ATWT Update Friday 12/26/03

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/26/03

By Glynis

Lily is missing. Holden came looking for her when he realized that she was spending too much time over at Rose’s house. Now she is gone. The house is a mess and Holden just thought that maybe she freaked out and trashed the place, but it seems that maybe something more sinister was going on there. Furniture is turned over and there is a broken picture frame on the floor. The picture in it was of Lily and Rose. Jack has a picture for Holden to look at. It is a picture with the carollers from the night before with Lily. Where did it come from? Holden doesn’t know those people and has no idea who they are. He only knows that his wife is in the picture and that she is wearing the clothes that she had on the day before. Jack has done a check and knows that these people are criminals, so they have to work quickly.

Aaron asks Alison why she did this to him. She has ruined his life with her lies. She explains her position and asks him to please keep her secret, but he will not do that.

Barbara shows up at the station and tells an officer that she is looking or Hal who isn’t there at the moment. She is offered paper to leave a message but sneaks into Hal’s office instead.

Barbara sees that Molly is a suspect as well as herself. There is a white board at the back of the office and it names suspects. Molly is a suspect? Now that is interesting. Barbara seems to like that idea.

Molly is on her way out and when she opens the door, Hal is standing there. She is a little frightened by him suddenly being there. He doesn’t look very friendly and that concerns her.

Hal tells Molly that her trip to wherever is cancelled…permanently. He walks past her into the room.

Rosanna is concerned about her husband and his whereabouts. Craig tells her on the phone that he has a few things more to do before seeing her at the diner.

Rosanna looks up and finds Paul entering the diner. She hurries and ends her call, telling Craig that she will see him later.

Rosanna invites Paul to come and sit with her but he thinks that maybe he shouldn’t. She is puzzled by his behaviour. He tells her that Craig has been trying to make him the murderer.

Craig walks into Hal’s office and closes the door, not recognizing that Barbara is in there for a moment. She demands to know what he is doing there but as usual, Craig refuses to pay any attention to her questions. She knows that he wants to know who the suspects are for the murderer, but she isn’t sure how that involves him.

Molly tells Hal that she was on her way to see the twins for the holidays. Hal doesn’t believe that when he as a look at her bags. Far too many for a small trip. The twins are only a short drive away, and she wouldn’t need her passport for that trip. How does he know that she has her passport with her? He can see it sticking out of her bag. He asks her how well she knows Crater. Molly freezes when she hears the question.

Molly has a flashback of Crater telling her that he knows what she did after Rose’s car was vandalized.

Hal knows that Molly called Crater the night before as he checked her phone records. He will not have her denying that she knew Crater, as it is clear that is where she is trying to go with this conversation. She says that she wanted a date and that was the reason for her call to the man, but Hal doesn’t buy that. Hal tells her that Crater is dead now and that is the reason why Hal is there to see her. Molly asks how the man died. She figures that Hal is somehow saying that she killed the man, and she denies that before she is accused of it. Crater died in a traffic accident she learns, but the stuff that was found in Crater’s car is definitely going to put Molly in trouble. Hal has found a bat and with it, more evidence to do with the murder.

Jack was the one that found the bat in Crater’s car after the accident. He remembered the incident with Rose’s car and has some tests done on the evidence.

The paint on the bat matched the paint on Rose’s car after analysis. Molly sees nothing interesting in that. She promotes that has nothing to do with her. Hal tells her that she left something that ties her to the incident and Rose’s case. She left DNA.

Hal spoke to Craig and there was a conversation that Molly had with him saying that something had to be done about Rose.

Molly remembers that chat, but she says that she was just talking junk cause she was angry.

Hal can prove that she bought the bat, gloves and paint. The clerk remembers her very well so there is no doubt about that. That same day, Molly went over to Rose’s and Hal knows it, as that was the day the vandalism took place.

Molly remembers doing this but she keeps this to herself.

Hal knows that she was the one that did the vandalism and no one else. Hal places her under arrest. Molly starts crying.

There is a witness that saw the carollers banging on the door where Lily was. The man didn’t see the people entering the house though just knocking.

One Perspective: The night before, Lily answered the door to Rose’s house and intruders forced their way in, and they held Lily against the wall as they locked the door. She was screaming and screaming but couldn’t fight the intruders off. There was one woman and 2 men. No one was around and Lily was all alone losing more and more control of the situation. They trashed the place, turning over furniture and terrorizing Lily, while they looked through her things to see what they could steal.

Holden knows that Lily is missing and people were in the house that were crazy and criminals apparently. Lily would have done anything to get away. Holden knows that. He looks around at the rubble in the house.

One Perspective: The night before the intruders searched the place but could find nothing that they could steal. Lily stood around helplessly while the place was rummaged through. The group, 2 men and a woman find papers that tell them that Lily is rich and the daughter of Lucinda. They cackle over this piece of news. Maybe coming into the house won’t be a waste of time after all.

A neighbour saw 4 people the night before outside near Rose’s house. Jack and Holden rush into action to talk to the witness.

Alison tries to explain to Aaron that everything happened to her too facts and Bob asked her about the baby and she couldn’t explain that she had the man’s grandson. She didn’t want to trap Chris. Aaron is sick of her and can’t look at her anymore. She tells him that she normally wouldn’t have done this but she felt trapped. She wants to know what Aaron is going to do. Aaron tells her that he will go to Chris and tell him the truth.

Rosanna assures Paul that Craig wouldn’t hurt Paul, as he knows that Rosanna would be furious. Paul takes her word for what she is saying. Why would Paul think this? Paul says that when he was taken to the station, Craig was there. Margo is his sister but that didn’t seem to be the reason for Craig being there. Maybe Paul is just being a little paranoid.

Hal returns to his office and finds Craig and Barbara there. He orders them out. Molly is there too, and Barbara gives her a leer on the way out.

Hal leaves the office, as Craig would like to talk to him about Molly as he has seen her name on the board as a suspect. Craig is sure that Molly isn’t the one that did this. Hal warns Craig to leave or he will be arrested. Craig leaves immediately.

In the inner office, Molly looks at the board and sees that she is a suspect in the murder.

Hal returns to Molly and she tells him to book her if he wants to. She can only be accused of mischief. Hal feels that there is more to what she did. He asks her to confess to her crimes. All her crimes.

The neighbour tells Jack and Holden that he heard some talking the night before, but before he heard that, he heard a woman scream out loud.

One Perspective: The night before Lily was taken from her home and no one knows where she was taken. She was afraid and she had no choice but to go with these people, as they forced her to go. The intruders took her outside and threw her into a nearby river. She was fighting and fighting and couldn’t stop these people from hurting her.

Holden is having regrets about the way that Lily was feeling. He feels that he should have been more sympathetic to her plight and he blames himself for this happening.

Jack has a tip on the whereabouts of the 3 culprits and feels that Lily is still alive. Jack is going to head out to the highway to check out their location and to pick up some clues. Holden would like to go and Jack allows him.

Molly says that she didn’t poison Rose. Hal hasn’t gotten to that part yet. He has other things that he would like to address first. Hal knows that Molly was the one that hid the poison in Dusty’s room. He doesn’t say how he knows though. Dusty said that he kept finding Molly in his room alone and that is disturbing to him now. She denies that she has put poison anywhere near Dusty. Hal knows that she is lying.

Molly thinks back to the day in Dusty’s room and remembers putting the poison in the drawer with his things to secure that he would have a problem.

Hal opens the door to his office and Molly sees the maid standing in the doorway. She is really cooked now. She had asked that woman to keep her mouth shut about having seen her in Dusty’s room alone. Molly admits that she set Dusty up because the man set her up without really giving a damn for her. What she did was horrible, as Dusty would have gone to prison for a crime that he didn’t do. Hal wants to know where ‘it’ is. She has no idea what he is talking about. He is talking about the goblet that Rose drank from.

Out where Paul’s memorial plaque is, Barbara goes to get the evidence out and she takes a Q-tip dipped in methanol and rubs it inside the goblet, being very careful to make surer that she gets it in there good. She then holds the red goblet up to the light. This is all working out by itself, perfectly. She smiles a wicked smile.

Aaron is at the hospital when Alison comes to him again asking him not to tell Chris about the baby. Aaron will not keep her secret. She is supposed to be an honest person. Aaron realizes that her doctor really has no information about the baby since Alison doctored the results. Aaron is upset with her as she could have a sick baby in her and she hasn’t been taking any vitamins. She forgot about that. She says that she will go to some other doctor out of town. She doesn’t want Chris to learn about the baby as he may take the child from her. Aaron thinks that maybe that is what should Happen.

Rosanna can see that Paul cares now if people think he killed Rose. What has changed is that Paul is now concentrating on getting the murderer and making them pay. Since the wedding day, no one cares for Paul and he feels that he deserves that. Rosanna however is one of the few people that understand him and believes him when he says that he would do nothing to hurt Rose. Rosanna is a very good friend.

Barbara is sneaking around with her black gloves on. She has a bag with her. She is in the hallway were Molly’s place is.

Craig is also in the hallway hiding as he managed to see Barbara first and didn’t’ want her to see him. Craig has to wonder what Barbara is doing there.

Jack and Holden show up at the room where the kidnappers are reported to be staying. Jack breaks the door down with his gun up, but ready to shoot if need be. The 3 criminals are shocked at this and that they are being accused of doing something wrong. Jack lines them all up against the wall for a little chat.

One of the carollers explains what happened the night before. They entered the house when the door was opened for them. They partied till they dropped. They danced on the sofa and drank up all the booze in the house and no one had a care that things were getting messy in the room. The music was blaring and they danced around for quite a while.

One of the men carollers says that Rose decided that they should all head out and party some more, and she put on her coat and gloves and while doing that, one of the flashing light bulb earrings fell to the floor. She didn’t care about that. She just headed out.

Once they got to the river, they drank some more in the darkness and laughed raucously. Then the woman with came with the 2 men fell/jumped into the river. They all watched her and paused a minute to make sure that she was all right. Once they saw that she was fine, they all started laughing again.

After they hung out a while, they went to the hotel and the wet woman went to change into something dry. The plan was to go out again to party.

Holden has heard enough and he demands to know where his wife is. The woman answers saying that she was with the group that morning, but that she went to the bathroom and that was the last that they saw of her.

Holden rushes to the bathroom and suddenly stops dead in his tracks at what he sees.

Aaron is sorry for Alison’s baby as he feels that she isn’t taking good care of herself and her baby. She begs to be able to tell her family the truth on her own. Aaron starts leaving, but Chris enters.

Chris asks what is going on. Aaron smiles. There is something that he has to tell Chris.

Molly can’t believe that Hal really believes that she is guilty. Hal sees that she has been manipulating all along leading up to something sinister. Hal tells the story.

Hal was told that Paul remembered seeing Molly in the hallway of the church where the tray with the champagne was sitting. He said that he prepared the tray for Rose and her friends and then he left everything in the hall for them to find. Hal feels that Molly could have used that time to slip the poison into the goblet that Rose was going to drink from. Hal has lots of circumstantial evidence pointing to Molly doing this. Molly tells him that she didn’t do this. She will fight him on this issue.

Barbara has her bag of goodies with her, and she is in Molly’s place now. She hasn’t seen that Craig is in the hall hiding and watching. She goes into the closet and puts the bag inside. That seems to be the only place to leave it, so that it looks like it has been hidden, but will easily be found. It is all over for Molly now. Barbara heads to the door and leaves.

Once in the hallway, she walks off with Craig staring strangely behind her. She hasn’t a clue in the world.

Holden demands to know where Lily is. The trio have no idea who Lily is. They say that they were with Rose the night before. Holden knows now that something has gone terribly wrong if these people feel that they were with Rose all night.

Lily dressed as Rose is in a club and dancing like she has never danced before, having the time of her life. She wears a skimpy top that shows her midriff off. Her hair is a curly mass atop her head. A conga line is started and Lily is in it. She is partying the night away.

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