ATWT Update Monday 12/22/03

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/22/03

By Glynis

Jennifer notices that Will is down and out. They are at the diner and having something to eat. She can see that he is worried about something. She feels that he is grieving about Paul. Jennifer asks him if he would like to come to the funeral.

Barbara enters the diner and hears Jennifer talking to Will and asking him if he would like to go to the funeral for Rose. She says that Will doesn’t want to go to the funeral. Jennifer turns to her mother, shocked that she is there.

Holden is ready for the funeral but Lily isn’t. Someone comes to the house.

Lucinda arrives and hears Holden trying to get Lily to go to the funeral. She feels that Lily shouldn’t be forced to go to the funeral if she doesn’t want to go.

Jessica shows up at the station and tells Hal that he should either charge Dusty or let him go.

Officers bring James into the station in cuffs. Jack tells the officers to wait for James to be transported back to the station across the street.

Jack wants to know more about what James talked to Paul about the other day before the wedding. James sees that he is being asked to inform on his own son.

Joe is at the funeral and Rose’s mother arrives too. They look at the casket and the lovely flowers.

More arrive for the funeral. Bob goes to Joe and Iva and tells them that Rose was a lovely young woman and that she brought a lot to people’s lives.

Rose’s doctor and comes to the front of the church, wishing that he could have done more for Rose and he gives his condolences to Joe and Iva. They accept him warmly, knowing that he did his best to save Rose. At the point when she died, there was nothing that anyone could do for her.

That is when Paul enters. Joe walks towards the man and orders him out of the church. “You get out!”

Rosanna is behind Paul entering the church and she sees that things are going to get out of hand soon. She does damage control, telling Joe that Paul wasn’t the one that killed Rose and that they have to be kind to each other right now. She wants things to go well for the funeral.

Joe retells the story of what he has learned about the way that Paul treated Rose. Paul makes Joe sick. He couldn’t protect Rose when she was alive, but he will not have Paul there now. Paul is asked to leave the church and leave these people in peace. He says that he loved Rose and he immediately leaves.

Ben is with Curtis at the diner. They have a meeting with the headmaster in 15 minutes and they are going to be late for it. Curtis doesn’t want to go to the meeting at that stuck up school. Ben is disappointed in his son for smoking dope. Curtis promotes that the only did this one time. What was he thinking? Ben gets it. Ben sees that the boy wanted to get caught on purpose. He wanted to get suspended.

Barbara sits with her son and daughter at the diner and Barbara says that there are other things that they could be doing on this day. Jennifer reminds her that she shouldn't be near Will at this time. Barbara is not worried as Hal and his watchdogs are all at the funeral.

Hal comes to talk to Carly and Emily and tells them that they are still gathering information and that no arrests have been made yet.

Carly and Emily hate that Hal will not tell them about the case. He knows that they are very interested in the information that comes from the case, but he says nothing.

Emma knows that losing Rose has been like losing a part of herself for Lily, so she can understand why Holden hasn’t been able to get Lily to come to the funeral. She feels that they should let her be and go on with the service even though Holden feels that it would have been good for Lily to come and find closure.

Aaron and Lucy exchange glances from across the room. Aaron starts walking towards her to talk but Craig goes over to his daughter, which makes Aaron think twice about going near the girl.

Alison comes into the church and goes to Aaron immediately. He tells her that he has a lead from the paper about getting a place to live. Aaron will get them a place of their own. She is still unsure about the arrangement, but decides that she is ready to move in with him.

Carly asks Lucinda about Mitzy’s involvement with the business papers. Lucinda has the papers from Rose’s apartment, but she thinks that Mitzy wouldn’t have the gumption to do anything like poisoning Rose. She did however get money out of Lucinda, so it seems that Mitzy is capable of things that they never thought that she would be. Lucinda will show the papers to the ladies after the funeral to see what they can find out.

Lily has returned to Rose’s house dressed in her robe, and she looks around the room and sees a picture of the both of them together on the mantle. She can’t make the funeral, but she can be with her sister in her own way. She takes that picture that she sees in her hands and then looks over at the boxes of clothes in the corner. She shakes her head ‘no’ and puts the picture down on a table. She gets some lotion and moisturizes her hands. She looks over at the boxes again and then is drawn to it slowly. Once near the box, she touches it, then suddenly opens it. She tears it open quickly.

James says that he had a private conversation with his son and that was all. Jack demands to know what Paul told him the morning of the wedding. James says that Paul was angry as he thought that Rose had betrayed him again. James suggested that he do what a man needs to do. That means that he should kill the bitch. James says that Paul agreed to that.

Paul has made his way to the salon and is alone there. He puts his bag on the counter and stands in the middle of the room.

Jack can see that James knew that Paul was going to kill Rose by the way that he is talking and acting, and that he did nothing about it. James says that he wasn’t the one that killed Rose. Poison is too unpredictable. James just sat back and waited and Paul came through he says.

Paul lights a candle for Rose at the salon and he sits in the dark with it, while he looks at a picture of her. He will have his won ceremony for her passing, since he isn’t invited to be at her funeral. “Just you and me now Rose.” He remembers the times that they spent together…in bed…giving her presents…touching her face…kissing her.

The funeral continues with people putting flowers on the casket. Chris steals glances at Alison. Craig and his family head to the casket to pay their respects. Lucy puts her flower on the casket and walks off as Aaron watches her. Carly puts her flower on the casket next. She remembers being kidnapped with the woman and then she goes to Joe and Iva to hug them. Emily is there for her too as they hug. Emily puts her flower on next. She remembers Rose smiling and laughing. Holden’s boys are next to go up and they remember their aunt laughing and being funny. Aaron remembers her with his eyes closed for a moment. She was beautiful and kissed his cheek, making him feel special. Kim and Emma hug. Kim remembers her chats with the beautiful young woman. She too kisses Joe and Iva. Lucinda comes next to the casket. She remembers Rose holding a rose. Holden is next to go up. He remembers Rose flirting with him in her comical way. All are seated now.

The minister comes out wishing everyone a good morning as all have come to pay their respects.

As the minister is talking and starting the service, Lily enters the church dressed completely in red in a Vegas outfit and makeup to boot. She is carrying a ghetto blaster and smiling from ear to ear. “None of you knew my sister at all if this is what you think she wanted!!!”

Barbara asks Will to go and get her a cup of coffee and a glass of milk.

Jennifer knows that Will hasn’t been eating, as he doesn’t do that when he is stressed. Jennifer tells her mother that Dusty’s room was searched and something was found that is being tested Dusty has been arrested. Barbara finds that to be a relief, as that will stop Hal from trying to get to Paul. Jennifer had no idea that Paul was in trouble. Barbara says that now Paul is in the clear.

James tells Jack that Paul tried to get Rose to tell the truth but she lied. James is willing to testify to that. James says that he isn’t lying. He will even take a polygraph if needed.

Paul lights more candles and talks to the picture that he has of Rose. “I know that you always liked white roses, but they didn’t seem enough somehow.” He takes the red rose that he has out and holds it up. “I know that you were brave and unafraid. I am sorry…that I lost faith in you…and I threw away our wedding along with my sanity. I know that you will never forgive me and I know that I will never forgive myself.”

Lily heads to the front of the church telling the casket that she should see their faces, as they are shocked. Lily is going to do the eulogy to her sister. Lucinda finds that this is enough. Lily will not be stopped. Rose loved life and they have to remember that. Lucinda tries to get a hold of the girl, but she moves from the woman. Holden goes to her and tries to st0p this but he can’t. She puts on some big band music and tries to get everyone to dance but no one moves.

Dusty enters from the back of the church and he hears what it is that Lily wants. She wants to celebrate Rose in her own way. He isn’t dressed properly for the funeral either. He has just returned from the station after being freed. He tells Lily. “I will dance with you.” That stops her dead in her tracks.

Ben is glad that his son is not a pothead. He could have become a criminal. Ben wishes that the boy had just talked to him and not done this to get out of going to school. Curtis didn’t feel that he could do that. Ben wanted the best for his son and the boy was doing excellent, but Curtis was miserable. The kids that he was with hated their parents and Curtis didn’t think that he fit in. He was miserable. Curtis feels that from now on he should be included in his own future.

Will returns to the table and learns that Paul is fine as someone else has been put in custody. Barbara wants the boy to forget about that and eat. Barbara will talk to Hal and maybe her seeing her son now will not be such a good thing.

Barbara leaves and Will seems confused.

James has a polygraph and the machine says that he is telling the truth about Paul killing Rose.

Paul tells Rose in his own way that he did think that she slept with Dusty but he reaffirms that he didn’t poison her. It wasn’t him. It couldn’t ever be him. He should have asked her to forgive him and then maybe he would have had a chance with her but someone took that chance from him, took her from him.

Dusty agrees that Rose would have hated this funeral. She would have liked to have celebrated Rose’s spirit. The music plays and Dusty offers his hand to her to dance with her. Holden stands by as does the congregation and they watch as Lily goes to Dusty and slaps his hand from her screaming that he was the one that did this. Holden is quick to grab her and prevent her from doing much worse to Dusty. “You did this! You did this to her!” She is broken now and holds her face in her hands while Holden holds her.

Jessica explains to Ben that Curtis only wants him to listen. Jessica thinks that the boy is saying that he would rather be home and be included in the decision making process. Ben knows that whatever, the best decision that he has ever made was marrying Jessica. They kiss over that and then decide to go home.

As Ben and Jessica are leaving, Troy comes to ask if they have seen Sarah. She has left and there is no note. Jessica would like to hear if they find out anything.

Lily is crying and Holden tries to comfort her. She wants Dusty gone.

Holden goes to Dusty asking him to leave. Dusty will not go and Holden gets physical. Hal comes asking Holden to go to his wife and Dusty to leave. Dusty has to be threatened with jail before he leaves.

Hal follows Dusty out.

Lucy takes the children from the church.

Emma goes to the crying Lily and can’t stop the woman from crying and standing over her twin’s casket.

Bob leaves to get a sedative from the car.

Lily is sobbing loudly now. Holden ends up carrying her out of the church.

Barbara enters the station and finds James standing there. What is he doing there? She learns that he is there because he was summoned to talk about Paul. She is too late as he has told the truth. Paul is going to be gone for a long time.

Jack arrives at the salon with an officer and they see the shrine that Paul has made for Rose. Paul is not around.

Paul enters the room from another and he is told that he has to go to the station for a chat. Paul willingly leaves with Jack.

The officer stays behind to blow out the candles around Rose’s picture on the table.

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