ATWT Update Monday 12/29/03

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/29/03

By Glynis

Aaron has told Chris that there is something that he has to know. Alison waits in horror. Chris is curious now. Aaron says that Alison should be the one that tells Chris the news. Alison says that she is moving in with Aaron. Chris doesn’t think that is a big deal. He feels that she is just rubbing things in his face and he walks off.

Chris is walking the hall and a woman stops him introducing himself and saying that she is there about the report about an unfit mother.

Aaron and Alison hear the woman talking and Aaron turns to Alison in horror.

Hal has his warrant and he wants Molly’s entire place searched. The men have their gloves on and start the search.

Carly comes into Hal’s office and finds Molly crying there. She admits that she messed up big.

Jack and Holden check and find that Lily hasn’t been using her ATM cards or any credit. Holden goes running off.

Carly comes to her husband and demands to know what is happening to Molly. Jack can’t talk to her now. Carly knows that Jack doesn’t believe that Mitzy is the killer but she is sure that is the case.

Mitzy is in a bar and she hears a woman shrieking. She works for the bar and turns around shouting that the woman should keep it down. She is in horror when she sees the woman looks like Rose. Mitzy decides that she has to hightail it out there. She has her coat on and she heads to the door.

'Rose' stops Mitzy on her way out of the bar, and holds her there smiling in her face as though they were the best of friends. Mitzy is very confused at this behaviour. Rose should be mad as hell at her, at least that was the way that she was when Mitzy last saw her. 'Rose' smiles in her face asking her where she is going. Mitzy is dumbfounded.

Mike and Katie are at her house and they are staring into each other’s eyes.

Margot shows up announcing that she is there for a visit.

Mike takes the hint and sees that he should go now. He says goodnight and leaves.

Katie tells Margo that she went on a date with Mike and it was a disaster. She opens her coat to show Margo her dress to emphasize the point.

Rosanna and Craig get together at the diner. Rosanna knows that someone is trying to make Paul look like a killer and she would hate to think that person might be Craig.

Jennifer has questions for her mother. Barbara seems to know a little too much. Barbara asks about Will. Jennifer says that Will’s loyalties are blurred. Jennifer would like Barbara to clear Paul if she can do it. That would mean the world to Will. Barbara promises to do just that.

An officer is walking by Barbara and Jennifer’s table and Barbara stops the man with questions. He tells her that there is a search going on to do with the murder. He runs off.

Barbara decides that she can’t have dinner with her daughter after all and she rushes off.

Mitzy tries to get away from 'Rose', but 'Rose' will not let her go. 'Rose' still wants to be friends with the girl. She hugs Mitzy and she doesn’t let go for a long time. 'Rose' says that she is staying in Atlantic City forever. She doesn’t want to talk bout Oakdale. 'Rose' downs a shot from a shot glass. Mitzy says that 'Rose' can stay with her if she wants. 'Rose' is up for that.

Mitzy takes 'Rose' to her place and shows her around. This is going to be like old times. Mitzy brings up 'Rose' being mad at her the last time they were together and 'Rose' says that life is too short to hold grudges. 'Rose' sees a teddy bear on the bed and she crawls up to get it. Mitzy reminds her that she was the one that bought the bear some time ago. 'Rose' lies saying that it is coming back to her now about the bear.

Mitzy goes off to change and then they will go out together.

Once alone, 'Rose' hugs the bear and lies on the bed with it.

She turns around and sees Holden beside her on the bed. He tells her that he has been looking for her and that the kids are waiting to see her. Lily shouts at him to get away from her.

Mitzy is going to handle this situation. She is in her bathroom and she gets some pills out and holds them in her hand. She suddenly hears Mitzy shouting for her to hurry up so that they can go out.

Mitzy heads back into the living room where 'Rose' has already made it out the door ahead of her. Mitzy is sorry for this but Rose’s dancing days are now over. She puts the pills in her purse and heads out after the woman.

Aaron and Alison listen as Chris gives his information to testify against an unfit parent. The social worker leaves.

Alison can’t believe that Chris would testify against a mother that way. Chris says that the child had been neglected. He would do the same to Alison is she were the same way. He walks off.

Aaron is angry now. Alison tries to thank Aaron for keeping her secret but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to tell Chris the news. She has ruined his life and he even married her to make things right and it was all for nothing. He has to go now and he will not tell her where he is going and what he is going to do.

Rosanna tells Craig that Paul wondered what Craig had been doing at the station at the same time that he was there. Paul feels that he is being framed. Rosanna knows that Craig doesn’t like the man. She wants Craig to say that he isn’t trying to frame Paul for the murder.

Craig silently revisits his actions that day. He had seen Barbara going into Molly’s place and he waited for her to leave before going to find the paper bag that Barbara undoubtedly left there.

Hal has searched everywhere in Molly’s place for evidence, and nothing is there that could incriminate her.

Barbara comes bursting in the room and that angers Hal. He grabs Barbara’s arm and drags her out into the hall.

Barb would like to know if Hal has found anything to incriminate Molly. Hal says that the room is clean. Barbara tries to hide her shock but Hal sees it and has to wonder what she knows. She only tells him that she has to go and she goes rushing off.

Craig tells Rosanna to tell Paul that he is not threatened by their friendship. He has secrets that assure him that he has nothing to fear. He kisses his wife who is now smiling up at him.

Craig thinks back again remembering that he found the paper bag that Barbara had left in Molly’s apartment. He took the bag out of the apartment and walked down the hall with it after having looked inside. He has been very lucky to get his hands on this evidence.

Craig is not threatened at all by Paul.

Carly returns to Molly telling her that she hasn’t found out anything. Did Molly really love Dusty? Molly isn’t sure. When he went after Rose that made her sick as Rose played him with another man. Carly reveals that she knows about the vandalism. Molly thought that Paul was going to be scared for Rose and take her out of town. Seems to Carly that Molly really does love Dusty. But how could she hide poison in Dusty’s room? Molly is crying now. She saw Rose and Dusty together the night before the wedding. Molly knew that no matter what she did, Dusty wanted Rose and never wanted her. Molly knows what she did was bad but she didn’t kill the woman. Carly can’t say that she can believe her, but suddenly she can believe. Carly hugs her friend. They are going to get through this together.

Mitzy gets drinks for herself and 'Rose' and she doctors it with the pills all mashed up and dissolved in the drink.

'Rose' is dancing and her partner is some guy that she doesn’t know but sometimes when she looks at him, she sees Holden and that frightens her. The guy sees that she is freaked out, but she quickly covers by smiling right back, right away.

Mitzy comes over with 'Rose'’s drink and gives it to her, stopping the dance-a-than. “Drink up! Every drop”. 'Rose' throws back the drink in one gulp. “How that?”

'Rose' is a little jittery and Mitzy sees that. 'Rose' is looking for the hot guy that she was dancing with and she finds him and runs off to dance with him.

Mitzy sees that 'Rose' is full of life. She is dancing now but she shouldn’t even be standing after that drink.

Katie tells how the date went.

Mike brought Katie some flowers that made her sneeze and she pretended to like it but she couldn’t stop sneezing.

On the date, a violinist was serenading Mike and Katie and they heard some bagpipes, so Katie leaned over to have a look at the noise in the other room and she spilled soup in her lap. The soup was hot and she jumped up moving the napkin with the lit candle on top and that was when the fire flared up for a moment. Mike was smiling at her but she was so embarrassed.

Margo laughs at the story but she remembers after hearing the bagpipe story, she is due at a function for the police commissioner. She runs off.

Someone is at the door. It is Mike and he comes rushing in. She is glad to see him. He seems okay. She is in her robe now. He tells her that they are going to do that date again so that it will turn out better. She smiles at that idea.

Mitzy can’t believe this chick. She has more life in her than Mitzy thought. She really doctored that drink but it hasn’t affected 'Rose' one bit. 'Rose' has an idea and she rushes off after some man, leaving Mitzy alone. Mitzy just shakes her head at the woman.

Mitzy stands and watches her friend party like a maniac. That is when someone comes up behind her asking for Mitzy Matters. The officer has been sent to get her and take her back to Oakdale. Mitzy tells the man that she has spoken to Rose who said that everything is okay now. The man has no choice in the matter and drags her off.

'Rose' comes back to find Mitzy but learns that the woman left with some man. 'Rose' is really drunk now. The waitress leaves to go and get some coffee for the partier. 'Rose' turns her head and sees Holden and Lucinda standing behind her. 'Rose' asks how things have been going in Oakdale. When she looks back at them, they are gone.

Mike and Katie are on their date at Al’s and it is going good this time. They have the main table with candles on it. The people in the diner are all set up by Mike so that they could have some fun. The diner is closed and al has arranged for them to have a nice time there. The music starts and soon everyone is dancing like they are doing a video with Mike and Katie as the stars.

Mike and Katie are out in the snow now. The date is almost over. They are making angles in the snow. He would like a kiss but she doesn’t kiss on the first date, but technically this isn't their first date. They move closer.

Aaron finds Lucy while out walking. She is civil to him. She asks about the baby and how things are going. Aaron seems confused now and Lucy can’t figure it out. She can see that he isn’t as motivated as he was before. She asks him if he is okay. He tells her that he is fine and he wishes her well in life.

Barbara heads back to Molly’s place and she turns on her flashlight looking around in the dark. She heads to the closet and finds that the bag isn’t there. Barbara panics. It has to be there. It has to be.

The lights come on and ball right turns to find Jennifer behind her. Jennifer asks her what she is doing. Jennifer says that she showed up there to see what her mother was doing. Barbara admits that she tampered evidence. Jennifer is terrified. Barbara only did this to save Paul. Now they have no idea where the evidence is. Nice going mom.

Craig goes to the family burial place where the space with Paul’s name lies vacant. He puts the bag in the empty space and closes the door. Craig knows that this is where the evidence belongs as well as Paul.

Mitzy is returned to the station in Oakdale. She is freaking out and Carly and Jack are there and Mitzy says that she was talking to Rose and she said that everything was fine now. Carly can’t believe this woman and the things that she is saying. Carly tells her that Rose is dead. Mitzy feels that they are playing a game with her. Jack picks up the phone and dials.

Holden arrives at Atlantic City and he goes to a waitress and asks her if she has seen the woman in a picture that he has. The girl says that she knows that face and she points in another direction. Holden looks over and sees his wife decked out like Rose in some man’s arms trying to keep herself standing.

He rushes over there and he calls out, “Lily!” 'Rose' is suddenly confused and embarrassed at herself and the man that she was dancing with suddenly leaves.

Holden can see that something is very wrong here but he only comforts his wife and hugs her tightly to him. She hugs him hard as well.

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