl and he doesn't think that she could kill anyone. Mitzi tells Lily that she is a suspect. Lily says that she doesn't see it that way because she was like family to Rose. Lily tells her to move back into Cal's place. She asks Holden if he will help her move and he agrees. Lily tells Mitzi not to let anything happen to Rose's things. At Cal's Holden tells Mitzi to make sure the guy from the thrift shop gets all of Rose's things because he doesn't want them there when Lily got back, Mitzi agrees but she remembers what Lily asked and when Holden leaves she hides the boxes in her room. Jack says that there is no way that Mitzi killed anybody Hal jokingly says that maybe Carly was right and maybe Jack does have a thing for Mitzi. Jack says they were only friends and nothing more. Hal tells Jack that Mitzi is an opportunist and she will do anything she has to do to make it. He says that he better not she her around the crime scene.

Hal asks Jack how Lily is doing and he says that Holden thinks that she will never be able to move on. He says that she tried to kill herself and she would have done it if it wasn't for one person...Dusty. Jack says that Dusty has more motive than Mitzi. They ask themselves if Dusty would really kill her. They say that poison is a woman's game and it takes a lot of planning and usually a clever controlled calm person. They look at Dusty's friend Molly.

Molly walks into Metro and sees Dusty getting all dressed up to go to the hospital to see Lily. Jack says that when Molly planted evidence on Dusty that it only made him look innocent. Dusty goes to the hospital to see Lily and she tells him that she knows she should be grateful but she just isn't up to it right now. Dusty says it is OK and he is only there to make sure that she is OK. Back at Metro Molly is complaining about Dusty to Craig. She says that Dusty is still is in love with Rose. Craig tells her not to waste her time with Dusty, but she says that she loves him. Dusty tells Lily that she has a lot of Rose inside of her. Dusty tells Lily that Rose want them to find the killer. Holden says that that is the cop's job and he will call Dusty to let him know how she is doing.

Back at Cal's Holden leaves Lily with Mitzi. She tells Holden that she will be with him and the kids for dinner. Mitzi tells Lily that Holden wanted her to get Rose's things out of the house but she hid them for Lily to look at.

Hal and Jack say that if Dusty really is innocent then maybe he is right about who did. Dusty tells Lily that it is their fault that Rose is dead because they didn't do enough to protect her. He says that Paul did it and they have to bring him down. Hal asks Jack if he really thinks Paul could have done it and he says that he thinks Paul is the prime suspect.

Jennifer meets Paul and tells him that they need to talk. She says that Paul isn't doing anything by calling their mom Barbara. She tells him that their mom moved the evidence. Paul asks why Jen didn't do anything about it and she said she just found out about it.

Molly tells Craig that people don't forgive you for planting evidence. Craig says that Molly has nothing to worry about because they are looking at someone else for Rose's murder., Paul Ryan. Jennifer says that she doesn't know who set him up. She tells him that Barbara was trying to set up Molly. Paul tells Molly that the cops searched her hotel room and before they did she found something and used it against him. Margo says that Paul is in cahoots with Molly.

Next they look at Barbara. Jen tells Barbara that she told Paul everything. Barbara packs her stuff and says that she is leaving town. Paul stops her in the doorway. Hal says that Barbara is their #1 suspect. He feels like she is the one who did it. Paul asks Barbara if she is going anywhere she lies and he asks why she would be taking an overnight bag. Paul says that he should go to Hal with the info. As usual she says that she was trying to protect him. Dusty gives Lily a tape of Rose's wedding to remind her what Paul did. Barbara tells Paul that she is glad Rose is gone but she didn't kill her but she says Dusty did it. Hal and Jack try to figure out who set Paul up. They say it is someone who wants to see Paul fry. They then show a smiling Craig. Paul tells Barbara that he thinks that she set him up.

Jack and Hal think someone else is involved. They get the fingerprints back from the glass and the only fingerprints are Rose and Paul's. They know that Paul is not that stupid so they think that he didn't do it. Paul tells Barbara that he wants nothing to do with her. Molly tells Craig that Anabelle Feddle called and said that she will be paying him a visit. Molly tells Dusty that she loves him and that is why she did what she did. Lily watches Rose and Paul's wedding tape. Holden shows up and tells Lily that the kids are waiting for her. Mitzi is seen leaving the roller palace saying that Mitzi's Roller Palace has a nice ring to it. Rose says that she doesn't know nothin' 'bout nothin' and she will just have to stick around and find out what happens.

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