ATWT Update Tuesday 12/30/03

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/30/03

By Glynis

Jessica is hard at work and now she is free to be with her husband. As they are leaving they hear a woman shouting about being taken in by the police and being the wrong person.

Mitzy is stunned to hear that Rose is dead. Jack tries to calm her. Mitzy demands to know what happened to Rose. Carly claps her hands at Mitzy’s performance. She doesn’t believe the woman.

Paul visits the past.

He remembers making a fool of Rose at her wedding in front of all her friends and family. She was crying and saying how she loved him so much. She begged him to stop. He loved her. He took out the wedding ring and pronounced, “With this ring, I do not thee wed.” Then he dropped it on the floor at her feet.

Paul also remembers promising to make what he did up to Rose while she laid on her deathbed. She loved him and he knew it. He was staring into her eyes when she asked him that final question. “Why did you do this to me?” That was when she died.

Paul comes back to the present and hears his cell phone ringing. He answers to a distorted voice. The voice tells Paul that his proof is at the mausoleum. “Look inside yourself.” Paul thinks that this is a joke.

Craig has just made the call to Paul, telling him to go where the evidence is that he has hidden.

Kim comes to Barbara and Jennifer at their dinner table and invites the ladies to join her for dinner. Barbara says that she has plans with her daughter that night and they can’t sit together right now.

Kim returns to her table and tells Nancy that Barbara and Jennifer are busy and need to be alone.

Barbara tells Jennifer that something is wrong, as the evidence that she planted isn’t at Molly’s place where it should be. Jennifer says that Barbara should call the cops and tell them what she did. Barbara doesn’t like her daughter’s tone. The family has been through enough. Jennifer can see that the trouble has just begun due to the stunt that her mother pulled.

Lily is in the bathroom and she is in the bathroom and she sees her image in the mirror. She puts her hand in the water in the sink, and looks at herself again. She then washes her face. She has the makeup on that Rose would have worn. After washing her face, she dries it and peeks again at her image. She can’t tear herself away from it. Holden calls to Lily from outside the door. Does she need help? She doesn’t answer Holden.

Holden would like to talk to her in person, and he tries the door to the bathroom, but it is locked. He tells her to open the door, but she ignores him.

She decides quickly that she has to be Rose again and she gets out the makeup and the hairspray and dolls herself up again. Holden threatens to knock the door down if she doesn’t open it. Holden will count to 5 and then he is going to knock that door down. He gets to 4 and then Lily opens the door.

Holden has one look at her and then she plants a big wet one on his lips.

'Rose' is back with a vengeance. Holden pushes the woman off him and warns her that she has to stop this. No more. She will not be stopped. She asks Holden if it is as good for him as it is for her. She reminds him that they used to be hot before. She wants him to remember. He will not have this. He holds her from him. That is when Lily seems confused again; not understanding what just went on. Holden can see that she is back again. He hugs her closely and she clings to him.

Dusty comes to have dinner and sees Barbara and Jennifer sitting together and he decides that he would like to sit near them. He says hello to Kim and Nancy as he walks by.

Jennifer thinks that her mother only wants to protect herself in this matter. Barbara promotes that she has done nothing wrong. Barbara took the bottle and glasses to save her son but not everyone will believe that Paul hasn’t done this. Barbara knows that she may be found guilty of this too. Barbara promises that she will not let Paul go down for this. Barbara wants her daughter to promise not to tell of this. She wants the cops to focus on the right party.

Paul goes to the mausoleum thinking that someone will be in there to meet with him. He enters through the door.

Craig is on the outside of the door and closes it quietly behind Paul. He gets his voice device and says to Paul through the door to look inside himself.

Paul turns and sees his memorial plaque hanging on the wall with his name on it.

Dr. Michaels comes to see Lily as Holden has requested, but Lily only responses as 'Rose', saying that Lily isn’t there. 'Rose' hates that she is being called Lily when she feels she isn’t. Holden leaves the room.

Dr. Michaels would like to speak to Lily but 'Rose' says that Lily isn't there. She feels that the doctor should see that by looking around the room. Dr. Michaels tells 'Rose' that Lily wears the wedding ring that she is wearing now, and she even grabs the woman’s hand to show her the ring, making her look at it to face reality. 'Rose' says that she doesn’t want to hear anything that the doctor has to say and she turns from her. Dr. Michaels tells her that she has to face that Lily is dead. That angers 'Rose' and she pushes the woman over into a chair and heads to the door. Dr. Michaels gets up crying out for Lily to return but 'Rose' is gone.

Sarah has been found stealing a wallet at the bus station. She knows that she will probably be put in jail. Jessica asks if the woman that Sarah stole from looked like her. Turns out that the woman did look like Sarah. Jessica knows that Sarah was looking for something else, closer to her heart.

Jack tells Mitzy that Lily is missing and they got a lead that she was in Atlantic City and they were right. Mitzy can’t believe that Lily looked just like Rose and fooled her. She really thought that she was talking to her friend. How could Rose be dead? Mitzy can’t wrap her mind around this one. Carly says that she will find out that Mitzy was the one that poisoned Rose. Mitzy cries saying that she didn’t do this. Mitzy says that Rose forgave her for her crimes. Lily was the one that told Mitzy so. They only have to ask her.

Holden comes to see the doctor and learns that Lily has bolted and they don’t know where she is. Holden knows that he has to find Lily as she is in bad shape and might do anything.

Craig is at the restaurant talking to the waiter and deciding to go to the bar for drinks, instead of sitting at a table.

'Rose' arrives at the restaurant and walks past Craig to Dusty’s table. Dusty sees that Lily needs help. Dusty asks her to stop this. He calls her Lily and that angers 'Rose'. He understands her. He tells her that she is not Rose and will not be her. Dusty tells her that Rose is dead.

Now that Craig has seen 'Rose' enter the restaurant, he decides that he will have a table instead.

Paul is in the mausoleum and he goes to his plaque, which could be a way of looking into himself as he had been told to do. He opens the door and reaches into a bag that he finds in there. It is an ordinary paper bag with a handle. He sees the red goblet that he purchased for Rose.

He remembers the design from before when he had them in his apartment. This has to be the same one. Why else would he have been sent there? “You have got to be kidding me”, he says to himself. He pulls the glass completely out to investigate this further.

That is when the lights go on and Hal and his men close in on Paul in the mausoleum. “Hold it!” Paul turns stunned to face his captor. He continues to hold the glass in his hand.

Hal has the evidence carefully bagged while Paul watches. Paul is not under arrest, but under suspicion. Hal would like to hear the story of how Paul came to be there. Paul was at the house and he was alone and he got an anonymous call on the cell phone. A man was calling but he can’t be sure if it was a man or a woman. Paul did as he had been instructed and then Hal showed up. Hal thinks that Paul would have been better off calling the cops. Why didn’t he do that? Paul can see that someone called the police on him. Hal got an anonymous tip and showed up to find Paul there. Paul sees that this is a conspiracy. The person that did the calls hid the evidence. Hal has to look at the fact that he has found Paul with the evidence in his hands. Hal is trying to be fair and impartial about this. Paul is trying to save his life. Hal knows that is very true. The penalty for this is life in prison without parole and Paul is back at the top of the suspect list. He is free now but he is cautioned not to leave town.

Dusty tells 'Rose' that she is making a fool of herself and making a mockery of herself. Rose is dead and it hurts but Lily has to be a woman and let it hurt. Dusty starts calling Holden to come and get her and she batters him with her arms. She orders him to leave her alone. She goes running off out of the restaurant and Dusty follows her.

Holden is ready to call the police but his phone rings.

It is Dusty calling to tell Holden that Lily was at The Lakeview, and that she had an episode and left. That is just what Holden needed to hear. He is following 'Rose' who seems to be heading to the farm. Holden throws down the phone. He is on his way.

'Rose' is out at the riverbank. She looks at the water and decides that she has to go down there. She is in the water now and she is wading around.

Dusty is in his car following Lily’s trail but he has lost her and has no idea where she is now. He continues driving as he knows that she needs help.

'Rose' is in the water now and she sees a reflection of Lily’s face in the water, smiling up at her. She wants to get to that face. She is going deeper and deeper into the water. She stretches out her hand to catch the image, but it is fleeting and she can’t get her hands on it. The water is up to her chest now. She is crying. She slowly sinks into the water. Soon she is completely under.

Jessica guesses that Sarah was trying to get ID to go and see Bonnie. Sarah says that Jessica is full of it. She doesn’t think that Sarah cares for her. The officer would like to lock her up, but Jessica will not let her go anywhere without her attorney.

Jack asks Carly if she wants justice for Rose or not. He has let her go for a while with her questions to Mitzy, but this has to stop. Carly does want justice for Rose. Jack makes her understand that the cops have to handle this and he closes the office door in her face.

Kim and Nancy are finished eating and head to the door to leave. They have had quite enough excitement for the night.

Paul comes into The Lakeview storming by Nancy and Kim, shouting to his mother that she was the one that did this and he knows it. She has no idea what he is talking about. Paul tells how he has been caught with the evidence in his hands at the mausoleum.

Craig sits by and listens contentedly to Paul blame his mother for his troubles with the law, when Craig has been responsible for everything.

Dusty comes down to the riverbank and calls out for Lily.

Lily is under water now and she finds the image that she has been seeking. It smiles at her and calls to her. It calls to her telling her that they can be together now. Lily wants the image to wait for her. She wants to be with her sister. She swims towards it.

Dusty gets down by the river and sees that Lily’s shoes are at the side of the water. He knows that she must have been there at one time recently. He suddenly understands and jumps into the water to find her. He calls and calls out for her but he can’t find her and no one answers. He goes under over and over again trying to find her but comes up with nothing every time.

Jessica says that Troy shouldn’t worry about Sarah getting back to the shelter. Troy had to call the authorities and Sarah will be sent to another facility where it is more secure.

Sarah is released and Troy leaves with her.

Ben asks Jessica to come with him so that they can discuss this issue further.

Mitzy is scared. She has been brough to Oakdale and she has nothing with her. Jack gives her some money and sends her to the Wagon Wheel on 55. She thanks him for being good to her. He has been the other good friend that she has had. He asks her not to mention this to anyone. She also is not to leave town. Mitzy heads out.

Jack goes over to his board and adds Mitzy’s name to the board in red letters.

Hal arrives with the evidence. He has just found their smoking gun. Hal goes over to the board and under Mitzy’s name, he writes Paul’s name.

Paul thinks that his mother wants him to hang for this crime. Barbara denies that she would hurt her kids that way. Paul accuses her of planting evidence. Paul sees that Barbara has destroyed Rose and he will not let her get away with that. Barbara has no idea how this happened but they have to find out how. Paul will see her in hell. He walks out.

Craig is still nearby and hears everything. Barbara shouts out to her son, but he doesn’t acknowledge her.

Lily has reached her sister under water and they hug. Lily is losing consciousness and her body continues to fall, then it is suddenly dragged quickly to the surface.

Dusty is there and he drags Lily to the bank. He tries CPR and he tells her that she is not going to die that die. She is not going to die. It is not her turn. “You hear me?” Soon, Lily starts choking up water and muck from the river. Lily gets up screaming at Dusty that her sister is in the river and they have to get her out. Dusty tells her that it is over and they have to accept that. Lily says that she has to get to her sister, as she is needed. Dusty tells her that Rose needs her to be alive. She would love to have Lily be strong. Lily is crying now. “She is gone…” Lily thinks that she can’t do this without her sister. Dusty knows that she can. He is going to help her through this. He and she. He and she. “I got you. I got you.” Dusty sits with Lily in his arms.

That is when Holden arrives. He finds his wife being comforted by another man and he knows that all he can do now is leave her alone so that she can get calm again. Dusty seems to be helping, so why intrude?

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