ATWT Update Tuesday 12/23/03

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Glynis

Alison and Aaron go to see the apartment that they might take. It is very small. Alison is a little disturbed. The Super feels that they don’t need a lot of space if they are newlyweds.

Holden comes to Lily at home and she is in no good mood. She is moping around in her robe and it is clear that she is depressed. She would like Holden to leave her alone right now. She is on he verge of tears and Holden holds her to make her feel better. The children are squawking in the other room and Holden makes her take a pill before leaving to calm her.

Once Holden is out of the room, she spits out the pill, then takes a drink of the water that she has in her hand.

Rosanna is upset that Paul wasn’t allowed to be at the funeral that day. She stood up for him but Paul was still kicked out of there. Craig has to wonder why Paul needs so much attention all the time. They are going to have to agree to disagree. She goes to see the baby.

Craig heads to the phone as soon as Rosanna is out of sight to see what police is up to.

Craig calls Jack at the station to see what has been developing with the case and to see if Paul has been taken in yet.

Barbara is at the station demanding to know what James has said about Paul. She can see that he has betrayed his own flesh and blood. James thinks that this is a way for Paul to learn.

Paul enters the station and sees his parents there. He has been brought there and he knows that this isn’t good. James says that he has been offered love and support all his life but still Paul seems to insist on going around killing people, so he will only get tough love from now on.

James will teach Paul that he has to stand up and take the consequences for what he has done. Paul calls for Jack.

Jack shows up and takes Paul into the inner office.

Barbara is upset that Paul is being blamed for this. James has to wonder if Barbara wasn’t the one that killed Rose. She denies that.

Craig tries and tries to get to Jack but he is busy. Craig starts asking about Paul but Rosanna returns finding him on the phone.

Craig lies to her about his call and quickly makes his escape, meeting his daughter on the way out.

Lucy comes into the room and Rosanna tells her that her heart was breaking for Lucy at the funeral with Aaron and Alison there. Lucy knows that they are shopping for a cozy little home. Lucy has to stop torturing herself over this. There is a noise outside. It sounds like a motorcycle. They both go running to the window to look out.

That is when Clarke enters the room. He has gotten a new bike for Christmas and he would like to show it to Lucy.

Alison has no idea where they are going to keep the child and they didn’t have their own bathroom to use. They have to go down the hall. Aaron is fine with this, as they will have to save money.

Alison thinks back to remembering Chris saying that he was sorry for forcing her to take the sonogram.

Alison knows that this isn’t right that they move in together, and that they shouldn’t be doing any of this.

Rose sees a picture of she and her sister on the table and she goes over there to get it and have a closer look at it. She looks around first feeling slightly guilty that she just can’t get the woman off her mind. Lily is sad all over again with the thoughts of Rose.

Holden comes in the room with Faith and Luke and puts them on the floor in the room with their mother. He leaves them with Lily while he rushes off to do something for a brief moment.

Lily talks to her kids now that she is alone with them, asking what they were fighting about earlier. Luke said that they were not having Christmas that year. Because Rose is not there. Lily says that they don’t have to tiptoe around because Rose is gone. She would want them to live it up. Lily plans to have the best Christmas ever. She gets their coats and pushes them out the door. She is smiling now. She quickly follows them out the front door saying that this is going to be fun.

Susan asks Holden if it would be okay to have a party for Aaron and Alison now to give them a little pick me up. He doesn’t get it. In fact, he can’t believe his ears. Why would they be having a party now? Susan can see that he hasn’t heard the good news yet and she laughs in spite of it

Alison doesn’t believe that they can handle this huge responsibility of living together and raising the baby. Aaron has worked everything out on paper and has a plan that he feels will work. He is fine with this and will make it hurt. He is sure that they can make it. He asks her to hang on to him. They are in this together and he is not going to let her down.

Craig shows up at the station and finds Barbara and James there. Craig goes straight to James.

Jennifer and Will show up at the station and learn that Paul is being interrogated. Jennifer is not happy to hear that at all. Her eyes are as big as saucers. Will is very upset and he rushes to the office door to talk to his father about Paul being in trouble. He pushes past everyone. He rushes to the office door and shouts out for his brother to hear, “Paul! Are you in there?”

Hal comes out and explains that he only wants to talk to Paul fro a moment. Will calms down and Paul gives the boy a reassuring hug, Hal and Jack re-enter the office and close the door.

Paul is shown the note that was sent by James. Paul denies getting the note. Hal can see that Paul hates his father. Why would the man go and see his father? Maybe James was giving help and advice on how to kill Rose. Paul bought the goblet after he spoke to his father. He wanted to hurt Rose and make her suffer the way he had been suffering. He wouldn’t’ make a situation where he would end up the prime suspect. He isn’t under arrest now. Paul requests to talk to his father. Jack leaves.

Hal says that it was a big mistake not telling that there was a visit with James that morning. Paul is on thin ice here. Hal is more of a father to Paul than James ever was. Hal would have done anything to protect Paul, but he will not be able to help the man if there is any evidence to point to him. Hal warns him to tell the truth from now on, no matter what it is.

Hal leaves the room as James is entering. Paul asks him why. James says that he was called there. Someone told about their conversation. Who would do that? James warns Paul to be careful as he has enemies. It is time for James to go back to his cell. He is ushered out.

Craig comes over to Jack asking about Paul and learns that the man hasn’t been arrested yet. Craig leaves.

Paul sees Craig leaving and asks Jack what the man was doing there at the station. Paul finds that very strange, but Jack has no idea.

Aaron has plans for the apartment and how things are going to be. Aaron is going to make things great. He finds that this will be better than living under their parents. They are not a couple but they are friends. They can make a good home for the baby and prove everyone wrong. Holden is calling Aaron but he won’t answer the call now. He has other plans. Aaron has already written out the check and they can have the place if they want it.

Holden is just hearing that Aaron and Alison have just gotten married and he can’t really react as so much has been happening. Holden will have to speak to Lily first about this and then he will decide what to do. The house is very quiet and that makes Holden worry. He calls throughout the house for his family and finds that they are gone. Holden asks Susan to stay and listen for Natalie. Susan is glad to help. Holden has an idea where his family may be.

Lily has taken her kids to Rose’s house. Lily finds a bag of presents and interesting little trinkets that Rose would love. Lily is wearing Rose’s Christmas sweater and she toys with the gaudy earrings that she finds. The kids would like to go back to the main house now, but Lily is not ready. She wants to sing a Christmas song with her kids. They sit and watch her as she prances around singing the Twelve Days of Christmas. They don’t want to sing but she tells them that they have to. That is what they would do if Rose were there. Lily continues singing by herself as her children watch her quietly form the couch.

Clarke tells Lucy that he has been thinking about her and maybe they should gives things another shot. He would like to take her out New Years Eve.

Craig walks into the room and hears the request and he answers for Lucy saying that he is sure that she would love to go out with the lad.

Aaron leaves the checks with Alison and lets her think for a minute about what she would like to do.

Alison wonders what it is going to be like having a baby and living with Chris. Chris would come home with the biggest teddy bear ever, and they would all be a happy family.

Lily is singing at the top of her lungs.

Holden enters the room and finds her singing her heart out to the kids. The kids come running to him. Holden tells the kids to go up to the house and he will be right behind them. The kids head off.

Lily is angry that Holden just broke up the party she was having with her kids. She wanted to give her kids a little Rose. They would all like to do that. But Rose is gone. Acting like her and singing her songs will not bring her back. Rose would like to feel her but they can’t do that right now. There are other ways though but for now, they have to let her go. It is Natalie’s first birthday and they have to put their kids first. They are going to end help. He knows that she can understand that. She nods her head to him. Holden wants her to leave the house and leave everything behind them. She will do that for him and the kids. She hugs him. Holden heads to the door and Lily reluctantly takes off Rose’s Christmas sweater and then she see the flashing light bulb earrings. While Holden is not looking she takes them and slips them into her pocket.

Barbara tells Hal that he has to stop leaning on Paul this way. The man is being broken. It is Christmas and all that Barbara wants is to see her kids open their presents. She would like to have Will for a while. Hal asks Barbara if she has arranged to have psychiatric treatment. She hasn’t done that. She is suffering for her kids now. Hal says that Lily is suffering, Holden is suffering. He tells Barbara to get out, as he has no time for this. Barbara runs off.

Jennifer goes to her father and tells him that she understands why Hal feels the way that he does but she doesn’t want to see Will suffer for that.

Paul turns to Jack and asks him a direct question now that he has had time to think on it. “Who told the police about my conversation with my father?”

Aaron comes home to an angry father. Lily is okay but his father has summoned him and he wants to know what it is. He can tell that Holden knows that he has married Alison. Holden can see that this marriage is a mistake. Aaron is trying to make things right. Holden knows that Aaron doesn’t love that girl. Aaron did this to be a father and give his child a home. Nothing that Aaron does makes his father happy. That is okay as he is moving out with Alison anyway.

Alison is in the new apartment and the Super returns to see if a decision has been made. Alison can’t do this and she runs out.

Jennifer says that Will deserves to be with his mother on Christmas. Hal knows that Barbara will not change over the holidays. Jennifer says that she will watch Barbara with Will and that nothing will go wrong.

Will comes over to his sister and his father. He is asked if he would like to see his mother over Christmas and the boy likes that idea a lot. Hal will work something out but he will be counting on Jennifer to make this work.

Paul can’t shake the feeling that Craig had something to do with this visit to the station. Jack only tells him to go home. Paul leaves.

Hal asks Jack to discuss with him where they are. Dusty will inherit a small fortune and poison was found in his room. Molly is the woman scorned. Barbara’s hands may not be clean. Paul is a suspect but not a good one. Jack has to wonder. Hal needs a smoking gun and they don’t have one yet.

Lucy tells Clarke that she will think about his offer and let him know about New Years Eve. Clarke leaves.

Craig likes Clarke and thinks that Lucy should go out with him.

Rosanna can tell that her husband is butting in again. She gives the baby to Craig so that she can go and get his bottle.

Craig is alone with the baby and he knows that he had a close call just now. Paul is still free. Craig feels that the lack of evidence is not going to be a problem for long.

A deliveryman arrives at Lily’s house thinking that she is Rose. Lily jumps into the role and accepts the gift from the man.

She puts the box on the table and goes to the mirror to see her image. She reaches into her pocket and takes out the flashing light bulb earrings. She decides that she is going to have a merry Christmas after all. She puts on the earrings and they flash as she looks at herself in the mirror.

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