ATWT Update Tuesday 12/16/03

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Sarah

Aaron and Chris are at the hospital while Alison is getting her sonogram bickering while they wait.

Alison is in the room with the tech. She's very nervous about the procedure. The technician tells Alison that they are going to try to get a good angle so that the doc can date the pregnancy. Alison jerks away as the tech tries to take a picture and fakes like she's going to be sick. Alison begs the tech to go find her mother.

Curtis is busted by Jes & Ben. Ben asks Curtis if he's responsible for trashing the house. Curtis admits that he had a few friends over. Ben wants to know why he's even in Oakdale. Curtis tries to tell him that he was going to clean up before they came back, but they came home early. Jessica tries to apologize to Sarah, but she leaves before Jess can. Curtis tells them that he never wanted anyone to see this place, let alone take the blame for it.

Emily and Carly approach Hal with their information on Molly. Emily tells him about how she caught Molly at Rose's the day of the wedding, and Carly adds how blase she was when Carly told her that Rose was dead. Hal tells the girls that he can't arrest anyone for being blase, but he will bring her in for questioning.

At the hospital, Lily is still very upset, and she's taking it out on Dusty. Holden orders him to leave. Lily insists that she wants to be alone. She tells him that she wants him out of Oakdale.

Paul wants to know what Barbara meant when she said she took care of everything. She asks him if they could go somewhere to talk. He tells her that he doesn't have time for her games, so she'd better just lay it out and leave. Barbara tells him that he owes her a little gratitude. She insists that he wanted Rose dead.

Alison tells the tech that she's going to be sick and that her mother has med's for it. The tech leaves to find Susan. Alison gets up and starts searching for a picture to pass off as hers. She wants to find someone that is 6 to 8 weeks along, so that Chris will not think that it's his baby. As she's switching pics, Susan comes to the door. Alison ignores them.

Jessica goes after Sarah to apologize. Curtis wants to go with her, but Ben tells him that he's staying there until Ben gets some answers. After Jess leaves, Curtis admits that he was kicked out of school.

Joe shows up to see Jack to see if he's arrested Paul yet. Jack tries to calm him down and explains that he is doing everything he can to find Rose's killer. Carly and Emily both tell Joe how much they loved Rose. Emily offers to walk Joe to the parking lot. Carly and Jack are left alone. Carly questions Jack about him being partial in the investigation. She thinks that he's not questioning Mitzi because of his feelings for her. Jack assures her that he will question her if that will make Carly happy.

Molly shows up at Dusty's room, but the maid is there. She tells the maid to leave, but the maid doesn't want to get fired, so she finishes up.

Holden tries to convince Lily to come home, but she says she needs more time. She doesn't know what she's going to do without Rose.

Paul is shocked that his mother thinks he killed Rose. He insists that he didn't do it. Barbara tries to convince him that he is the lead suspect in the investigation, and that she is the only friend he has.

Susan is screaming at Alison through the door. Aaron wants to know what's going on. The tech tells him that Alison got sick and the door must have locked behind her when she left to get Susan. When they get into the room, Alison fakes that she passed out. Then she tells everyone that she's fine. The tech notices the picture that Alison put on the printer, and says that they did get a good picture after all. Chris comes in and asks about the sonogram. The tech says that the doc will want to see it right away. Aaron asks Ali if she's ok, and Ali says that she's fine and that the sonogram is going to prove once and for all that the baby is Aaron's.

Ben wants to know when Curtis was expelled. He tells him that he wanted to tell them at Thanksgiving, but then he didn't want to ruin their plans for the wedding. Ben tells him that he's not buying the excuse, and he wants to know how a 3.9GPA student gets expelled. Curtis says it wasn't an academic thing. Ben thinks it was a fight. Curtis tells him that he was expelled for smoking pot.

Jessica finds Sarah and tries again to apologize. Sarah tells her that if she really means that then she'll take her to see Bonnie.

Paul thinks that Barbara poisoned the champagne glasses and then hid them. She insists that she's clean since Hal found nothing when he searched her apartment. Paul calls Ro and says he needs a friend.

Dusty comes home to find Molly. He's mad that she's there. She tries to tell him that she's just trying to be a friend so he'll have a shoulder to cry on.

Ali's doc tells them that she's 7-8 weeks along. Chris asks if she's sure that Ali can't be more than 8 weeks pregnant. The doc assures him. Chris tells Aaron, Happy Father's Day.

Paul is practically breaking down on Roseanna. He's upset that Rose died thinking that he poisoned her. He thinks that he should just confess so that he can be punished.

Jess tells Sarah that the judge won't allow any contact with Bonnie. Sarah tells her to bend the rules and use her pull in town. Jess tells her that there's really nothing she can do. Sarah tells her that she can't forgive her then.

Curtis explains to Ben that someone lit a joint in the quad at school, and it was shoved under his nose. Ben can't believe that all the talking they did about drugs didn't get through to him. Curtis said he barely took a hit when the Dean was suddenly standing over him. Ben's upset about college, since Harvard won't even look at him now. Curtis tells him that Harvard weren't in his plans anyway. They were Ben's plans.

Molly comes into talk to Hal (his request). He asks her about the break-in at Rose's. She asks him if he gets all his leads from his wife. She explains that she was jealous of Rose and was looking for something that would prove that Rose & Dusty shared a bed the night before. Then she offers her "theory" about Dusty. She tells Hal that Dusty was obsessed with Rose in a crazy way and explains how she thinks that Rose marrying Paul sent him over the edge.

Rosanna tells Paul that he has to protect himself right now. He had to prove to the police that he didn't murder Rose. He asks her how he's going to do that when even his own mother thinks that he did it. Rosanna tells him that she looks into his heart and knows he isn't a murderer.

Aaron tells Alison that the doc is waiting to see them. Susan says she isn't feeling well. Aaron tells her the good news that he's the father and that Chris knows. Alison suddenly feels good enough to see the doc now.

Hal shows up at Dusty's room. Dusty thinks that Paul is the one pointing the finger at him. Hal tells him that if he's so eager to clear his name, then he should just open the door.

Lily is trying on some of Rose's clothes. She thinks that it'll make her feel closer to her. Holden tries to convince her to come home. Lily begs for just a little more time.

Rosanna tells Paul that he told her that she'd be a wonderful mother when they barely knew each other. He tells her that he just knew. She tells him that's how she knows that he's not the murderer. Paul asks her to stay a little while with him. She says she'll stay as long as she needs to.

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