ATWT Update Thursday 12/18/03

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Loretta

Carly visits Paul and tells him that she feels Mitzi killed Rose. Paul says that Mitzi was Rose’s best friend and could not have killed Rose. Carly says that Mitzi was acting weird prior to the wedding, then Rose and Mitzi had a big argument before the wedding. Paul tells Carly that Mitzi had confessed to Rose that she stole money from the Roller Palace. This immediately convinces Carly that Mitzi is guilty. Paul says that Rose forgave Mitzi and that Mitzi left Oakdale to avoid facing a possible prison term. Paul tells Carly he feels someone else killed Rose. As Carly gets up to leave, she thanks Paul for the information about Mitzi. Outside Paul’s door, Carly calls Emily up with this information.

In Dusty’s bed, Molly recalls Lucinda advising her to stay away from Dusty Donovan (whom Lucinda feels killed Rose). Dusty awakens to find Molly in bed next to him. Dusty tells Molly he dreamed of Rose. Dusty thanks Molly for spending the night with him to make sure he was okay. Hal knocks on the door. Dusty is annoyed and tells Hal he cannot search his place unless he has a search warrant, which Hal now has. Hal enters Dusty’s room and is surprised to find Molly there in her bathrobe. In private, Hal asks Molly why she slept with Dusty when the day before, she accused him of murdering Rose. Molly replies because she thought she could obtain more information from Dusty by spending the night with him. Back inside the room with Dusty, Hal informs him that they found out that Rose had listed Dusty as her beneficiary. An officer then locates a vial of Methanol inside Dusty‘s drawer. Hal asks Dusty how this vial got in his drawer. Dusty smiles and says he has no idea. Dusty becomes angry and states that someone set him up. Hal has Dusty handcuffed and brought down to the police station. Molly returns to Dusty’s room and finds him gone. Molly learns from an officer that evidence was located in this room and Dusty was arrested for murder. Molly runs into Jennifer in the Lakeview lobby. Jennifer tells Molly that Dusty is not a killer and could not have killed Rose.

After taking a note from James Stenbeck addressed to Paul, Craig heads to prison to visit James. Craig asks James if he gave Paul advice regarding Rose. James calls Craig the Sherlock Holmes of Oakdale and says he only wants to know if he (James) had something to do with Rose’s death. James says he will not disclose his private conversation with Paul. As Craig heads to the door, James tells Craig that if he goes to the police with his letter to Paul, he will make sure that Rosanna knows that he tried to frame Paul for killing Rose, which will cause Rosanna to go to the man she can trust (Paul). James tells Craig that he must be worried about Paul’s relationship with his wife Rosanna. Craig says he is worried. James says that when Rosanna finds out about his (Craig) visit today, she will get upset and eventually leave him. Craig asks James if he feels Paul killed Rose. James says that he thinks Paul’s fingerprints are all over Rose’s death. As Craig leaves, James tells him that “knowledge is power” - but the knife goes both ways.

At the police station Jennifer learns from Jack that the police have arrested Dusty for Rose’s murder. Jennifer phones Paul with this news. This upsets Paul. Paul tells Jennifer he cannot deal with this news now. Dusty arrives at the station handcuffed, followed by Hal and some officers. Dusty insists that Paul Ryan framed him. Hal says Paul did not frame him, but mentions that Molly tipped the police off. Jack gets a call from Craig, who asks to meet him at Al’s. Craig says that he has new information regarding Rose’s murder. Jack arrives and learns that Craig just came from visiting James Stenbeck. Craig advises Jack that he should question James Stenbeck, who said that Paul murdered Rose.

Carly and Emily meet at Al’s. Carly tells Emily that after speaking with Paul; she is convinced that Mitzi murdered Rose. Emily says that there must be something at Rose’s house that will link Mitzi to the murder. Since Emily has a key to Rose’s house, she and Carly head over there.

Emma visits with Lily and makes her some tea. Emma tells Lily that she is not going to tell her that Rose’s death will get easier or that she will pretend that she knows what Lily is going through. Emma says that if Lily had been the one who died, Rose would be down at the police station demanding they find the killer. Lily laughs. Emma suggests that a memorial service may be too conventional for Rose and that Lily think of a more unorthodox way to bid goodbye to Rose. Lily says Emma may be right. Later we see Lily standing outside Rose’s Roller Palace. Lily enters and recalls happier times there. Lily begins looking in the mirror and starts cutting her bangs. Lily then continues re-doing her hair.

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