ATWT Update Wednesday 12/24/03

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/24/03

By Glynis

Merry Christmas Eve!

At Dusty’s club people are singing drunk.

Lily is wearing Rose’s flashing light bulb earrings and singing as she decorates the tree. “These three kings of Orient are…” She seems to be her old self except for the earrings that are definitely Rose’s.

Holden comes into the room thinking that it is nice that Lily seems to be herself again. He sees her red, flashing light bulb earrings but thinks nothing of it. Lily is probably just being festive for the season. Holden has the kids with him and jokes that maybe they should cancel Christmas that year. The kids shout, “No!” and they run out with Holden running after them to play.

Lily envisions Rose singing a Christmas carol but the ending has a twist to it that isn’t very nice and sounds a little evil. Lily is surprised by what she thinks she hears and touches the earrings she is wearing.

Lily brings the presents that Rose had for the family to Holden. He worries that she may not be okay. He knows that they can do this without Rose. Lily and her earrings head to the tree with the presents.

Carly shows up at the station with a gift for Jack. She plops it down on Jack’s desk.

Jennifer and Barbara watch as Will opens his presents at the table. Barbara is delighted to have time with her son. Hal has given her some time to spend with him and Jennifer has been charged as the watchdog.4

Emily and Hal are outside the house and see Barbara in the house with Will. They don’t like this one bit. Emily has to go and will not be with Hal when he confronts Barbara.

Hal enters the house and Paul does too. Paul isn’t happy. He asks his sister to talk to him outside.

Jennifer and Paul are outside and she tells him that she brought Barbara to the house so that Will would be happy. Paul is going to leave his gifts and get out of there. She warns him that Will will be very unhappy. How can Paul say no to her? She is a good sister and that is because she has good brothers.

Jennifer and Paul re-enter the house and all is happy again for the sake of Will.

Jack opens his gift and finds that Carly has given him the ledger books from Rose’s business. There is also a print out of a credit card. Carly knows now that he has to arrest Mitzy. Jack is angry with her and takes her into the back office. Carly says that Mitzy was cooking the books. She learned that from Paul. Rose found out that Mitzy was embezzling money. She was skimming and Rose was going to turn her in. Mitzy came back to town and broke in stealing evidence. They smelled her perfume in the house. The credit card history shows that there was a train ticket bought on the day of the wedding. Carly is sure that Mitzy poisoned Rose before the wedding. Jack can see that Mitzy knows more than she is telling. Jack will bring her in. Jack has to wonder if this has anything to do with he and Mitzy. Carly says no. She is only finding her friend’s killer.

Jack isn’t coming home early that day and Carly isn’t surprised to hear that. Carly gets angry that he isn’t going to be with her. He calls out to her and she snaps at him asking if he would like her to hang his stocking for him.

At Dusty’s bar, he brings the drunken singers that are gleeful for the holidays to the door. He pretty much pushes them out the door as Molly watches him. She finds him to be a Scrooge. Dusty says that she has nothing to say to him after planting the poison in his room. She denies that she did that. She says that Hal has is own agenda. She has a present for Dusty. She would like to still celebrate Christmas with him. He takes the gift from her kindly and suddenly tosses it harshly past her head. He tells her that the next time that she thinks of jerking him around, she should think again.

Bob proposes a toast to his son, his wife and his mother. All of them have something special about them and for that Bob is truly grateful. They are all having eggnog at the hospital quickly as Chris and Bob are still working. Kim is happy that her son is back home and that makes Christmas special for them.

A nurse comes to deliver a message. Someone is needed at the ICU and Chris and Bob head off together to take care of a baby.

Kim is happy that Chris didn’t get trapped by having a baby with Alison. She isn’t the only one that is happy over that.

Aaron comes by for a minute to see his dad with presents. Holden asks him to come in but Aaron can’t stay. Holden would like him to come back the next day but Aaron wants to be with Alison for a while. There is no reason to isolate themselves from him. Aaron has a job and a home and soon he will have a family. Holden thinks that he can’t make it all work but he can.

Aaron comes to see Alison at the hospital while she is working. He asks her if she is working that night. She is but she has shown up early. He is glad to that. He has a surprise for her.

He blindfolds her and brings her to the apartment where he has made a few changes and bought a few things to make things nicer for them. He has used his savings to buy the baby some things that will be needed. All this upsets Alison, as she knows that she is using him and he doesn't deserve this. She didn’t give the man the check for the apartment and Aaron figured that she wouldn’t so he took care of everything. She can’t believe that he is really doing all this for her. She can see that he has thought about all this. Alison shouts at him to stop going on and on about this. She doesn’t want to hurt him, and she knows that he is going to hate her for this but she has to tell him…he deserves… She finally blurts it all out. “This baby isn’t yours.” She didn’t want to lie to him, but Chris doesn’t love her and he doesn’t even trust her. This is hard for her to do. She said that this baby was his but it isn’t. She had an ultrasound. She switched the pictures so that Chris wouldn’t find out. Aaron made all these plans and he bought all this stuff. He changed his life for a kid that isn’t his. She has known the truth all along. He can’t listen to her anymore and he goes running out.

Alison sits in the chair at the table looking around at all the preparations that Aaron has made for them to live together.

Aaron goes to his father’s house and peeks in the window. He sees the family around the tree having family time together. He leaves.

Natalie is upset and Lucinda takes her from Lily.

Lily looks at a white Christmas decoration and she sees Rose’s face in the shine of it. She drops it and then gets on her knees upset that she has broken this ornament as Rose had given it to her. Lily will put this back together but the ornament is so shattered.

Lucinda takes the kids from the room for a minute giving Lily time to compose herself.

Joe comes to the house and Lucinda lets him in. He is sorry for barging in on Christmas Eve. He had to talk to them and let them know that he is going home the next day and he is taking Rose with him. He has a family plot and Rose will be right next to her mother. Rose has family in Oakdale, but she was murdered there as well. Lily is very upset and wants Rose to stay.

Lucinda takes Joe in the kitchen to have something to drink.

Lily has to do something to stop this. She is going to Rose’s to figure out something. Holden is angry that she wants to spend time at the house again. Lily orders him to leave her alone. She rushes from the house. Holden gets ready to follow her.

Lucinda appears stopping Holden from following her saying that she needs time to get over this.

Lily has made her way to Rose’s house again and she finds a scandalous red and black dress that glitters. She holds it up against her body, looking in the mirror.

Carollers have come to sing at Hal’s house while Will and his family are there.

Barbara tries to be nice to Paul but he only wants to know who murdered Rose. He has stayed long enough now and walks out the door.

Molly goes to Crater while he is visiting at the club and he tells her that he knows what she did.

Barbara is ready to leave the party now. Will is going to send her an email when she gets home.

Barbara leaves the house and Paul is out there to talk to her. She has gotten what she wants it seems. She tells Paul Merry Christmas and she leaves.

Crater tells Molly that he saw her. Crater tells her that he would like to have $100,000 and he will turn pictures over to her. If she doesn’t come up with the money, he will go straight to the cops.

Joe goes to Dusty’s place and he tells Dusty that he knows about the insurance policy. Dusty knows that the man wants someone to blame and he does too. Joe knows that Paul is an easy target but Dusty had something to gain. Dusty offers to give the money over to Joe. He would like the man to have it. Joe can’t figure this guy out.

Molly comes to the diner asking if anyone has come looking for her. No one has.

Crater is in his car drinking and driving. His phone starts ringing and he leans over to get it, which causes him to swerve and have an accident.

Molly is making a call hoping to talk to someone but the phone just keeps ringing.

At the accident site, Crater is not moving. The car is damaged and the phone is ringing. There is a bat on top of his body.

Jack and Hal have found a bat in Crater’s car.

Molly remembers smashing Rose’s car with a bar. She really mashed it up good. Once that was over, she stood back and looked at her work. Feeling happy that she has done what she had set out to do, she walks off.

After she had left that night, Crater came out of hiding and watched her walk off.

Molly is very concerned bout the shakedown that Crater is putting on her.

Alison sees Chris at the hospital and she follows him and sees him talking to his father. She hears that there is a baby and the parents can’t be found. Chris knows that having children is such a privilege, but some people treat it like it is such a game.

Aaron goes to the apartment that he rented for Alison and himself and he sits on the floor in the dark by himself.

Bob finds Alison alone and he asks her to go to an infant that has been abandoned. Bob wants her to comfort the baby, as she has to get used to that anyway.

Alison goes to the window and looks at the baby inside.

Chris is kissing a nurse who is holding mistletoe over his head, but he can’t help thinking about Alison and wishing he were kissing her instead.

Alison goes to the abandoned baby and talks to him.

Chris watches Alison from a window to the room and he sees her kissing the child and playing with him. That makes him smile.

Carly is in bed and someone opens the door to the room. “Ho Ho Ho.” Carly wakes to find Jack dressed as Santa and he has a gift for her. He would like to check and see if she has been naughty or nice. She likes that. They kiss and make up after the fight they had. He can’t stay home the whole night but he wanted to give her something and make things right. They say they are sorry for their parts in the fight and then they sit up in the bed to see her present. It is a pink floral robe. It is beautiful, just like Carly. They kiss again.

Joe looks at the fake tree at Dusty’s place. Dusty gets them drinks. Joe has changed his demeanour now. They toast to Rose. Clink!

Lily is at Rose’s house on the floor toying with Rose’s clothes.

There are carollers outside Rose’s house and they bang on the door to get her to answer the door.

Inside the house, Lily is terrified by the sounds of the carollers and the banging on the door that they door. She is on the floor and she scrunches up against the furniture as if afraid of the voices.

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